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Default Re: Disney buys LucasFilms

Originally Posted by JStroop View Post
Finally... I'm on board with the stand-alone flicks, espcially for Han and Boba Fett... I'd like to see one for Lando, too (and Wedge, with Rogue Squadron.) I see it as comparable to the Iron Man, Thor, Capt. America movies co-existing with the Avengers movies.
Lando would be cool, but I think he could also slide into a Han movie since they already have a connection (perhaps we see how Han really got the Falcon from Lando)...yeah, I'm thinking Disney hopes solo (no pun intended) SW character movies will be successful on their own but also tie into one big movie eventually (something like 3.5 to fill in the gap between 3 and 4) with them set as prequels they can include Vader which means more merchandise (cue Mel Brooks Yogurt "Moichandising! Moichandising! Where the real money from the movie is made")
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