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Removed Rides Where did all the cool rides go?

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Default Removed Rides...from the old pages

Rides Removed from Six Flags:

This section lists rides dismantled and removed or scrapped.

o Front Gate Helicopter Rides

Remember the helicopter rides, just outside the main entrance? They were in Bell Helicopter 47 G and 47 J models.

submitted by: Tony Slisz

o The Right Stuff

Dino Island, which replaced the Right Stuff, (the Turbo Theater Ride) last year ran from March thru September. In October, Superstition played. It was a roller coaster type ride through a haunted fun house with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (for that reason, it should have a PG-13 rating). For the rest of the year, the theater played Kid Coaster, a "lego" rollercoaster ride in a kids room. The last two shows were not in 3D, but did have the moving seats and were lots of fun (especially Superstition). As far as I know, this schedule will continue every year.

submitted by: Suzee

o Air Racer

It's gone...They have finally removed Air Racer from the park. The planes are sitting in the employee parking lot and the machine house and star have been taken off when i wrote this. Several rumors about what's going in it's place, but i have heard no definites.

submitted by: Vance

Air Racer is gone! I guess the combination of Texas winds and the older system was to much for it, because when it ended up closed for more time than it was op en, the descision was made to take it out. It will be replaced in 2000 with a r ide I don't think SFOT has ever had... I could be wrong though. Don't know if I can say what yet. It is a small, flat carnival-style ride, but will be fun.

submitted by: Suzee

o Casa Magnetica

I have sad news to report. Casa Magnetica has been closed.

I was in the park yesterday. Checked out Casa in the morning. Seemed normal, but closed. Checked again in the afternoon. Still closed. Asked a nearby park emplo yee who said it had been closed down. I confirmed it at the front information de sk. There is no word on what is going to be put there, if anything. But Casa is gone for good.

Darn it all! That was some of the best cheezy fun in the place! I bet they are g oing to put in some new "Warner" attraction. GAG!!


During the Halloween Fright Fest was turned into a "Cheezy" Haunted house trail with a final "rushed" walk through. mabey the last time the attraction will be used according to the line attendants. It was nice to see it again though.

Also in another haunted trail in the Lasalle River Rafts area we were walked th rough the land area usually offlimits to the public, it was then that I told the kids that we were probabally standing on "Skull Island" thanks for your site and the memory refreshment!

- Ron White

submitted by: William Jordan

I remember an attraction that I last saw in the mid-80s... it was in the Mexico section. (I can't remember the exact name- "La Casa something," I think.) It was this little house where all the floors were extremely slanted. You had to lean just to stand up the whole time, and the guide would do all these optical illusions so that it looked like balls and water were rolling uphill. I was about 6 when I went, so I don't remember too much else, but I do know that went I went back outside, I was so used to leaning that I promptly fell over and scraped my knee. This past summer ('99), I went back and tried to find it, but apparently, it's no longer there.

submitted by: Mary M.

o The Lost Temple of the Chisos

(emphasis on the 'cheese' in Chisos) was an attempt to revamp the Casa Magnetica in 1979. The beautiful, old queuehouse that stood near the Flume queue house was cut off and the entrance moved to just off the Flume II exit in the Mexico section. At least the cave was kept. The whole structure was covered in some faux rock-like stuff and painted to look like an old Mayan/Aztec ruin. Some of the props from the demolished Fiesta Train were displayed in the entrance court yard.

The inner court yard had a mummy that sat up in a coffin. The mummy had a large hole in its back where the mechanical arm fit in to make it sit up, so to cover this, someone put a black vampire-like cape on it making it look all the more cheesy.

There was no spiel as a recorded script played for both rooms. Most of the tricks/features of Casa were still there, but modified in appearance and presentation to fit the theme of an old temple. Some stupid statue was in the second room and had an electronic device in its navel that caused a florescent light tube to glow (!?!) The statue was broken most of the time, but the recorded script kept talking about its 'wonders.'

The unchanged Casa wishing well was still at the exit (although how this worked with an ancient temple no one knew.)

submitted by: Tom Shute

o The People Mover

Opened in the summer of 1979 and actually had a very good attendance record its first year. Since it was a very small theater, the AC was kept (despite orders to leave the thermostat alone) at about sixty degrees to compensate for the stage lights. (With most of the audience made up of dripping wet guests just off of Flume II, its amazing no one ever got pneumonia.) There was only one performer, so the crew had to reset all the magic tricks and other set pieces between performances.

