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Old December 23rd, 2004, 02:22 PM
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Default Food Service entries from old sfot 1

paul thomas mccrady

Went by: tom

Seasons worked: 1979-1980

Funny Story or happening:

It was the best of times and the worst of times. The worst being when
they sent Kent Haynes and myself to ma snookers in goodtimes square to vend cokes to the people in line for the newly opened judge roy scream. The problem was we could've sold out before even getting to the line by people we passed by, so we would devise new routes to the line each trip{through flower beds etc.} but I really knew we were in for a lousy job assignment when we showed up at ma's and our supervisor took one look at who the office had sent and started to laugh,"they sent you two for this."

Email: paul thomas mccrady

Areas of Park: Prospect Point concession stand{next to the Big bend.

People to find: steve holland,tonya o'niell, david good, brian swhettmann.rob graham

Wednesday, August 21, 2002 at 16:51:12 (CDT)

Allison Byer

Seasons worked: 1995

Funny Story or happening:

Well, not exactly funny but, very exciting for my first time in the big city. It was one stormy night in May when one minute I was serving food and the next we were being told to evacuate. The park was flooding. By the time, my friend's friend and I got to the parking lot we were soaked and barely able to see far enough ahead of us to get out and get home. We made though and it makes a great story to tell people. I am thankful I met my new friend when I moved to Arlington and that he looked after me so well. Seeing he came out into a storm to do it. Thanks! I had the best time ever working at Six Flags--It's been my favorite job so far.

Email: Allison Byer

Areas of Park: Texas

People to find: Billy Roadifer please email! It's been too long! Or if anyone else knows him let him know I am Looking for him. Thanks!

Thursday, July 25, 2002 at 19:33:16 (CDT)


Went by: tommy

Seasons worked: 1985-1986

Funny Story or happening:

I had a great time at the BeachComber.......I worked in the food servece and had alot of good old freinds....

Tommy Simpson

Email: tommy



Other info: SINGLE NOW.......GOT KID.........32 YRS ODL..... LIKE TO SEE AN OLD FREIND......

Friday, June 28, 2002 at 22:58:18 (CDT)

Joe Vacanti

Seasons worked: 1977-1983

Funny Story or happening:

Moving pallets from one side of the Ice House to the other with Gene Winfield and Dave Williams. Dave wanted to drive the scooter and didn't quite make it under the ice machine and we destroyed one scooter.Also shooting a power hose from the back area of Casa De Las Banderas on to the Sombrero ride,while the park was open and watching Grounds Quality get the blame.

Email: Joe Vacanti

Areas of Park: All over.

People to find: Anyone from those years.

Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 17:15:45 (CDT)

Robin Beale

Went by: Robin Posey

Seasons worked: 1983-1985

Funny Story or happening:

Too Many to list

Email: Robin Beale

Areas of Park: Food Service...All Over

People to find: Elvia Hernandez, Debbie Banks

Wednesday, May 22, 2002 at 23:21:20 (CDT)

Dawn Clark

Seasons worked: 1982-1985

Funny Story or happening:

I remember the over nite parties. Hanging out in the parking lot singing songs and drinking anything we could get our hands on. I remember lying to my mother that I was going to work an over night shift party ( I think the park was going to stay open until 3 am) , I told her that I was going to sleep at the Southern Palace but I really checking in to that shoddy hotel across the street(Howard Johnson's) with about 15 other people. If you remember that night. email me.
I also remember I begged my mother to let me work at Six Flags. She forged my birth certificate. I was everyone's little baby sister at 15.

Email: Dawn Clark

Areas of Park: Good times Diner, Hot dog stand across from Mine train

People to find: Anyone who remembers that night... Shannon Selver(GROUNDS)


Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 15:53:06 (CDT)


Went by: winston

Seasons worked: 1978-1981

Monday, April 01, 2002 at 19:42:50 (CST)

Darren Sapp

Seasons worked: 1983

Funny Story or happening:

Filming "Not So Live Saturday Night" for the food services party in 1983 and seeing everyone's reaction.

