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Default Ride Operations entries from old sfot 2

Lisa McCulloch

went by: Lisa McCain

Seasons worked: 1969 - 1972

Funny story or happening:

River Crew '70 was the best bunch of people you could hope for. We were family. Several of us still stay in touch on a yearly basis. '70 was the last year that girls were allowed on the River and I think I may have been part of the reason. When I had a boat go off track, I refused to wait like a Southern belle for some guy to come help me. I would jump in and do it myself. Bobby Grubbs got very mad at me about that. I remember Keith Jarvis, the orginal spoon, Mike Young, who could throw kisses with his belly button, J.R. McCulloch going off to Vietnam, River parties, meeting my future husband, and all sorts of good things that year: Yearbooks, Flings, special friends, and a feeling of belonging.

"Uncle Angus is in the park!" And we would be thrilled if he came by to see us. Loved him! Meeting my wonderful husband of almost 25 years!

There was a wonderful reunion we had in about 1978-1980. (The memory is one of the first things to go!) It was held at the old Cave restaurant at Seven Seas. Janie Brice Kern and Jane Moore (Mrs. Tom) planned it, with help, of course. It was great.

We still see a number of people on a semi-regular basis. Carol Cox Cooper, Larry and Pat (Clarkson) Cox, Sam and Karen (Sullivan) Trammell, Doug and Beverly Dockery, Kenny Burleson, Tom and Jane Moore, Keith Jarvis, Larry Grisby, Jerry Stephens, Bill and Brenda Blake, Jim and Sandy (Spray) Reisch, Hank Jones, J.R. McCulloch, and a few others that I can't recall right now. We at least gather for a yearly Christmas party. We used to bring our kids and do a Santa party, but gee - those high school college kids don't want to go anymore! So we have a party without kids. More fun that way anyhow! Parties where I learned to say no to a lot of things.

Funny stories:
  • Sending a spoon in search of prop wash at the Jet Set or to borrow a left handed monkey wrench from a mechanic.
  • The guys on my ride covering my ears to tell their dirty jokes till they figured out that I wouldn't understand them anyway! I was SO innocent in those days.
  • Mike Apple sending kids to spit on us from the Astrolift.
  • Doug Ragsdale hiding in our back area.
  • Our crew running around after work at the Park and filming ourselves. 8mm, you know. I wonder what happened to those movies. I think Lloyd Jones or Kenny Burleson ended up with them.
  • Every male at the Park being in love with Teresa or Jan Farmer.

A very, very happy time of my life!

My first year I remember being thrilled to get all of $1.05 an hour! The next year I think I got $1.15. By my last year in 1972, I made a whopping $1.25 an hour. Worst paying job I ever loved!

My 16 year old daughter now takes dance from Jan Jamieson Roten from Southern Palace/Crazy Horse!

Sadly, Brad Gulley died from injuries in a car accident in Arlington in 1997.

People to find: Austin Jeter, Mike Winter, Jan or Teresa Farmer, George Schoonover, Chris Tabbert, Doug Gulley, Beth Miller, Mike Young, Nancy Tonn, Mary Lou Wiggs, Janet Glass, Gary Jeanes, Miggy Clifton, Sally Dacus, and dozens more! ..... River Rats of 1970

Areas of park: Spindletop '69, River '70, Tower Slide '71, Railroad '72

email: Lisa McCulloch

Other info:

Dan and I still live in Arlington. We have three daughters, Amy, 19, Beth, 18, and Holly, 16. Only Beth has worked at the Park - techie at Southern Palace and works concerts, too. Dan is a senior casualty insurance underwriter in Dallas, and I am an elementary school librarian.

Dan Whittington

Seasons worked: 1979 - 1982

Funny story or happening:

One of my favorite memories was making the Spanish fort cannons really shoot things. Since someone always took a test ride around the river to make sure everything was working, timing was very important. We would wait for the test boat to go by, then we would stuff toilet paper in the cannons. The cannons actually filled with compressed gas and then it would ignite resulting in the loud BOOM! and the flames shooting out of the cannons. Well, with the rolls of toilet paper stopping up the cannons, when the first boat full of guests came around, the cannons would fire and these flaming rolls of toilet paper would go whizzing past the bow of the boat (if we were lucky one would actually hit the boat.) This resulted in many "ahhhhhhs" by the guests and comments such as "Wow, those looked like real cannon balls."

