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Old December 23rd, 2004, 02:50 PM
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Default Gifts and Souvenirs entries from old sfot site, group 2

Scott Castleberry

Seasons worked: 1977-1978

Email: Scott Castleberry

Areas of Park: Spectrum, all of the Hat shops

Tuesday, March 20, 2001 at 22:57:17 (CST)


Went by: Fry

Seasons worked: 1970-1975

Email: Kim

Areas of Park: All

Saturday, March 17, 2001 at 19:30:11 (CST)

Becky Tinklepaugh

Went by: Rebecca Blue

Seasons worked: summer 1976 , 1977,??

Email: Becky Tinklepaugh

Areas of Park: Giftshops floated from one to the other

Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 07:25:48 (CST)

Jean Simpson Coulter

Went by: Simpson

Seasons worked: 1971

Funny Story or happening:

I have a really funny story about my friends that worked in food service, wait... I don't think it should show up in print. In fact, many of the best stories are probably best left untold....just remembered and savored....ah...those were the good old days.....

Email: Jean Simpson Coulter

Areas of Park: Gusher Gerties by the Caddo Canoes.

People to find: Anyone as old as me from the really "old days"...

Saturday, March 03, 2001 at 11:29:40 (CST)

Jennifer Hill

Seasons worked: 1991-1994

Funny Story or happening:

Hi Welcome to Six Flags, can you stop for 2 quick pictures please? GOSH.
I hated saying that!!!!

Email: Jennifer Hill

Areas of Park: David Photo

People to find: Jeremy Trinkman, Jonathon, Holly Cyr, heck..anyone from David Photo.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001 at 09:11:22 (CST)

Kenny Braxton

Seasons worked: 1991-2000

Funny Story or happening:

One summer, during what was known as "Hell" weeks, Shani Meshkin, Jennifer Pope, and myself felt the need to go in one the stores after a recent flood and clean it out We decided to also bring a boom box and listen to the Grease Sound Track.

As we were joyously dancing to Summer Nights, I looked up and our then VP of Retail, Tom Iven and Food Service Manager, Tom Oliver was watching us from the window.

When we exited the building, Jennifer looked over at Iven and said, .."oh, we were=" Then Tom quickly cut her off by saying, .."don't even explain, it's not worth it." Tom never let us live that down.

Email: Kenny Braxton

Areas of Park: Action Sports Wear, Big Splash, Hall of Fame Sports Wear, Looney Tunes Mall, Human Resources

People to find: Keith and Kyle Kettrey

Monday, January 22, 2001 at 16:10:58 (CST)

Carolyn Stout

went by: Dinky Cate

Seasons worked: 1979-1981

Funny story or happening:

Working at the candy store by Spectrum and having the arm come off they taffy machine and us having green taffy all over the customers and the store!

Areas of park: both candy stores, Country Store in Texas and Annies

email: Carolyn Stout

People to find: Blake Farrell and Jeff Cant, Debbie, Patti and Mike from the Country Store in 1980.

Other info :

Gifts and Souvenirs

Valorye Ries

Seasons worked: 1977

Funny story or happening:

I remember going to Six Flags on my day off with my friend Carla.
When we would ride some of the roller coasters, we
would get out on the wrong side on purpose just to not have to
to wait in the long line again. I know we shouldn't
have done it now, but when you're 17, anything goes.
I remember also making out in the skull on Skull Island.

Areas of park: The Spectrum

email: Valorye Ries

People to find: Kipper (I don't remember her last name)

Other info : I now live in Grand Prairie & have a 10 yr old daughter.

Gifts and Souvenirs

Howard Hobbs

Seasons worked: 1979-80

Funny story or happening

Areas of park: gifts/souvenirs

email: Howard Hobbs

People to find:

Other info :

Gifts and Souvenirs

Suzanne Anderson

went by: Suzanne Little

Seasons worked: 1969-1971

Funny story or happening:

Wow - this is terrific to be able to look for the tales of my peers, and also read stories of (mostly later) SFOTer's experiences.

I finally, finally got hired at SFOT after many applications. (Mrs. Ater had it in for me!) Met Harry Anderson of Grand Prairie High on my first day while working a shift at the Mexican Flower Bazaar. Harry was working a shift for lead Emerald McGinty, also from Grand Prairie. Harry and I fell in love, are still in love and have been married for 25 years - Thank you Emerald for taking that night off!!!

