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Default Ride Operations entries from old sfot 4

Danny Smith

Seasons worked: 1970-73

Funny story or happening:

Being part of the Indians, with Steve Hite, Brent, Brad, Gary and others, were paddling around the Island about 7:30 in the evening when the "cowboys" from the west show can rushing over the railroad tracks next to Canoe ride and begin to blast us. Well being the good entertainers we were suppose to be, not thinking the guest would be harmed, and they weren't, we proceeded to get shot out of the canoes, falling into the murky blue stuff(water) face down. The canoe proceeded to bump into the island. Fun was had by guest and Indians, but Jack DeMott and Topper Johnson didnt see it that way. We were lectured for days, almost fired all of us, but we had a great time, and remember it to this day.

Areas of park: Canoes, Happy Motoring, Big Bend, Mine Train, etc.

email: Danny Smith

Other info : Advertising/Marketing/PR.

Steve Winters

Seasons worked: 1967-1979

Areas of park: Naylors Chicken, Puppet Theatre snack,Tx Lift, Flume 1

email: Steve Winters

other depts: Food Services

Barry Anderson

Seasons worked: 1988-1990

Funny story or happening:

None at this time, but I will update this later.

Areas of park: Air Racer, Texas Tornado & a bunch more.

email: Barry Anderson

other depts: Games

Stacy Geiser

went by: Stacy Snegon

Seasons worked: 1984-1987

Funny story or happening:

One thing I remember happening was having a snake enter the line at the Cave. We evacuated everyone and called security but before they showed up a guest came up to me and told me he was a professional snake handler. When I look back on this, I probably shouldn't have let him catch the snake with his bare hands. At the time, however, it seemed like a very good idea. He caught it without any problem and when security showed up they put it in some kind of bag and took it away. I don't think I ever walked the trough alone after that!!

Another funny story I remember was being the foreman at the cave and having James Geiser (he was my supervisor then, now he is my husband) bust me and my whole crew for goofing around the back area of cave on a Saturday when the ride was FILTHY, and I do mean filthy. There must have been five or six of us back there.

Something I really don't miss is doing the safety check on the Chute-Out. Hopefully by now they have found a better way to decide which chutes are okay to run in the wind than to have someone ride all of them to see how much each one blows around. I also hated being keyed up to talk to guests whose chute was stuck.

I think my favorite place to be was on the train. I had such a good time with all the conductors and engineers. I trained for about three weeks to be a fireman before deciding I was much more suited to be on the back of the train (to all the engine crew's relief)!!!

Areas of park: Railroad, Chute-Out, Cave

email: Stacy Geiser

People to find: Kristi Unruh

Other info: James and I have been married for almost five years. We have two beautiful kids. Kaylee is two and Austin is seven weeks. We recently moved back to the metroplex and now live in Coppell. I am a pharmaceutical rep for Pfizer.(Does Viagra sound familiar!?!) It's a tough job, but somebody has to sell it. :-)!!

Treca Kendall

went by: Treca Black

Seasons worked: 1990-1992

Funny story or happening:

There are soo many I can't pick just one. I met some of the best people during those 2 years. I will never forget all the great times!

Areas of park: mostly Shockwave

email: Treca Kendall

People to find: Shawn Cowan,Melissa(shockwave'91),Julie Cahill

Other info: I am a cosmotologist in a salon in Southlake, TX and live in Ft. Worth. I have now been married to the love of my life for 5 years come May, Ray Kendall-a fellow SFOTer. We have 2 beautiful girls that are the apple of our eye.

Ray Kendall

Seasons worked: 1988-91

Funny story or happening:

I remember my first day at the Park. Orientation for Chaps. I want to say my Foreman was Ricky Sipes. Sitting on one of the Cue House rails with my HS baseball jersey on, thinking I was absolutely the coolest person there. Many great times with Jeremy Stroop, Eric Bunch, Trey(can't remember his last name) and Troy. Driving Cliffhanger and seeing James Hetfield (from Metallica) walk on to the ride and seeing a whorde of tail-whipping teens waiting for him at the exit. Shotgunning Coca Colas. Softball, Eagle Mountain Lake. I guess the best part of working out there is the 2 relationships I made out there: Jeremy Stroop- My very best friend, and Treca Kendall(was Black) my loving wife.