I remember the then popular song, 'You Light Up My Life' featured prominently as the magician performed fire and light tricks (even then the song made you want to gag!) Its first season it was just a simple and fun show, but I heard it got kinda cheesy/preachy after that.

submitted by: Tom Shute

[img]file:///F:/fromold-laptop/~alanr/pics/skull3.gif[/img] o Skull Island Slide

Skull Island was located in an area north and west of the Southern Palace building. There were, as I recall a couple of ways to get to it. One, was the river rafts, and the other was across an undulating barrel bridge. There was a pirate themed area and possibly a gift stand there. In particular, I remember "Skull and Crossbones" flags and plastic skulls for sale. The main attraction of the Island was the Skull itself. It was approximately 15 feet tall by 10 feet wide. It had a slide incorporated into it and it sat up on a hill of sorts. It was a pretty secluded portion of the park and as I remember, quite a few people would try to sneak a smoke of uncontrolled substances or make out in the skull. It's whereabouts are unknown. Ideas??? -Alan

Here's a picture of the Skull and the slide... (courtesy of Davis McCown) Skull Island

o Stage Coach

The stage coach was one of the original park attractions in 1961. I don't have much info on it other than it was a stage coach pulled by real horses around a dirt trail.

Ahh, the ol' Stage Coach Ride! The BEST PART about riding the Stage Coach was that the "bad guys" would hold you up! They'd be yelling and shooting their guns... making everybody get off and making fun of your city clothes, etc. If you were lucky, you might also get harrassed by INDIANS! And remember the train when it was pulling up to a stop? The guy would say... "don't git off, don't git off, don't git off... ... git off."

Submitted by: Gary Purvis

Here's a pic... The Stage Coach

o The Skull Island Tree Slides

More on the tree slide:

There used to be a "tree" slide in the area of Skull Rock. This was a spiral slide housed inside a fiberglass "tree". You would walk up the steps to the top (it seemed a good 30 or 40 feet), and use a burlap cloth to slide down the inside. The burlap sacks travelled up a conveyor belt to the top. You could get going very fast as you spiralled your way down this ride. Sitting slighty up as opposed to laying flat) helped reduce your speed, as did digging your heels in slightly against the slide surface. It was important to slow down a bit because the burlap cloth had no handle, you had to grab it by the edges, and occasionally your hand you come in contact with the slide and burn you. This was in the mid-seventys. Fun ride, but it seems unsafe now.

submitted by: Andrew G.

I believe I remember that you got to the treehouse slides by crossing some kind of rope suspension bridge from Skull Island. There were two large fake trees with spiral slides inside that took you to the bottom.

submitted by : Joe Duffy

There used to be a group of tree slides. The large one next to the skull that lasted at least through the mid seventies, and a group of three that stood on th e island in caddo lake. These three were reached by a primitive suspension brid ge. While the the skull island tree slide was lighted on the inside the caddo i sland slides weren't.

I hated these slides! They were pitch black inside. It seems every time I ro de it some kid in front of me would intentionally stop in the middle and jam up the kids sliding down behind. That's when I discovered I had claustrophobia.

To the best of my recollection those slides were removed in the late sixties.

submitted by: Brett Young

Here'a a pic... The Skull Island tree Slides

o Mexican Fiesta Train Ride (aka Taco Train)

The Taco Train was located in the Mexico section near flume II. It was a propane or natural gas run engine (possibly just a tram car dolled up to look like an engine), that ran around a themed area and into a simulated volcano. There was simulated lava and explosions. I'm kind of fuzzy on the details on this one, having never worked the ride. However, ANYONE working even close to the Mexico section will never forget the FIESTA song! Tra, la, la, la, la, la, FIESTA! Aggghhhh! -Alan

The"original" Mexican Train located in the Mexico/ Spain Section in aproximately the same real estate as La Vibora. I believe it was an original attraction and is the train pictured on your page. It was later replaced by the "Fiesta Train" with the volcano, awful song, etc. to the West of the location. It wound through some Mexican type settings such as Mexicans betting on **** fights, Mexicans passed out drunk, etc...Probably wouldn't be considered real politically correct in the 90's. Liked it a lot more than the replacement train when I was 5 or 6 as it was totally non-scary (as opposed to the volcano and pisteleros on "Taco Train", the cannons on LaSalle's Riverboats or the electrical storm in Speelunker's Cave).

submitted by: Mark

It may be interesting to note that when I was in the park, I was always told tha t the "donkey" used by railroad to move the engines and coaches around was origi nally one of the engines used on this ride. I presume it is still being used.

submitted by: Allen Ross

The actual name of the ride was indeed the "Volcano" do you recall when "people" were shooting at the train Batman and Robin were some of the people in the windows?

