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Old December 22nd, 2004, 05:18 PM
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Default Guest Relations entries from old sfot site...

Danielle Carey

Went by: Danielle McWilliams (aka blondie)

Seasons worked: 1983-1990

Funny Story or happening:

Way to many to talk about...

Lots of wonderful memories and the best friends in the world. I still keep in touch with Wendy McIntyre and Whitney Drennen (Fairchild) ocassionally.

Email: Danielle Carey

Areas of Park: Parking Lot, Wardrobe, Guest Relations, Security (front desk), Concert Security

People to find: Kathy Ailara, James Bell, Doug Garriety, Jay Owen, Scott and Lesa Hess, Tammy Armstrong, John Bennet, and more ...

Other info: I have been married for 11 years my hubby, Russ. We have two kids - Alyssa (7) and Rusty (4). I am working in Accounting for a small business and then my hubby and I run/operate a dirtbike track out near greenville. check it out:

Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 11:22:31 (CDT)

Natalie Doyle

Went by: Williamson

Seasons worked: 1983-1985

Funny Story or happening:

Working at Six Flags was an incredible experience with lots of memories that have stayed with me. The people in the rides department were like one big family and really cared for each other. The worst thing I remember would be the GIGANTIC cockroaches that I swear sprouted wings and could fly. To this day I am afraid of those things!

Email: Natalie Doyle

Areas of Park: Front Gate/Guest Relations

People to find: I can picture lots of people, but I'm afraid names are a little fuzzy. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me!

Wednesday, November 21, 2001 at 11:42:57 (CST)

Phala McGee

Went by: Phala Van Houten

Seasons worked: 1968-1975

Funny Story or happening:

While working in Guest Relations I was once telling my co-workers that I was very hungry. Immediately, a guest came up to the window to get his free tickets. I turned and asked him his name and he said, "Hamburger".

I laughed right in his face!

Email: Phala McGee

Areas of Park: Mexico (Fiesta Train), Front Gate (Ticket Seller and Guest Relations)

Friday, June 15, 2001 at 13:10:03 (CDT)

Ann Moore

Went by: Ann Varga

Seasons worked: 1971-1977

Email: Ann Moore

Areas of Park: Food@Beverage,Parking Lot, Guest Relations,Public Relations,

Friday, June 08, 2001 at 11:13:40 (CDT)

Danny Lakey

Seasons worked: 1985-1992

Funny Story or happening:

I have wonderful memories from my years at the park and too many stories to tell. Most of which would probably ban my childern from working at the park if I told them here. But I do remember someone sticking a straw in the exposed crack of an officer from Astroworld that bragged once too often about how great they were. He didn't even know it was there. I think I came to tears over that one.

Email: Danny Lakey

Areas of Park: Front Gate, Guest Relations, Internal Security, Cash Control

People to find: Anyone that I worked with in my 7 years at the park

Other info: I am living in Arlington again where I have a beautiful wife and 2 great children. Maybe they will be third generation park employees.

Monday, March 12, 2001 at 02:51:56 (CST)

Danny Lakey

Seasons worked: 1985-1992

Funny Story or happening:

I have wonderful memories from my years at the park and too many stories to tell. Most of which would probably ban my childern from working at the park if I told them here. But I do remember someone sticking a straw in the exposed crack of an officer from Astroworld that bragged once too often about how great they were. He didn't even know it was there. I think I came to tears over that one.

Email: Danny Lakey

Areas of Park: Front Gate, Guest Relations, Internal Security, Cash Control

People to find: Anyone that I worked with in my 7 years at the park

Other info: I am living in Arlington again where I have a beautiful wife and 2 great children. Maybe they will be third generation park employees.

