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Default Re: The Cave's Sprinkler System

Originally Posted by Twisted View Post
Definitely an old electrical schematic. I'm guessing the ride map was from around 1980 or so. It's showing it with the bucking armadillo, added after Urban Cowboy. I remember that honky-tonk scene being put in there, but for years it had a much darker scene and your tub would go into a giant monster head's mouth (with glowing eyes and animated arms like tree branches) before going up the lift hill.
Yes, I refer to the "blizzard," because that's what that added scene originally was. There were no animations in it, just an Arctic landscape with lots of "snow" and really COLD air-conditioning. It was a great way to cool off on a summer day. The last time I rode the Cave was in '69 or '70. Apparently, there were a lot of changes to the animations through the years that I never saw.
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