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Default Snow Hill Fun

Ok guys, how bout you sharing some good Snow Hill moments. Here's the one I'll nerver forget. We had a little guy on the hose one night, ( Micheal Bigler ), and he thought he was man enough to shoot by himself. Well that night the ice was coming out of the boxes and into the chipper so fast the rakers didn't have to move. Micheal fell and lost his grip, the hose was new and bent really easy so it acted like a water wiggle and was shooting ice everywhere, Micheal ran and ducked behind a bale of hay falling at least 3 or 4 times, the rakers hid behind the chipper, the person on the pedal was texting and never saw it so she didn't let off the pedal. I was bouncing boxes laughing my ass off, I stopped and when Micheal tried to come back to grab the hose I would start bouncing again just to see him flying through the air to get behind the hay bale. I was sure wishing that night that those boxes were just a little bigger.
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