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Originally Posted by JStroop View Post
It also trips some fire prevention systems, which we learned after some serious trial and error with Runaway Mountain, which used a laser beam system to detect smoke. The mine car on the facade that would occaionally roll out with a blast of fake smoke... if the wind was out of the East (a rare occasion for the metroplex... prevailing winds are usually out of the Southwest) when the mine cart rolled out with the accompanying blast of smoke, the wind would blow it right back inside the building... and trip the laser detectors.

There was a day where the ride kept going code 2 for fire alarm but nobody could figure out why. Finally, I was standing outside with Mike Apple and we were discussing what was going on, what to do about it (shut the ride down entirely, put that particular detector on 'test' mode so it wouldn't trip the system, blah blah blah... then I happened to be looking up at where the mine car came out of the facade and saw that the blast of fake smoke went straight into the hole and back inside the building. 5 seconds later, the fire alarm was sounding again.

My theory wasn't immediately accepted, but I told them to reset the system, and wait for the mine cart to come out again... sure enough 5 seconds later, the system sounded again.

Long story short, fake smoke is really cool, but it causes problems for sophisticated ride safety systems.
The fake smoke was operating again on Runaway Mountain this year. They must have moved the detector out of range of the smoke or changed the formula used in the smoke machine.
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