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Default Re: Security Duties at SFOT

When my hours where running low in Retail I was looking for other departments to work in the park that was when someone gave me a tip to talk to the front gate manger and I remember she said to me "what days you have off?" I was like "YES! I found work!!". Anyways I searched bags, ripped tickets, medal detector, stamped hands, sold parking lot tickets, and made season passes. I'm glad medal detector work and searching bags is now a security job because when you find something people like to argue pocket knifes were a big issue and people would get MAD when they find out they can't carry it with them in the park. I miss having fun with the metal detectors people would flood through them and when the BEEP would happen I would put out my hand and yell "HOLT!! BACK UP!! Check your pockets" that was fun times.
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