Some other cool memories from River, Fat Elizabeth (the boat), the french settlement actually catching on fire and Steve Aydt valiently trying to extinquish the fire. (End result of which was the fire extinguisher malfunctioning and soaking Steve.) Speiling in an English accent. Actually abandoning ship at the spanish fort and swimming to shore leaving 40 guests with "Did he really just abandon the boat?" looks on their faces. The incredible heat on the dock summer of '80 and taking salt tablets (geez what were we thinking?) the dirty speils, Francois cursing at you in response to the question, "is it safe to go on?".(usually grubbies or foods people having a laugh at our expense). Marvin the Wonder Bear. The unique smell of the lost cave. The smell of the river early in the morning. The boat running off the track and beaching itself on the shore. Pushing said boat back into the river. Christmas in July and decorating a Bamboo branch in the back area with chicken fried steaks from the canteen. But most of all, the wonderful, funny people at River that were like family, Brian Joyce, Steve Aydt, Craig Heenan, James Medford, Mary Wright, JoAnn Herber, RaeAnn Kerbow, Jene Hudson, Ken Harrelson, Bill Jordan, Bob Jordan..and many more. , So many fun memories, not enough space. Once a River Rat, always a River Rat.

Areas of park: Front Gate, River Boat, Bumper cars, Spinnaker, The Cave, Security

Dan Whittington

other depts: Security

Donna Whittington

Donna Cruse

Seasons worked: 1976 - 1982

Funny story or happening: Things I remember: Goop fights at Happy 1, Vapor Lock Keys, Banana tags, The guys at Texas Lift, Filming commericials for the new Music Mill and for Shockwave, Late night movies in Chevy Show, Answering phones at 258,which is where I meet my husband,Dan, Judge Roy Tinkertoy, Scrubing the floor of the elevators at Tower on windy days, Sitting on the grass in front of Wardrobe, Selling tickets using a handtill at front gate, Monster burgers at the old inpark canteen, The time clock and time sheets, Many, many good friends

Areas of park: Happy 1, Merry-go-round, Bumper Cars, Tower, 258, Office

Other info: I married Dan Whittington in 1983. We live in Arlington. We have two children, age 8 and 6. I am an Elementary School teacher. I am currently taking time off from full time teaching to raise my kids. I teach preschool right now two days a week.

Donna Whittington

other depts: Office Staff/Group Sales, etc.

Alisa Votaw Wood

went by: Alisa Votaw (maiden)

Seasons worked: 1973 - 1976

Funny story or happening

My fondest memories were of the parties after closing! One of my favorites was the one at Sea World that used to be where the Marriott is in front of the Ballpark in Arlington. The bands and food and drink were there, but the funest part was getting to swim in one of the pools there that had a pirate ship in the middle of it. The scariest part was going to the Shamu exhibit in the dark. This was probably about 1974 - 75. Does anyone else remember it?

Another party was in Good Times Square. We had unlimited access to all the games. Fun! I worked in Food & Beverage as a cashier at Pit Stop and the Foot Long Hot Dog place in Boomtown. That was the first 2 years. Then I moved to the Front Gate selling tickets the next 2 years. How fun! I am going to scan a picture and send it later of the crew. Every year about the end of August, I swore I would never be back! But May would roll around and my friends were all starting, so there I went again! Great Memories and what a wonderful web site. Thanks, Alan!

Areas of park: Pit Stop, Ft. Long Hot Dogs, Boomtown, Front Gate

email: Alisa Votaw Wood

Other info: I am a first grade teacher in the Birdville School District. (Northeast Tarrant Co.) I didn't go very far!

other depts: Food Services

Carol Cooper

went by: Carol Cox

Seasons worked: 1968 - 1972

Funny story or happening:

I have many many fond memories of SFOT and the friends I made there. I fondly remember working on Skull Island and going to sit in the Q house to watch the Cowboy games, or going up behind the skull to play spades with Doug Ragsdale and Bobby Grubbs. I loved working in the office -especially on Fridays-payday-everyone was glad to see us!

