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Default Ride Operations entries from old sfot 6

Brian Bennett

Seasons worked: 1980-1982

Funny story or happening:

The thing I most remember is Richard Jonas yelling at a person to "GET OUT OF THE LOG, NOW" trying to prevent a backup that would lead to a ride closure, only to find out that the guy had no legs.

Areas of park: El Asseradero, La Cantina

email: email: Brian Bennett

People to find: Todd Wadle, Phylis Pruit, "Matterhorn", Wayne Bush, Roxanne Orso, Kelly Henry, Vanessa Hutchins

Other info : I am now a Physical Therapist living in Irving.

other depts: Food Services

Vicky Good

went by: Vicky Bartsch

Seasons worked: 1976-1977

Areas of park: 1976 Magic Shop, 1977 Texas Chute Out

email: Vicky Good

other depts: Gifts and Souvenirs

Krystal Williams

Seasons worked: 1997-1999

Funny story or happening:

I remember when I worked at Snowhill in the winter on 1998. We were told by a blue tag not to put the tarp over the snow so the next day when we went to work Snowhill had melt. The snow blowing crew had to wake up at 3am every morning that week to get Snowhill open again.

Mel(my best friend whom I met at Six Flags) causing so much trouble. The original FREEZE crew and our adventures. The ride always breaking down. E-STOPS!!!!!! Panchos!! Gold River my first ride ever.

All the old boyfriends. Meeting the my boyfriend of forever in 1999. Carrie, Mel and me always hitting on the guests and musicians. Snowhill melting and I had to work in Strikeforce. Hanging out in the parking lot and Wardrobe.

So many wonderful memories more than I can list!!

Areas of park: Goodtimes Square and Gotham City, Goldriver, Confederacy,Mr. Freeze, Batman, Bumper cars

email: Krystal Williams

People to find: Alyssa Nyen, Diane G., Earl Coffey, Carrie, Yolanda, Yurida, Amy, Chris Reed

Other info : I work for a publishing company in Haltom City. I miss Six Flags though. I live in Ft. Worth still. I'm in college barely.

other depts: Grounds Quality

Louisa Pimper

went by: Louisa Scheftel

Seasons worked: 1988-1993 ?

Areas of park: Ride Operations/ Roaring Rapids

email: Louisa Pimper

Other info : I live in West Ft Worth. I am happily married and have 2 kids Tyler (4) & Michaela (1 1/2)

Frank Balch

Seasons worked: 1976-1979

Areas of park: ride operations and security

email: Frank Balch

Other info : moved to Oklahoma city,Ok. in MAy of 1979 where i went to work for GM,where i now have 20yrs of service.

other depts: Security

Eric Jones

Seasons worked: 1984-88

Funny story or happening: too many to tell now

Areas of park: rides grounds shows

email: Eric Jones

People to find: everyone gary collier

other depts: Shows and Attractions, Grounds Quality

Mark Ibbotson

Seasons worked: 72 - 76

Funny story or happening:

Sending a spoon from the River Boats to the Log Flume for a bucket of water. They told him that they couldn" t spare any and to go somewhere else. Margi Robinson and the young spoon showed up an hour later after he was observed getting a bucket of water out of the front gate fountains. Margi was not happy.

I remember the Bomb Scare, the Flood, the Kid who repelled down the tower, Big Bends accident, The Flings, not much of the bus trip to SFOMA, Frat parties, and the Front Gate Robbery.

Areas of park: Rides:River Boats,Big Bend,FM El Hat/Games:FM SB Palace

email: Mark Ibbotson

People to find: Sandra McGarrity, Pam Wilson, Mark Milner, John Bean, and any Frat Brothers abd Sisters during that time

Other info : I work as a Mechanic at American Airlines, Married the girl I dated at the park, Anita Oller Ibbotson from games in 77 (22years). Have 2 children, Amanda 15 and Matthew 6. Live in Grand Prairie TX. And fly Hot Air Balloons.

Buzz Murphy

Seasons worked: 1966-1969

Funny story or happening: In 1967 I worked on the River Boat ride. That year they changed the boat design to place the motors in the back of the boat instead of the middle of the boat. For the first several weeks of the season, the front guide wheel under the boat kept jumping out of the track. The only way to get the boat going again was to get into the water and push the boat back into the track. On occassion this might take several people. Each ti me we got wet they sent us to wardwobe to change.

