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Originally Posted by JABBS View Post
There was a small cash control building in that area when I started at the park. I always heard that it was abandoned after being robbed sometime in the mid-90's.
I remember a night that might be the incident in question - I was supervising Splash, so I'm guessing it was 94. It was one of those really late nights and supercrowds... I want to say it was a Reba concert. I had let the splash crew go home before I cleared the queue house and found a crapload of trash, so I was out there with a pan and broom cleaning it up so the day crew wouldn't get shafted with extra work to do in the morning. My fulltime came and found me and told me what was going on, and to keep an eye open because they thought the people might still be in the park, and not to be a hero.

I don't remember why it was still being used... I want to say it was chiefly used as coin storage for goodtimes square, maybe?
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