Areas of park: Chaps, Flume, Cliffhanger, and whoever had open shifts!

email: Ray Kendall

People to find: Amy Tedesco, Trey(if I could just remember his last name!) Troy Quigley, Eric Bunch

Other info: my Website. You can see the 2 beautiful little girls Treca and I have, and see what's up in my life!

Vicki Lee

went by: Vicki Dougherty

Seasons worked: 1969-1969

email: Vicki Lee

Billy Venable

Seasons worked: 1977-1981

Funny story or happening:

So many good ones to tell. I remember standing on the dock at Flume I with Billy Peters watching all the wet teeshirts come down. As Billy would leave he would always say "Well, carry on." I remember being in the booth at the mine train when a female coworker asked me if I thought the lady in isle four was pregnant. I said I was not sure but she'd better tell her that if she was she couldn't ride. She told the lady and the lady quickly explained that she was not pregnant. She was mad at me. Riding shockwave at an employee party 17 times slightly hammered. The sups had to pick me and Paul B. out of the seat.


Myself and Paul B. are in the park on a off day. We go by the canoes and notice a couple of real rookies running the ride. We get on and begin causing all kinds of problems. We are anwering all the punch lines and trying to run the canoe into walls and anything else we can. Abot 20 yards before we get back to the dock we decide to start using our paddles as shovels. We are soaking the guest behind us when this old man leaps forward and yells "Hey cut it out". I look back and this guy was dripping and mad. We hop off and begin to run knowing that security will soon be called. We make aour way over past the River and then down to the Dolfin pool where Paul B's girlfriend worked. We hideout there but our clothes are still wet. One of the trainers lets us borrow some tee shirts to leave the park. As we are walking out the back gate we run into Jo Nelson (security) and she loooks like she has been running alot. I asked her what was up and she replied " some A@@%^&es over at the canoes are causing trouble and we are trying to find them" Are tee shirts were dry ( borrowed ) and our pants were wet. I said hope you find them and we left. I never came clean on that to Jo. I suppose I owe her on that one. Boy that was fun.

Areas of park: Canoes, Flume I, II, Cave, Astrolift, Wardrobe, Fireworks Show, Disco Island,Dolfin Pool

email: Email Me...

People to find: Ken Krueger

Daryl Dalton

Seasons worked: 1986-1993

Funny story or happening:

One Saturday back in '90, while coming down out of the Mine Train Driver's box for a much-needed break (I was the only 4 train driver that day), I twisted both of my ankles! It was so embarassing! Since I couldn't walk, that little golf cart/ambulance had to come get me-- in front of a FULL cue house. (They had to get the guests to move out of the way so they could get me out!) And, of course, as we were riding to First Aid, I managed to pass about 20 of my friends. That was NOT a good day I was the only injury listed in the records for Mine Train, a title I would have loved to give to someone else.

Areas of park: Mine Train, Cash Control

email: Daryl Dalton

People to find: Kelly Stuart, Ted Robertson, Jeff Little

other depts: Cash Control

Tom Womack

Seasons worked: 1984-88

Funny story or happening:

Some of the "fun" things I remember about my time out at the park:
  1. Meeting my first "real" girlfriend in a pouring rainstorm while working Looney Land. I was working the entrance to the "carrots", while she was working the ropes. We were both soaked to the bone and totally miserable. I still remember her smile when I made a joke about our choice of careers. We went on break together that day and ended up dating for 18 months. Although we broke up shortly after we both graduated graduated high school and left for college, I'll never forget her.
  2. Cleaning vomit out of the Airplane ride after giving a group of kids an extra-long ride one day when I was hung over after a late night of drinking.
  3. Working El Hat (aka The Sombrero) during the middle of the summer when it had to have been AT LEAST 120 degrees on that @#%&!!! cement slab.
  4. Having to work Casa Magnetica as part of Mike Macabee's crew on Conquestidore. Today, I STILL believe that 90% of the people in line for Casa thought they were in line for the Flume.
  5. Telling little kids that "magic" made the balls roll up the table during the Casa Magnetica tours.
  6. Parents in Loony Land who kept asking why their kid was too tall to ride the children's rides.
  7. My friend Brian Wofford getting punched out by a parent who was pissed off because his kid was too tall to ride the boats.
  8. Working Texas Candy when I was in Gifts and selling fudge that roaches had already walked across.
  9. Being written up for writing my (full) name in the wet cement when the bridge in Texas was widened in 1984.
  10. The Night Ranger Concert...anyone else working the park that day knows that nothing more needs to be said.
  11. The seat indentification system that Mike Macabee and I used to point out hot (and not so hot) babes to each other when I was on his crew at Conquistidore.

