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Default Re: Runaway Mine Train Storage/Staging Area?

Originally Posted by buck1108 View Post
Thanks for the info! It's fascinating how the functionality and theming all come together on this ride.

Yeah, I've seen the other storage shed on the left track, which is beyond the 'switch track/shed' area. The track climbs a bit and then there's the shed, which is really just a covering, as there isn't really room to get in there with the train.

The rightmost track spur remains a mystery....
I wonder if the reason the right track goes down is to keep it hidden? Some photos and video show that that area collects water, and it seems like it would flood.
I can tell the main track there has been straightened through that segment as it doesn't have that slight "s"-curve anymore (at around 0:20 on this video). Do any of the old-timers remember just when that was done?
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