Well there was only so much dry underwear you could bring to work and by the end of the shift guys, gals and formen were all rather bare under their clothes. On one occassion I was in this state of dress and climbed back in the boat after getting it back onto the track. Several women gasped, I looked down and the wardrobe standard issue white pants had turned transparent when wet. Naturally the guests got more show than they bargained fo r that ride...... Buzz Murphy

Areas of park: Cave 1966, River Boat 1967-68, Cannons forman 1968-69

email: Buzz Murphy

People to find: Tell Brian Murphy about this page. We had huge 6 flags employee parties with several hundred kids. That's when Cochran was just a maintenance guy.

Other info : check me out at

Sami Robe Bailey

went by: Sami Robe

Seasons worked: 1986-1990

Funny story or happening:


The stories I remember best were the "not sponsored by SFOT" check the flyer and it tells you to meet at "Gas and Snacks" Then we would all head out on the road trip from hell. We would end up out at lake grapevine or at some aprtemtn in South Arlington. One party in paticular involved a party across the parking lot from where we were. It was a group of lifeguards from Wet N Wild. All the luck! Gordon (vodka) was having a great time that night. The parties meeting up with the life guards happened more than once. Those festivities ended with an eviction notice because Mark Lemmon had knocked on the door all night and the cops had been out several times. He couldn't understand it was time he went home! Whatever happened to good old Mark? What about Steve Bemis (aarg!)?

Then there was the road trip to Stephen F. Austin... A east Texas hotel room with two beds and the following "friends" Christine Shaughnessy, Eddie Garcia, Brian Anderson, Linda Stern and myself- "If she says that one more time" - "You're on the next flight B*TCH!" While one bed had the fabulous vibrating option, you just had to place a quarter as you slam your fist into the mechanism. The two "friends" in that bed didn't see the humor in it. They were trying to "sleep!" As the three of us in the other bed had to carefully negotiate any move(and dodge items thrown our direction). "okay, on the count of three, we'll roll over" There was a particularly popular song during that trip "heaven in your eyes"- translated to thighs! No only did we survive but there are pictures from that trip!

Stay tuned for more stories!

The days of El HAt and Casa Magnetica constantly getting sunburned on the back o f my knees and working with with Michelle Henton, Scott Kurtz and Doug James. M aking wagers to see who could get the most telephone numbers from guests during the day- teasing Doug about all his "women"

Okay -Remember the girl who had the leg brace and was hopping cars at Chaps in 1 988. Did you know that girl was also the asst. foreman of the ride that year? It was me...

Go ahead and laugh. Chaps was a great place to work. We got to hear all the concerts from music mill. The big one that year was Tiffany! lots of things were guaranteed - you could count on some kid thinking he was going to jump the fence a leave a car down at bend or think he was not going to be stopped as he came back around. And Robin Corely could be easily pissed off- Most blue tags didn't always see the humor in things....

1987 the year at El Hat. I started there with Sandy Ferris, Doug and Michelle. Casa Magentica! Hasta la vista- baby! That was the year Donnie Vacanti just couldn't understand what the big marks on my necks were. I believe he enjoyed threatening to send me home. It was a nervous condition, honest! So what if I was dating a guy at flume! 1986- Looney Land Terri was our foreman but John Poskey was the assistant. You can imagine how the rest went. John Poskey, where are you? We talked about you being an elf or something....

Areas of park: Spain- El Hat, Conqustador and Bobsled; 1986- Looney Land, 1987 E l Hat, 1988 Cave and Chaps....

email: Sami Robe Bailey

People to find: Michelle Henton Figurski, Scott Kurtz, Doug James, Michele Hehman from shows, Donnie Vacanti. I need to find Eddie Garcia- "Ween" where are you?

Other info : I was injured at the park on my last visit to the park (Aug98). I got to go to first aid and everything..... I live in the north Dallas area, I recently got married and I am very excited to find this sight! I still talk to Christine Shaughnessy, Linda Stern, Brian Anderson. John Darr was a groomsman in my wedding Oct '99!

Laura Wolf

went by: Laura Groff

Seasons worked: 1978 - 1983

Areas of park: Flume I, GT Cars, Sense(less) Machine, Dolphin Trainer

email: Laura Wolf

Other info : After 16 years I have left Xerox, and joined IBM where I am marketi ng rep for production system printers

Brian Prendergast

Seasons worked: 1986-1993

Funny story or happening:

There are just too many stories to tell them all, but here are some of them. Most of all I miss the engine and the guys on it.

In general, all the times we smoked out the person on Mine Train lift 1 and the conductor on back at the front gate tunnel. Sorry about that, our knees always slipped on the oil stick!! (Not) Sanding out while the Air Racer airplanes were in the air with just a slight southerly wind. I do have to agree with Eric Bunch, running over batman was a highlight.