One of the funniest things that ever happend to me out at the] park was in 1985 when I was working that ragged out old ferris wheel in Looney Land. The brakes were so worn that the ride would hardly stop and you had to balance the weights of the riders to load and unload the ride. Well, one day it happened to be really slow and I only had two riders. The first was a little girl who was well below the height requirement...but she literally must have weighed close to 150 pounds. The second rider was a little boy who was barely pushing 50 pounds. Although I put them in seperate gondolas to try and balance out the weight, the brakes were so worn that it must have taken me a good 10 minutes to unload them because the girl weighed so much, that her gondola kept over-shooting the platform when she descended.

I also remember working Conquistidor when we had to provide the crew for Casa Magnetica. When it was our time to relieve the person ahead of us, we would sneak in the back door without them knowing it. When they would roll the hardened "fruit" up the table and through the window, you would quickly grab it and roll it back through to them. I remember rolling the fruit back out to Mike Macabee 2-3 times during a tour when he really must have wanted to go on break, because I ended up getting the entire basket of hardened fruit tossed back through the window.

Areas of park: I worked every ride in the park between 1984-88.

email: Tom Womack

People to find: If anyone knows where to find Cindy Cook, who used to work in Gifts, I would appreciate any help. I would also like to find Doug Gideon, who used to work out at the park in the Plumbing Department as late as 1993-94.

Other info :

I graduated from The University of Texas-Austin in May 1991 and moved back home to Arlington. After working as an Advertising/Public Relations writer, I now work as an Account Executive for an Ad/PR agency in Fort Worth. My goal is to open my own agency in the near future.

other depts: Gifts and Souvenirs

Robert Hoar

went by: Red

Seasons worked: 1982-1989

Funny story or happening:

Would you believe that I had an attitude? Well it finally got someone mad enough to get me kicked off the engine. So I went back and worked at FlumeII. I had too much fun there with my foreman and one day caused a log jam. It was so horrendous that we had to shut the ride completely down. Chaz would have been proud of me. Anyway, the next off season, Lance talked Mike Driskel into giving me the engine back. Mike and Lance came up to me at Looney Land and offered me the job. I declined. Both of their jaws hit the floor. I then accepted and spent the rest of my time up there.

You can never have too long a blow out.

I have pictures of the trains in the air being reversed if anyone cares. (I care. Send them to me. -Alan)

Chaz where are you?

Areas of park: Roto-Disco,GT Cars,Engine

email: Robert Hoar

People to find: Doug Thurman, Cris Erneman, George, Hoss, Chaz. Anyone who worked engine 87-89

Other info: After a 10 year stint in the Navy as an instructor, I finaly moved back to Arligton.

Steve Holland

Seasons worked: 77 - 85

Funny story or happening:

River 1980 - July:

Steve Aydt, myself, and Leigh Utley went down to River in our civilian clothes for we understood that there was a new crew member that was not happy about working River. The NERVE we thought. Was he BLIND to the fun about him? So, we made arrangements with the other crew members not to recognize us and for the unhappy crew member to be our captain.

Upon loading the boat, Steve Aydt informs Mr. Unhappy that I was "Blind" and would he please explain the ride in detail for me. He looks slightly embarrassed and agrees. To add to the experience, Leigh guides me and I am wearing dark sun glasses.

The boat leaves dock and proceeds down River. Mr. Unhappy proceeds to describe in great detail everything about us. Everyone else in the boat looks at him like he is nutzs. Upon reaching the cannons, I start screaming about "What the Hell is that noise!... Is that the VC snipping at us?!?" Mr. Unhappy snaps around to correct my rude behavior and then stops upon discovering it is me - the blind man.

This continues for the rest of the ride. At the end, we exit and thank him greatly.

The Next Day...

Mr. Unhappy was scheduled to work at El Hat where Steve Aydt and I were Foreman and Asst. Foreman respectively.