There are too many good memories to list them all. I especially remember the flings, private parties (or should we say free-for-alls), trip to SFOG and the trip ya'll made to see us lonely Texans to SFOMA, testing the tower slide the night before if opened and sliding into the street! and all guys that hung out at Margie's & my apartment.

Areas of park: Operations office, SFOMA Operations office

email: Carol Cooper

People to find: I'd like to hear from anyone that I worked with. I'd especially like to find Lesley Hunt Golden and my SFOMA buddies-Steve Turner, Margie Robinson, Lesley Hunt Golden, Mike Golden, Larry Wine, and Linda & Jerry Boudin

Other info: I still live in Arl. and have contact with quite a few SFOTers. My school is associated with the park, so I still talk to people out there. I am divorced and a teacher in AISD. I worked in St Louis 1971-72 and there were alot of Texans up there then.

Can't believe it's been 30 years. I still keep in touch with several people and some of us get together each Xmas for a party. We had reunions for several years but they fell through.

other depts: Office Staff/Group Sales, etc.

Georgia Stanley

went by: Georgia Hart

Seasons worked: 1974 - 1977

Funny story or happening:

In the summer '76, the Texas Chute Out had just opened. I worked the night shift, Patty Baker was the foreman. It was a busy summer night, and all 12 chutes were running. We thought we would try sending the chutes up in synchronized patterns, like first all the odd numbered ones, then the evens. Then we tried sending them up in a spiral, each one going up a few seconds after it's neighbor. Then someone got a bright idea to send them all up at once! We all waited until we had guests buckled into our chute, Patty blinked the lights to signal go. 11 chutes soared into the air at once, but one girl was late sending hers up by a few seconds. As soon as she pushed the button, the entire ride shut down! The first 11 chutes stopped about 20 feet in the air. How were we supposed to know that that was too much power at once? No one had ever done it before! Each chute had to be manually lowered, and that took some time. Needless to say, the entire crew was in trouble, and new rules for timing the chutes were written. Ah, memories.....

Areas of park: Cave '74 & '75, Chute Out '76, Rotoriculous '77

email: Georgia Stanley

People to find: What ever happened to: Patty Baker, Melinda Manning, Monty Jasper, Michael Eckey, Billy Warren, Warren Spencer. Where is everybody?!?

Other info: I still live in Arlington with my husband of 18 years and my 3 kids. We go to Six Flags every year, and they love hearing Mom's stories!

Eric Bunch

went by: Dances W/Smoke

Seasons worked: 1991 - 1995

Funny story or happening:

A lot of work crew stuff like: spinach (algae) hanging on your legs cleaning flume, Adam Driver falling into Johnson Creek and killing his radio, Chris Ulrich hitting a water main in Mine Train back area.

Who do I remember? Wooly-Bully, Juan Puente trying to get all the women, all those conductor girls, Brian Wright, Eric Peters (woo-woo), Jeremy Stroop (the worst fireman in the world).

I remember best being on the engine running over snakes, skunks, and the occasional flying Batman, but mostly tring to run over Steele Craver when he greased the rails.

Areas of park: All I will ever claim is the engine

email: Eric Bunch

John Burt

went by: Johnny

Seasons worked: 1993 - 1994

email: John Burt

People to find: Tara M. Bryant

Kim Bacon

went by: Kim Gunter

Seasons worked: 1974 - 1975

Funny story or happening: So many memories, it's hard to know where to start. Met the best friends of my life, including my husband, Kyle Bacon. (He worked Log Ride before transferring to Mine Train in Fall of 74. He knew the way through the woods from the Flume to the Mine Train VERY WELL - usually accompanied by Dan Jackson and other Flume crew with water balloons!) Went to some really strange parties at the house on Magnolia Street, where Kevin Donovan, Dan Jackson, Charlie Howard, Carl Coppinger, and Val Hill resided. Dan, I still don't know how you talked your uncle into leasing that house to you guys! I remember riding the Mine Train standing up after closing. I also remember being reprimanded for kissing my future husband while riding in the back car - guests were still in the park. I remember meeting Tammi Anderson on my first day - she showed me the ropes and became my closest friend. Those two summers were some of the best times of my life. I will enjoy the memories for a lifetime!