I grew up in Ft Worth from 1959 to 1987 and remember going there in the 60s, even before the orange tower was put up and they had the two balanced ride things, people got in, one went up while the other came down (Sky Hook).

Great memories - Paul Hinson, Columbus, Ohio

Taco Train pic: ...(courtesy of Davis McCown) Fiesta Train (AKA Taco Train) - Remember all those hats?

o The Tower slide (Oil Derek)

This was a multi-lane, 3 or 4 hump slide. These were very common as I remember in the early 70's. I recall that guests climbed a series of stairs to about a third of the towers height (100ft?), and then were given a burlap mat to sit on and then slide down the slide. If you were lucky, you would get "air" over the drops/humps. You could really burn yourself on the slide surface if not careful. In fact, my brother, who had been permanent on this ride, had to testify in a court case that had been filed against SF over the loss of a finger. Ouch! No doubt, part of the reason it was removed. -Alan

Here's a picture of the Tower slide... (courtesy of Davis McCown) Tower Slide

o Spindletop

A large drum that you entered, placed your back against the wall and waited for it to spin up. Upon reaching the maximum speed, the floor would be dropped from your feet and you would be left hanging only due to the centrifical force. Located just east of the Oil Derek tower. NOT recommended after eating a Pink Thing! Let's just say that it's an experience not to be repeated. ;-) Don't know what happened to this ride. -Alan

I remember that after the floor dropped & spun around a couple of times, the floor was lifted back up before the ride stopped. The groove around the edge sometimes grabbed shoes and/or laces and people got caught. They started to slow the ride down until everybody slid down the walls and made them move to the center of the ride and then lifted everybody back up to door level. It was removed to make room for the photo-shop for The Giant.

submitted by: The Chipster

NEW: I'm pretty sure that Spindletop became the rotor ride at Frontier City (OKCity).

submitted by: Scott Price

I would like to tell you my Spindletop story for what it's worth. I don't remember how old I was under 16 I know. I thought I was invincible. The main thing I liked about SF was that the rides , unlike the carnival rides, did not make you sick but were enjoyable. Then along comes the Spindletop, looking ever so innocent. I rode it and that ride ruin't my day at SF I got sicker than a dog. and could not even walk , I remember just making it to the benches that sat around the outside of the ride, and I think thats why they were there. I could hear that thing laughing at me like it was the evil demon I now knew it to be...Ha Ha Ha, you little man/boy, you thought you could defeat me!, The Spindletop!! Think again, belly boy, think again.Ha Ha HAhahahahaHhahaha. Man I hated that ride ever since that day and made a vow. A vow to never ever ride that spinning demon again as long as I lived. And to encourage all people of good will to do the same. I did'nt think I would ever say this about a ride a Six Flags but I AM GLAD YOU'RE GONE, YOU SPINNING, TURNING,SICKENING,GREAT DAY RUINING, MAKIN ME MAD ALL OVER AGAIN JUST LIKE THAT FAITHFUL DAY YEARS AGO, DEVIL SNAKE,TRYING TO LOOK LIKE A GOOD RIDE BUT TURNING OUT TO BE A BAD ONE , UGLY, NASTY, I'M TIRED OF EVEN TALKING ABOUT YOU,GOOD RIDENCE, I DON'T EVEN CARE IF I EVEN SPELLED THAT RIGHT ,RIDE!!!!!!!! Whew I am glad thats off my chest, but I really hated that ride!

William Elliott

Does anyone remember the ride that you stood up against the wall in...then it st arted spinning around....the bottom dropped out....and wee...gravity kept you sl apped up against the wall, until the floor came back up and the ride came to a s top. I think it was located near the games section, or some where over were the flashback now is.

And about the question concerning the Seven Seas Park....I believe it continued to be property owned by the City of Arlington....I think everything was torn dow n so it could be used for additional parking space for the old Ranger Stadium (w hich is now the Ballpark at Arlington). The look has changed so much I am not s ure is it is still parking area or a hotel!

submitted by: Kim

o Missile chaser

Regarding the Missile Chaser in the Modern section, I think it was closed and subsequently removed during the 1977 season after a small child riding it managed to slip out from the lap bar, fall to the ground, and was struck by the still moving cars as she stood up. I'm not sure it's THE exact ride, but there is (was) a similar ride out at Traders Village in Grand Prairie, Texas (also the current home of Jacques DeMott, former Flags Mgr of several departments including my dear old Grounds Quality).

submitted by: George Kelly

Your basic Scrambler ride. Located in the Modern section, near the front of the park. You had to really look for it. There is one at SF Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, if you need a fix. -Alan

o Happy Motoring Cars (Exxon/Enco sponsored)

