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Default Gifts and Souvenirs entries from old sfot site, group 3

Dee Dee Kliewer

Seasons worked: 1982 - ?

Funny story or happening:

<LI>The old pool parties, flings, and luaus.

<LI>Charlie Hewitt and his "wearing of the fudge", exploding mustard packets, an d spilled drinks. Poor guy. Everything that spilled in the canteen always wound up on him!

<LI>The lovely skirt/short uniforms we wore in the early '80s and some old man chasing me around the shop with those "fanny pinchers".

<LI>Wading through the security post near wardrobe in ankle to knee deep water to get into the park before they changed the employee entrance.

<LI>Texas Kandy ghost stories.

Areas of park: Gifts and Souvenirs

email: Dee Dee Kliewer

People to find: Cindy Cook-Cale, Vickie Keely-Garrett, Gail Fujiwara, Kelly Greenwood

Other info : I still live in Arlington. I am a Firefighter/EMT for the City of Lancaster and a Volunteer Firefighter in Pantego. Married Matt Platts in 1993 and have 3 cats and a dog.

other depts: Leasees (Freeze Frame Photo, etc.)

Jeff Felty

Seasons worked: 1982-1984

Funny story or happening:

I just remember that working at SFOT was the funnest job I had. I wish all jobs were that fun.

I particularly remember the parties after work. It seemed that every weekend, at least one person's parents were out of town!

Areas of park: Games

email: Jeff Felty

People to find: Lisa Shelton, Greg Edwards, Julie Staley, Stephanie Heibel, Janet Fairchild, Joe Trevino, Don Ratliff, Janine McCoy, James Wycoff, Pam Martin, Christine Martin

Other info : I currently live in Topeka, KS. Please email me if you worked with me!

other depts: Games Kim Crabtree

Seasons worked: 1979-1980

Areas of park: Texas Candy Kitchen

email: Kim Crabtree

People to find: Toni, Yvonne,(both worked in gifts), Mitch(rides), Carlos and Ro bbie Sutterfield (Security).

Other info : I am now living in Cleburne Texas and have 3 sons.

Bobby Frank

Seasons worked: 1979-1980

Funny story or happening:

I was a short-timer, but have alot of cool (not really) memories. I remember working during one of the hottest summers on record in Texas during some damn celebration season complete with straw cowboy hats, and "dingo" type cowboy boots. How about those stiffly pressed "long" pants and shirts with enough startch to make them stand up by themselves.

I remember it getting so hot by mid-afternoon that my "dingo" boots would make indentions in the black asphalt while walking through the park. Man that was a hot mother of a summer or what! I remember playing a lot of "serious" softball, even being recruited by another department. I also remember this one guy who thought he was a real softball stud until he got hit in the face (mouth) with a pop fly he misjudged, he had braces too, ouch!

I remember working in the lower level of some retail store in Indian Village (can't remember name now) and being sooo bored that I entertained myself by making a blow gun type device complete with straight pins for shooting at balloons from across the room that customers would walk in with.

A quick unexpected explosion and their reaction, now that was funniest! I also remember working in "Modern Hats" and trying to figure out that damn sewing machine for those stupid white sailor hats. I remember my girlfriend (Carolynne) worked in food service and I felt sooooo sorry for her every night when after work she look and smelled like a giant french fry! Not a good thing! A also remember trying to stay out of trouble with her while also trying to hook up other cute chicks, customers and employees alike! Got busted alot! I don't remember a lot of names but I do remember what a great time in my life that all was!

My oh my how things do change! Every kid should get to work at SFOT, for a while anyway!

email: Bobby Frank

People to find: Anybody who remembers me????

Other info : I live in north Arlington, have a beautiful wife (Melissa), and 3 w onderful children, Braxton (11), Brayden(6), and Baylee (2). I am a Vice Presid ent and Director of Operations for a mortgage bank, Franklin American Mortgage. I look forward to hearing from anybody who remembers me or the crazy things I r emember!

