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Originally Posted by PyThomas
but I can also understand how they wanted to update one of their few family rides to cater to the kids of today.
That's another difference between Disney and Six Flags. With SF, most rides are either geared towards smaller kids or older thrillseekers. There's not a lot of "in-between", with a few exceptions (Gold River Adventure, Log Flume, Train, etc.). Walt Disney's major goal was to create rides that were all immersive mini-adventures that the entire family could enjoy together. So in that regard, the cave renovation kept a popular family ride alive and I know my kids, who never got to see the older version of it, love it. To them, it's like being inside a cartoon and I enjoy seeing their smiles and laughter. I personally think that if SF had more rides of this nature, you'd see more families there having fun and spending money together instead of just the parents dropping off kids at the gate and picking them up at 10pm. The new flat rides are a step in the right direction, as most of them are of moderate thrill and not too wild for some smaller kids, with a couple of exceptions maybe.
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