Areas of park: Mine Train

email: Kim Bacon

People to find: Tim McEneny, Jett Jamison

Tim Moore

Seasons worked: 1986 - 1987

Funny story or happening:

This is easy: Day one, we're getting a group tour for our new post, Splashwater Falls. It was very hot that day, so we all stood on the bridge to get wet after the introductory proceedings. Needless to say, A wet white T-shirt on a young girl is quite exciting to a 16-year old boy! I knew I'd found a home after that!

Areas of park: Splashwater Falls

email: Tim Moore

People to find: I'd sure like to find that girl w/ the T-shirt, but she never showed up for her 1st day of work!

Tammi Anderson

Seasons worked: 1974 - 1977

Funny story or happening:
  • Not so funny for the foreman left in charge ( Steve Bills) on the Mine Train but there was this one Saturday where all but 2 four train drivers decided to go skiing at the lake. Turned out to be a REALLY crowded Sat. OOPS!
  • I remember having a sup running away from me once he found out I wanted to quit being foreman of the Dolphin Show ( because those stupid fish HATED me ) and return to the Mine Train.
  • I fondly recall getting willing subjects to carry papercups full of water all the way throught the ride and dump it on unsuspecting lift sitters or dock workers! heeheeheehee
  • My friend and I used to hold cameras for people and take pictures of the crew while the owner was riding, unknowingly providing us with amusement.
  • I was one of the FIRST girl drivers and the first 4 train girl driver on the Mine Train.
  • I remember inspecting the track as one of my FAVORITE things to do!!!!!! Loved that waterfall and ghosttown!!!hehehehehe
  • Once it was a rainy day, and the Mine Train roof was fairly leaky. But , on this day I noticed a leak from the ceiling that was YELLOW in color and when I looked up, I could see a raccoon's tail through a crack in the boards. Did I mention the leak was right over this couple in the seat I just loaded?
  • My first kiss ever was out at Flags with a canoe guy! Ah, memories!!!!!
Areas of park: Boomtown ( Mine Train)

email: Tammi Anderson

Tim Adams

Seasons worked: 1973 - 1974

Funny story or happening:

Met my wife (Patricia Tubb) at Good Times Square. I was supposed to train her. Guess I'm still working on it.

Areas of park: Good Times Square

email: Tim Adams

People to find: Patty Baker, Bruce Foster, Mitzi Roberts

Other depts: Food Services

David Mosby

Seasons worked: 1973 - 1988

Funny story or happening:
  • Receiving Spoon Award 1974 for Parking Lot
  • Playing the Steambar trick on every spoon that worked RR
  • Sanding out on Bob Perry and Charlie Calhoun
  • Lighting firecrackers with Charlie Patton in Engine cab Putting a "dynamite" (warning explosive) on track and watching Marcy Wilson have a heart attack. Really close to getting fired that time.
  • Smoking out mine train lifts, daily.
  • Saturating many with the water can.
  • Seeing Sammi Felix, the original fox
  • Coming up for air twice on 6 Flags over Georgia trip. (Patti Baker and I had just started dating)
  • Drinking "stuff" at the Oil Derrick with Patty Bennet
  • Hitting a stoned guy at the Music Mill crossing
  • Railroad parties
  • Eating watermelon in the cab
  • Smoking cigars in the cab
  • Getting cab ride while not employed and someone wrote "Mosby Rides Again" on the clipboard, Ralph Labone got fired.
  • Kicking my firemen's tails Kevin Reichenstein, John Calhoun, and Bill Wofford.
  • Getting my tail kicked by Engineers in '74 & '75
  • Returning to work on the RR 5 years later in '84 and having a conductor I didn't know refer to me as a legend. It was flattering but Charlie Patton is the only legend at Six Flags.
  • Dating Joy Wilson, the slinky lifeguard in '84
  • Getting initiated into Rides in 74 by riding the mine train standing up after close.