As I saw someone else mention, there have been few places I have worked that I wanted to hang around after my shift and not go home. In fact, I couldn't work enough "doubles" -- if I got less than 4 a week, I thought I was slacking. At $1.25 an hour, it was manna to this teenager. And next season, when I was promoted to supervisor at $1.50, I thought I had won the lottery.
I continued my illustrious career in "retail" in a 25 year stint with Neiman Marcus that just ended. I was a buyer for 18 years in the Gift Galleries area - I cut my teeth on selling 3 to 4 different kinds of mugs and the ever popular #123 salt and pepper shakers in a little chrome carrier that sold for $1.00.

Harry was lucky to get involved with performance magic and for a brief and shining moment, Six Flags had a shop devoted to magic tricks. It was named "Hilarious Harry's Gag's and Magic Tricks" and as far as we know, was one of the few places ever to be named after an employee. We still have the sign that hung outside the shop - the shop was previously "The Blowout" which was in Boomtown and had originally been "THe Spectrum"
which was moved to larger quarters up in the US section. The park hired two additional magicians - one was Larry and one was Terry. So, with Harry, Larry and Terry there was mass confusion, most of it planned.

I was fortunate to win one of the park scholarships and I still have not lost the sense of pride that that award meant.

Being a supervisor was not as much fun as being an assistant shop manager.....

I remember Rodger Bruce of Security, who has his email on this site - running around looking for girls not wearing bras - this was very novel and risque in 1970 - Rodger said it was one of the highlights of his job.

We are still close friends with Janet Crabtree of G&S and John Thornton (now Reverend) of Maintenance.

Areas of park: Gifts&Sovenirs - Jacques Treasures

email: Suzanne Anderson

People to find: Jan and Linda Leggitt of Fort Worth , Glenda Bruner of Fort Worth

Other info : now living in Plano

Gifts and Souvenirs

Liza Taylor

went by: Liza Smith

Seasons worked: 1984-1985

Funny story or happening:
The great thing about working at Six Flags, was the people I met. I have great memories of the friends I made, but the best thing about working at Six Flags was meeting my future husband, Brandt Taylor. We met working in gifts in 1984. It's been 16 years, we have been married eight and a half years, and have two beautiful children. Every teenager should have a first work experience like Six Flags.

Areas of park: gifts, cannot remember the name of the store

email: Liza Taylor

People to find: Christine Stuchley, Cindy Farley

Gifts and Souvenirs

Howard Hobbs

Seasons worked: 1979-80

Funny story or happening:

Supervisors always coming by to sign people up for double shifts, and trying to come up with a better excuse than the day before... Driving (or taking the tram) to the overflow parking lot and walking to the Ranger games.

Areas of park: Gifts and Souvenirs-- mainly Casa and Texas Triple T

email: Howard Hobbs

People to find: Rosie Ruiz, Steve Powell, Blanca Ruiz, Cindy Vallejo, Carolyn Ware, KC Bindel, Cheryl Grummer, Patricia Manning, Linda Tamez, Daphne Eley, Hilaria Veyna, David Varnes, Gina Rice, and anyone else who admits to knowing me!

Other info : I'm married to the former Miss Honduras of 1985! I'm in my tenth year of teaching elementary school in Grand Prairie and now in Irving, where we live with a big grey cat!

Gifts and Souvenirs

Angela McFarland

went by: Angela Counts

Seasons worked: 1980 - 1984

Areas of park: All over

email: Angela McFarland

Other info: Consultant

Gifts and Souvenirs

E. Scott Arnold

Seasons worked: 1990-1993

Areas of park: I worked all over the park, but remember most LT USA

email: E. Scott Arnold

People to find: Barrett Baxter, Theda Smith, gosh there are so many names forgotten!

Other info : I am still in the theme park I am at the Walt Disney World Resort and have had the opportunity to travel the US and live in France!

Gifts and Souvenirs

Carolyn Stout

went by: Dinky Cate

Seasons worked: 1979-1981

Areas of park: Texas-Country Store

email: Carolyn Stout

Gifts and Souvenirs

Kim Miller

went by: Kim Vandever

Seasons worked: 1976-1977

Areas of park: Texas, Tower

email: Kim Miller

Other info : I am married and have two sons.

Gifts and Souvenirs

Kathy Bransom

went by: Kathy Erickson

Seasons worked: 1977-1979

Funny story or happening:

Working at Six Flags was one of the greatest times of my life. I met so many wonderful friends. I remember standing in a large group of people waiting to get in to see K.C. and the Sunshine Band (talk about dating myself!)It was a very hot day and people were getting anxious, but we finally made it in. Also I remember talking to the grounds guys alot. They would always come by the store and talk to us. There are so many other stories, too many to write!! I only wish we still lived there so that my kids could have the same experience I had!