The other stories were during work crew. If anybody has ever ridden in the old ops scooter with Mr. Scooter a.k.a. John Poskey, then they would know how it feels having the scooter on its side with the flume and mine train sludge about to dump on them. Another time was watching Donnie Vacanti trying to hose down Billy Munns(built like Hanz and Franz) while we were cleaning rapids. I never saw Donnie run so fast even during a softball game.

Areas of park: Mainly a railroad engineer, but worked most other rides

email: Brian Prendergast

People to find: People I worked with from those fun times.

Other info : I currently live in Euless, TX. Sandy Ferris and I were married in 1996. We just found out we are expecting our first child around July. I am currently a pilot with Southwest Airlines.

Eric Wine

went by: Vino

Seasons worked: '85-'88, '91

Funny story or happening:

I remember:
  • - working the swing shift and getting those long breaks.
  • - trying to set speed records when the closing announcement was made (hopefully not stopping at Good Times).
  • - accidentally slipping and moving the oil stick too far to the right, just w hen we're entering the tunnel.
  • - mysterious sparks coming from the stack on the last leg of the night.
  • - the "Anaconda."
  • - the engine parties where we'd watch the day's video recordings.
  • - ohhh, those hangovers in the summer and having to blow the whistle.
  • - holiday in the park and blowing "Steele Whistles" so loud that the caroler couldn't hear.
  • - the engineer wave.

Areas of park: Railroad, Shockwave

email: Eric Wine

People to find: Anybody from the engine or railroad, ride supes, from the late ' 80s and early '90s.

Other info: I'm a pilot, married, living in north Dallas.

Travis Hamilton

Seasons worked: 1979-1982

Areas of park: Caddo Canoes, Tower, Railroad and Pyrotechnics

email: Travis Hamilton

other depts: Ride Operations, Shows and Attractions Craige Bandy

Seasons worked: 1976-1979

Areas of park: Rides

email: Craige Bandy

Tony Gerloff

Seasons worked: 1971-1975

Funny story or happening:

I have many, fond memories of friends, pranks, hot days, crowded days, and late night parties.

At the Mine Train, it was fun riding while standing up. It was also interesting dealing with a couple of derailments. The slow days in the late fall were great goofing off days. I don't think I'll admit to some of the pranks pulled on the final day of the season.

Does anyone else remember the Zoo? Scooping sheep pens was great training for diaper changing. I also remember playing "guess the organ" during seal autopsies.

Areas of park: Mine Train, Zoo, Spindle Top, Casa Magnetica, Fiesta Train

email: Tony Gerloff

Martin Patterson

Seasons worked: 1966-1968

Funny story or happening:

My first day on the train in 1967 I was told by the shift foreman to go around to some of the other rides and tell them we needed a vapor key, and if we didn't get it soon, the engine might explode. I called the operations office and told one of the girls there about it. About an hour later, one of the engineers came up to me and asked me if I had called Operations and asked for something. I told him I had. He asked what it was and I said "some kind of key, something to do with steam".

He asked if it was a vapor key, and I told him that sounded right. He told me that a vapor key was like a left handed oil can, there is no such animal. He also told me that Operations was in an uproar, that they thought we had a ser ious problem and had ever called the Georgia park trying to get us a vapor key and get it to us as soon as possible. Needless to say, Operations issued a directive that no one was to be sent looking for something that didn't exist. That didn't stop the practice for long. I understand that in Food and Beverage, they used to send new employees out looking for a weenie peeler.

Areas of park: River Boat 1966 Railroad 1967-1968

email: Martin Patterson

People to find: Margie Robinson, Austin Jeter, Oscar Garza, Ann Soward, Pat Park er, just about anyone from the mid to late 60's.

Other info :

I left the park in 1969 when I was drafted during the Viet Nam war. I came home on leave in August of that year and worked for a week on the train just before I went overseas. I served three years, three months and one day overseas, (but whose counting). I am currently an Investigator for the U.S. Postal Service, and will be retireing in three years. I am a Shrine Clown, and am currently serving as Secretary/Treasurer of the Moslah Shrine Clown Unit. We do several parades, school carnavals, church functions and various miscilaneous assignments every year. And, for two weeks each year, we perform as clowns in the Shrine Circus when it comes to Fort Worth in November.

Sherri Whitesell

went by: Sherri Crutchfield

Seasons worked: 1978-1980 ?

Areas of park: Mostly Log ride but a little of all rides.

email: Sherri Whitesell

Other info: I am now a flight attendant with American Airlines, have a wonderful husband and 2 children. I live outside of Burleson.