Growing up with some of the most fun people in the world and having the most fun job in the world. I will be back.

Areas of park: Railroad Engineer

email: David Mosby

Vikki Pike

Seasons worked: 1967 - 1970

Funny story or happening:

While working in Guest Relations, I was on the PA announcing the next show and got tickled - laughed hystericalyl for several minutes without stopping or releasing the microphone. Nearly got fired by Larry Dahnke. The entire park, employees and "guests" were all laughing too and no one knew why.

Areas of park: Gifts & Souvenirs, Live Shows, and Operations then Exec. Off

email: Vikki Pike

People to find: Jim Crouch, Shari Goldstein, Sally Martin - Marvin Martin, Debbie Field/Stevens, Jean & Janet Heidt, Pam Craft, Sheryl Sheldon, Mike Sowers, Susie Wine, Larry Mayran, Joe Rape, so many others from the mid to late 60's

other depts: Shows and Attractions, Guest Relations, Gifts and Souvenirs, Office Staff/Group Sales, etc.

Shannon Hascall

went by: Shannon Scott

Seasons worked: 1976 - 1981

Funny story or happening: I can think of a lot of stories - most of which were when I was working in the rides department. I can't even begn to list all the fond memories I have. I actually started as a season passer groupie, became an actual employee in the rides department, worked one year in guest relations, and my final year backstage at the Southern Palace. Memories from GR include a "May is over" dinner given to us by Bruce Neal (and all the people who came to see my first hangover the next day; the GR girls outing to the Sunset Club; and as I had totally memorized Barbara Kraus's calorie counter book - people were always calling me up at GR to ask how many calories were in....My very fondest memories of Six Flags are: the Canoe crews of '75 and '76; Happy Motoring and the candy stash; Chaps with Bonnie Bledsoe; swing shift on the Mine Train; and hanging out at the pool with Greg Adams.

Areas of park: Rides: Happy Motoring, Chaparals, Run-away mine train; GR

email: Shannon Hascall

Other departments: Shows and Attractions, Guest Relations

Tim Childress

Seasons worked: 1983 - 1985

Funny story or happening:

I fondly remember: - Chicken Strips at the canteen
- Laminating roaches in the Season Pass machine...ugggg
- The time I forgot about the kids in the PacMan Ferris Wheel...."uh sir can we get down now!" hahha
- Those lovely polyester green shirts on those August afternoons.
<LI>- the DAMN music piped in sooooo loud.....!!! Areas of park: Front Gate Ticket Sales/Season Pass

email: Tim Childress

other depts: Guest Relations

Brad Cunningham

Seasons worked: 1996 -

Input Field: Areas of park: looney tunes land

email: None given.

Other depts: Cash Control

Ilya Cisers

went by: ILICH

Seasons worked: 1994 - 1997

email: Ilya Cisers

People to find: Andrew Dzenis

Other Depts: Food Services

Glenda Berryhill

Seasons worked: 1973 - 1977

Funny story or happening:
  • Scene 1- Busy summer day. Gloria Bagley going on break, drinking her Coke from Dry Hole Charlie's in the Boomtown restroom, and walking out to a deserted park. It had been evacuated for a bomb scare.
  • Scene 2- Ice storm. Riding Mine Train to warm up tracks.
  • Scene 3- The flood. Watching the water rise and wading out through hip high water.
  • Scene 4- Getting caught by Alan Bell; I was making a donut run for the crew.
  • Scene 5- Doing a high-wire act, transfering to another seat on Big Bend while it was chained on the highest hill.
  • Scene 6- Getting kidded by the canoe guys, we loved the "skinny jokes."

Areas of park: Mini Mine/Mine Train

email: Glenda Berryhill

People to find: Mark Thompson, Eileen Hurd, Beth Claunch, Ronnie Daniels

Other depts: Gifts and Souvenirs

Sands Weems

Seasons worked: 1975 - 1979

Funny story or happening:

One night near the end of a double at the Cave Ride, I sent two kids through with instructions to ROCK THE TUB. Since they now knew where the guy inside with the flashlight was (Keith Wilhelm) they were each given a cold cup of water and a second ride with instructions to DOUSE THIS PERSON. Keith, reacting too late to catch the kids, cussed and chased me halfway across the park.