Areas of park: T-Shirt Shop in Good Times Square, Spectrum, Texas T's

email: Kathy Bransom

People to find: Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Other info I have been happily married to Paul Bransom for 18 1/2 years. We have 4 kids, Kellie who is 16, Kevin 13, Tyler 8 and Aimee who is almost 4. We live in Lawrenceburg, KY. I am a stay at home mom and love every bit of it!!!

Gifts and Souvenirs

Steve Grube

Seasons worked: 1993-1999

Funny story or happening:

My third week in gifts I lost my till fund and looked all over the park and asked everyone if they had seen $100 lying on the ground and just got funny looks in return. I was never able to live that down as long as I was there.

Areas of park: Looney Tunes USA

email: Steve Grube

People to find: Amy Bartosoweicz (sorry sp.)

Gifts and Souvenirs

Alaina N. (Smith) Furgerson

went by: Noel Smith

Seasons worked: 84-86

Funny story or happening:

Not too many funny stories. I remember "watching" kids from the usa candy stock room who were trying to be cool in the store downstairs. I hated working the map stands/carts, hat shop, and film/pharmacy to HOT!!!! Remember the manager of Texas candy trying to get two new kids to go upstairs at night to do inventory.(They wanted no part of it.)

Areas of park: both candy shops, the Chateau, an specialty crew

email: none given

Other info: I am married and live in Arlington still.. We have two cats, and a stay-at-home mom to the cutetest little two year old girl.

Gifts and Souvenirs

George A Duron

Seasons worked: 83-84

Areas of park: All the big Gifts and Souvenirs stores

email: George A Duron

People to find: Leslie Daughtery Sandra ? Shop Manager

Other info: I'm a firefighter/paramedic with the city of Cedar Hill. Married for 10 years and have two children.

Gifts and Souvenirs

Lance Pierce

Seasons worked: 1988-1992

Areas of park: Map Carts, Texas Giant Souvenirs, Recording Studio, Mall

email: Lance Pierce

Gifts and Souvenirs

David Linton

Seasons worked: 74-80

Funny story or happening:

One night during a pool party, myself ,Mike Cobb, Dave Brauer and Mickey Grasty took a short cut down the railrod tracks and got almost got run over by the train. When security showed up we told them we hadn`t seen those kids. That`s just one of a million stories that I thought of because we always had a great time at SFOT.

Areas of park: Gifts and Souviners

email David Linton

People to find: Andy Heath, Mike Cobb,Dave Brauer,Mickey Grasty

Gifts and Souvenirs

Nick Jones

Seasons worked: 1983-1993

Funny story or happening:

So many funny stories. Lets meet for a drink and I'll share some of the good ones. I'm laughing inside right now.

Areas of park: G&S - Costume Character

email Nick Jones

People to find: Anyone that remembers me. I'm still bad with names. I think it was all the ITT get togethers that caused the brain cell losses.

Other info : Married to Tracy Beggs of Rides and Shows. Two girls and back in the DFW area now.

other depts: Shows and Attractions, Guest Relations, Gifts and Souvenirs, Office Staff/Group Sales, etc.

Theresa Peery Brown

went by: Theresa Peery

Seasons worked: 1983 - 1993

Funny story or happening:

So many funny stories I can't even start...hanging out at ITT, Padre, tubing in New Baunsfel, off season.

I remember a particular trip to South Padre. All the girls were staying in one condo and the guys in another. We heard a knock on the door and opened it. All the guys came running in, covered in sand and rolled in our beds.

Areas of park: All over

email Theresa Peery Brown

People to find: Shari Pratt, David Derwanik, Dee Dee Simpson, Robin Hadley, Melissa Ybarra, Rusty Fitzgerald, Cheryl Grummer and tons more... From Operations: Claus, Donnie Vacanti

Other info: Married with a beautiful 5 year old son. Living in Plano. BS from UTA. Security Developement Engineer at Texas Instruments. Now driving a mini-van!!!

other depts: Ride Operations, Gifts and Souvenirs


went by: C.C.

Seasons worked: 1985

Funny story or happening:

I was fired because I wouldn't cut my hair. Ah, the follies of youth. My hair now stays between 1/8th and 1/4 of an inch just because it's easier to maintain. But back in high school, I just HAD to have hair down past my collar. I used to keep it bound up with bobbypins to keep it off my collar, but alas...

I also insisted on wearing a pair of multi-colored Converse high-tops instead of the recommended shoes. Whenever someone would ask about it, I would claim that I needed high-top sneakers for orthopedic reasons.

What can I say? I was a punk kid in 11th grade. Thought I knew all the answers. Only worked there 2 months before the management decided that they'd had enough of me. =)

Areas of park; Map cart directly underneath the tower

email: Afterburner

Other info : I'm now the manager of the Abuse Department for one of the largest ISPs in the country.