Melissa Ybarra-Jimenez

went by: Melissa Ybarra

Seasons worked: 1984-1988

Funny story or happening:

Gosh, where do I start Greg Gallagher and Dana Kline my managers at Spectrum. L oved them. Softball lots of fun, parties, parties, and more parties. Julie and Lee. Kristen and Patrick Horrigan. Conner and Dale pretending to work, please! Work ing hard off season. Working first holiday in the park. Brrrrr! St Louis with Sandra, Sharon, and Theresa or Sesa.

Selling balloons, glo necklaces and anything else they wanted us to sell.

Areas of park: Spectrum, Balloons, Casa, Emporium Gosh where didn't I work

email: Melissa Ybarra-Jimenez

Other info : Graduated from UNT with Biology/Chemistry Degree High School Teacher. Taught at Lamar last year. Live in Southwest Arl. Married with two children; Dakota 5 and Hope Analise is 4 months old. Currently employed as a MOM.

Ricky Brown

Seasons worked: 1980-1983

Funny story or happening:

Once, while developing film in the darkroom at Gazette, I heard the trash moving . I had the red light on and glanced at the trash can just in time to see what looked like a huge rat heading down into the trash. I couldn't turn on the ligh t and get a good look until the film was finished. It turned out to be a baby o possum. We put it in a box and one of our guests asked to take it home with him . I don't know if he got out of the park with it or not.

Areas of park: Gifts and Souvenirs, Confederacy, Gazette (tintype studio)

email: Ricky Brown

People to find: Robin Bonilla, Beth Nemeth,Jennifer Woodson, Reuben Hernandez, Christi Hernandez, Anne Beauregard, Laura Abbott, Alan Shipe, Frank Salazar, Jeff Jones, Cecil something--worked at Gazette in 1980, Jennifer Stojoviak, Robert Love

Other info : Still live in Arlington, Dallas firefighter and paramedic now, divo rced since 1992, have two wonderful children--1 boy, 1 girl.

Daryl Moore

Seasons worked: 1980-1982

Funny story or happening:

Going to parties or across the street to the DCA parking lot to party with co-workers after we got off work at 1:00am.

Areas of park: Boogie Woogie, Indian Village

email: Daryl Moore

People to find: Mary Halsey, Manny Vasquez, Karl Summerford, Wes Clarke

Allan Martin

Seasons worked: 1974

Funny story or happening:

I remember that some of the people I worked with there had put together a list of code words. So if you say some good looking or ugly or stupid you could let them know without geeting into trouble. I'd like to see that list again, just to see how far we've come, or will never mind.

Areas of park: Hat Shops

email: Allan Martin

People to find: Chris Bond

Other info : I now live in Fort Worth, I have my on Construction Business.

Judy Cote

went by: Judy Blumberg

Seasons worked: 1987

Funny story or happening:

Seeing several guys surround a (female) friend of mine, who was working as a clown near the front gate. The guys were singing 'You've Lost that Loving Feeling' in perfect harmony. It turned out the whole thing was planned by her boyfriend.

Areas of park: All Hat stores: Mr Razzles, Texas Hats, Tower Hats, etc.

email: Judy Cote

Other info :

I left the world of sewing names on hats to go to UT Austin, and succeeded in getting an MIS degree. I now live in the area with my husband Scott and dog Sasha. I've worked for about 6 years as a software developer and consultant.

One thing I noticed is that SFOT classified people by physical features to put them in the particular departments. I noticed that gifts people had a pleasant face - they were smiley people, maybe a little chubby (this was true in my case for sure).

The sad part was there were more negative features that classified people in other departments. I won't go into that one but think about your own experience. Thanks and have fun at everything you do!

Russell Melton

Seasons worked: 1965-1970

email: Russell Melton

People to find: Mickey Munir, Ted Sulak, Ronnie Sheckels, Charles Portalis

Other info: Retail Director - Jazzland Theme Park in New Orleans

other depts: Food Services, Gifts and Souvenirs

Travis Baker

went by: Trav

Seasons worked: 1989 - 1993

Funny story or happening:

The Train running over Batman was one of many great moments. I truly miss playing football on Sunday mornings at the Lamar practice football fields and losing in the softball games because the people were great even if the teams were bad.