Areas of park: Cave Ride, Dry Gulch Gun Show, Texas Chute Out

email: Sands Weems

Gregory Appleton

Seasons worked: 1975 - 1979

Funny story or happening:

There were dozens of things that I could say, and I might just very well do that in the future...but there is one memory that has been with me since I was just a little boy in the 60s first visiting the's that darned know the's right over the track at the entrance to the Mine Train...the one with all the bubble gum stuck to it...for some reason, it always captured my imagination...anybody got a picture of that????? Never dreamed I would eventually be foreman of that ride...and then never dreamed that I would be riding it over and over again with my kids...and by the way...I never miss an opportunity to deposit my gum on that ole knot for safe keeping.

Areas of park: In order...Chapparel Cars, Texas-lift, Mine Train, Flumes

email: Gregory Appleton or Gregory Appleton

Bob Korman

Seasons worked: 1974 - 1979

Funny story or happening:

This is long, but good, so read it!

I was working a shift on the Skull Island Barge for the first time. It was one of those weeks (probably spring break)where the park was staffed with whoever they could get. David Emery showed me how to steer the barge and I had no problems. Just before he left for break, he told me not to overload it, and that it was time to get a reading. So I went to get a reading and the supervisor's girfriend who was working loaded barge with too many people.

Now what can you do - tell people to get off? I figured the barge would just ride low in the water and go slow, so off we went. I had no idea it wouldn't steer wortha darn. When it came time to make the first big turn, I pushed on the rudder. NOTHING HAPPENED. I did it again. STILL NOTHING. Now we were about to run into the bank, so I threw it in reverse and yelled at everyone to hold on, and quickly grabbed the railing myself. When we hit, everyone lurched forward, a few people even fell, because no one held on. Nobody said a word. I was a little confused (after all, I had told them to hold on), but now I was more concerned about what to do with a barge that wouldn't steer.

To make a long story short, it took 45 minutes to get the barge safely docked (I enjoyed watching the people run off the barrel bridge just before I hit it, though.) All the guests were totally silent the whole ride. Scared, I figured.

As everyone walked off the barge, they signed (violently). NO WONDER THEY DIDN'T HOLD ON WHEN I TOLD THEM TO. THE ENTIRE RIDE WAS DEAF! Needless to say, I didn't overload the barge again.

another one...(this one cracks me up -alan)

I thought about submitting the lift handle story where one went over in the door and fell out and almost hit someone. We had no idea it happened. The supes called us in that night (both crews) , told us what happened and boy were they mad. Someone was going to get fired. They just wanted to know who had done it. We were all stunned (and silent) until someone (Ron Kneipp?) said, yeah, he was riding across the park when he saw a kid who had smarted off to him earlier. He took aim and threw the handle at him, but damn, missed him by a foot. Everyone broke up laughing and the supes just told us to be careful and make sure it didn't happen again. Whew.

Areas of park: El Hat, Bumper Cars, Happy Motoring, Flume, Chute Out, Lift

email: Bob Korman

People to find: Cindy Estrada, Debbie Quigley, Glenda Gilbert, lots more

Jeff Braziel

Seasons worked: 1985 - 1990

Funny story or happening:

I was one of the last red tags at Rockin Roto (Roto Disco was its best known name).

Areas of park: Ln Str,Cave, Railroad, Roto Disco,Bump Cars,Tower

email: Jeff Braziel

other depts: Shows and Attractions, Games

Natalee Anderson

Seasons worked 1997 - Now

Funny story or happening:

No comment at this time...but I'll be back

Areas of park: Mr. Freeze, FlashBack

email: Natalee Anderson

Michael Winters

goes by: Droopy

Seasons worked 1989 - 1992

Funny story or happening:

I was foreman of Cave in 1991. One day we had a tub jam that I could not get unstuck out of the water. So I had to jump in which was not that uncommon. However, the water had just had blue dye added to it and my legs, shorts and underwear were blue. It was funny but the comments that I got still stay with me today. It was funny.

