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Old August 24th, 2005, 11:14 PM
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Default Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall came through the Bumper Cars back in the 80s. He had on a long leather overcoat and sunglasses, but I could not mistake that ugly mug of his. I spoke with them as I checked their seatbelts, and he said they were visiting Jerry's relatives and spending some time on some property she owned in Lone Oak, TX.
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Old August 25th, 2005, 02:20 PM
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Yeah, it's true that they spent a lot of time in Lone Oak. Mick and Jerry used to go to Greenville a lot for shopping, dinner, etc. He'd put on an old straw cowboy hat and just blend in, although once, some students from East TX State University spotted them at a chinese restaurant. At first, they thought it might be Mick, but they couldn't understand what Mick Jagger would be doing at a chinese restaurant in Greenville, until an article in the newspaper mentioned that he was living in the area for awhile. Hey, it was big news for sleepy east Texas LOL.
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Old October 5th, 2005, 06:35 PM
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I saw Wayne Newton in 84 walking to and from the Shockwave as I was working the railroad tracks (subing in on the Tower). Didn't say anything but he had a buttload of people with him. Several children. I also met Peabo Bryson in 85 back at the area where the stars would dress (I forget the name of the building, it was kinda near wardrobe). I was working a picnic as a costume character and I had to go to that building to change. I walked in in full Tyg Tiger (shirt tales) costume and they all just thought it was cool. Said hello rather sheepishly, got dressed and went on my way.
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Old December 1st, 2005, 03:45 PM
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Default Famous People in the Park

I can remember several: We used to get lots at Giant in the early 90's, when giant was still new.

I was Assistant at Giant when Troy Aikman convinced us to work late in order to receive autograph footballs. I remember he came up to the ride with a toosie pop in his mouth, when I asked him to remove it before I dispatched the train he proceded to become quiet angry! I'm still waiting on that damn football!

I was also working the day Gary Busey was going around the park in coked up stuper yelling at everyone!

I remember a few signers and bands like Clint Black, Reba, En Vogue, Jesus Jones, B-52's

One I remember was Down Town Julie Brown of MTV, I thinks she actually was on the Giant when it went code 2, she proceded to verbally assualt us until we got her off!

I'm sur their were more but it's hard to remember them all!
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Old January 11th, 2006, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by JStroop
The Dallas Mavericks team and most of the Maverick dancers, '97 - this was a private party for Mavericks season ticket holders, which was attended by most of the Mavericks. It was funny seeing Shawn Bradley try to fit under the shoulder restraint of the Cliffhanger.
I remember that event clearly. Shawn Bradley tried the Mini Mine thing like the other NBA player did and got frustrated when he couldn't comfortably sit in it to ride with his son or daughter, tho he was kind about it and almost sheepish from what I heard.

Then he went to ride Skycoaster and even tho I wasn't there for his adventure there that day, he did come back a few years later when I worked there full time and luckily, from what I heard about the first experience of his there (making me the only one employed at that ride who knew anything about it), I remembered what I heard about it and was able to work around it. The man is 7'4" or something like that, and imagine trying to prone someone (where the floor drops away and you fall belly-to-earth on the cables) in a lift that is only about 6 feet long. As long as you don't care about knocking this man unconscious, you had to figure out how to get him belly-to-earth without smacking the s*** out of his skull.

"Ok Mr. Bradley-" "Shawn, please." "Ok Shawn, in order to get you belly-to-earth, we are going to have to physically hold you up until we are sure that when you fall, you won't fall onto the wall on the opposite side over there. Be patient with us..."

The funny thing is, someone was downstairs in the "store" checking out batteries on one of our camcorders to see which ones worked and which ones didn't. They had it sitting on the counter, and it was recording. When someone discovered it had and stopped it, we pulled it out and played it. It was pointed toward the entrance to the flight suit area, with very little activity for most of it. The only thing that it DID catch, however, was our red tag, measuring at about 5'4", walk thru the building out into the flight suit area and out of sight, and not 2 seconds later, Shawn Bradley slowly walked in after getting unsuited after his flight (almost like he was coming in for a landing) and all you see is a body scrunched down with a tilted head up top squat underneath the door come into the picture. I think that was one of my most hilarious moments as an employee. To give you an idea of how "scrunched down" he was--the door frame was 6-feet tall.