Areas of park: All rides here and there, Railroad was my home.

email: Travis Baker

People to find: All the conductors that I worked with were great so if any one remembers me please feel free to drop me an E-mail. I often wonder where ex conductors end up.

Other info : I am married with two kids. Laurin was born 5-7-99. When I left Six Flags in 1993 I went to work for the Sheriff's Department. I am finishing up my computer programming studies up now.

other depts: Ride Operations, Gifts and Souvenirs

DeeAnn Eady Seasons worked: 1980-1998

Areas of park: Merchandising

email: DeeAnn Eady

Andy Heath

Seasons worked: 1972 - 1979

Funny story or happening:

If I provide too much information I might go to jail.

Areas of park: Gifts and Souvenirs / Merchandising

email: Andy Heath

People to find: Rodney Rinn, Steve Cernuto, David Linton, Kyle Bryan,

Other info : Recently moved from Houston to Chicago. Currently District Manager, Xerox Engineering Systems, Chicago District.

Debbie Brown

Seasons worked: 1981-1982

Areas of park: Texas Kandy Kitchen

email: Debbie Brown

People to find: Scott Tabor, Becky Webb, Dana Brown, Jenny Horrigan, Alan Kilpatrick, Asher Hashash

Other info : Six Flags was the most fun I've ever had at a job-

Lisa Bowden Silvia

went by: Lisa Bowden

Seasons worked: 1976-1978

Funny story or happening:

I will always look back at my time at SFOT with very fond memories! It was and I believe still is the best job for a teenager. It was the most fun job I have ever had and the perfect summer employment. I don't recall to many embarassing moments, but alot of fun times.

email: Lisa Bowden Silvia

People to find:

I would love to hear from almost anyone I worked with. It is always interesting to see how their lives progressed.

Other info: After SFOT I moved to New Orleans, met and married my husband. We moved back to the area in 1983. I am a paralegal with a downtown Fort Worth lawfirm. I have seven children (4 adopted, 3 biological) from the ages of 30 - 6, and three grandchildren.

Gifts and Souvenirs

Tom Womack

Seasons worked: 1984-88

Funny story or happening:

Some of the "fun" things I remember about my time out at the park:
  1. Meeting my first "real" girlfriend in a pouring rainstorm while working Looney Land. I was working the entrance to the "carrots", while she was working the ropes. We were both soaked to the bone and totally miserable. I still remember her smile when I made a joke about our choice of careers. We went on break together that day and ended up dating for 18 months. Although we broke up shortly after we both graduated graduated high school and left for college, I'll never forget her.
  2. Cleaning vomit out of the Airplane ride after giving a group of kids an extra-long ride one day when I was hung over after a late night of drinking.
  3. Working El Hat (aka The Sombrero) during the middle of the summer when it had to have been AT LEAST 120 degrees on that @#%&!!! cement slab.
  4. Having to work Casa Magnetica as part of Mike Macabee's crew on Conquestidore. Today, I STILL believe that 90% of the people in line for Casa thought they were in line for the Flume.
  5. Telling little kids that "magic" made the balls roll up the table during the Casa Magnetica tours.
  6. Parents in Loony Land who kept asking why their kid was too tall to ride the children's rides.
  7. My friend Brian Wofford getting punched out by a parent who was pissed off because his kid was too tall to ride the boats.
  8. Working Texas Candy when I was in Gifts and selling fudge that roaches had already walked across.
  9. Being written up for writing my (full) name in the wet cement when the bridge in Texas was widened in 1984.
  10. The Night Ranger Concert...anyone else working the park that day knows that nothing more needs to be said.
  11. The seat indentification system that Mike Macabee and I used to point out hot (and not so hot) babes to each other when I was on his crew at Conquistidore.

One of the funniest things that ever happend to me out at the] park was in 1985 when I was working that ragged out old ferris wheel in Looney Land. The brakes were so worn that the ride would hardly stop and you had to balance the weights of the riders to load and unload the ride. Well, one day it happened to be really slow and I only had two riders. The first was a little girl who was well below the height requirement...but she literally must have weighed close to 150 pounds. The second rider was a little boy who was barely pushing 50 pounds. Although I put them in seperate gondolas to try and balance out the weight, the brakes were so worn that it must have taken me a good 10 minutes to unload them because the girl weighed so much, that her gondola kept over-shooting the platform when she descended.

