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That's the CC2 that Larry was talking about. It was the Games/Food Service Cash Control initially, with the Gifts Cash Control being in the main back area where the canteen and Security are.

They had to close the Gifts CC and move everyone into CC2 while the new building was being built; want to say that was at the beginning of the 86 season. The old CC2 off Goodtimes Square was closed when we moved to the new building late in '86, but there was no reason other than that we just didn't need it anymore that it was closed, that I know of. The new building was big enough to house everyone easily, and it was a lot more secure (by location as well as by construction) as well.

That last year when we were all consolidated into CC2 while waiting for the new one to be finished, we did also have an Arlington cop there at the door all the time; which might have made people think something had happened to cause them to be there (which, something might have and I just never heard about it - we certainly didn't hear about everything that happened even within our own dept, unless one of us was potentially a suspect and they hauled us all in for interviews or another polygraph or something). The building was uncomfortably close to Copeland road, with just the chain-link fence between; so I suspect the presence of the officer was just because it likely made the front office a bit nervous to have all their bankroll consolidated into that one building during that period of time.
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