Email: Darren Sapp

Areas of Park: Dry Hole Charlies, Coal Miner's Diner

People to find: Greg "Fuz" Fazekas, Scott Ford

Other info: Married with kids 2, 4, 6. Live in Rockwall, TX and sell commercial insurance to large companies.

Monday, March 25, 2002 at 10:38:24 (CST)

Darren Sapp

Seasons worked: 1983

Funny Story or happening:

Filming the "Not so Live Saturday Night" for the food services party was a lot of fun. I mostly worked on that with Greg "Fuz" Fazekas.

Email: Darren Sapp

Areas of Park: All over.

Monday, March 25, 2002 at 10:03:05 (CST)

Mitzie Larson

Went by: Ahern

Seasons worked: 73-74

Funny Story or happening:

can't tell, my children will find this page and read it.

Email: Mitzie Larson

Areas of Park: Goodtimes Square and the Skeeball Palace.

Other info: Would love to hear from former co-workers or any ex-employees that now live in Southern California like me!

Friday, March 22, 2002 at 14:22:40 (CST)

Jim Germany

Went by: Jim Germany

Seasons worked: 1985-1987

Email: Jim Germany

Areas of Park: Ice House

Saturday, February 16, 2002 at 00:51:47 (CST)

Lynn Box

Seasons worked: 1980?

Funny Story or happening:

I worked in food service at Ma Snooker's Good Time Kitchen and then at a Pinkthing booth around 1980. I remember not liking Mike Carboni at the time but am sure he was and still is a great guy. However, at the time it was enough to make me quit and go on to other employment. What a great site this is and wish it and the creator(s) the very best.

Thanks for the memories.

-Lynn Box

Email: Lynn Box

Areas of Park: Goodtimes

Sunday, January 20, 2002 at 19:52:00 (CST)

Jeff Lowes

Went by: Jeff

Seasons worked: 1976 & 1978

Funny Story or happening:

Ever gotten thrown into the Watermelon Patch?
At the end of my last day at Casa, almost our entire crew was escorted to the Foods office because we got caught having one hellacious water fight. I rounded a corner and into a back doorway with a GQ power hose in hand only to meet up face to face with a Sup. I sure wish I could remember who it was I almost doused. We spent the next hour in his office trying to talk him out of firing all of us.
I can think of a couple of other good ones:
Remember the old bowling alley behind Good Times Square? One crowded Saturday night we were having a blast throwing the old cardboard pizza bottoms over the fence behind Ma's & into a big oak tree in the parking lot of the bowling alley. Quite a few were getting stuck! Some guy who worked at the bowling alley was in & out of their back door and was watching us play frisbee (those things could really fly!). We started aiming at him (and hitting him). In fact, at least one actually went inside the door - no idea what was in there. Well, he started throwing them back, and was doing quite well. He really heaved one and it flew over the Ma's backarea, over the fence and into the park where the guests were! I wonder if it hit anybody?
At Ma's, we had a walk-in refridgerator & a walk-in freezer. In the back room are the big doors to walk inside. On the opposite wall of each was 1 or 2 smaller "window" doors that you could open from the front line area. One day we were taking turns going inside the big walk-in fridge, closing the doors and screaming as loud as we could (Dan Wood, Tim Waters & who else?) From the front line, you could barely hear this faint little wail on the other side of the wall. One of us (I think it was Tim) was in there belting it out when another of us had an idea. We waited until he was at his peak and threw the window door wide open. A burst of SCREAM!!! came rushing out into the front line area and startled all the employees as well as all the guests that were in line to eat one of those disappearing chicken hot dogs. You should've seen the look on Tim's face when that door came flying open!!
Disappearing hot dog? We used to cook the foot long (chicken) hot dogs on a great big cookie sheet in the pizza ovens. Those things would really swell up while they were in there. One of them fell off of the cookie sheet and was sitting on the bottom of the oven, so we decided to leave it there and see what would happen. We would check on it every once-in-a-while. It would get bigger, then split open, then get hard and dark. I expected it to just burn to a crisp. No. After a while, it actually melted, yes melted into this little black puddle of ? I checked back a little later to find that it was just GONE. It just disappeared without a trace. Did you ever eat one of those things?