David Abernathy

Seasons worked: 1978-1982

Funny story or happening:

My first ride to work at was Crazy Legs in the Good Times Square area. The year I worked there someone in the corporate office decided to add a face to the ride (cyclops eye) with shredded green tarps dangling from the arms. The tarps were always being tangled in the lights and being the new kid on the b lock guess who had the job of correcting the situation. Jan Banspach (foreman) and Barbara Slay (second in command) made me climb into the buckets and pull the tarps free. I wished some one would have told me grease blobs tend to emit fro m the ride. Anyway, a huge blob fell onto my head. Not only did I have to walk thru the park looking like the Valdez oil tanker, I also had to borrow about 5 b ottles of shampoo at wardrobe in a semi attempt to clean my hair. Besides that I was late getting to my double at Big Bend. Just as I arrived a kid doubled ov er in front of me and vomited his pink thing on my leg. Good times are always w orth remembering!

Areas of park: Good Times Area

email: David Abernathy

People to find: Jan Banspach, Suefawn Chau, Donna Cruise,Laura Groff,Sam Jumper, Buggy Lyles,Meliss Malone, Julie Malender, Larry May, Elaine Minor, Tom Mcgehee , Camilla Norder, Eric Nottingham, Russell Page, Stasia Stebler,Rita Shaffer, Mo nti Turner, Kathy and Terri Dodson, and Zee Zimmerman!!!

Carl Stenger

Seasons worked: 1977 - 1978

Funny story or happening:

Dyed in the Wool (or polyester...) River Rat. Fired in August of 1978 following a "baptism" at the watermelon patch.

Areas of park: LaSalle's River Boat

email: Carl Stenger

Michael Carson

Seasons worked: 1986-1988

Funny story or happening:

The funniest thing I can think of in the list was the time I worked Cliffhanger, during Senior Night. Somehow the control panel was inop and the ride went 8-tim es without stopping. When the guests finally got off, they had vomit all over th em and there were enough blue tags around to intimidate everyone. While working at Six Flags, I met my first girlfriend and got my first kiss behi nd her Fried Pie stand. I hope someday my kids will get the chance to enjoy work ing at Six Flags just as I did.

Areas of park: Chute Out, Tower, GT Cars, Splash, Holiday in the Park.

email: Michael Carson

People to find: Steve Griesbach, Brad Chumley, Steve Warner, Kristi Unruh, Chels ea Weaver, Kathleen Eyman

Other info: I quit Six Flags and graduated HS at the same time, went to computer school, got recruited by DecisionOne and moved to Tulsa,OK. Married and have 2- sons named Taylor-9 and Caleb-8. I miss DFW, but it is only 4 hours away. I visi t my my parents there quite often.

Other Depts: Ride Operations, Games, Other Areas

Donna Prior

went by: Too many to list

Seasons worked: 1981-1983

Funny story or happening:

Oh gosh...I have a *ton* of wonderful memories....most involved some form of hig hjinx. Security is the *best* department to work in.

My favorite memories:
  1. Stripping down out of our whites at the pool...we wore our swim suits undern eath. Stark contrasts of tan and white skin!
  2. Getting hit on my Mike Love of the Beach Boys.
  3. Getting yelled at by Guests...when it's pouring rain and their jumping on t he trams...and the trams are flooded.
  4. Singing the tune of "My Sharona"..."Cruisin' down the main aisle , in style...cruisin cruisin cruisin in 807!" (someone come finish this line! *g rin*)
  5. The forgetable (thanks guys!) parties with the Bacardi Brothers. I think I lost waaay too many brain cells.
  6. Falling into Flume One...stupid enough to dive for a Guests Hat...during OP ENING aka freezing weekend.
  7. Falling into Flume 2...and getting caught in between a log and the chute... .requiring a hospital visit and being sent to work.....the TRAIN!
  8. That damn train speil. And yes, I still remember it. ARRGGH.
  9. Having guys trying to pinch my butt while wearing the Pammy Panda costume.
  10. The day SFOT was shut down for inclement weather in 1983...on payday.... .Whooohooo!

Areas of park: Marketing, Parking Lot, Rides: Flume, Train, GT and costume.

email: Donna Prior

People to find: The Boling Sisters, Liisa Arjanen, Chuck Taylor, Doug Garriety, Trina Clark, and anyone else from that time.

Other info: I just recently moved to the DC Area. I have my own domain, I still practice random acts of silliness...I now work/play at Renaissance Faire s.

other depts: Shows and Attractions, Security, Other areas Brent Geer

Seasons worked: 1980-1982

Areas of park: Wardrobe in 80, River Boat in 81, Chapperel cars 82

email: Brent Geer

People to find:

Any and all the pretty girls who graced my counter in wardrobe in 1980. Esp. Michele Prosper, Jada Bemis , Brenda Bar(My drum major and friend) this list could go on and on so let's just say anybody who remembers me.