Monday, March 12, 2001 at 02:48:16 (CST)

Jennifer Roseberry

Seasons worked: 1997-1998

Areas of park: Front Gate, Security

Jennifer Roseberry

People to find: David Mehl, Willard Kendall, Penny Wagoner (I don't know her married name)

other depts: Guest Relations, Security
Sandra Loden

Seasons worked: 1973-1978

Funny story or happening
What a joy it has been reading all the memories of other SFOT alums. So many familiar names, although my attempts to place faces with many have been futile. My greatest memories are of friendships I'll treasure for a lifetime and great fun. Notably:
  • - My proudest accomplishment...after much lobbying anyone I could get to listen and finally a letter to General Manager Dan Howell asserting that it would be " a step in the right direction for equal employment opportunity," I was hired as the first female security officer in May 1973. This fact may be disputed by some as it was more publicity worthy at the time to say Miss Arlington, Jan Parsons, who joined the security staff a month or so after me, was the first female guard.
  • - Ever-clear trash can punch parties at the apartment I shared with Ann Varga (GR). Do they still do that?
  • - Evacuating the park twice - once, for a bomb threat/extortion attempt; another time, for a tornado threat. After the bomb threat, the security guards were called on regularly to search trash cans for "bombs."
  • - Parking lot "Tram It" t-shirts. (I still have mine!)
  • - Lunch -- most of the officers came from all corners of the park daily to meet for lunch -- which left the park somewhat "un-secure."
  • - The "Phantom Flusher." Was the culprit ever nabbed or did he/she ever confess?
  • - Security night shift gatherings at a local pizza place every night/morning after closing. Pizza, pitchers of beer (Coke for me as I had not yet developed a taste for beer), and shooting the bull until the wee hours of the morning when the restaurant staff would finally throw us out so they could close up and go home.
  • - Lobbying Bruce Neal relentlessly and again anybody else who would listen (sound like a familiar theme?) to create the position of "Public Relations Intern" for me. My persistence paid off and I got the job for the 1977 season. It paved the way for becoming Assistant Manager of Public Relations in 1977-78. (With all due respect, some of the best stories/park legend have Bruce Neal in the center of them.)
So many stories, so little space...But most of all it's the friendships I remember. God bless you all. Would love to hear from any of you who remember me.

Areas of park: Parking lot, Security, Public Relations

email: Sandra Loden

People to find: What ever happened to Whatley Horton? John Short, John Croll, Jessica Amy Wilcox, Dennis Brown, anyone from 1973 day shift parking lot crew and 1974-76 2nd shift security.

Other info : Moved to Los Angeles Dec. 1978 where I've lived ever since and currently work as a real estate broker. I've been married to a "California boy" for the past 11 years. No children, except two spoiled cats. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Karen McMonigle

went by: Karen Tompkins

Seasons worked: 1973-1978

Funny story or happening:

I was so excited to find this website. I was looking for information on Fiesta Texas and saw this website. I worked at Six Flags for many years in the 70's, starting in Gifts & Souvenirs and ending up in Guest Relations.

One funny thing that happened to me in Guest Relations was when I was making an announcement over the park intercom system. We did this by going into a back room, using a telephone, and pressing a certain number button. We had to tell everyone else in the office to be very quiet, because whatever you said could be heard all over the park.

Well, one time I went to the back room to order pizza for us all, and by mistake, ended up ordering our pizza over the entire park intercom system! My years at Six Flags were such a wonderful experience, and as I can see from this website, many more of you feel the same way. I love the Spee-Lunker Cave petition, and of course, we all miss LaSalle's River Boat. My brother, Mark Tompkins, also worked at Six Flags in the 70's. He worked in Rides, on the Astrolift.

Areas of park: Gifts & Sourvenirs; Rides; Guest Relations

email: Karen McMonigle

Other info: I have been a legal assistant for the same attorney for 19 years!

Brian Kirk Seasons worked: 1991,92,96

Funny story or happening:

I had the pleasure of meeting "Flummie" (floom-ee), who held the record for most log ride trips in one day. Very nice, and interesting, man.

Worked in Guest Relations when the power went out over the whole park, which happened three times in one summer (92) It seemed like every guest blamed me for the power outage.

I was a supervisor in security the first year SFOT had metal detectors at the front gate. (whoa, the things we found in people's bags. I'll never say, but wow!!!)