I am sitting in the drivers box wearing the same pair of sun glasses. Steve Aydt meets Mr Unhappy at the entrance. In a straight face he asks Mr. Unhappy to "please explain this ride to me in great detail for I am blind".

Mr Unhappy turns around and is never heard from again.

The Moral of this very true story... do not be blind to the fun around you.

River 1980: August

HOT. STICKY. You remember don't you? The guests were getting cranky due to the heat and the line wait. Steve Aydt (again) and I were working the Dock at River. Trying to entertain the guests with amuzing stories.

In a fit of inspired insanity, I remove the liner from the trash can sitting on the dock. I climb in. The next group of guests enters the Que waiting for a boat. When they do, I burst from the trash can and scream... "This looks like a job for Trash Man!" and run into the back area. The guests start laughing and begin having some fun.

The next boat arrives in dock and I climb back in while this happens.

The next group of guests enter the que. A young boy places an empty (thankfully!) cup into the container. I toss it back at him. "Hey!" he responds. This continues until the next boat arrives at which point I jump out once again. The young boy is surprised and giggles, as does the other guests.

The third time is the charm.

I enter the trash can again, waiting to make some guests surprised and perhaps even to smile.

Steve Aydt taps on the can and wispers... Stay Inside... It's Charlie (The infamous Ride Supervisor).

Steve Aydt places the clip board on top of the trash can as Charlie approaches. Steve and Charlie talk about guests per hour and all that. Charlie begins to tap on the door openings. I see pink slips flating in front of my eyes. He eventually does leave and I emerge one last time as "Trash Man"

There is no moral to this story.

Southern Palace - 1983

There was one male dancer in particular (whose name now escapes me) that was notorious for pranks. As Sound Tech I would occassionally sit in the audience to listen and have another crew member run sound. When this prankster came on stage to sing, I began to gester at my pants fly. Indicating that his fly was undone and he was flashing the audience. He became very embarrassed and spent the rest of the number looking down and breaking the blocking in order to hide behind other dancers.

Other Palace fun included drinking heavily during lunch at Dino's at SixFlags mall and then running sound very very very loud or running the performers mike input through a severe time delay that made them sound like chipmunks.

There are numerous other stories of course...

I really do miss those days. I sincerely hope the youngsters working there today have as much fun as I did.

Areas of park: Rides, Shows, Fireworks, Food & Brew

email: Steve Holland

People to find: Tony Blackstock, Michelle Lauterbach, Lynn DeBlonc, any old Fireworks / Shows people

Other info : (personal web site)

(business web site)

other depts: Food Services, Shows and Attractions


Seasons worked: 98-now

Funny story or happening:

At the end of the year, while at "Right Stuff", I had heard the Pre-show video way to many times and learned all the words and would walk up and down the stairs saying it along with the video. Even came up body motions to go along with vidoe. Sad, right. But that is not it in the middle of sleep I had dreams of working at six flags and would often wake-up, set up in bed, say the video, spiel, or even give the clear signal. Or even give instrustions on how to get on boat at Splash(my baby).

Areas of park: All over Modern

email: Phillip

Lawrence Luster

went by: Bunky

Seasons worked: 1989

Areas of park: Shock Wave

email: Lawrence Luster

People to find: Roger F. Dickerson, Marcus Dickerson, Jenifer Madison, Chartriece Edmondson

Other info : I am currently in the Army at Ft. Sill and will be returning back to the Dallas area by the end of Feb. '99.

My address will be 9860 Scyene Dr. #914 Dallas, TX 75227

Mike Renfro

Seasons worked: 1976-1978

Funny story or happening:

In 1978, my third year at the park, I was fortunate enough to become a fireman on the train. Having worked at both Modern and Texas Lifts the year before, I wondered how life could get any better. It could. Not only were you freed of the bonds of company issued footwear (I got to wear my own boots), you got paid more, you were given an hour for lunch, and you could enjoy a nice chew of Redman or Beechnut or whatever it was some of the old men kept up front. One of 'em (not Charlie) kept a little bottle of Wild Turkey up there too. Medicinal purposes only, of course.

But the best part of all was when me and another rookie fireman whose name escapes me, were assigned to do track repair. We showed up at 6 a.m. and were then handed over to this huge guy who looked like he could've been John Henry reincarnated and this little old man who was his sidekick and designated storyteller. Those engines were their babies and we were merely a couple of goofy little suburban white kids about to learn what it was like to work on a real live road gang.