I also remember working Conquistidor when we had to provide the crew for Casa Magnetica. When it was our time to relieve the person ahead of us, we would sneak in the back door without them knowing it. When they would roll the hardened "fruit" up the table and through the window, you would quickly grab it and roll it back through to them. I remember rolling the fruit back out to Mike Macabee 2-3 times during a tour when he really must have wanted to go on break, because I ended up getting the entire basket of hardened fruit tossed back through the window.

Areas of park: I worked every ride in the park between 1984-88.

email: Tom Womack

People to find: If anyone knows where to find Cindy Cook, who used to work in Gifts, I would appreciate any help. I would also like to find Doug Gideon, who used to work out at the park in the Plumbing Department as late as 1993-94.

Other info :

I graduated from The University of Texas-Austin in May 1991 and moved back home to Arlington. After working as an Advertising/Public Relations writer, I now work as an Account Executive for an Ad/PR agency in Fort Worth. My goal is to open my own agency in the near future.

other depts: Ride Operations

Marsha Dougherty

Seasons worked: 1970-1974

email: Marsha Dougherty

People to find: John Davis, Wenda Warner, Debbie Thomas,

Kelly Hicks

Seasons worked: 1981-1988

Funny story or happening:

the parties!!!!!!

email: Kelly Hicks or Kelly Hicks

People to find: steve thomas(g&s), christie campbell(g&s), mike carboni (foods), larry cox (admin)

Other info: daughter 11, sons 6 and 7; paramedic

other depts: Food Services, Gifts and Souvenirs, Grounds Quality, Cash Control, Other areas

Kyle Bryan

went by: Kyle Barnaby

Seasons worked: 1970-1994

Areas of park: El Chico and Merchandising

email: Kyle Bryan

Kenny Moss

Seasons worked: 1979-1985

Funny story or happening:

I would have to refer to Chuck Woods story of the softball and alot of water. By the way we all got commendations from Mr. Apple if I remember correctly.

I have so many memories of how much fun we all had and how it would be great to turn back the clock. From painting the old shooting gallery to working in the Skeeball Palace with flood waters rushing under all the machines.

Softball games, Tailgate Parties and the Red Door Lounge. The stories are endless. Thanks too all for the best times of our lives.

Areas of park: Games Warehouse, Arcades

email: Kenny Moss

People to find: Tom Palumbo, Brent Little, any others in Games from 1979-1981

Other info: Live in Mansfield, Texas Married (12 Years) Two Children Work as Branch Manager of a Computer Cable Distribution Warehouse.

other depts: Games

Alan Kilpatrick

went by: Killer or Kil

Seasons worked: 79 - 87

Areas of park: Games Repair, Gifts Repair, Arcade Repair, PrimeTime Video

email: Alan Kilpatrick

People to find: Charlie Ozzmiller (The OZ) - Robin Hall- Paul or Jim Bothner-

Other info: Live in Arlington - Married to Cindy Brister (Finally) - 2 girls - Work as an Applications Engineer in Dallas

other depts: Gifts and Souvenirs, Games, Other areas

Janice Dickson/McCann

Seasons worked: 1985 - 1994

Funny story or happening:

Six Flags was a place where I found a few boyfriends, met lots of great people and made some lifelong friends. Had it not been for the great friends that I made through the years, I probably would never have stayed as long as I did. Some of the greatest and funniest times were spent with all the other supervisors. We would all be up in the office hanging out talking and laughing. I would always try to tell jokes, but ended up laughing or forgetting the punch line before I got to the end.

Who could ever forget the spooge patrol down in Nifty's on way too many occasions. But the greatest time had to be playing Monopoly up in the office on slow, boring nights. We played for several hours behind locked doors hoping we would not be caught.

