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Originally Posted by Krista 96-02 View Post
TWe had a young lady in 97 at lift on Mine Train that bent down to pick something off the "floor" and she braced herself by placing her hand on the track as a train approached. I only heard about this through the grapevine and I don't know the extent of her injuries; I think she bent down to pick up her purse as her hourly replacement had arrived .....but I do know that within days, the setup of Lift 1 where the operator sits got extended out further away from the track, to where it is now because of it.

Such a calm ride to have so many mods done to it because of mishaps, both in the past and recent present.
I heard this story. when I worked it in 96, the lift person only had a few feet between the track and the rail. It was often that myself and others put a hand on the track without thinking because it was at the same level as a handrail.

All I heard was the box was extended because a girl put her hand on the track and didn't move it before the train came through. It crushed all the bones in her hand.
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