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How does this all work?
I may not have made this very clear as to how all of the forums are supposed to work and what my initial vision is on how it all is pulled together. here's my take. The 'Main' area at the top is for general chat and memories and really whatever the forum description lays out. There is also a 'Park Pics' sub-forum here. You will not be able to read any content from this forum unless you've registered on the site. All other forums at this time can be read by non-member guests. I may, from time to time, add in new forums that are only for members or even add in password protected sub-forums for particular groups if needed.

The 'Departments' area is just that...for department entries. You'll notice that the historic threads from the old sfot site are locked (meaning you can't add comments to them). They are quite large right now and I didn't want it to be too difficult to navigate and read those threads. Of course, you can add in a department entry as a new thread under the department page of your choice. The nice thing about the forums is that everything is searchable. So, any new employee entries, memories, any content at all is available for search. Cool huh?

The last section is all about 'Gone but not Forgotton' rides and attractions/shows. As with the 'Departments' forum, some of the threads are locked. However, go ahead and add in postings with the 'new thread' button in any of those forums.

I hope that clears up any confusion on the way this is organized. I thought that even though I had a fairly clear idea of how things were arranged...It may be not clear to everyone else. :)

Also, one last thought... please send me ideas on new sub-forums if you'd like. If you can think of an area of the park, a department that needs recognition, or anything at all that you'd like to see as a sub-forum, let me know.

Thanks again for coming back to

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