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Design your own Ride / Attraction Yes.. let's see if SF management is looking at the forums. Let's give them some ideas for new rides / re-theming attractions, etc. Let the creative juices flow!!

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Old October 20th, 2011, 06:20 PM
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Default Re: Theme Park Builder 3d

While some of these guys blame me for killing the project, this is not true. I made a decision after over 5 years of funding most of this project and maintaining the community to shut it down since the lead coder stepped down as lead coder. It was enough to convince me to step out of the project and let them regroup and start fresh plus all the existing resources less the forums and repository as those are on my servers and I would like to eventually shut them down. So the project has shifted here with many of my old friends there and I wish them all the best.

But after well over 5 years and not seeing a landscape plus the lead coder stepping down to nominal status after having demanded we accommodate his requirements for coding. Upon this I decided to bow out and take a long breather as I had more than honored what was originally requested of me and then some.

They are all a great bunch and will move forward with all the resources hopefully changed over so they can hopefully allow a future SFOT with all original rides and structures to be assembled. That said good luck guys, I shall be watching from a distance while authoring my newest ebooks for my readers.
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