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cleusk October 6th, 2014 02:26 PM

Epic Book For Sale
After three years of hard work, I have completed my final book.

"The Dallas Zoo : A History"

The Dallas Zoo has been around for 126 years. During that time, it has developed from an afterthought in 1888 to one of the top zoos in America in 2014. "The Dallas Zoo : A History" covers this long, arduous journey to prominence. It is one filled with life, death, happiness, sadness, danger, and intrigue. So jump aboard and take a trip through time to witness this park's fascinating story.

Length - 778 pages.

Cost - $35

Amazon -

CreateSpace -

cleusk October 10th, 2014 07:16 PM

Re: Epic Book For Sale
Amazon has lowered the price to $27

cleusk October 13th, 2014 01:38 PM

Re: Epic Book For Sale
"The Dallas Zoo : A History" is now available on Kindle for $7.28

cleusk April 7th, 2015 11:10 PM

Re: Epic Book For Sale
The price has been lowered to $23.33

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