Email: Jeff Lowes

Areas of Park: 1976- Casa, 1978- Ma's Hookers (Ma Snooker's)

People to find: Levi, Keith Steffan & the old Ma's gang.

Other info: I am the Owner/Engineer of On-Track Recording. I work with all types of audio - studio recording, digital editing, CD mastering, etc. My wife, Paula (not a SFOT chic) and I live in Euless with our 2 boys, Nathen (4) & Jake (1 1/2).

Sunday, November 11, 2001 at 02:16:34 (CST)

April Smith

Went by: April Hartman

Seasons worked: 1989-1991

Funny Story or happening:

Way too many. From what I can remember of them, Louis and Mike Mckenzie's parties were always way too much fun. Of course the flings, softball games, sneaking people in the employee entrance...I could go on and on. I still talk to Tanya Raymond (Brasfield), Linda Quan (Cruz), I see Steven George out and about every now and then. Some of the best times of my young life came from six flags (and some of the worst.)

Email: April Smith

Areas of Park: Colonel's Pizza, Newman's II, Smokehouse

People to find: anyone who I worked with at Colonel's. (Shawna, Keri, etc..) All the people at Smokehouse. Mike, Shenae, Cedric..It's been too long to remember last names.

Other info: I started my own business in August 2000 in the legal field. We are doing very well. I live in Fort Worth with my 9!! year old son and husband.

Thursday, October 25, 2001 at 14:27:39 (CDT)

Tammy Max

Went by: Tammy Hartman

Seasons worked: 1987-1991

Funny Story or happening:

I remember alot of good times and meeting alot of great people.
It was a period of time in my life that I will never forget.

Email: Tammy Max

Areas of Park: Goldminers Diner, Colonels Pizza, Gazebo, etc

People to find: Anyone who remembers me from 1987-1991

Saturday, October 06, 2001 at 20:07:57 (CDT)


Went by: Boylan

Seasons worked: 1995-1998

Funny Story or happening:

I can't think of one day I went without a funny story coming my way from telling fibs to my supervisors(Erin,and Matt)to get out of work to finding creative ways to hide little rodents from the guests. One of the moments that sticks out in my mind is the day I was filling in for Jessica at USA Smoothie, I had just mixed a batch of smoothie mix and I was getting ready to dump it in. That night I was working with my best frien Brooke and like always got the a case of the giggles when I went to pour it in over my head, I slipped and dumped the entire batch on myself. No other than Quang wrote me up that night. Till this day I am friends with Quang and from time to time he brings up the day he wrote me up...

Email: Cara

Areas of Park: Hard Deck, GoldMiners, Newman's II, Prima, etc....

People to find: Lisa,Lori,Nicole,Eric Rector,Laura Reckoff,Anna Sanchez,

Friday, September 21, 2001 at 22:07:40 (CDT)

Lori De La Cruz

Went by: Lori Eggleston

Seasons worked: 1981-1989

Funny Story or happening:

The most fun I ever had was working at Dry Hole Charlie's. We would put a "jambox" up on the counter and blare "Dirty Jobs Done Dirt Cheap" over and over again. And when the supervisors made us get rid of the radio, we spoke in pig latin...all the time.

Email: Lori De La Cruz

Areas of Park: Puppet Theatre, new Canteen, Dry Hole Charlie's, and some Sausage place

People to find: Dan Lieberman,

Other info: Earned degree in Communications from UTA in 1987. Now live in Euless and am Communications/Marketing Manager for the City. Also have beautiful 3-year-old daughter.

Thursday, September 20, 2001 at 22:02:39 (CDT)

David Nugent Jr.

Seasons worked: 1981-1983

Funny Story or happening:

Ice House, Let your mind wonder!!!!!!!!!!! Cold to the melting of ice.

Email: David Nugent Jr.

