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Default Hello?

"Tap, tap, tap. Hello? Is this thing on?"

Hey there. Hope everyone is well. Dropping by to say hi, so hi! Also, was at the Park yesterday-lots of activity going on and some things not going on.

Construction project taking place on Big Bend Way. Haven't heard what it is. Maybe it's associated with the Splashdown/Aqua Man down?

Of course, the Cave is down. Any word on what they're gonna do with it? Now would be the perfect time to restore it to it's previous glory.

Train wasn't running, either. That's disconcerting.

Overall, the place looks about the same as always but it was a little sad to see so many rides closed during peak season.

I know the company had record performance last year but it sure looks like everything in and about the Park is geared towards maximizing profit even if it means reducing the Guest experience. That could just be my jaundiced eyes, though.
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