Other info : Still living in Grand Prairie. Not married (anymore). Lived in Engl and for three years in the Air force and in NY for one year(one year too many). Going to Six Flags tomorrow for my companies picnic.

other depts: Other areas

Mike Taylor

Seasons worked: 1970 - 1974

Funny story or happening:

There were so many funny things we did or had happen to us back then. The frat house, Mike Apple's Falcon, Monday Night Movies, the parties, the bus trip to Georgia and winning the Spoon Award my 4th year in the park are just a few of my personal highlights. I havent kept in touch with any of you but I still have a couple of the yearbooks and sometimes take them out to remember all my great friends.

Areas of park: Texas Lift, Modern Lift

email: Mike Taylor

People to find: It would be great to hear from any or all of the friends I made working in the park.

Other info : I live in Bonham, where we are finally building our dream house out on the lake. I am a printed circuit board designer and also do some web design on the side as a hobby. I have a 14 year old son named Ryan that is my pride and joy. I'm the Scoutmaster here and have over 30 boys and 8 assistants in my troop.

Gary Whalin

Seasons worked: 1968-1970

Funny story or happening: Spindletop

Areas of park: Skull Island

email: Gary Whalin

People to find: Spanky

Louis Ratcliffe

Seasons worked: 1980 - 1981

Funny story or happening:

As another 'Rat' it's good to see Steve "Danger" Aydt, Medford, Holland, etc. The stories of playing annimations or spiel 'adjustments' are numerous. Having the caddo war canoe come out of the cave holding Dr. Pepper cups instead of bows and arrows, the medicine man at the village dancing with his pants around his ankles, Steve getting a 'golden shower' (fortunately I was under cover of the boat in loading).

Areas of park: River, GT Cars

email: Louis Ratcliffe

People to find: Bond, Mike Bond, Travis Splinter, Joann Herber etc.

Other info : We need to have a River Reunion! I spent my time in the Marines, got a Business degree from UT Arlington and now live and work in the Austin Area.

Curtis Gile

Seasons worked: 1991-1993

Funny story or happening:

Some of the best times of my life were out at six flags. i met some of the best people one could meet. considering the fact that my job was to keep the park clean. i will tell you though, it wasn't so bad. the times we had racing to pull trash. getting in trouble for saying the wrong thing on the radio. or the time i got suspended for insubordination from carrie cruz. carrie, it was just a little shoe polish. i worked at six flags at a time in my life where i was becoming a man. six flags helped me be more responsible a s a person because i worked my way to becoming a foreman in park services. i cou ld go on an on with stories about ricky heins and avery johnson but most importa nt, i met my future wife working at six flags. i married kristy ware and have be en married for 5 years now and just found out we are going to have our first chi ld next may. without six flags, i would have never met the love of my life.

Areas of park: areas 1,2,3,4,5

email: Curtis Gile

People to find: there are too many to name without leaving anyone out and hurting any feelings. i would like to hear from anyone who worked with me in any area.

Other info : i left six flags in may of 1993 to work for discount tire co. i hav e been with them ever since and now i am an asst. manager with them. kristy and i moved to charlotte, north carolina this past august to open up our first store in the carolina's. discount tire is a wonderful company to work for.

other depts: Grounds Quality Ken Berryhill

Seasons worked: 1974-1999

Funny story or happening:

I worked alot of deep night shifts in Security, so I have too many to tell here. I do remember wheel chair and turtle races, bottle rocket wars, skunk and rat hunting, and halloween costume fun!

Areas of park:

Rides - Happy Motoring, Chap Cars, Crazy Legs, Mine Train

email: Ken Berryhill

People to find: Kevin Tipton, Cat Devito, Fran Caldwell, David Morganthaler, Pam Costello

Other info :

At the end of March I ended my long career with Six Flags to move on to greater things. I am now working as Safety Manager for a large park in Ohio called Cedar Point. It was a big move, but I don't regret it a bit, although I miss the friends that I have at Six Flags. I have been married for 15 years (Diane Allbright - Guest Relations, Surveys & Food Service) and have three children 12, 8, and 5.

other depts: Security, Other areas

James Heath

Seasons worked: 1979-1980

Funny story or happening:

While working in security we had a call to come get a snake away from souvenier shop down near Caddo lake. My partner and I got the snake, but not without me being bitten on the left ankle. Guest were awed and amazed as we both walked away without a limp, a scream, or a grimmace of pain.