Located in the modern section. These were very similar to the cars that are still operational the Disney parks. They were gasoline powered (12hp) sports cars that ran on a track with guide wheels that aided in steering if the driver didn't steer. The original models were updated to a new body style (corvettes) in 1976? There were two tracks side by side, although Happy 2, the second track, was not regularly used unless there was a capacity crowd. Happy 2 track was removed sometime in the 79 season. Then Happy 1, later. This ride was responsible for a lot of whiplash and busted lip injuries. -Alan

Here's a picture of the Happy Motoring entrance... (Employee Yearbook '76) Entrance to Happy 1

Another Happy picture: ...(courtesy of Davis McCown) Happy Motoring (track 1) 1961 - Started out as Humble Oils Happy Motoring, then Enco, then Exxon.

Another Happy picture: ...(courtesy of Scott L. Jordan) Original artist sketch

o Big Bend

The Big Bend was a unique coaster that incorporated spiral lifts rather than the traditional straight lifts of alot of coasters. Additionally, the train was propelled up the lift by a series of electric motors that spun automobile wheels and tires applying force to the underside of the train. This made for very smooth acceleration up the lifts. I don't remember any roll-back noise at all. Although, I know they were there. I worked this ride a few times and remember the whole crew taking the trains around one last time at night. Part of the routine was for the person who sat lift to empty the water jug that was at the lift location and then throw it to one of the other employees in the train so they could bring it into the station for the morning crew to fill. That always made for some entertainment. Here catch, Ooooops. It was removed in 78. -Alan

Big Bend stats:
  • Installed: 1971
  • Height: lift 1: 81 ft, lift 2: 57 ft
  • Speed: 50-52 mph.
  • Length 2876 ft.
  • Duration 1:38 min.
  • opening date: 74?
Designers: Anton Schwarzkopf, Weiland Schwarzkopf (some how i dont believe this because he was only like 15) and the intamin agency.

submitted by: Derrick Verria

Big Bend was the first roller coaster that actually scared the living daylights out of me just watching the thing hit the banked curves that were next to the Happy Motoring cars we were waiting on. Was it a rumor or did the thing actually jump the track once or twice and result in serious injuries/ deaths?

submitted by: Mark

Some recollections on Big Bend. It came out because it had low hours and tended to break down a lot. It did not have a large "footprint" because it had spiralling lifts and ran on top of other rides and attractions. It had a disasterous accident in the early 70's. As a thrill ride, it probably wouldn't stack up with today's coasters.

submitted by: ?

Big Bend. I was at the park in the early 70's when a lady riding with her husban d and daughters tried to bail out and got injured. I didnt hear what happened to her. Bryan

submitted by: Bryan Dunn

Here's a picture of it coming off one of the spiral lifts... (Cover photo, Employee Yearbook '76) Big Bend from 76, painted in Bi-Centenial colors

3 other b/w pics... (Employee Handbook '77) Big Bend Crew from 76

Big Bend around the corner with River Boat Fort in background

Big Bend with Tower in background

Big Bend: Press release photo ...Courtesy Darin

More info: Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO had a sister ride called ZAMBEZI ZINGER from 73-97. Check out this page for the striking family resemblance. Worlds of Fun Coasters Click on the Zambezi Zinger link.

I worked at SFOMA in Maintainence for 7 years. MY Dad worked in Management (Maintainence) for 20 years starting in 1961. The current home of Big Bend is in an open back area of the "dump" at Six Flags-St. Louis (Formerly Six Flags over Mid America). In 1978 Six Flags Corporate told my Dad that "Big Bend" was to be the new attraction for that either that year or the next year. My Dad said "Over my dead body" as "Big Bend " was known as a Maintainence Down -Time monstor. Down-Time and Ride-hours are the measurement tools of a successful Theme park. My Dad told corporate that he would require more Maintainence people and a whole lot more money to keep it operational. The idea was later scrapped. Big Bend was manufactured by Intamin and was the fore-runner/prototype used to create "The great American Revolution" the first loop coaster built and installed at Magic Mountian in California. SFBRAT

Submitted by: Bruce Wadsworth

o Astrolift

Astrolift had two stations. One in the Modern section and one in the Texas section. It was a skyway ride (aerial tramway). Disneyland had one that closed in 94. I think DisneyWorld's Magic Kingdom still has theirs. It was manufactured by Von Roll Ltd of Switzerland and it was also one of the parks original attractions in 61/62. This ride was my baby. I was ride foreman here for 2 seasons and worked this ride whenever I could. "Lift" as it was affectionately called, had the reputation of being a very difficult ride to work; It was... Astrolift duties . Loading cars was very difficult at the Texas station and Catching was the tough job at the Modern station. Each cable car weighed in at 550 pounds empty and could carry 4-5 guests.