As I recall, the work was hard and very hot, even in the early morning, but the best part was the frequent breaks and unending supply of stories from our foremen. They had an unending stream of advice about girls, SFOT management, and the more ornery qualities of each train. Funny thing was, a lot of their advice about girls wasn't much different than their advice about the trains.

Funnier thing was, they were right.

Areas of park: Cave '77, Modern Lift, Texas Lift, Fireman, Grubbie--76

email: Mike Renfro

People to find: Brian Florentin, Erin _______? Worked Cave '77

Other info: Advertising Creative Director, Voiceover Talent, Essayist on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition Sunday

other depts: Grounds Quality

Yuridia Cardenas

Seasons worked: 1998-1998

Areas of park: Mr. Freeze, Good Times

email: <A href=""">Yuridia Cardenas

People to find: Marjorie, Crystal, Meagan and Josh- all from Mr. Freeze.

Other info : Find me Later!

John Shen

Seasons worked: 1976-77

Funny story or happening:

I remember working at the Mine Train and using Ajax on the brakes to help the train stop faster...then it rained and needless to say we couldn't stop the train at all. The train went through the station about seven times before we finally stopped it.

I also remember bouncing the brakes anytime a pretty girl with a halter top was on the train.

One time I was in the tunnel gathering hats when the train came. Elbows were flying by just inches from my face.

How about us escorting the girl to the train while we made her date stay at the turnstile?

Also tackling a tresspasser walking in the back area of the train.

Areas of park: Mine Train with stints at LaSalles, Log Ride, Chute Out

email: <A href="">John Shen

People to find: Bettie Buxton

Darla Coopman

went by: Darla Murray (Reynolds)

Seasons worked: 1974 - now

Funny story or happening:

First, Alan & Davis, thank you for doing this! It has been so much fun reading these entries! I recall many of the names, but can't put faces with them. Uh-oh....old age! The 70's were the good 'ol days! So many memories and fun times! Does anyone remember "Circle Man"?? He was different!! Would love to hear from anyone from back then!!

Areas of park: Mariner's Wharf, Skull Island, Dolphin Sh.,Spindletop, Offic

email: <A href="">Darla Coopman

Other info: I have been married to Kevin Coopman for a little more than a year now. I have a son (11 yrs) and a daughter (9yrs) from my marriage to Jack Reynolds. I'm still working at Six Flags in the Group Sales office as an Administrative Assisstant.

other depts: Ride Operations, Food Services, Office Staff/Group Sales, etc.

Mike McAbee

Seasons worked: 1978-1990

Funny story or happening:

I remember thinking I just needed to work at SFOT long enough to pay for that first car - a vintage 1970 Ford Maverick. Twelve years later, I turned in my last ID and the keys to a company car. All in all, it was a pretty good run. Thank goodness for second, third and fourth chances.

The best memory is sitting down at a foremans' meeting in late 1985 and striking up a conversation with Jennifer Lee. Eight years of marriage and two kids later, we're still carrying on.

There are so many stories that build up over that much time. Like the day me and an unnamed fireman decided to toss water balloons at the Tower crossing attendent. Good plan. Bad execution. One balloon missed and rolled all the way down to the Shock Wave - where it was picked up by Bill Bilyeu.

Or the day we spent all of first shift at Conquistador on a code 2. We finally opened just before 4 p.m., ran one cycle and handed the ride over to the night shift.

Or sitting on break in the "new" canteen when the radios announced - "Railroad, code 2 - derailed by Tower." We went running down to find the train with a broken main axle and one driver laying beside the rail. Two of the coaches were sitting on the trestle so we had to keep 'em entertained. Gary Collier and I ran through every waterstop joke we could remember.

Anyone who was there will remember incidents just by phrases: HTH cans, Flume Foot, LifeSaver hours at Conquistador, Blowouts at Good Times, VCs at Spindletop, double-doubles in the original canteen.

As we said so many times from the back of the train, "And I sure do thank ya!"

Areas of park: River, Railroad, Conquistador, Flume I, Group Sales

<A href="file:///F:/fromold-laptop/~alanr/pics/river78.JPG">River 78 (courtesy of Mike McAbee)

email: <A href="">Mike McAbee

People to find: Nancy Crews, Doug Thurman, Chris Ernemann, Melis Jones, John Poskey.

