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Default Re: Too Confounded For Words

Originally Posted by cleusk View Post
Any word about what they're going to put in its place?
the latest rumors are that it will be used to extend the Pixar Place area (which only consists of Toy Story Mania now) to make it a complete land based around Pixar films consisting mainly of flats/carnival/kiddie rides that can be found in the other parks (Green Army Men Parachute Drop & RC Racer from Paris, Flicks Flyers & Hemlichs Chew-Chew from DCA)to appeal to more kids (especially boys) and increase the ride capacity of the was rumored at one point that they would clone Carsland from DCA for the whole area but now it's thought that we will only get Radiator Springs Racers and a mini Route 66 and not the full version, but that would be phase 2 and built where Lights Motor Action is now...other strong rumors are that they are building a third track for TSM in the old soundstage right next to it to and that it will only be for standby people and the 2 main tracks will be FP+ only (or vice versa)...there are still rumors that they will finally build a Monsters Inc Door Coaster (new) or a Crush's Coaster (Paris) but I think that is less likely if Radiator Springs Racers comes in

It is possible that they could choose to build Star Wars land there but most think the more likely location for that expansion will be on the left hand side of the park starting where Star Tours is now and extending back towards where Muppets/Streets of America is

If that happens Muppets might get pushed to the other side of the park where the Animation Building is and finally get their "land" that was planned but never built around there current location

So basically you walk in/down Hollywood Blvd towards the Great Movie Ride (which will prob be scrapped or replaced at some point), on the right would be Sunset Blvd leading you down to Tower of Terror and RockNRoller Coaster, as you get to the hub to you left will be Lucas Land with the Indy show and Star Wars, to the right will be Muppets/Little Mermaid/Disney Jr/etc, and in front (kinda, more to the side) will be Pixar land

of course this is all rumors and hearsay with prob some arm-chair imagineering thrown in but for sure the Studios will be getting a LARGE influx of capital improvements and will be a totally different place in 10 years (but first they gotta get Avatar-land and all the new stuff at AK built before they can push hard with the big stuff at DHS)

I would really suggest listening to "The Unofficial Guide's Disney Dish with Jim Hill" podcast as it has a lot of good info and good for a laugh or too
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