I could go on and on with this ride. Lock-arm limits, high wind days, smokers, spitters, etc.

One practical joke I remember pulling on the modern side was filling the entire base of a car a foot deep in ice and water. It was a slow night, right before close and a friend of mine and myself took a car off the track onto the side rail and proceeded to go get buckets and buckets of ice from the Iron Works restaurant. One of the girls working there questioned us on what we were doing and we came up with the excuse that we were filling the water jugs for the morning crew. Anyway the car was ready and we sent it on it's way. There were drainage holes in the bottom of the cars and this baby was-a-draining big time. It left a swath of water across the park until it got to the modern side and there it left a huge puddle. Too much fun!

Here's a picture taken from the Astrolift as it moves over the top of LaSalle's River Boat loading dock.

Some GREAT PICTURES! ... (courtesy of Davis McCown)

Astrolift and River

Texas Astrolift Station was located just up the hill from Chaps.

Inside Texas station note: the number and spacing of cars suggest that this was a busy day. It looks like all usable cars (I think 24 or so) were in use when this picture was taken. Davis probably had to drop his camera and catch that car coming in. The pole in the picture is part of the superstructure that supports the ride. I love this picture, as I can hear the sound of the cars coming off and on the rails and the hum of the ever present bull-wheel turning the cable.


Greg says... Hey, don't forget about the Astrolift...nothing left of it except a few door handles (they crop up ever once in a while) and a mile of can see this built into the fence to make que lines in front of Mine Train...speakin of the mine train...

submitted by: Greg Appleton

SKYRIDES! - Steve Wilson's page....some nice lift pictures.

Back in the polictically incorrect days of 1971 I was known as the Line Girl. I was probably one the last . My job was to group people into pairs ,threes or fou rs. No ,you couldn't ride by yourself. It was probably one of the most fun jobs I ever had ,but I lost my voice several times that summer. I had heard that citr us juice was good for laryngitis, so I would go across to Dry Hole Charlies' and get those little packets of Realemon and drink them. What was I thinking! I hav e such fond memories of Mike Apple , Steve Winters , Phil Williams, Chris Tabor and all the rest of the crews of Texas and Modern Lifts,Summer of 1971

submitted by: Miggy Scott

o LaSalle's River Boat

LaSalle's River Boat Ride was located just north and west of the modern section. It was a French themed river boat ride that re-enacted the explorer LaSalle and his journey up the Lavaca river. It had Indians and gators and other animated scenes. The spiel is what really made the River Boat. There's bound to be a River Rat out there that remembers it by heart. At the end of the journey the boat comes to a dead end and the boat pilot tells the passengers that they can't turn around. In front of the boat a cave passage opens and then the boat can continue. In the cave, there are skeletons and spiderwebs and other assorted scary things. Upon exit from the cave you're right back at the dock again. Great ride. Sorry it's gone. The Roaring Rapids (no class) took it's real estate. -Alan


The boats were sold to two men opening a river ride in Jefferson Texas. 12 or 14 of them. They are now dull grey in color and have gasoline engines. The men split up and divided the boats. One stayed in Jefferson, Texas the other went to another lake, Palistine I think. The guy in Jefferson usually operates only two boats at a time. The others are just sitting on the shore rotting away in my opinion. I try to get over there and see them once a year and offer to buy one of the boats to restore. The answer is always no. He fears competition. This was Angus Wynnes favorite ride. I wish they would get something similar back.

Hot off the press more info from the horses mouth!!

It seems it was these two brothers who were driving down I-30 and saw the boats sitting on the back lot. Thay decided to stop and ask about buying them. The SF contact was a man in maintenance named John Price that handled the sale. They only bought about nine boats. They were in fairly bad condition and maybe one or two had already rotted away. Lion Country Safari bought about two or three boats also but couldn't make it work. The place got flooded and LCS abandoned the idea. They sold their boats to the brothers also. One of the brothers went to Natchadoes(sp?) Louisiana. The boats were painted over including the names of the boats. As I said before the electric motors and inboard props were replaced with outboards. The roofs had to be extended because rain fell on passengers. There was also a pipe type rail down the middle so the boats could not get off track, this was also removed. The boxes in the middle of the boats housed the battery compartment and this is where most of the rotting occurred and due to the weight of the batteries, fell through. The boxes are now used to hold life preservers. None of the boats have the original equipment on them except one and it has just the rail down the bottom middle. The sale took place in the early 80's the man was unsure of the exact dates. At present there are 5 boats in Jeffeerson, 4 are operable 1 is on shore rotting. 2 boats are in LA on the Cane River Lake in Natchadoes(sp?). The boats are 28 foot long, with an 8 foot beam, and can carry around 25 passengers. The boats were made either in Dallas or Louisville, someone said Willis Boat Co. Of Dallas but I could not confirm this. Well that's about it for those boats.

