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Default Re: Music Mill Concerts

I would say one of the biggest issues is that it's an outdated, awful venue for a concert. Hot, little shade, all concrete, aluminum benches, no amenities, lots of background noise, poor acoustics. There are a lot of other venues in the DFW area that offer a much better experience: Gexa, Verizon (the best place in the area for a show and none of the others come close), Southside Ballroom, the arenas in Richardson and Allen, the soccer stadium in Frisco, the AAC, Fort Worth has a 14000 seat arena opening in 4 years. I would even go so far as to say that Levitt Pavilion in downtown Arlington is far superior to Music Mill.

Those throwback artists are cheap, but they also don't make you a lot of money because they typically don't draw huge crowds unless there's something else significant to offer. Most of the fans going to the North Texas State Fair would go regardless of the musical acts.

And with your Rush mention, we now only need a railroad related post to make this an official thread.
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