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That's exactly why I dont' see it as a problem. Almost every major theme park company is either based on character and/or movies.

Six Flags park have Looney Tunes, DC Comics, + Scooby Doo, some other Cartoon Network character, not to mention WB Movies.

Disney parks have Mickey & The Gange and ALL of the Disney movies plus others such as Star Wars.

Paramount Parks have the Paramount movie title and have many rides themed to their movies. They also have the Nickelodeon brand such as Spongbob, Rugrats, etc. They also have Star Trek (I think)

Universal IS a movie based park. They have Nickelodeon brand too as well as Hana-Barbara and the Universal Movies. Universal also has Shrek rights.

Cedar Fair has Snoopy and The Peanuts Gane. Their Mall of America property is entirely based off of them!

^Those are just the top 5 theme park companies there. They all have characters and movies tied into their parks.

Let's also not get started on sponsors. You may say that brand names have taken over such as Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, all of those giant companies that you say are kinda bad....that the parks need to make their own brands etc.

Disney sponser many of their attractions...etc. Test Track with GM. Spaceship Earth with Siemens.

Six Flags has its sponsors like Corn Nuts and Nestle Waters (Ice Mountain, Ozarka, Arrowhead, Poland Springs...they are all the same).

Its just part of parks these days.
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