Other celebrities I saw/encountered:
-NSync, before they got HUGE, played two concerts out there before they just exploded into ginormous popularity, tho they were probably halfway there. Their second (and last to date) concert, they wanted an "informal" takeover of the park after the guests were gone, and Giant, my ride, was their first stop. I'd heard some of the younger girls at the park go on and on about these boys, but couldn't decipher them from any other band I'd never heard of. They came to dock, got in the train (they all sat together) and (what I would learn only after I got to know who they were), Justin Timberlake asked me to hold his [sweaty] ballcap. I also checked his lap bar, the closest by far I have ever come to touching a celebrity's uhhh..special area. A proud moment I like to tell to people who go on and on these days about how fine he is and what a [female dog] Cameron Diaz is .... even tho I had absolutely no idea at the time who the hell he was.

I know there were more, but I'll have to post them later when I can think of them...
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Old February 23rd, 2006, 08:06 PM
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Default Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal performed a stand up act at the Dolphin Show when I was the foreman there. I believe it was 1978. He was nice. I met him but I can't remember if he gave an autograph.
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Old February 23rd, 2006, 11:09 PM
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Default Stars on Rides,...

Let's see,

I saw Emitt Smith out there around the Pirates Lagoon one day while I was walking around.

Another day, I had just been placed in one of the Roaring Rapids boats, and when there were just two seats left, Ray and Dave Davies of the KINKS were ushered past the Q-line into the boat.
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Old February 24th, 2006, 12:58 PM
Krista 96-02 Krista 96-02 is offline
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I can't believe I forgot about this one, but my last year in 2002, lead over Batman--the Friday before Memorial Day, open 10-10, poorly staffed since some schools were still finishing up, but we were busier than hell with kids who were done. I was driving when one of my loaders comes over to replace me so I can go on break and, breathlessly, goes, "Did you see who THAT was?!?!?" Course now I am looking around, thinking all kinds of people.. "Who?!?" "PINK!!"

No idea who she was. This was the day I learned who sang that "IIIIIII'm comin up so you betta get this party started" song. Heard the song, loved it and always turned up my radio when it came on, never knew who sang it. My loader goes, "We shoulda gotten her to autograph the seat!!" While it would have been cool, I admit, I can only imagine the clamor it would have created once people recognized whose autograph that was.

I started walking down the exit to go to lunch and ended up walking behind her. She was with Carey Hart, who she married a month or so ago, and the only reason I know that now is because he's tattooed..everyhere.

They stopped on the ramp and I went to go around them, but she tapped me on the shoulder and asked, "How do we get to that ride," as she points over to Mr. Freeze. I told her I'd walk them over there after showing her the big clown face. As we walked across the path to it, a train launched and they stopped to watch it maneuver the track and they got real excited. I told them I would take them up the exit to see if maybe they could just get a spot saved instead of waiting in line, and they got excited again.

We went up the stairs told them to wait there and I would be right back. I went over to the lead and asked, "Who is that?" and pointed over to them. He turns all gay on me--"Oh my God, that's Pink!! And Carey Hart!!" I said, "Who are they?" and promptly got a "where the hell have you been look" from him, when he proceeded to tell me how significant they were. I thought, Oh that's cool. We went over, asked them where they wanted to ride and reserved a row for them. She grinned real big and they both thanked us and the Freeze lead asked her what her real name was. What I find funny is she said, "Ashley," when later I would discover it's really "Alecia." All the way to the canteen and while I was eating, I kept repeating the "IIIIIIII'm comin up so ya betta get this party started" over and over in my head, actually mouthing it a few times.

After lunch as I approached the games at the exit for BTR, I saw a HUGE crowd gathered by the two that were on either side of BTR's exit ramp; so huge that one could barely make it thru and I actually considered calling Security or Safety, thinking it was a fire hazard because they were blocking the exit. As I made my way thru the crowd, after it struck me odd that they all appeared to be looking at the same thing, I noticed Pink was working her way thru a game of Wacky Wire .... and subsequently noticed that the crowd was made up of mostly pre-teen and teenage girls. I kinda laughed, then shrugged it off and figured that as soon as she would leave, they would follow her.

She seemed cool about it; I never saw her interact with any of the guests but she didn't seem like she wanted them to go away either. She didn't ask for any escorts, if she knew she could even get one. Those are the kind of celebrities I like: that don't expect any special treatment, those that don't push away their adoring public but still try to enjoy themselves. Obviously they weren't out there for a concert or anything. But I have been a hardcore fan of hers ever since.
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Old March 4th, 2006, 11:35 PM
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Well I guess some of us can add Roy Williams to the list.
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Old March 6th, 2006, 06:47 PM
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Davy Jones of the Monkeys. Chuck Berry. Elvis' body guard. Not Elvis, just the bodyguards.
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