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Default Banished at the SSM!

Don't know how this thread got on the SSM, but I gotta jump in. I was the assistant foreman at SSM (I had forgotten we used to call it the orgazmatron, Craig!) for a season. Larry Gentry kept promising Robert Reagan and I that it would become a "Class B" ride when they got it repaired. Well, they repaired it, and it ran for a whopping hour before the hydraulic pump blew an O-ring, and after that, it never ran again. Was just a little, cramped, irritating theater that you had to climb stairs to get to.

Most of the folks there couldn't wait to move on, but Robert and I had a good time. We even made our own movie out of bits and pieces of the Sense Machine film and an old Chevy Show film. Had a party one night and showed it in the SSM (complete with its own sound track - Rock Lobster!) Anyone remember seeing that?

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