Areas of Park: Food Service: sippers and ice house

Monday, September 10, 2001 at 16:52:20 (CDT)

Mickey Munir

Seasons worked: 1967-1971

Funny Story or happening:

Too many to try to remember but will update when have more time

Email: Mickey Munir

Areas of Park: Asst. Mgr. Duster Dan's, General Mgr. Catfish Inn and Roving Supervisor

Other info: I am an Architect who owns and operates a high end homebuilding company in Dallas TX I learned more about business when I was a teenager and young adult at SFOT than any college course ever offered. I still use the knowledge thirty years later. I think if you ask the other management people from my group you will find that they will agree. Priceless experience..............

Thursday, September 06, 2001 at 07:30:26 (CDT)

Travis Dean

Seasons worked: 1985-1987

Funny Story or happening:

Dave Kayzaka's haircut!!!

Email: Travis Dean

Areas of Park: Texas - Colonel's Cafe - Manager

Other info:

Wednesday, August 15, 2001 at 12:28:35 (CDT)

Jay Littlejohn

Went by: Jay Littlejohn

Seasons worked: 1985-1993

Funny Story or happening:

Every day at Mine Train had a funny story. To many to list

Email: Jay Littlejohn

Areas of Park: Boomtown/Run a way Mine Train. Front Gate, Foods/Ice House,Post mix. Electric Dept.

Monday, August 13, 2001 at 11:54:01 (CDT)

Jay Littlejohn

Went by: Jay Littlejohn

Seasons worked: 1985-1993

Email: Jay Littlejohn

Areas of Park: Boomtown/Run a way Mine Train. Front Gate, Foods/Ice House,Post mix. Electric Dept.

Monday, August 13, 2001 at 11:52:28 (CDT)

Juan Guzman

Seasons worked: 1987-1989

Email: Juan Guzman

Areas of Park: Chicken, Palace, All Over

People to find: Amy Pullam, Brian Williams, Leslie Mullen, Monica, Angie(from Chicken), Pam Schumaker, Angela Webb, Bernadine, Irma(G&S), Penny(PS), Darlene Phillips

Saturday, August 11, 2001 at 13:22:31 (CDT)

Phillip Sauseda

Seasons worked: 1979-1981

Funny Story or happening:

One Sat. night it was slow at Marriner's. We sent a yellow tag to Ma's to get a fish we need a fish scaler with breaded fish. We called Ma's and told them to send him someplace elese.We had him going all over the park looking for that scaler. Well twenty min. later the Supervisor called and ask us why are yellow tag was in the office quiting. After that called we never sent any one for a fish scaler again. That is one of many storys i remenber from working at SFOT.

Email: Phillip Sauseda

Areas of Park: all over the park

Wednesday, August 08, 2001 at 22:03:51 (CDT)

Rob Lockhart

Seasons worked: 76-80

Funny Story or happening:

Of How the park was haunted by ghost. There was a ghost in the Southeren Palace, creepy things happened there. The Texas Sweet Shop by The Flume had a dead girl who wandered there and several others Old employees spread the stories of this and lept them alive,often pretending to be the ghosts to scare new employees

Email: Rob Lockhart

Areas of Park: worked all over the park in food service

Tuesday, August 07, 2001 at 18:48:35 (CDT)

Cathy Kovschak

Went by: Cathy Green

Seasons worked: 1968-1969

Funny Story or happening:

My mom dropped me off in the Six Flags parking lot, thinking my roommate was going to pick me up and take me and all my possessions to our apartment. In the meantime, the roomie's dad said she couldn't move to Arlington! I was abandoned! I went ahead and went to work, and mentioned to one of my co-workers, Pat Buckley, what had happened. He called his mom, and she told him to bring me home, that I could stay with them. Pat and Mike took me to the Buckley home in Ft. Worth and Mrs. Buckley put me in Betty's room. I was overwhelmed. The next day, my roommate's dad understood that everything would be okay, and she moved out to Arlington, and we had a great summer together. Can't thank the Buckley family enough.

