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Old August 26th, 2013, 11:40 PM
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Default 1968 Krofft Show Program

Here is the program for the original 1968 puppet show that was produced by Sid and Marty Krofft.

Introduction - Lucille Ball
A. Overture
1. The Circus Wagons and Freaks (Where is the Big Top?)
2. Circus Band - Conducted by John Philip Sousa
B. Musician, with Mr. Showmanship - Liberace
C. The Barker - Jackie Gleeson

Act 1
A. World’s Greatest Freaks
B. Record Breaking Crowds Arrive
1. Fat Lady
2. Skinny Man
3. Snake Lady
4. Sword Swallower
5. World’s Smallest Midgets

Act 2
A. Here Comes The Big Top
1. The Flying Saucer
2. We Too Can Walk In Space
1. Peter Jenkins
2. Dan Rice
3. Lord Byron
4. Joey Grimaldi
3. Safe Landing - Bring on the Clowns
4. Willie the Clown comes to life
5. The Big Top
6. Pee Wee and Jumbo
7. Introducing - “The Most Beautiful in the World”
1. Miss Soft Drink
2. Miss Cotton Candy
3. Miss Ice Cream Cone
4. Miss Hot Dog
B. The Star of the Show - King Kong

Act 3
A. Jackie Gleason
B. Clark Kent, then Superman
1. The Jungle
a. The Mad Explorer - his assistant and Bird Legs
b. Batman
c. A Mile Below
d. The Brain Operation
e. King Kong Escapes

Act 4
A. Watch out for Snakes and more Jungle
1. Scented Winds
2. Introducing Finch, Robin and Black (First Time In America)
(swimming pool)
3. Tarzan and the Crocodile
4. The African Queen
5. Tarzan - Jane - King Kong

Act 5
A. Meanwhile Back At the Circus
1. Mae West and her Lions
2. Go - Go - Go

Act 6
A. Grand Final
1. The Baton Sisters
2. The Soldiers
3. The Dancing Darlings
4. The Bell Girls - 12 girls - 24 legs
5. The Four Butterflies
6. The Girl on the Eagle
7. Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty
8. The Dancing Fountains
9. Two Hundred Thousand Bubbles
10. The Fireworks
11. Shot to the Heavens
12. The Flags

The End
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