submitted by our very own investigative reporter: William Elliott update:

River Ride: The original boats for the River Ride were built out of Cypress and were designe d by the New York Boat Co. They were powered by Grey marine Deisel engines. The second version boats were built by a company in Lewisville, Tx. They were o rignally powered by 2 Austrian built, electric, outboard motors (JUNK). They we re later fitted with a single 10hp. electric fork lift motor, with electronic co ntrols...The first of their kind and designed,and installed by maintenance peopl e in the Park. They ran successfully for several years until the real estate bec ame more valuable that the attraction. Joe Kemp

submitted by: Joe Kemp

Riverboat Ride; As a regular visitor to the park, I had stopped riding this ride for the most part, due to the fact that they never changed the "gags". Which would have kept the ride fresh. Still, the Riverboat lent the park a good deal of its "character" as one could hear the cannon shots all over the park.

The ride was delightful at night, but with the advent of daylight savings time, which means a 9opm sundown, there was'nt time to squeeze it in. Also, it provided a sense of isolation when I wanted a break from the throngs. At the end of the ride the boat passed through a "Indian burial cave" which ,in fact, did seem to have a peculiar "dead smell"!

submitted by: Bryan Dunn Bryan Dunn

La Salle's River Boat Ride

Just wanted to mention my favorite part of the riverboat ride: There was a segment during the ride when a "beaver" gnawed a tree that threatened to fall onto/in front of the boat. The running joke was that if you turned around, you could see the tree right itself again for the next boat. The guys who gave the spiel would always mention that. "Everybody turn around and watch the tree go back up."

submitted by: Afterburner

Check out the picture above for a good view of the loading dock and view to the Confederate section.

Here's a picture of Juliette. - One of the boats.

Here's a picture of The Spanish Fort. - You'd better duck.

[img]file:///F:/fromold-laptop/~alanr/pics/ball7_blk.gif[/img] o Rotoriculous (Roto Ridiculous)

The Rotoriculous was located inside a building in the Good Times square area. It basically was an Alpine Bobsled ride that started going forward and then went backwards for the duration of the ride. The lights would go out and a multi-media slide show and lightshow would continue as the riders continued going backwards and up and down the hills. The ending had a mirror ball effect. Fantastic! -Alan

Ahh, the memories. Cool AC, strobes, psychedelic colors... and lots of Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

Well three out of four aren't bad.

submitted by: Jenny L.

Rotoriculous was also called Roto Disco somewhere along the way. I always liked the lights and loud music, and going backwards was the best part!

submitted by: Joyce Fitz Ruff

I went to Worlds of Fun in St. Louis, MO about a year and a 1/2 ago, and they had the Big Bend, the Spinnaker, the Spindle-top, AND the Roto-Disco!!! Talk about bringing back old memories - it kicked ASS!!! When will the new 6 Flags wake up and go retro????

submitted by: Gretchen Hauschild, Arlington, TX

Photo from Employee Yearbook, '76...

Rotoriculous (crew pic '76)

Rotoriculous: in reference to this ride, I believe the kooky costumed gentleman in the crew photo there was none other than Cyrus Cosmo. I remember that he was kinda the mascot for that section of the park and could often be seen wandering around that area. They also piped in his "voice" ranting and raving about someth ing at the beginning of the Rotoriculous/RotoDisco ride. At Halloween, they woul d hang monster mannequins(sp?) from the round projection screens in the ride. Wa cky!!

submitted by: Brian Gant

o Crazy Legs

Your basic octopus ride. Located in the Good Times Square area down the steps from the Texas Chute Out. Painted black, accented with yellow light bulbs. -Alan

Here's a pic... Crazy Legs

I remember in later years, the Crazy Legs was "dressed up" a little...They added a large "octopus" head in the middle with a big, creepy-looking eyeball on it and the arms had "moss" hanging off them (probably made from canvas).

submitted by: Michael Hicks

o Canoes

Indian canoes that the guests would paddle with the aid of an "Indian" ride operator steering. -Alan