My two summers at Six Flags were the happiest of my youth. I remember Barbara Beasley throwing ice into the grease vats, causing all sorts of cracking and popping. During very busy times, she also would yell, "Hey, there's Paul Newman at the Petting Zoo," causing flocks of guests to leave our stand and run over there. She was hilarious! My worst assignment was the rodeo - can't even think about that one. We bought several watermelons from the watermelon stand and took them home and injected them with vodka and had a great party - found watermelon rinds on the roof of our apartment building the next day. I also remember the music at that Mexican train ride playing over and over and over and having to listen to it in the food stand next door. I survived an initiation in the Cafeteria (what was the name of that cafeteria??) in which they put a coin on your tipped back forehead. While your head was tipped back with your eyes closed, they poured a glass of ice water down the front of your dress! Good clean fun, and they allowed you to go get a dry uniform too!

I've taken my children to Six Flags many times, and have to say that I liked the original theme idea much better than the amusement park it's become. Having the six distinct sections set Six Flags apart from all others. I almost resent other amusement parks using the Six Flags name, as they have nothing to do with the six flags which flew over the great state of Texas. But the smells, the heat, and the humidity are all still the same as they were in the 60s, and it will always be a great place to spend a day!

Email: Cathy Kovschak

Areas of Park: Every food stand in the park.

People to find: Becky Boyd

Monday, August 06, 2001 at 21:32:43 (CDT)

Jana Johns

Went by: Jana Haddox

Seasons worked: 1982-1983

Email: Jana Johns

Areas of Park: Texas

People to find: Diane Roberts

Thursday, August 02, 2001 at 16:23:18 (CDT)

Stepheny Craig

Went by: Stepheny Foose

Seasons worked: 1985-1986

Funny Story or happening:

As always Stephanie Hoover and I worked at Ice Cream Palace
and many other "yummy" places. We were always together
we hung out with the ever cute Andy and Nate along with many
others. On rainy days Steph and I would "clean" the
freezers and make ice creams to eat while sitting in
the empty freezer. I'll never forget finding Bugs
hanging from the ceiling in the mgrs office with
skewers in his hands and ketchup all over him, I
believe at this time Tommy K. or Searl might have
been the manager.

Steph and I went to the Galleria with Andy during x-mas
and we did not want to go in that day. Andy was our
mgr. and he called in for us to be late because he said
we had a flat tire (he could not get into his trunk at
this time and everyone knew this) We just walked around
for a while and then went in when we were done shopping.

And I too remember cash control and how I hated to walk
to the new building on the other side of the park.

The parties at the pool and shopping at the co store.

The Hot summers and the cold christimas in the park at
Dixie Bells

Areas of Park: Ice Cream Palace Dixie Bells all over

People to find: any one from the summer of '85

Friday, July 20, 2001 at 00:22:58 (CDT)

Darryl Perkins

Seasons worked: 1983

Email: Darryl Perkins

Areas of Park: Texas

Thursday, June 28, 2001 at 16:54:33 (CDT)

Bill Cashion

Seasons worked: 1969-1971

Email: Bill Cashion

Areas of Park: All

Tuesday, June 26, 2001 at 12:50:58 (CDT)

John Throne

Seasons worked: 1967-1970

Funny Story or happening:

Worked in food/beverage. Whenever a "rookie" came aboard, we would send he/she to another stand to get a "hotdog peeler"....We would call the next stand to let them know he/whe was coming, and then the new stand would tell to go to another, different stand...the rookie would spend a couple of hours going from stand to stand looking for the hotdog peeler!!

Email: John Throne

Areas of Park: Worked in all the food/beverage stands.

Monday, June 25, 2001 at 15:14:07 (CDT)

John Throne

Seasons worked: 1967-1970

Funny Story or happening:

Worked in food/beverage. Whenever a "rookie" came aboard, we would send he/she to another stand to get a "hotdog peeler"....We would call the next stand to let them know he/whe was coming, and then the new stand would tell to go to another, different stand...the rookie would spend a couple of hours going from stand to stand looking for the hotdog peeler!!

