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Default Re: What famous people have you seen at SFOT?

Let's see...

I was at this park from October 1988 to March 2001. Have seen a lot...

Scott Bakula and his daughter (filming Neccessary Roughness, I guess)

Devon White (Toronto Blue Jays)

Worked the All Star Party, so saw all of the players. Randy Johnson, Dennis Martinez, Mike Piazza, Bobby Bonilla, etc. Most are spares now or retired.

Saw Peter Gammons and rest of ESPN crew. They did Sportscenter right in the middle of Goodtimes Square.

Shook the hand of the current Governor then and future President George W. Bush. He was surrounded by people but I was able to shake his hand.

Julio Franco, tried to get him to play speed pitch but he didn't want to hurt his arm

Mike Greenwell of the Boston Red Sox at the time

Tone Loc enjoying a footlong hot dog in Boomtown

Tone, Tony, Toni (or however they spelled it) after closing playing a few games.

Met Nolan Ryan and Roger Staubach at a function that Six Flags did for the Special Olympics. Got a signed ball from Nolan that they gave us for being at the private party to meet both Nolan and Roger. I asked Nolan how is shoulder felt (this was just after an injury to it) and he said "Between you and me I couldn't throw a ball from here to that wall". We were about 4 feet from the wall, I laughed!

Met Spud Webb, Troy Aikman, Steve Walsh and other famous athletes at the bigger event we did for the Special Olympics in Reunion arena. I also was "Raphael" the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle at this event and signed autographs for kids. I was picked during the event by my then Games Supervisor to take over for the person who was playing the TMNT because they had to leave. It was fun but the mask kept poking me in the eye the entire time.

I am sure there are more, I met at SFOT and SFA.
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