These were the Caddo Indian Canoes. They were long narrow canoes and could hold approximatly 20 people. We had to wear life jackets on this ride.

submitted by: Connie

Someone wrote you wore life vests on the Canoes? I don't think so (look at the pictures). -Bob

We used to take a canoe full of 'guests' and ram it into skull island to prove t hat the thing wasn't on a track and that you really did have to paddle. Also lit tle kids were forever stepping off the dock and you'd have to jump in and pull ' em out. And I believe I recall canoe loads of lovely young ladies 'accidently' c apsizing in the shallow water. Good times...good times.


submitted by: Robert Allen '64 / '65

Here's a pic showing the canoes and the Skull Island bridge... (courtesy of Davis McCown) The Caddo Canoes

Another Canoe picture: ...(courtesy of Scott L. Jordan) Canoe and Mine Tunnel

o The Skull Island Rafts

Flat rafts made to look as though they are timber tied together. Motorized. Guest would stand or sit on their journey to and from Skull Island. -Alan

Also, I thought Skull Island rafts were the Skull Island Barge! -Bob.

Here's a pic... The Skull Island Rafts

o La Cucaracha

A wild mouse style steel coaster. located where the (employee) cantin is now. 1961-1964.

submitted by: Scott L. Jordan

The Cat and Mouse coaster was sold in 1965 to the Fort Worth Zoo... where it operated until the late 1980s as the Mad Mouse. Currently it is in storage, still owned by the guys who ran the Zoo's amusement park.

Submitted by: *Sara* (good info...thanks Sara)

"La Cucaracha" -- I never knew that had been a SFOT coaster until I read this pa ge! I remember it only as being "The Mousetrap" in front of the Fort Worth Zoo. I don't think it's there anymore; recently I saw an excellent TV special on PB S about classic coasters, and there's a park in Colorado that must have "La Cuca racha" now; if not, it's a VERY close copy! "The Mousetrap," as I fondly recall , could hold only about two people in each car at one time. The two front wheel s were sort of recessed, so that a good chunk of the car stuck way out in front of the wheels; therefore, whenever you took a tight turn, you always thought you were about to plummet right off of the track! Submitted by: Matt J. McCullar, Arlington, TX

The Cucaracha was already gone when I worked at SFOT, but I did ride it as The Mousetrap at the zoo. I was in high school and my best friend talked me into it. No joke about the car over the wheels and thinking you were gonna go off the track (she made me sit in front)! I love roller coasters, but have never been so scared in all my life or thought that one would kill me!

submitted by: Darci Merrett

o Burro Ride

The original Spanish section attraction. Located where El Asseradero is now. 1961-1963

submitted by: Scott L. Jordan

o A Tribute to Will Rogers

The building is now the Queue house for The Texas Chute Out. 1974-1976

submitted by: Scott L. Jordan Here's a picture (provided by: Scott L. Jordan) Tribute to Will Rogers

o The Jet Set

A kiddie ride located where the Big Bend would later go. 1968-1971

submitted by: Scott L. Jordan

There was a section on airplanes that moved up and down a pole the went thru the center of the plane. You would sit two to a plane (I think) and the controls would allow you to spin, rise, and tip the plane in different directions. I really don't remember the name because I was very young.

submitted by: Carl E. Cordell, Jr.

Some pics here: Parktimes Page, jet set

o The Flying Jenny

A horse powered merry-go-round. An original attraction located in the Confederate section. 1961-Mid 70's

submitted by: Scott L. Jordan

o The Pirate Ship

A miniature pirate ship walk-through. Accessable only from Skull Island. 1961-1965

submitted by: Scott L. Jordan

o The Sky Hook

The tower before the Oil Derrick. Shaped like a Y. You got into one of two steel balls and were hoisted up 150'. It was located where the Mini-Mine train was. 1962-1969

submitted by: Scott L. Jordan

This was the one ride I was wary of . I did board it, under duress, but as a 10 year old I regarded it with suspicion. As I remember, once your cage reached the top, the entire superstructure would slowly spin 180 degrees then lower your ca ge and raise the other one. The spinning was what bothered me as it seemed to in vite collaspe. I just never liked the looks of it.

