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Old April 26th, 2007, 06:08 AM
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And the best thing about the open rides was that it was usually the blue-tags and/or permanents running them for the night. Usually got to cycle twice as well, it was always wild to go speeding through the Shockwave station (without stopping) for the second run.

I definitely remember flings, lots of fun. Sometimes they centered around other parks coming to visit us, and they usually reciprocated when we visited them as well. I can remember them getting one of the popular radio DJ's to come be the DJ for one of the flings as well (want to say the DJ was Joe Folger).

One thing I wonder if they ever did again - employee yearbooks. I still have mine from '84, though it's not in great shape. And they didn't do any the years I was there after that. A shame, too, there are lots of good memories in them. Lots of events that I was there for but didn't have a camera with me to take pictures of.

I don't have any accident stories, probably the most dangerous thing I did while there was drive home too many times in a state of semi-impairment - either too tired, or still feeling the [ahem] effects from an after-work party. I lived in Duncanville, and at the time there was nothing in the stretch between Great Southwest Pkwy and D'ville on I-20, just miles and miles of darkness. One of my school classmates wasn't so lucky, she was killed when she fell asleep at the wheel on the way home, car hit a bridge abutment. I can remember driving by the accident on my own way home, I had no idea right then that it was someone I knew. She worked in FS.

I also can't think of any good practical joke stories, but I know there have to be some. When I was a red-tag for Kritters (the little foam-rubber snakes, spiders, lizards, etc that you walked around on a leash), I can remember that the David Photo crew and I were always booby-trapping each other's back rooms, whenever either of us would stop in at the other's place and find it empty. But I can't recall now any of the more creative things that I'm sure we probably did to one another.
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Old April 9th, 2008, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Krista 96-02 View Post
TWe had a young lady in 97 at lift on Mine Train that bent down to pick something off the "floor" and she braced herself by placing her hand on the track as a train approached. I only heard about this through the grapevine and I don't know the extent of her injuries; I think she bent down to pick up her purse as her hourly replacement had arrived .....but I do know that within days, the setup of Lift 1 where the operator sits got extended out further away from the track, to where it is now because of it.

Such a calm ride to have so many mods done to it because of mishaps, both in the past and recent present.
I heard this story. when I worked it in 96, the lift person only had a few feet between the track and the rail. It was often that myself and others put a hand on the track without thinking because it was at the same level as a handrail.

All I heard was the box was extended because a girl put her hand on the track and didn't move it before the train came through. It crushed all the bones in her hand.
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