Areas of park: 91 Rapids, 92 Guest Relations, 96 HR then Security

email: Brian Kirk

People to find: Shelley Wilson (Rides-91...I think she married Larry Cochran's son; Liz Carter (shows, Crazy Horse-92)

other depts: Security, Office Staff/Group Sales, etc. Laura Austin

went by: Laura Hawkins

Seasons worked: 1985-1998

Funny story or happening:

I think most of the funny stories I remember would actually serve to embarrass me the most so probably won't repeat any right now.

I love to remember the fun times we all had - sometimes I'd like to go back again!

Areas of park: Front Gate

email: Laura Austin

People to find: Scott Krist, Dee Dee Morelock, Tammy Burson, Patrick Rush, Suzie Seward, Ray Smith, Petra Spalding, Keith Hunter, Alicia Darnall, Rob Nichol, Greg Guttman, John Limroth, April Lee, David Andresen,

Other info: I am now working at the Corporate Retail location for Six Flags Theme Parks in Grand Prairie. I have been married to Steve Austin for 8 years and we have two children (both boys) ages 4 and 18 months. I am also a non-certified interpreter for the deaf. Kristy (Green) Mankel and I are still best friends.

other depts: Ride Operations, Office Staff/Group Sales, etc., Cash Control Other areas

Chuck Wood

Seasons worked: 1979 - 1993

Funny story or happening:

I've heard this once happened in the games warehouse, but I'm really not quite sure. Apparently there was an assistant foreman of the warehouse who could always find trouble. Back then operating supplies for the stands(baseballs,darts,balloons,etc.) were kept in the front of the warehouse. This particular person allegedly threw a ball into one of the cardboard merchandise boxes. His co-worker, a somewhat impressionable sort, decided that would be a cool thing to do also. With all of his might, he heaved the baseball into a sprinkler head. The head began spewing rusty water within the prescribed 10'radius, and merchandise began to get damaged.

Thinking quickly, after laughing (allegedly) for what must have seemed hours the two decided it was time to move the merchandise out of harms way. The two moved, with help from other warehouse crew members, moved the stuffed animals outside.

Mike Apple issued a department wide memo thanking the two for their quick thinking, and saving the department from a huge hit in cost of sales dollars. I think, as the story goes the instigator came clean about his part in the mishap.

Areas of park: Skeeball Palace, Warehouse, Supervisor, Operations, Etc.

email: Chuck Wood

People to find: Lori Brewster, Bob Abbott, Bob Hatton, Rob Lunde

Other info: Currently serving time as Games Manager at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Married Cheryl Grummer, and after 10 years, yes Harvey Smith, I still have the ball and chain. Just remember my exit from the church the night of my wedding Harvey. Same message xxx-ooo's

other depts: Ride Operations, Grounds Quality, Games, Security

Dave Foti

went by: Foti

Seasons worked: 1985 - 1991

Funny story or happening:

I remember back in 1985 when Arlington was a much cooler place to live that SFOT was the best (only) place around to work as a high schooler.

SFOT was a great experience and a great place to make friends. If you couldn't get a date working at SFOT you had some serious issues. Anyway, every girl I've ever dated seriously (this includes college in Austin) had worked at SFOT.

I remember thinking how cool it was working out there for 6 years so that I had an employee ID with every flag (somehow I managed to not turn them in - still have them somewhere).

Without a doubt I would go back and relive my SFOT summers!

Areas of park: Cash Control, Guest Surveys, Gifts (Texas Section)

email: Dave Foti

People to find: Peggy Bindel (now Mckinsey?), Michelle Lewis (foods), Heather Mckensey (Gifts), Larry Gentry (CC), Little Lance (Gifts), Michelle the cute blonde from a small tx town (guilded unicorn), Suzette Lewis (cash control), Roger the anal guy (cash control), Ronda the one cute park services girl who was a red tag at the front gate area.

