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Default Re: Disney buys LucasFilms

Originally Posted by cleusk View Post
I've don't understand why people are so obsessed with action films being dark, brooding, serious, and realistic. I'll choose the cheesy James Bond films of Roger Moore over Daniel Craig any day.
I love both. And depending on what mood I'm in, I can have whichever Bond suits my fancy that day.

My biggest problem with Craig's Bond is that he's just a plain, boring action guy. There's nothing that differentiates him from any other protagonist except for his name. The character has the emotional range of a spoon - scowl, scowl, and scowl some more. You get the idea.
Craig plays Bond more closely to Flemming's Bond than any of the others have, but that doesn't make him the best. I happen to love the Craig movies. But I also love the Connery movies and the Moore movies. And the Lazenby movie. I think Dalton got a bad deal... he was a good Bond, but got terrible scripts.

Your expectations are too high. The original Star Wars wasn't dark and moody. Neither was Return Of The Jedi. Or Phantom Menace. Neither was Clones, though there were some dramatic moments. So that's only 2 out of 6.
That said, I agree with Vance... Empire was the best movie of the 6, universally regarded as the best of the 6 BECAUSE it was the darkest and had the more serious tone. I think it's pretty one-sided in the vote for the best of the prequels for Revenge of the Sith as the best, also because it has the most serious stands to reason that a darker, less circus-y Star Wars would be a good idea. They don't all have to be 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" dark, but let's face it... we don't need another Ewok Endor Battle or Jar Jar Binks.

Finally... I'm on board with the stand-alone flicks, espcially for Han and Boba Fett... I'd like to see one for Lando, too (and Wedge, with Rogue Squadron.) I see it as comparable to the Iron Man, Thor, Capt. America movies co-existing with the Avengers movies.
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