Other info : Finally shook that Marketing bug. Doing computer work for an insurance company in Fort Worth.

other depts: Grounds Quality, Office Staff/Group Sales, etc.

Suzanne Stewart

went by/goes by: Suzee, Smiles, Silly, etc.

Seasons worked: 1996-forever

Funny story or happening:

update: Funny story or happening:

Thanks to all who told stories about Mike Apple. He's now the highest guy in the Ops Dept. and now I have somethings to remind him of. HeHeHe. I worked Splash the entire time it was open in '98 and Judge thru HIP. Still waiting to find out where I'll be working the 2000 season. I worked Park Services for the first time last season. Why did I choose to be in charge of a level three on a busy day my first time in P.S.? After being in charge of Boomtown PS one day during Spring Breakout '99, I now have loads of respect for anyone in Park Services.

The funniest story I can think of was when I worked at Gold River in '97. We were having our daily grooming code check on dry dock when a possum wandered out on to the loading dock. Everyone else chased it to the point, where it jumped in the trough. I reminded my sup.(Diana) that the pumps and the lift were going. We watched the poor thing on the cameras (who at this point was willing to take help from even those who chased him in) until it came close to lift.

We E-stopped lift, but it didn't climb on. As soon as its head went under, she ran for the pump E-stop. Despite assurance from me that I saw him crawl out of the water and that he was okay, she was still worried. All day the crew kept scaring her by picking up seed pods and asking if they were possum tails. later he crawled into a corner and hissed at every boat that went by. That night he must have wandered off, because the next morning he was gone and occasionally we caught a gglimse of "Pumper the Possum" on the cameras.

Update: There are so many good stories that I had to post again. Not all funny, but definately great memories! - The guys at Gold River '97. (Justin, Randy, Pete, Anthony, Fennie, and yes even Parker, Kevin, and the others guys in the orginal crew) Pretending to like Parker instead of turning him in for sexual harassmment (way more effective!). Tellin guests "this is a family park, not a family making park" & "this is a family park. bring 'em, don't make 'em."

- The guys at Chaps & Giant '98. (Steven, Justin, Randy, Pete, Anthony) sorry I didn't go too, but would you have turned down a promotion?

- Haunted Houses in '97. Pretending to be a corps while Randy dragged me through the house, then dropping me and turning to the guest pointing and saying "You're next!" Getting Terrance from Security in on the scaring. Being known (with Randy) for scaring the most guests out the entrance and earning the nickname "pycho".

- Freaking guests out by following and just staring at them. Painting our faces solid black and trying to get it all off before our shift at the ride (and Randy looking like he had mascera on all day!) Pretending to be a manakin and moving only after the guests were "sure" that I wasn't "real". I can go on and on.

- Justin. Visiting him while he was working in the haunted houses, the back seat of Judge (I thought they were good memories! Don't say anything Randy!) Fixing him up with Jill to get back at Randy.

- The Batman and Robin Preview (Rehire party). The guy sitting next to me, making comments that made the movie actually enjoyable.

- Right Stuff-Laser Lights, Scared kids, Stupid Guests, Non- english speaking guests, Stupid Show cancels, Over loading, "Fat is Bad"(Internationals are so cool. thanks for the memories Peter).

- Conquistador/El Hat-100+ Summers with no shade, Gate errors, Scott Price, Grover, Peter Morris, Micheal Libby, Windrick, Eric, Marcus, and of course Jason Hamic.

Areas of park: Rides- you name it. Right Stuff sup. '98 (the final crew) Gold River, Conq, El Hell(opps, I mean El Hat). I have now worked every ride in the part plus Boomtown PS.

People to find: Justin McClure, Randy Phillips, anyone else who has left me! Way too many to name. If you know me, you can email me.

email: Suzanne Stewart

Other info: I will be sup. at Splash in '99. On the oldest 10 rides, the current picture of Chaps, Randy is the big guy walking toward the ride sup. If one more of my guy friends (older or younger) refers to me as his little sister I'm gonna scream! Nobody messes with me though. I am attending American Broadcasting School and will graduate in August. If anyones ever in the park and you see me, please say Hi. I'd love to hear about the parks history.

