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Well, I found this here and decided to just post it for the 1975 attractions.
Regarding the "Incredible Electric Light Brigade Parade," do we have photos? Other than that, it looks like just flat rides added.


The season begins on March 15, 1975 with adult tickets at $7, tickets for children under 12 are $6, and children under 3 are free.

A new mascot is introduced for Six Flags Over Texas. His name is Cyrus Cosmo, the inventor. His Incredible Electric Light Brigade Parade is featured.

Red Baron is added to the Confederacy area where Flying Jenny once existed.

The Small Theater show is changed from Will Rogers to The Fun Guns of Dry Gulch.

The attraction Rotoriculus (to later be named Roto Disco), which is a Cyrus Comos invention, is added to the Goodtimes Square section of the park.

The Small Theater and the Sid & Marty Krofft show are removed at the end of the season.

The end of the season is November 30, 1975 and 2.7 million people are shown to have visited the park all year. The average daily attendance is shown at 15,000 people.
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