Thanks for the memories. Keep in touch!

email: Janice Dickson/McCann

Tom Womack

Seasons worked: 1984 1988

Areas of park: Looney Land, Judge, Conquistador, Casa Magnetica

email: Tom Womack

People to find: Cindy Cook (Gifts)

other depts: Ride Operations

Rob Lunde

Seasons worked: 1980 - 1989

Funny story or happening:

In 1983, Cindy, my co-foreman and I sent a ransom note to Bev Arnett (?), the Skeeball Palace Lead, asking for some ridiculous stuff. Meanwhile, we nabbed Greg Porter(her assistant) and locked him in the remote control boat house!

We told the employee not to let Greg out no matter what, but Greg screamed so loud that the Guests began to ask the employee about it. So he let Greg out.

Bev, being a typical Palace foreman, wouldn't tolerate this (Greg took an actual 45 rather than the 20 he usually took). By the end of the day I had a corrective with my name on it--but Chuck was unable to give it to me because I had already gotten Bill Burke to approve the whole deal (since it wouldn't really impact operations).

Just the same, Bob Hatton gave me a lot of trouble in the next foreman's meeting about it....ahh, the good ole days!

Areas of park: GT Square, Palace, Lonestar, Texas Arcade

email: Rob Lunde

People to find: Greg and Pam Porter, Julie Stailey, Lori Clifton, Colleys/Lautzenheisers--any of the old crew

Other info: Currently Games Manager at Six Flags St. Louis after working at Chicago from '89-96

other depts: Games

Stacy Bogle

went by: Stacy Schnellenbach

Seasons worked: 1975 - 1979

Funny story or happening:

Kevin Brown (Eastern Hills High School) working with me at Razzle Dazzle. He procured this novelty item called Slime, which was packaged in a small, plastic garbage can. Kevin would pinch off a piece of it (it was green!) and place it between his upper lip and nose. Then, he would go wait on a customer while pretending he didn't know it was there. The looks he would get crack me up even now!

Areas of park: Razzle Dazzle, Spectrum, Hanging Tree, Glow Necklaces

email: Stacy Bogle

People to find: Kevin Brown, Christy Reeves, Beverly Funk, Cathy Crites, Andy Heath, Danny Jones, Annette Clay Jones, Teresa Foreman, Varina Weaver, Sue Jacobs, Dale Kummer (Food and Brew), Robert Sanderlin, Kelly Cogdell.

Other info: I quit working at S.F. sometime during college. I was a junior high English teacher in Arlington for 8 years. I married ( a man whose first girlfriend broke up with him for a guy who worked LaSalle's Riverboat Ride). I live in Fort Worth with my husband Bryan and three sons. I am a book reviewer for the Star-Telegram and a books and visual arts writer for the FW Weekly, ( the alternative press paper) I've been back to S.F. only once since I quit.

Teresa Munn

went by: Teresa Schnellenbach

Seasons worked: 1976 - 1982

Funny story or happening:

I was working at Uncle Sams (night shift) and Shannon Scott was in Guest Relations. She was making the final annoucement for the closing of the park and forgot to turn off the PA system when she finished. She and another girl started discussing the dates they had both had on the previous night. We were rolling on the floor! I thought about running up to the front gate real quick to tell her, but --- nah.

I also have fond memories of catching shoplifters. I remember guys trying to walk nonchantly out of The Spectrum with a poster down their pants leg. Nothing too obvious. And the little kids would practically wet their pants and beg for mercy when we would call security.

People to find: Kim Grey, Debbie Coufal, Mike Cobb and Dave Brauer.

Areas of park: Everywhere. I worked out in the park '76-79. Then in the G&S office till 82.

email: Teresa Munn

Other info: I am married and have 2 daughters and live in Boise, Idaho.

Stephanie Malloy

went by: Stephanie Barrett

Seasons worked: 1989 - 1995

Funny story or happening:

My first year as a supervisor and getting sent to DFW Airport to pick up GLO necklaces. I was in the red Gifts truck with about 1/8 of a tank of gas, and only a dollar for the toll. I must have been gone for at least 3-4 hours because I got completely lost in the airport looking for the Cargo hangar. I finally found it, got the GLOS and then promptly got lost driving back. I was sure I'd run out of gas and be stranded forever. I was late for our supervisor's meeting when I finally made it back... I didn't hear the last about that for a long time!!!

email: none given.

