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Old February 12th, 2010, 07:11 AM
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Originally Posted by ewilken View Post
I enjoy ToT, even saw the movie they created based on it.
Ahhh, Steve Guttenburg and Kristin Dunst at their finest

Originally Posted by ewilken View Post
I'm partial to Mission Space, love that ride.
I'm still a chicken about going on the Orange Team (intense version) of and spinning don't do well so I always opt for the Green Team, but I always tell myself next time I go I'm going to try the other side, but still haven't even though I'm an local holder now so if I get sick, I could just go home.
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Old February 12th, 2010, 09:57 AM
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I don't do spinning rides well either, but Misson Space didn't bother me. If you keep your head back and look straight a head at the sceen you should be ok. If you do get sick they have bags to puke in right there on the ride!
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Old February 17th, 2010, 03:35 PM
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I love things relating to space so I had to ride it. My first ride was in 2003 so they hadn't incorprated the two versions yet. My brother in law thought for sure I would take the chicken exit but I survived. Like Giant said - keep your head facing forward but I also didn't close my eyes at all - big no no in the dizzy department and tightened the stomach muscles which is, so I've been told, to help you deal with the g forces.

I think it also helps that you can't actually see you are spinning, being in the enclosed space distracts your mind from what's actually going on. You honestly can't tell at all you are spinning - the ride is so smooth except of course for lift off.

I can handle spinning rides to a point. Teacups, I'm fine with the spinning as a whole ride but start spinning the cup and I'm done for. I love riding Sidewinder and Crazy Legs, that type of circling around doesn't bother me.
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Old February 17th, 2010, 04:01 PM
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The spinning rides didn't bother me at all as a kid. Then, suddenly, when I entered my 30s, I discovered I couldn't ride them anymore. Still can't figure out why this happened.
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Old June 6th, 2010, 07:35 PM
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I got to watch the Main St. Electrical Parade and new Summer Nightastic fireworks last night and I am impressed. I had never seen the MSEP and enjoyed it better than the Spectromagic parade, though the music was a little grating on the nerves towards then end (but i love the beginning).

The new fireworks also take over the #1 spot on my fireworks list, which was Hallo-Wishes. The current show is a revamp of one they used during the short lived Pirate and Princess Party hard ticket event they had a few years ago. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone just in case someone is making a trip soon, but when the Captn Hook attacks the castle...

I also got to ride ToT with the new drop profile that they'll be running all summer and it was really was the first time I ever got off a drop ride and could feel it in my stomach...and LOTS of air time unless you have your seat belt really tight. As far as the new effects...well I hope that since I rode it two days before the official start of the Summer promotion that not everything was turned on, because besides some new lighting effects in the drop shaft I was disappointed. When I return in 2 weeks I'll check it out again and at night to see if it's any different.
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