Other info: Now living in Houston working as a management consultant for the energy industry. Married to a good SFOT girl (Mindy Pittman - Foods) Two dogs no kids.

other depts: Guest Relations, Gifts and Souvenirs, Cash Control

Linda Adzigian

Seasons worked: 1996 - 1997

Areas of park: Guest Services - Front Gate and Auditor

email: Linda Adzigian

Vikki Pike

Seasons worked: 1967 - 1970

Funny story or happening:

While working in Guest Relations, I was on the PA announcing the next show and got tickled - laughed hystericalyl for several minutes without stopping or releasing the microphone. Nearly got fired by Larry Dahnke. The entire park, employees and "guests" were all laughing too and no one knew why.

Areas of park: Gifts & Souvenirs, Live Shows, and Operations then Exec. Off

email: Vikki Pike

People to find: Jim Crouch, Shari Goldstein, Sally Martin - Marvin Martin, Debbie Field/Stevens, Jean & Janet Heidt, Pam Craft, Sheryl Sheldon, Mike Sowers, Susie Wine, Larry Mayran, Joe Rape, so many others from the mid to late 60's

other depts: Ride Operations, Shows and Attractions, Gifts and Souvenirs, Office Staff/Group Sales, etc.

Sandra Elizondo

Seasons worked: 1983 -

Funny story or happening:

Many fun and strange things happend throughout my years at Six Flags:
  • Derek Hay meets possum. What a scream?
  • Robie Roberts and Julie Thompson and a cage????
  • The long bus trip to Six Flags-Mid America...someone stole the chicken.
  • The flood and watching Spud Mackenzie floating down the creek. Go Spud Go.
  • The guests.
  • Dana Kline dressed like a hostess at a Gifts and Souvenirs party.
  • Falling down the Spiral Staircase.
  • Sharon Sandlin and a trashcan the day after a party.
  • Working until 4:00 a.m. the night before park opening day only to discover the next morning snow. Park closed.
  • Watching internal security carry Care Bears around the park after they had been stolen out of shop.
  • Seeing Elton John in the employee canteen.
email: Sandra Elizondo

other depts: Gifts and Souvenirs, Security

Shannon Hascall

went by: Shannon Scott

Seasons worked: 1976 - 1981

Funny story or happening: I can think of a lot of stories - most of which were when I was working in the rides department. I can't even begn to list all the fond memories I have. I actually started as a season passer groupie, became an actual employee in the rides department, worked one year in guest relations, and my final year backstage at the Southern Palace. Memories from GR include a "May is over" dinner given to us by Bruce Neal (and all the people who came to see my first hangover the next day; the GR girls outing to the Sunset Club; and as I had totally memorized Barbara Kraus's calorie counter book - people were always calling me up at GR to ask how many calories were in....My very fondest memories of Six Flags are: the Canoe crews of '75 and '76; Happy Motoring and the candy stash; Chaps with Bonnie Bledsoe; swing shift on the Mine Train; and hanging out at the pool with Greg Adams.

Areas of park: Rides: Happy Motoring, Chaparals, Run-away mine train; GR

email: Shannon Hascall

Other departments: Ride Operations, Shows and Attractions

Beth Dorsett

went by: Beth Bowles

Seasons worked: 1983 - 1989

Funny story or happening:

Hmmm... There was this time when - no, I can't tell that story. How about the day when - no, I'd rather skip that one too! Oh, yeah - no, no, no!

Areas of park: Shows- Southern Palace and Front Gate

email: Beth Dorsett

other depts: Shows and Attractions, Other areas

Tim Childress

Seasons worked: 1983 - 1985

Funny story or happening:

I fondly remember... - Chicken Strips at the canteen
- Laminating roaches in the Season Pass machine...ugggg
- The time I forgot about the kids in the PacMan Ferris Wheel...."uh sir can we get down now!" hahha
- Those lovely polyester green shirts on those August afternoons.
<LI>- the DAMN music piped in sooooo loud.....!!! Areas of park: Front Gate Ticket Sales/Season Pass

email: Tim Childress other depts: Ride Operations
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