Input Field: Name submitted by: Bryan Dunn

The Sky Hook used to be at Magic Springs Theme Park in Hot Springs, AR, which is owned by the Six Flags group. I rode it at Six Flags in the early 60's and at Magic Springs in the late 70's!

submitted by: David Bath

As I was browsing the world wide web for the Six Flags web page, I stumbled across your page. Low and Behold their was a picture of "The Sky Hook"! You will be interested to know for two years I worked as a ride operator and then operations supervisor at Magic Springs Theme Park. I am currently 20 years old, and the park would be the same age if it were still open today. Unfortunately, the park closed last year due to financial troubles. However, The Sky Hook still stands proudly over the park. I was the last person to operate the ride in 1995. Your web site is very interesting. If you have any further questions contact me at or Thanks alot!

submitted by: Chris O'Neal

Hmmm...I don't have room in my backyard, someone else? - Alan

A timeline on the Skyhook from Steven Wilson:

Not long ago there was a thread about the origins of the Sky Hook at Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) and Magic Springs in Arkansas. I mentioned that I had remembered that at SFOT they used to say that their Sky Hook had come from the Brussels, Belgium World's Fair. If that were true, then there should be some evidence of a Sky Hook at that world's fair.

Tonight I visited a friend who collects ViewMaster packets. He has several ViewMaster packets of the 1958 Brussels World's Fair. In two of the photos on the ViewMaster reels, I saw that there was indeed a Sky Hook at the Brussels World's Fair. Its color appeared to be either white or silver.

It seems very plausible that the SFOT Sky Hook really did come from the Brussels World's Fair. Therefore, it apparently has operated at these locations:
  • Brussels, Belgium -- 1958 World's Fair
  • Arlington, TX -- Six Flags Over Texas
  • Atlanta, GA -- Six Flags Over Georgia
  • Hot Springs, AR -- Magic Springs

Just a quick note about Magic Springs and the SKY HOOK ride. The Park is set to re-open in the year 2000!

The park has received state, and local money ( $20 Million)to renovate the park , and get it up and running to help the tourism.

If you have further questions, please contact me. I'll pass along anything I get.

P.S. As of the summer of 1999 the SKY HOOK is standing as tall as ever, and is the first thing you see as you enter the city from the east.

submitted by: Scott

Remember what it looked like at Six Flags? Here's a blast from the past... (courtesy of Davis McCown)

The Sky Hook

The Sky Hook-a-go-go?

GoGo Girl in a cage..ah, er basket. ...Submitted by Scott L. Jordan.

o The Sensational Sense Machine Simulator

Located where the Missile Chaser was. 1978-198?

submitted by: Scott L. Jordan

This "ride" seemed to be shut down more than it was open in 78. There were constant problems and at times during the season, it became just a theater, without it's senses. Not too sensational. -Alan

o The People Mover Show

This show was around in the mid eighties if I remember and was located near Casa Magnetica behind the Gift Shop with the lovely plastic Indian Dolls. I remember this show being so corny and campy, and the lil seat cushions for the kids. What was SFOT thinking? heh hheh

o Spinnaker

update: Spinnaker...

We still have the main part of Spinnaker. The cars were loaned to Fiesta, but now that theirs have been built, ours will be returned. As for Spinnaker replacing Air Racer, Its true that the park wants to sell it, but do to the ride having to close for 35mph winds, not many areas can use it. Besides that, Air Racer's pad is slightly sloped. Spinaker must have a level pad.

submitted by: Suzee

The Spinnaker can only be replaced if a place can be found in the park. The main frame is located in one of our back areas. The cars was loaned to Fiesta for their wagon wheel ride, but will be retuened (if they haven't been already) since their new ones have been built. It cannot replace Air Racer because it requires a level platform and Air Racer's platform has a slight slope to it.

submitted by: Suzee Stewart

was removed for runaway mountain. It is now located at Six Flags Fiesta Texas as the Wagon wheel (I think!)

submitted by: Kelli D.

Yes, the Spinnaker is at Fiesta Texas; the Wagon Wheel makes the same noises, and there is blue paint showing through in some spots!

submitted by: Josh Whetstone

The Spinnaker is coming back home. I work at Six Flags-Arlington and have been told they are removing Air Racer and putting the Spinnaker in its spot. I've talked to people from Fiesta and they say they are buliding us a new one, but i hear it's gonna be the orginal.

submitted by: Vance Cope

Spinnaker is coming back to Six Flags !! they have the main part to it in one of the back areas. They are going to wait to place it in the park for some reason.

submitted by: ???

Spinnaker will not be put back in until Air Racer is sold, which because of its tendency to break down, is unlikely to happen. I work at SFOT.

submitted by: Chet McDoniel

o Little Ferris Wheel

Little Ferris Wheel (the one with the little cages that kids sit in) in Looney Tunes Land was removed.

submitted by: Chet McDoniel

The little ferris wheel was removed because it would freefall and the people who worked it had no way of stopping it and kids would be stuck at the top. I know i used to work it. submitted by: Brad
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