Email: John Throne

Areas of Park: Worked in all the food/beverage stands.

Monday, June 25, 2001 at 15:11:43 (CDT)

John Throne

Seasons worked: 1967-1970

Funny Story or happening:

Worked in food/beverage. Whenever a "rookie" came aboard, we would send he/she to another stand to get a "hotdog peeler"....We would call the next stand to let them know he/whe was coming, and then the new stand would tell to go to another, different stand...the rookie would spend a couple of hours going from stand to stand looking for the hotdog peeler!!

Email: John Throne

Areas of Park: Worked in all the food/beverage stands.

Monday, June 25, 2001 at 15:11:03 (CDT)

Doreen Labit'

Went by: Jarboe

Seasons worked: 1963-1966

Funny Story or happening:

The funniest stories/memories I have from working at what used to be El Chicos diner in the park, I don't beblieve I could share without fear of prosecution !!!...only kidding...When not serving the visitors in the capacity of hostess..keeping the un-ruley kids in line during the heat would work in the employee dining room. Every day we would target different park employess for their "FREE" surprise..(kind of like Cracker Jacks) rolled up inside of their enchillada. Most took it as friendly but I can remember being chased thru the park on several ocassions. As I always thought the Gun Fighters to be the cutest hunks in the park, I would retreat and hide behind them for safty. Can't tell you how much I miss those days. I have 6 brothers and sisters al who worked at the park under the name "Jarboe" Most worked at El Chicos. Please feel free to e-mail if you feel the need for a pay-back. giggle giggle.

Email: Doreen Labit'

Areas of Park: Texas...but as a hostess I loved to roam daily bringing ice tea to the gun fighters and roving entertainers.

Other info:

Monday, June 18, 2001 at 11:12:59 (CDT)

Frank E. Duty

Seasons worked: 1974--1979

Email: Frank E. Duty

Areas of Park: Every food service stand in the Park

Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 21:46:25 (CDT)

T. Elizabeth King

Went by: Tobi King

Seasons worked: 1976-1977

Funny Story or happening:

Not really a FUNNY story, but definitely a Six Flags memory...I worked at Dry Hole Charlie's (yes, I wore a LOVELY orange, blue, and white striped dress w/coordinating apron thingy) in Boom Town. The season was winding down, so it was a fairly slow fall day. Laurie (sorry, don't remember her last name) was helping fill up the ice bin and the metal plate on the bottom of the bag struck a front tooth. To this day, I still have the same cap on that tooth! I was frantic--not only would I miss work, but in a short time I would be leaving for college with only part of a tooth. That and "getting caught" by the parking lot guys are two of the strongest memories I have of my Six Flags days. I loved the place, the people, the smells...

Email: T. Elizabeth King

Areas of Park: Boom Town

Sunday, June 10, 2001 at 15:36:13 (CDT)

John Gray

Seasons worked: 1984 - now

Funny Story or happening:

Worked for Scott Hees, Greg Fazekas, and Dave Kaazyaka. They tought me how to break curfew at home and consume mass quantities of beverages. Sleeping on the shelves in Casa at 3:30 am, before a day of catering still hurt today.

Email: John Gray

Areas of Park: All over.

People to find: Greg Fazekas

Friday, June 08, 2001 at 08:54:33 (CDT)

John Gray

Seasons worked: 1984-2001

Funny Story or happening:

While I was working in Group Sales on a Senior Night program- We had a Chevy car on display down near the Shockwave that we were going to give away. It was the Spring and We had one of those notorious Johnson Creek Floods. Needless to say, the car tuned into a submarine.

Email: John Gray

Areas of Park: Confedracy, Texas, Mexico, Marketing, Group Sales, Ice House

People to find: Scott Hees

Friday, June 08, 2001 at 08:37:32 (CDT)

Joe Sugrue

Seasons worked: 1986-1998

Funny Story or happening:

A lot of funny stories, and a lot of great friends too. Drop me a line gang!

Email: Joe Sugrue

Areas of Park: 86-94 Food Service, 95-96, Games & Attractions, 97-98 Foods (again!)