My partner and I played it off to hilt. Tough guys on patrol. The guest never knew I had an artificial left leg. The same leg the snake struck and bit. When the snakes fangs hung in my sock my partner grabbed him with some long tongs we had borrowed from the ground crew.

Areas of park: Rides, just about all of them, and Security

email: James Heath

People to find: Bob Renko, Security

other depts: Security

Allen Ross

went by: Big Al

Seasons worked: 1988 - 1993

Funny story or happening:

1. Being foreman at Engine and getting a 10:00 a.m. wakeup call on my only Saturday off that a certain Rides Supe (Claus) had not bothered to throw the swi tch and ran Green train through the doors of the roundhouse and into the rear of Red train. It is true that Claus bailed off the engine and Eric Wine road it o ut.

2. Whiffle Ball tournaments in the horseshoe of Judge while working 3rd shi ft (Ray and I kicked ass.)

3. Donnie Vacanti "taking care of his business" under the dock at Judge.

4. Dropping that huge string of Christmas lights at Shootout and cleaning u p glass for three days.

5. Those trips to Padre!

6. Baking potatoes in the sand dome.

7. 1 hour blow outs.

8. Screaming for "sand" just to watch the fireman bust his ass on the way o ut of the engine cab.

9. Being glad that no supervisor really understood what was going on on the engine and how things worked.

10. Running the trains both north and south.

11. My final story:

One particular Holiday in the Park, I was working engineer on red train. I don't remember who my fireman was, but Lance Harcrow and Ray Driskill were on green train. We were at that time running north from Texas to Goodtimes and it was extremely difficult to make the hill at Bobsled in green train (especially in the cold). I pulled into Texas and uncoupled for sandout. I waited and waited and waited for Lance to let me know he had made the hill, but I could never get him to answer the radio. After what seemed an eternity, I took off in the engine towards the roundhouse. Without her coaches, red train will fly, and about the time I hit the curve at Flume, I notice the lights of green train's coaches backing down the hill (Lance had laid down again!). Well, I threw in the throttle, put the independent into emergency, reveresed the Johnson bar, and yanked back on the throttle all in about 5 seconds. Lance big-holed his train and we stopped about 6 inches from each other. Of course, guests along with the conductor bailed off the back of green train, and as luck would have it, a local radio station was broadcasting live from the back of the green train!!! I knew I was fired so imagine my surprise when Tom Vacanti and Jeff Vernor came down and shook my hand for saving the day! Thanks guys.

Areas of park: I killed time at many places, but I only worked on Engine

email: Allen Ross

People to find: Wayne Wood, Michelle Justin, Amy Batis and anybody else that wor ked railroad during those years.

Other info : Attorney in Jacksonville, Texas. Had a kid -- Mikaela (3/96) -- was married when we had her!

Lloyd Parker

Seasons worked: 1961 - 1962

Funny story or happening:

A lot of people used to whistle at me wearing the conquistador outfit for the burro ride. It was pink long handle underwear with purple balloon shorts.

One afternoon, the park was closed, and I was looking at the Witch Doctor at LaSalle's riverboat ride. I was up close examining his authentic Indian necklaces, when someone tripped the electric eye. The Indian came to life and started shaking his rattle. I ran about 40 yards before I realized what had happened.

Areas of park: LaSalle's Riverboat Ride

email: Lloyd Parker

People to find: Larry Cochran, Jerry Parks, Charlie Thompson, Troy Carter, Georg e Donovan

Other info : Retired from General Motors - 35 years

Marla Gibson

went by: Marla Richardson

Seasons worked: 1980 - 1982

Funny story or happening: I value the years I worked at Six Flags. I had such a good time working on the Railroad. Some of my memories include:

1. Charlie Patton - a true legend.

2. Being smoked out by the engineers in the tunnel.

3. Doing my morning walk around the tracks to check the signals. It was a g ood day if I didn't find a snake on the tracks.

4. After my shift, going home to shower and going right back out to the par k just to hang out.

5. The hamburgers grilling outside the swimming pool. Could always smell it up at the Texas station.

6. That awful piped in music at Texas station. It just kept going on and o n and on and on....

7. The after hour parties. Can't remember what we called them.

8. The summer heat wave of 1980! Being taken away in the ambulance after s uffering a heat stroke.

9. Making the most incredible friends!

10.Making the most incredible and fun memories!

