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Back in about 72 I was working a double in May (40K guests) on Flume 1 and Bruce Davidson sat me in the driver chair and told me to ignore everything and dispatch logs exactly 3 feet apart to keep things moving. I was doing a bang up job and someone told me I could stop dispatching, the lift had been stopped for 12 minutes!! The usual backup at Lift 2 is about 8 to 10 logs and I had all but 3 logs (somewhere around 18 or 20). They wound around three curves on the trough! We had to borrow crews from Train, Texas Lift and all supervisors to hold back the logs at the lift. Jacques DeMott was a new supervisor (complete with sunglasses at night and dress shoes) and he had a tough time getting traction of the wet trough. I think I set some kind of record!
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