Carol Simpson

went by: Carol Pirrung

Seasons worked: 1966-1968

Funny story or happening:

One night at the Cave ride, it was almost time to close. Our foreman, Dwayne, was about to be married so we decided to give him a celebratory dunking in the canal. Just as we were about to wrestle him into the water, a GSW VP arrived with his wife and another couple. He was livid and called operations to have us all fired. Fortunately, Errol McCoy was the supervisor who showed up. We were all scolded, but no one lost a job.

A favorite pastime during slow times at the Cave ride was to "surf" the boats from the back brake to the front brake. One afternoon I slipped off the boat and landed flat on my backside, breaking my tailbone! I spend the rest of the summer sitting on a donut pillow.

Areas of park: Cave, Case Magnetica, Penny Arcade

email: Carol Simpson

People to find: Any Cave crew from 1966, Brooks Hunt, Rene DeMott.

Other info: I married another SFOT employee, Bob Mann. We are divorced, and I remarried - to someone else with SFOT connections! Nowadays, I still hang out with college students. I'm a professor at UNT!

Ride Operations

Janece Hutchins

went by: MOJO

Seasons worked: 79-81

Funny story or happening:


We went to Georgia. I being an avid drinker of Dr Pepper found out in a horrifying experience that they don't have Dr Pepper there. Well one of the Sups yelled Hey Mojo there's a case of Dr pepper on the bus with your name on it. Thank God I didn't have to finish the heart attack I'd begun to have. And yes I remember the dead rat in the hose at the water balloon races. And of course alot of my memories are clouded over by THE HOUSE. that parking lot we found with the old fireplace there.

Areas of park: Every game mostly section D Hi Chuck! -> mini-mine train

email: Janece Hutchins

People to find: anyone who ever went to THE HOUSE, Cowan Robertson, Ray Williams

Other info: I am a paramedic for Goliad County EMS. I am married have kids(chitlin's as we used to say.) Lots fo cats, and cows.

other depts: Ride Operations, Games

Jeremy Inmon

Seasons worked: 1989-1992

Funny story or happening:

Splashwater Falls had been broken down for a few weeks due to a lift chain breaking. It was time to reopen and we were filling up the trough. The filler valves were on, but we needed more water, so we were going to use a fire hose to fill the splash ponds. As I was tying up the fire hose to the bridge Larry (I forgot his last name) asked if it was OK to turn on the water. I said no, but he didn't get the point and turned it on full blast. There was no way I could hold down the hose, all I could do was hang on for dear life. There were about 15 to 20 guests watching along with the Splash crew until Eric Bunch (I think) finally turned off the hose.

Areas of park: Cave, Tower, Bumper Cars, Splash, Bobsled, and Rapids

email: Jeremy Inmon

People to find: Krisann Nelson, Carmella Salinas, Jason and Jeremy LaRue, Don Tate

John Gorham

Seasons worked: 1966

Areas of park: Log "flume" ride, River Boat,

email: John Gorham

Robert "Bobby" Ayala

Seasons worked: 1970-1973

Funny story or happening:

Where do I begin. Like Chuck, I remember all of the PARTIES, late night rides after the park closed: riding the Mine Train standing up; the trip to SFO Georgia. Thanks to all of you that made working there so much fun. Thanks to all of the girls that I had dates with. What a great place to meet people.

Areas of park:

Mine Train;Log Ride; Texas Lift; Puff-N-Stuff/Cling & Clang

email: Robert "Bobby" Ayala

People to find: Larry Reynolds

Other info : Thanks Alan for this site.

other depts: Ride Operations, Shows and Attractions

John Cocharo

went by: Ace

Seasons worked: 1970 - 1975

Areas of park: Spindletop,Mine Train,Ride Supervisor

email: John Cocharo

Martha Denton

Seasons worked: 1973

Funny story or happening:

Late-night rides on the runaway mine train after the park closed; the day the park FLOODED -- water up to our waists! Believe it or not, I always enjoyed taking my turn sweeping the grounds -- great chance to talk to the guests, meet people from out of town, etc. All in all, a lot of great memories! Took part in a commericial filmed in front of the Southern Palace -- a John Wayne impersonator was the star of the commercial. It took about 8 hours to shoot a 30-second TV spot. That was an interesting learning experience.

