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Default RIDE VIDs!

Originally Posted by SilverWolf
Hey guys, new to the forums here. A Texas native and SFOT mega-veteran, now a Magic Mountain maniac. I am the only person I know of who has actually pulled off taking a digital MPG while riding "X" at SFMM. .......

Well, drop me a line at GLENNBURCH1969@COX.NET. Glenn--Eternal Worshipper of Speelunkers

Now you too can see Glenn's vid on this site. I've created a new page on the main site called Ride Videos. I'd love for others to submit any videos they have especially if they have SFoT vids. You can either navigate to the link there or if you'd like... here's the direct link to Glenn's X-ride:

X-Ride ..X-Ride ..X-Ride Hold On!
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