Dave Foti

went by: Foti

Seasons worked: 1985 - 1991

Funny story or happening:

I remember back in 1985 when Arlington was a much cooler place to live that SFOT was the best (only) place around to work as a high schooler.

SFOT was a great experience and a great place to make friends. If you couldn't get a date working at SFOT you had some serious issues. Anyway, every girl I've ever dated seriously (this includes college in Austin) had worked at SFOT.

I remember thinking how cool it was working out there for 6 years so that I had an employee ID with every flag (somehow I managed to not turn them in - still have them somewhere).

Without a doubt I would go back and relive my SFOT summers!

Areas of park: Cash Control, Guest Surveys, Gifts (Texas Section)

email: Dave Foti

People to find: Peggy Bindel (now Mckinsey?), Michelle Lewis (foods), Heather Mckensey (Gifts), Larry Gentry (CC), Little Lance (Gifts), Michelle the cute blonde from a small tx town (guilded unicorn), Suzette Lewis (cash control), Roger the anal guy (cash control), Ronda the one cute park services girl who was a red tag at the front gate area.

Other info: Now living in Houston working as a management consultant for the energy industry. Married to a good SFOT girl (Mindy Pittman - Foods) Two dogs no kids.

other depts: Guest Relations, Cash Control

Kristen Hadley

went by: Kris

Seasons worked: 1985 - 1994

email: Kristen Hadley

People to find: Peggy Bindel (Mackenzie), Edward Gomez, Scott Kelly (Park Services)

Debbie Garrett

went by: Debbie Thompson - 1974

Seasons worked: 1971 - 1974

Funny story or happening:

I enjoyed managing the candy stores in the Modern and Texas section because I got to meet other "hosts/hostesses" from the park.

I remember Clarence Carter from the zoo and Preacher Carter from the "Flying Jenny." Their sense of humor and wisdom was appreciated.

  1. The Scrambler
  2. The Zodiac
  3. Terry Lewis
  4. The hat shop
  5. Spectrum
  6. USA Exit
  7. The "Riverboat" gang
  8. The doughnut shop
  9. Polly and her gang preparing grilled cheese sandwiches at the "Compound"
  10. Walking through the park from the "A"/"B" parking lot. It was peaceful.
Areas of park: Maps, candy shops, "Jacques's Treasures", G&S office

email: Debbie Garrett

People to find: John Davis, Wanda Bryant, Frieda Buhler, Christy Butler, Gary Hooks, Kim Fry, Debbie Burns, Christy Patterson

Other info:

Obtained B. Music Ed in 1979. For several years, active in Grand Praire Community Theatre. I just "retired" from teaching Pre-Kindergarten at a private school. This past summer, I was the Production Accompanist for the GP Summer Musical, "Brigadoon."

Bruce Foster

Seasons worked: 1974 - 1998

Funny story or happening:

The Water Balloon game had to be drained of water every year. To do this, you had to put in a long black water hose and suck on it to create a siphon. My friend, supervisor Dennis White, was sucking and sucking, but he could not get the water to drain out. However, he kept at it, assuming that there was something stuck in the hose. He was right! There was a dead rat! none of the girls would kiss him after that!

Areas of park: Mostly Training Supervisor

email: Bruce Foster

People to find: Melvin Dubee, Brett Stover, John Thorpe, Lee Graham, Bill Burke, Mark Milner, many, many others.

Other depts: Food Services, Games, Cash Control

Mike Taylor

Seasons worked: 1979 - 1980

Funny story or happening:

On a employee fling I went to a midnight movie a that chevy show. My friend brought his girl friend (whom we called mouse. . . we called her mouse because of her laugh) to the movie..(which was Foul Play) and she started laughing. .. all of a sudden everyboby was laughing at her laugh instead of the movie. Her. . . ech! ech! ech! laugh was so funny that it had the whole theater laughing at her instead.

Areas of park: Parking/security

email: Mike Taylor

People to find: Buddy McConnell, Susan Herman, Gay Bunch, Ken Jones, Colleen Porter, Allison Faiechild, Carol Dean, Candy Freeman, Robbie Sutterfield

Other depts: Security

Vikki Pike

Seasons worked: 1967 - 1970

Funny story or happening:

While working in Guest Relations, I was on the PA announcing the next show and got tickled - laughed hystericalyl for several minutes without stopping or releasing the microphone. Nearly got fired by Larry Dahnke. The entire park, employees and "guests" were all laughing too and no one knew why.