Areas of park: Runaway Mine Train, Arcade, Riverboat Ride, Bumper Cars

email: Martha Denton

Other info: I worked at Six Flags only one spring and summer, but it was a blast! Went off to college a couple of years later (SFA in Nacogdoches). I've been working as a technical editor at Texas Instruments for about 14 years.

Tom Womack

Seasons worked: 1984 1988

Areas of park: Looney Land, Judge, Conquistador, Casa Magnetica

email: Tom Womack

People to find: Cindy Cook (Gifts)

other depts: Gifts and Souvenirs

Austin Jeter

Seasons worked: 1966 - 1977

Funny story or happening:

I was working a double at Happy Motoring #1. John Bement was foreman. John sent me to the bend and told me that when his assistant foreman came back from lunch to meet him at El Chico's. Well, just when the assistant came back, one of the Happy Motoring cars caught on fire at the bend. I got the kids out of the car and walked them up and got the fire extinguisher and gave it to the assistant foreman to go and put out the fire. I told him I was going to lunch. Well, when I got to El Chico's, I told John what happen. He looked out the door and saw this cloud of smoke. He ran out of El Chico's and while running back to the ride, he fell down and hurt himself. By the time he got back the fire was out and everything was fine. I also ate his lunch that he had just paid for.

Areas of park: Worked them all from 1966-1973.

email: Austin Jeter

People to find: Bobby Grubbs

Other info: I am General Manager of HEARTBEAT PRODUCTIONS, Memphis, TN.

other depts: Shows and Attractions

Suzan Isik

Seasons worked: 1996-1998

Update: I had already put an entry up here but it's horrendously out of date since I sort of don't work at SFOT any more. So I think I'll just say that working at SFOT was a coming of age thing for me since I found a guy that I loved a lot out there by simply running his break. I hated leaving my friends there so suddenly like that, but it happens. I'm actually happier now with a job I love doing. On the other hand, there are a lot of people there I won't miss but I won't mention their names here because...well... I don't want think about them.

Funny story or happening:

Hmm...there are so many. They're not really funny, just fun.

- Working with Ishmael Anderson and Jennifer Hassenpflug, the best leads I've ever had, on the Texas Giant. Meeting the love of my life when I ran his trainer's break down at Chaps. What it is about those Chaps guys I'll never know. In '97, I had a crush on a guy there, and in '98, well, I've sort of dated one (I agreed out of pity for the boy) and had a very interesting soap opera(with half of Side 2 involved) with the former ride supe. Flirting with all my area managers.

- Working at Railroad and seeing all those wonderful men in overalls. I'll spare their names so they aren't totally embarrassed.

- Training up on engine was the best, and not just because of the overalls on those engineers. All of the lovely soap operas that go on. (You know the ones... the ones that totally ruin your reputation and are still completely untrue)

- After they moved Jennifer Hassenpflug to Mr. Freeze, working over there on my spare time so I can work with her again.

- Being teased by Brett Edmiston and Zeke Taylor (after he transferred to engine)for having a crush on one of the engineers.

- Finding out my lead went to jail twice within a two month period.

- Finding two of my very best friends (Jason Garrett and Jennifer Ashenhart)

Areas of park: Giant,Chaps,Railroad,FREEZE,Splash(my first ride), Snowhill, G-Force,Looneyhell.

email: Suzan Isik

People to find: Jesse Simmons,Angela Pulley,Pete Shaner,Marc Gomez, Krista Keyes

Other info : Now, that guy I fell in love with I no longer talk to much but I will never forget him or anyone else out there at SFOT.

Kevin Donovan

Seasons worked: 1970 - 1976

Funny story or happening:

Too many to recount here! But a lot of great ones!

Areas of park: Cannons, Texas Lift, Canoes, Modern Lift, Mine Train

email: Kevin Donovan

People to find: Where did all my good friends go?

Other info : I live in Arlington, self-employed with beautiful wife and 3 kids!

Glen Cline

Seasons worked: 1971 - 1976

Areas of park: Riverboat, Flume 1, Tower and Slide, First Aid

email: Glen Cline

People to find: Bill White

other depts: Other areas
-Alan Reynolds - SFOT.NET site admin (Food Service 76, Ride Operations 77-79)

-Get your nostalgic Six Flags Fix here at SFOT.NET

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