Areas of park: Railroad, Ambassador Corps, Grounds Office, Bumper Cars

email: Marla Gibson

People to find: Steve Waller, Cliff Woffard, Susan Atkinson, Mark ?, Terry Benton, Stan Peveral

Michael Lynn Mincy

went by: Mike, Michael Mincy

Seasons worked: 1978

Funny story or happening:

Gosh!!! I only worked there from February 28,1978 to March 31, 1978. I was a "new" operator on the "Spinaker Ride"! I remember Lucy Peel, from Dallas, who left the "Spinaker" ride, for "some other" EASY ride!! ; )

"class" of 1978!!

Well....."everytime" I left the Spinaker to take a lunch break, there was "always" some rider who "threw up" in mid-air!! But...I "never" had to deal with that!! ; ) Oh lucky me!! ; ) But...the "crowd control" was no "fun" !! ; (

Areas of park: Spinaker don't think it was in an "area"...!

email: Michael Mincy

People to find: Lucy Peel...from Dallas, and started with me on the "Spinaker" ride! Was that "Linda Broom" as "Personell Director" ??? HUMMMM???

Other info : That was "truly" the most "fun" job I ever had!! Really !!

Jennifer Bufis

Seasons worked: Summer '88

email: Jennifer Bufis

People to find: Renee Huckaby, Steven Warner

Nicole Schneiweiss

Seasons worked: 1997-1999

Areas of park: spain, snow hill, shockwave, tower park services, france,

email: Nicole Schneiweiss

People to find: anyone who knows me

other depts: Security

Sheldon M. Herod

went by: Sheldon or Shaq

Seasons worked: 1992-1997

Funny story or happening:

There are so many good memories, but I will give you just two for now.

The first story is there was a lady furious one day at Flashback, because the wait time was too long. She demanded that the Flashback Crew put on another train, because she got on the ride the day before and they were running two trains. She stated that the line went much faster with two trains. If you are a true SFOT employee, I don't have to tell you why that is funny.

My second story involves three Brads. Brad Horn Foreman at Bumper Cars, Brad Hart foreman at Bumper Cars, and Brad Jurgens Supervisor. Brad Jurgens is calling the ride to make sure I showed up to help Brad Horn. So Jurgens calls and says "Hey Brad, this is Brad, can I speak to Brad". Even though that type of conversation occurred a lot with those three, I just thought it was funny.

Areas of park: Carousel, Splash, Mexico, Chute-Out, Mini-Mine, and Snow Hill

email: Sheldon M. Herod

People to find: Any one that enjoyed or didn't enjoy working with me over the years.

Other info : '98 WVU Alumni, Current TCU MBA Student and still living in Arlington.

Steve Hill

Seasons worked: 1973 - 1975

Areas of park: Engineer on Train - Happy Motoring - Gunfighter - Sombrero

email: Steve Hill

Other info : Trainer for Hewlett-Packard

other depts: Shows and Attractions

Lynda de los Santos

went by: Lynda Leigh

Seasons worked: 1983-1987

Funny story or happening:

Gee, there's so much to remember and were so many funny times. . .too many to even list here! I do remember the party the crew of Cave threw when we won some contest . . . SFOT probably still doesn't know how many underage drinkers it created with that $200 ;-) And I definately remember the morning after! when our crew picture was made!!!! We all climbed up on the sign across the top of the queue house. . . good thing too, because at that distance the camera couldn't pick up all the red eyes ;-) I also remember, not too fondly, working until 2 or 3 a.m. for corporate parties :-} Mostly I just remember having good friends and good times :-)

Areas of park: Cave, Chaps, Spinnaker, Flume II, Bobsled

email: Lynda de los Santos

People to find: I'd love to have contact with anyone I used to work with :-) I have noticed several recognizable names on the page already and am working on e-mails now :-)

Other info : I quit SFOT to work on my studies, I graduated from UTA with a BA in History in 1989 and again with an MA in American History in 1992. I received my MS in Library and Information Science from UNT in 1995. I met my true love while I was attending Library School at UNT and he was studying engineering at UH, I married Jeff de los Santos in December of 1997.

Robert Nelson

Seasons worked: 1971-1973

Areas of park: mine train

email: Robert Nelson

Brandy Childs

went by: Brandy Pickett

Seasons worked: 1990-1992ish

Funny story or happening:

During my first season I was working for the Texas Chute Out. It would get SO hot there that about once every hour, we'd get a five minute break to go into the tube and drink a little water. (For those of you who never when into the tube, the lift in the very center of it made it like a circular room with no middle. Kind of a huge doughnut.) Anyways, about fifteen minutes before my "little water break", one of my asst. foremans (Troy Quigly, I think) comes up to me and asks if I've seen a loose dog running around. He proceeds to tell me that a seeing eye dog has some how gotten away from his owner and is on the loose. I, being the good employee, even proceed to ask him all sorts of questions about this loose dog.... what type of dog, how long ago did this happen, did he get away in this area, etc... So, minutes pass with no sight of the dog. Then, it's time for my break. Well, as soon as I enter the tube, right smack dab in the middle of the floor is a "doggie present". Yep, THAT kind of present. My conversation about the dog comes rushing back to memory and therefore, I proceed to start whistling for the missing dog (and even whispering "Here boy, good doggie"), while slowly walking around the inside of the tube. By the time I make it all the way around to the front door of the tube, all of the crew is nearly in tears laughing at me.

