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Design your own Ride / Attraction Yes.. let's see if SF management is looking at the forums. Let's give them some ideas for new rides / re-theming attractions, etc. Let the creative juices flow!!

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Old March 27th, 2005, 10:42 PM
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Default Re-themed Cave...

Ok.. so if SF is not going to bring back the Speelunkers then I still suggest dumping the Warner characters in favor of a re-theme of the cave as a haunted attraction. The Disney Haunted Mansion is a favorite of mine and the cave looks to offer a perfect venue for such a dark attraction. Of course it would have to be done right with appropriate music, effects, lighting, props, and story.

speaking of story...

  • The hunt for gold of early explorers
  • Haunted Texas cave ...old west theming... featuring famous ghosts of the old west
  • ...
So.. that's my first idea. I'd love to go into more detail on all of your ideas and we have the creative talent from many of our forum members to do just that. It should be fun.
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Old March 27th, 2005, 10:54 PM
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Wow! Now that's a great idea.

I had an idea that we could bring back The Cave with all the Speelunkers. I know that Six Flags St. Louis (over Mid-America) has a ride identical to this ride. They turned it into a Scobby Doo Ghostblasters ride. I think the same idea can be added here at SFoT.

SFoT would bring back all our favorite parts of The Speelunker Cave but with 21st look and technology...more special effects...more themeing...and the new interactive part. (The best of both worlds: Old Six Flags with New Six Flags.)

I just hope Six Flags Inc. gets their act together and do something to it for the 50th. Its showing some age and its time to bring something new to the old site.
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Old May 13th, 2005, 11:08 AM
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Yes, Sally Corporation designs some very nice interactive dark rides and could put something really innovative and fun into the Cave.
Sally Corp.'s Site
They are the ones who built the Looney Tunes animatronics, but they also have some really nice original characters that would make for a unique "darker" experience. Personally, I wish they would bring back the Speelunkers, but if that doesn't happen, make a change to something original.

On a side note, a longtime friend, Drew Hunter, is one of the chief designers at Sally Corp. now after stints at SFoT (designed FrightFest for a few years) and the Palace of Wax. He also portrayed Dr. Blood as well as creating Arania and many other characters.
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Old May 18th, 2005, 11:13 AM
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Let's hope they don't retheme it into Batman's cave or something like that. They are not owned by WB any more so maybe there's a chance of something unique.
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