update: Another story... My first ride to work was Chaps. I had a great time but we had to run on rocks to hop the cars. Well one day the rocks gave way and sent me sliding onto the track with a car moving right towards my legs. Well needless to say, I was not able to get out of the way so I was run over by one of those cars. Everybody aroudn could not believe it and just stared at me. It hurt real bad but I got up and just went back to work. But to this day I cannot see a little car without having pain in my legs. (just kidding)

email: Michael Winters

Areas of park: Chaps, Air Racer, Mini Mine, Cave

People to find: Chris Barron, Michelle Justin, Carrie Wagster

Other info : I live in Ft Worth and teach theatre at a Private School and I am in the ministry. I own my own production company, Creatively His Productions and perform in my own concerts and at childrens' events for a few characters that I do. Visit my site... MichaelOn-Line

other depts: Shows and Attractions

JW 'Whit' Boyd

Seasons worked 1983 - 1986

Funny story or happening

NO funny stories today folks, but I'm looking for Courtney Baker if anyone has any info. She worked foods in 83-84...Thanks.

Areas of park: Worked every food stand...Unfortunatly

email: JW 'Whit' Boyd

other depts: Food Services, Shows and Attractions, Security

Joyce Fitz Ruff

went by: Joy Fitzgerald

Seasons worked: 1985 - 1986

Areas of park: Texas Chute-Out, Spindletop, The Cave

email: Joyce Fitz Ruff

other depts: Gifts and Souvenirs

Adrienne Mowery

Seasons worked: 1990 - 1990

Funny story or happening:

Almost eight years later... it's amazing how much I can still remember from working at Six Flags. My one-year tenure will always bring me fond memories. To everyone I worked with on the Giant and to all those that worked elsewhere, I miss you all. Two funnies: 1) When the Giant had it's "electrical fire" and 2) those God-awful Texaco wannabe uniforms that we had to wear.

Areas of park: Texas Giant and others


Alan Hardin

Seasons worked: 1982 - 1983

Areas of park: Tower area Tower ride Op

email: Alan Hardin

James Barnes

Seasons worked: 1979 - 1982

Funny story or happening:

I first started out working in the warehouse, and then moved to maintenance working with Robert Olivi and the gang. During the school season I would work at the Judge Roy Scream as a driver. I remember one time when we had to let the train go around three times and then call maintenance to let a passenger out of the 5th seat, if you know what I mean. The fifth seat did not have the normal divider in between each passenger. It was reserved for the large guest that would visit the park. We always had to put two guest in that seat, even if they wanted to ride alone. I still thank that the best thing they did with the judge was to turn it around backwards. I met my 1st wife Jo Ann Wheeler at work, but have since divoriced and remarried.

Areas of park:

Judge Roy Scream, Happy Motoring as an oiler, and other ride

email: James Barnes

Other departments:

Maintenance, Warehouse

Sammy Piccola

Seasons worked: 1980 - 1982

Funny story or happening:

I started at the park working on the original Judge Roy Scream crew. I remember two trains being on the lift at one time (ooops). We won't mention any names! I really don't have room to talk because in 1982 I was a driver on the Mine Train and did the same thing. Needless to say I was demoted but it's always been one of those stories I love to tell. Oh, and I used to love sitting firewatch at The Cave. The things you could catch people doing in those boats!!!!

Areas of park:

Judge Roy Scream, Roto Disco (yeah!), Shockwave, Mine Train

email: Sammy Piccola

Chris Covington

Seasons worked: 1989 - 1994

Funny story or happening:

I was at the front gate. A guest reported a woman going in to the mens rest room at the entry plaza. I went to investigate. And when i confronted the woman saying "This is the men's restroom" SHE said I am a man. talk about the willies i have never been so grossed out in my life. needless to say the story got out and i was known as potty patrol covington and pottypatrol for a while. btw i was only in security the last two seasons

Areas of park: all over

email: Chris Covington

Other depts: Games and Security

Alan Rosenstein

Seasons worked: 1989 - 1992

Funny story or happening:

One of the best memories was during the '90 season when I was assistant foreman at the Railroad (yes, I still remember the speil). I had an all girl crew, and they devised a contest. The idea was to see who could recite the speil the most seductive, and what person could get the best response from the guests on the train. Some of my crew caused a lot of red faces.