Areas of park: Gifts & Souvenirs, Live Shows, and Operations then Exec. Off

email: Vikki Pike

People to find: Jim Crouch, Shari Goldstein, Sally Martin - Marvin Martin, Debbie Field/Stevens, Jean & Janet Heidt, Pam Craft, Sheryl Sheldon, Mike Sowers, Susie Wine, Larry Mayran, Joe Rape, so many others from the mid to late 60's

other depts: Ride Operations, Shows and Attractions, Guest Relations, Office Staff/Group Sales, etc.

Sandra Elizondo

Seasons worked: 1983 -

Funny story or happening:

Many fun and strange things happend throughout my years at Six Flags:
  • Derek Hay meets possum. What a scream?
  • Robie Roberts and Julie Thompson and a cage????
  • The long bus trip to Six Flags-Mid America...someone stole the chicken.
  • The flood and watching Spud Mackenzie floating down the creek. Go Spud Go.
  • The guests.
  • Dana Kline dressed like a hostess at a Gifts and Souvenirs party.
  • Falling down the Spiral Staircase.
  • Sharon Sandlin and a trashcan the day after a party.
  • Working until 4:00 a.m. the night before park opening day only to discover the next morning snow. Park closed.
  • Watching internal security carry Care Bears around the park after they had been stolen out of shop.
  • Seeing Elton John in the employee canteen.
email: Sandra Elizondo

other depts: Guest Relations, Security

Glenda Berryhill

Seasons worked: 1973 - 1977

Funny story or happening:
  • Scene 1- Busy summer day. Gloria Bagley going on break, drinking her Coke from Dry Hole Charlie's in the Boomtown restroom, and walking out to a deserted park. It had been evacuated for a bomb scare.
  • Scene 2- Ice storm. Riding Mine Train to warm up tracks.
  • Scene 3- The flood. Watching the water rise and wading out through hip high water.
  • Scene 4- Getting caught by Alan Bell; I was making a donut run for the crew.
  • Scene 5- Doing a high-wire act, transfering to another seat on Big Bend while it was chained on the highest hill.
  • Scene 6- Getting kidded by the canoe guys, we loved the "skinny jokes."

Areas of park: Mini Mine/Mine Train

email: Glenda Berryhill

People to find: Mark Thompson, Eileen Hurd, Beth Claunch, Ronnie Daniels

Other depts: Ride Operations

Derek Hay

Seasons worked: 1985 - 1992

Funny story or happening:


Where do you start? Working at Six Flags for eight years of your life seems like a long time but it went so fast. It is hard to remember all the fun times, but you know you had a ton.

Here goes a few:
  1. Being able to watch a ton of great concerts for free. (Mike & the Mechanics, Reba, Starship, The Outfield, John Waite) Especially being able to see George Strait three nights in a row.
  2. Falling out of a scooter near the Log Ride that was driven by Dale Washington. Man that was fun.
  3. Trips to Astroworld, We sure had a good time and I am suprised we didn't get into more trouble. (Mark Yates, Andy T., Nate and Kyle; What a team)
  4. All the great Supervisors I worked with (Dee Dee Simpson, Dee Ann Eady, Janice Dickson, Stephanie, Tim Lange, Robin, Kristen Hadley, Dwayne Black, Sandra, Sharon, Kathy Anderson, Mark Yates, Steve Farco, Alta, Jeff Hunter, Wendy Heape and Renne Lippes and everyone else I forgot. Keep in touch you guys.
  5. Softball - Lots of great games but the sad thing was some people took it too seriously. IT IS JUST A GAME!!!!
  6. All the late nights spent getting the stores open at the beginning of the year and for HIP.
  7. Driving the Red Pick up with Mark and as my wife says "Not doing anything and watching everyone else work."
  8. Meeting my truly wonderful and beautiful wife at this place I called HELL. Well I am exagerating, but when you work there for so long all you want to do is get away.
But It was a great part of my life and I can look back now an enjoy it a little more.

