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Default Re: Too Confounded For Words

Two more changes come to Hollywood Studios announced this week:

The big Sorcerer Mickey hat that was "temporarily" put up oh so many years ago will finally be taken down after the holiday season (Disney people either seem to love or hat the hat...I never really cared about it either way...with its removal you can almost be certain that a big refurb of the Great Movie Ride, or at least the exterior, will be coming sooner rather than later...part of the reasoning it was put there to start with was to block the Chinese Theater facade since Disney didn't have the rights to use it in their was rumored a while ago that it would be changed into a Carthay Circle replica similar to what they have California Adventure)

The Captain Jack Sparrow exhibit located between One Man's Dream and Toy Story Mania will also be closing...this space usually holds "temporary" exhibits and was home to Narnia displays when the first two movies came out (Disney dropped the Narnia properties after lack luster performance of the first two keeping and even kept the Prince Caspian display in place even though Voyage of the Dawn Treader was released by Fox)

Just more signs pointing to DHS getting a major-park wide refurb in the very near future

I know this topic has gone way off the topic but I didn't feel like starting a new thread since we were already talking about changes at DHS
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