Areas of park: Rides, many of them

email: Alan Rosenstein

People to find: Chris Cunningham, Steven Barbini, Chris Barron, David Justin

Ron Johnson

Seasons worked: 1969 - 1971

Funny story or happening:

Well, let's see. I worked three years, starting in Groundskeeping in '69, operations in '70, and as a mechanic in '71. That last year was the most fun. We worked some real long hours as the completion of the Big Bend was way behind. The park is a whole other world at 3 or 4AM, I can tell you that. But those annoying sound effects go on all night, get's pretty weird with no background crowd noise. I remember one night I was doing something over at the log rides, all alone, and that darn crazy laugh of the guy with the saw about drove me nuts. Another time I remember crawing up the conveyer belt for the blankets on the Tower Slide to grease the rollers. That was weird, and I got to do it, being the little guy.

Made a lot of friends in those days, hope to hear from some of them through this site. OH, in 70, I was at the Chaps. Where are my old Chap friends?

Areas of park: Chaps in 70', and Modern area Mechanic in '71

email: Ron Johnson

Other depts: Grounds Quality, Maint. Ron Hall

Went by: Ronnie

Seasons worked: 1970 - 1973

Funny story or happening:

Boy have I got a lot of memories of Six Flags. I worked days on Chap's from 1970 through 1973 - it was a great place to work. Some of the best memories I have are:
  1. The bus trips to Atlanta and St. Louis (have you ever tried to sleep when 150 empty beer cans are rolling on the floor of a bus?),
  2. The SFOT fraternity - we actually had a frat house on Randol Mill Road,
  3. Flings and ride rivalries at the parties,
  4. Pie Pan car rallies in the offseason,
  5. gathering around the time clock the day they posted the draft lottery numbers and seeing your friends in shock because they got a low number (not such a great memory), and
  6. getting stuck in the mud at Blake's farm when we roasted a side of beef in the rain.

The gang from the early 70's tried to have reunions for 5 or 10 years but everyone has gone separate ways now. I think this page is a great idea!

Areas of park: Chaparral (the best damn ride in the park) email: Ron Hall

Brad Walker

Seasons worked: 1970 - 1975

Funny story or happening:

Not so funny thing: That Saturday in May when the train from Big Ben fell off lift #2, 10 guests fell on my ride, Happy Motoring.

Great times, taking the trips to SFOMA and SFOG. All the girls. I tell my children that during the summer I could not date one girl more than one week; all those girls, so little time!!

In those days all the "red tags" would take Friday off, did that trend continue after 1975?

Areas of park: Happy Motoring all six years!!!

email: None given... Southlake man at ATT.worldnet?

Dan Littrell

Went by: DUCK

Seasons worked: 1967 - 1972

Funny story or happening:

Memories really...some funny, some not
  1. Having the waterfall on LaSalle's river ride start back up after 1/4 through the entrance to the cave, and having Margie Robinson & Bobby Grubbs standing on the loading dock when we came out, drenched, and the boat with 4 - 6 inches of water in it.
  2. Getting there early to sign up first on the doubles list to get first pick.
  3. THE COMPOUND SNACK BAR, best food in the park! and cheap too.
  4. The parties!!!!! Some lost memories there!!!
  5. JODY...Guest Relations
  6. Swimming in the Mine Train waterfall and getting caught!
  7. Sweating out the draft lottery during Vietnam...SAD, Lost some friends
  8. Made so many friends during the season.
  9. Made more during the off season. Worked there during the winter.
  11. The ROUND HOUSE!
  12. Being part of the very first inaugural bus trips to both Georgia AND St. Louis!
  13. Not enought time & too many more to mention.
  14. Some of the BEST years of my young life!!!!
Areas of park: Mine Train, Spindletop, The Big Ben, Skull Island

email: Dan Littrell
-Alan Reynolds - SFOT.NET site admin (Food Service 76, Ride Operations 77-79)

-Get your nostalgic Six Flags Fix here at SFOT.NET

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