Vicky Good

went by: Vicky Bartsch

Seasons worked: 1976-1977

Areas of park: 1976 Magic Shop, 1977 Texas Chute Out

email: Vicky Good

other depts: Ride Operations

Laura Leach

went by: Laura Fahringer

Seasons worked: 1985-1987

Funny story or happening:

I can't think of any right now. I met to of my very best friends there and still stay in touch. They are Joy Fitzgerald and Teresa Whisenhunt both are married now. It was alot of fun working there. I started working The forum and moved around alot and ended up in Great Threads. Least favorite places to work were Map stands and Critters. Glo's were ok. Got to work alot of concerts! One night several of us went back into the park after closing and just sat by the water by The Judge roller coaster and just talked. It was a nice night!

Areas of park: Modern

email: Laura Leach

People to find: Dale Whiting, Rainey

Other info: Married on June 20,1998 to Brad Leach from Lamar H.S., have a son Christian born July 14,1999. I am a housewife. We live in South Arlington.

Keith Trotter

Seasons worked: 1992-1997

Funny story or happening:

On one of my first errands as a supervisor, I locked myself out of the company t ruck at Six Flags Mall and had to call someone to bring me the keys. I actually ended up crawling through the back window of the truck.

Areas of park: Glow, Candy Stores, LT USA, Visual Merchandise

email: Keith Trotter

People to find: Theda Smith, Tammy Wallencheck

Other info : Because of my extreme love for my job at Six Flags, I decided to ma ke Theme Parks a career. I now work at the Magic Kingdom at WDW.

Melita Hoffman

went by: Melita McFall, "Blondie"

Seasons worked: 1984-1986

Funny story or happening:

Oh, too many to list. "Romulus/Remus" Toga party says it all, though !!

Areas of park: Mapcarts, Mercado (Gifts), Games/FS Cash Control, Security

email: Melita Hoffman

People to find: Again, too many to list ! Anyone who remembers me is welcome, t hough !!

Other info : > Joined the Navy in 1991, still in...currently in Pensacola, Flori da. This is awesome, I can't believe how many of the people I knew are here...W OW !

other depts: Gifts and Souvenirs, Cash Control

Donna Loesel

went by: Donna Williams

Seasons worked: 1980

Funny story or happening:

Getting together our own Softball team and going to happy hour at Daniel's on Collins Rd before the games.

Areas of park: Casa something shop in the Mexican section

email: Donna Loesel

People to find: Karen Boos, Cindy Velajo anyone else that worked in that area at the same time.

Other info: still living and working in Arlington. is Family website

David Carnes

went by: depends on who you ask

Seasons worked: 1979-1982

Funny story or happening:

All the great parties we had! It was a great way to spend my youth (except when I had to wake up the next day)!

Areas of park: All hat shops, t-shirt shop in goodtimes square

email: David Carnes

People to find: anyone who remembers me!

Other info : What a blast I had at SFOT, it makes me .... working for real now! I am a divorced dad of two, still live in Arlington. Hello to all my old friends out there, or anyone else I met while there! I miss the good old days!

Kim Crabtree McCullars

Areas of park: Worked in Gifts & Souveniers department in 1979-1980. Helped with pre-season set-up in souvenier shops, then worked Texas Kandy Kitchen. Had a blast!! Great memories! email: Kim Crabtree McCullars

Cindy Cook

Seasons worked: 1984 - 1989

Funny story or happening:

I remember working one of the "senior nights," when SFOT was open until 4am. I was working one of the candy shops, and I guess every guest in the park had a su gar craving. At one point, I looked up to see the line stretching all the way a round the shop and way out the door. And I was working alone! I was glad to cl lock out the night (at 6:30 am!).

Areas of park: Gift shops all over, David Photo 3 seasons

email: Cindy Cook

People to find: James Saint, Rob Havens, Hugh Seagraves, Jeanette Davis/Harris/B rugh, Raenelle Rodenmeyer

other depts: Leasees (Freeze Frame Photo, etc.)

Art Harrelson

Seasons worked: 1978-1985

Funny story or happening:

I made a lot of great friends and I have lots of great memories from my years working at SFOT.

Areas of park: Skeeball Palace, Goodtimes Square

email: Art Harrelson

People to find: Greg Porter

Other info : I married Sharon Ramsey in 1986. We live in Kennedale TX. other depts: Games
-Alan Reynolds - SFOT.NET site admin (Food Service 76, Ride Operations 77-79)

-Get your nostalgic Six Flags Fix here at SFOT.NET

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