It'd been a fake pile of mess, and one of the best practical jokes I'd ever (unwittingly) been a part of.

Then there was the time I accidently got caught on the outside of a chute (ironically on my last day on Chute Out, I had transfered to Flashback) and was lifted three fourths of the way up. The poor ground crew didn't know whether to laugh at my dangling little feet or to call an ambulance in case I decided to fall to my death.

At Flashback, we used to pick the change up out of the cars that fell out of people's pockets for lunch money.

Also, I was sent to work Gaint on the day after the Depeche Mode concert. I remember seeing tons of alterna-teens wearing concert T-shirts and such as I was walking through the queue house to go to lunch. Most of the fans were even trying to look like members of the band. So, me and the girl who went with me (I forget her name) were commenting on it. "Wow, he REALLY looks like Martin Gore," she says to me about one "fan". I turn to look and it WAS Martin Gore with Andrew Fletcher!!! So, after mustering some courage, we march over to them, and I ask for an autograph. He turned me down, but at least I got to talk to him. Strangly, there were no security guards with them, and only one person in a park uniform (a retail uniform at that), and none of the T-shirt clad fans even seemed to notice them! Years later, I'm telling this exact story on a date, I get to the part about the guy in the uniform (He had curly hair, I remembered and wore glasses, but I'd never seen him before) and my date says, "That was funny"! So, apparently, John Scarpellini from the airbrush stand was the lucky one to get to escort Depeche Mode around the park that day.

There are WAY too many funny things that happened at the Cave. It flooded OFTEN. Also, we'd go scavenging around the backgrounds. Once we found a mummified possum, it became a rite of employment to have to go and look at it. The guys just loved grossing out the new girls with it. After hours, we'd often go and crash Tara's (the asst.) parents swimming pool. None of us would have bathing suits, so we'd swim in our "underclothes", always terrified that at any minute her folks would come out and find us. Also, there were many times that we relished ruining a "make out session" for a young couple in the Cave. Bob (the foreman) even once busted a couple for doing in the ride what should be reserved for the bedroom. (It's a two minute ride, maximum...tells you something about that guy's ability, huh?) We used to call up to the dock whenever we caught a really raunchy couple and report the boat number. As soon as the boat would dock, all the dock crew would applaud them. That was always funny.

Areas of park: Texas Chute Out, Flashback, The Cave

email: Brandy Childs

People to find: Tara (Harris, I think), Bob, Tracey, Chris and Billie Dickens, M att Gay

Other info : After SFOT, I managed a music store (and worked with Matt Gay for a while there, too), until I got on at a salon as a make-up artist. Recently, I've relocated to northern California with my husband, G.W. Childs. I work for M.A.C cosmetics, now as an artist. G.W. is signed to a record label out here,, with his band, Soil&Eclipse (hence the relocation). He also works for LucasArts. We have a beautiful daughter, Taylor (G's step-daughter) who is almost six.

Tom Boorman

went by: Tommy

Seasons worked: 1966-1969

Funny story or happening:

Memories: - great friendships

- after work parties consuming vast quantities of "Purple Passion" ( Everclear and fruit punch )

- the all night party for high school seniors

- quiet time after the park closed

- good food in the Compound, expecially fried chicken on Sundays

- the girls at El Chico's

- $1.25 an hour

Areas of park: Parrot Spiel

email: Tom Boorman

People to find: Linda Bourland, Ed Pollard, Karol Holmes, Tom Marlow, Mike Keith , Paula Puckett, Diana Mathis, Linda Doty and "Duke" Troxel.

Other info : Only the "old timers" may remember the Parrot Spiel in the old hotel across from the saloon. I had a lot of good times behind that two-way mirror.

I met my first "true love", Linda Bourland, at SFOT when she worked El Chico's. Great memories of late night parties, good friends and meeting all those lovely girls who worked or visited the park.
-Alan Reynolds - SFOT.NET site admin (Food Service 76, Ride Operations 77-79)

-Get your nostalgic Six Flags Fix here at SFOT.NET

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