email: Derek Hay

Frank Duty

Seasons worked 1974 - 1979

Funny story or happening:

How can I choose just one? Maybe the one about Guy Bemrick urinating off the top of the Oil Derrick. Or maybe the time that Gregg Hudson and I almost lost Larry Dantic off the back of a catering scooter. Or the time Jim Kuykendall took off his shirt, rolled up his pants, called Jo Ann into the office and pretended to be sitting behind the desk naked. Maybe the best story was the time that Bryan Cherry hit Gregg Hudson in a sensitive area with a piece of fruitcake! So many more!

Areas of park: I. C. Fizz Soda Fountain...among others

email: Frank Duty

other depts: Food Services

Joyce Fitz Ruff

went by: Joy Fitzgerald

Seasons worked: 1985 - 1986

Areas of park: Texas Chute-Out, Spindletop, The Cave

email: Joyce Fitz Ruff

other depts: Ride Operations

Kelly Day

Seasons worked: 1975 - 1977

Funny story or happening:

I mostly remember the monthly parties for the employees. One night we were in the Southern section and I rode the Spinnaker for the first time and they ran the ride twice. I felt awful afterwards but it was a lot of fun.

Areas of park: Front Gate Gift Carts email: Kelly Day

Newton Hammet

Seasons worked: 1961 - 1962

Funny story or happening:

I worked in the concession stand that sold hats to people. The task I performed, in addition to selling, was to sew the person's name on the hat.

When you'r 54+ life before 21 starts to blur as to exact dates, times, even years. My time period was either 1961 to 1962, or, 1962 to 1963.

I remember being proud to have a learned a skill I never thought I would master, operating a sewing machine.

I remember wandering around on my break (30 min for lunch, 15 afternoon break) and listnening to one more round of "Oh, Don't forsake me o my darlin" as it came around and around and around on the piped-in music.

The owners of the concession were nice. The jerk supervisor the following year liked to tell dirty jokes to impress us, I guess.

Areas of park: The place that sold you a hat with your name on it

email: Newton Hammet

Jean Simpson Coulter

Seasons worked: 1971 - 1971

Funny story or happening:

In 1971 I worked at "Gusher Gertie" gift shop by the mine train, my friends were in costuming at Souther Palace. And before that I went to Six Flags when it OPENED (as a child), the palace OUTDOORS!! and had John Denver singing!

Areas of park: Gusher Gertie

email: Jean Simpson Coulter

Terri Morgan

Went by: Terri Fish

Seasons worked: 1977 - 1980

Funny story or happening:

I was part of the first group of Glow-Necklace Girls. We worked at different shops in the park until it would almost be dark, then we would meet at the Balloon hut and deck ourselves out with those green glow necklaces and walk the park to sell them. I remember once when we were getting mobbed and had to climb in the flower beds for protection.

Finally, I got promoted to a Shop manager(T-Shirt shop,The Emporium, Country Store). and my glow days were over. I really had a great time working at SFOT.


email: Terri Morgan

Jeff Jones

Seasons worked: 1979 - 1984

Funny story or happening:

Listening to Shannon Albright (then sound technician - Southern Palace) turn off the cast member's mic and sing the show himself from the sound booth. Quite amusing though unfortunately career ending...

Areas of park: Southern Palace, Music Mill, God-awful Parking Lot stage

email: Jeff Jones

Christy Hay

went by: Christy Christison

Seasons worked: 1988 - 1991

Funny story or happening:

My first year at SFOT, I worked at Texas Candy the haunted candy store. Upstairs lived a ghost named Amy. On several occasions I heard noises upstairs, also guest said they noticed someone looking out the window. But I know for a fact no one was upstairs..

What I liked best about my job was meeting my husband (Derek Hay) who was my MEAN supervisor and gave me a corrective..

What I liked least about my job was making carmel apples and finding rats in glue traps and the smell of dead rats!!

Areas of park: Texas

email: Christy Hay
-Alan Reynolds - SFOT.NET site admin (Food Service 76, Ride Operations 77-79)

-Get your nostalgic Six Flags Fix here at SFOT.NET

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