People to find: Mitch Brooke, Todd Walters, Eric Gilbert, and everyone form '86 on!

Other info: Check out the web site Bruce Foster and I created, it's a free email Bible Study and it's pretty cool.

Wednesday, June 06, 2001 at 16:48:46 (CDT)


Seasons worked: 1970-1974

Funny Story or happening:





Friday, June 01, 2001 at 13:48:54 (CDT)

Janine Saucedo

Went by: Janine Rucker

Seasons worked: 1977-1978

Thursday, May 31, 2001 at 21:39:19 (CDT)

Janine Saucedo

Went by: Janine Rucker

Seasons worked: 1977-1978

Email: Janine Saucedo

Areas of Park: By southern Place (sold pink things)

Thursday, May 31, 2001 at 11:09:50 (CDT)

Terry Bunker

Seasons worked: 1976-1977

Email: Terry Bunker

Areas of Park: Food & Beverage - some everywhere but ended up at I.C. Fizz

Wednesday, May 30, 2001 at 21:46:11 (CDT)

randy tinkle

Seasons worked: 1967-1973

Email: randy tinkle

People to find: larry grigsby, gary skinner, russel melton,

Other info: rose lord at scarborough faire...part owner of tudor rose shop # 159

Thursday, May 10, 2001 at 20:31:19 (CDT)

Lisa Hukill

Went by: Davis

Seasons worked: 1985-1988

Funny Story or happening:

I have many fond memories of working at Six Flags. I can't believe it has been over 15 years since I wore that beautiful rust colored uniform and flipped hamburgers at Pit Stop. Wow, that makes me feel old! I have so many stories I could tell, I wouldn't know where to begin so, I'll just mention a few people and events that I remember.

- Flings
- Waiting to be cleared!
- Stan Mills (What is Six Flags without Stan)
- Whip Cream fight with Toby Shannon and Brad Hazen at Ice Cream Pal.
- Greasy hair after a night working the grill
- The smell of LaCantina or Pit Stop after a May Sat.
- Cleaning those nasty mats!!!
- Sneaking out of the park in uniform to go eat at Wendy's
- Movie Nights
- Ordering way to much!
- Working the all night parties!
- Talking on radios
- Meeting lots of great friends!

Email: Lisa Hukill

Areas of Park: Pink things,LaCantina,Roses,Dixie Belles,Pit Stop,Office Clerk

Tuesday, May 08, 2001 at 00:35:47 (CDT)

Justin Hibbs

Seasons worked: 1985-1988

Funny Story or happening:

My First Day -

My Grandmother drove me to the park that fateful day in the spring of '85. I was only 15 and not looking forward to accepting my new roles of responsibility; another lazy summer would suit me just fine. But I knew deep down that it was time for me earn a living'!

I had been assigned to a restaurant, Dixie Bells. It sounded harmless enough, I got into my tight scratchy pants, donned on my recycled button down shirt, slipped on my black Reeboks and didn't want to forget that nice elastic belt and I was ready to jump into my new role in food service.

As I entered the back area of the restaurant, I noticed a smell, a smell that would become a part of me over the next several years. I walked into the kitchen looking as lost as I did silly and asked for the manager. "Today is my first day," I proudly proclaimed to the audience. My statements didn't seem to deter them from their daily routine of deep frying vegetables and grilling meat. “Hey, I’m Tony (I don’t remember his name)”, he said. “Why don’t you go help with drinks?” Sure, I thought, that seems easy enough

As I slid through the swinging door, the reality hit me. The line was as far as I could see, to the end of the entrance, down the stairs and into the street. Chaos introduced itself.

As I made my way towards the drink dispenser next to the cashier, the current “drink person” saw me. “Here, help these people. I have to go to the back.” “Um, . .ok.” I muttered. As I searched my mind for the greeting instructions I was taught in the training sessions, a woman interrupted my thought process. “I’ll have three $1 cokes.” Three, dollar, cokes - I repeated to myself as I searched for the cups. Ah, these will work, after all, a dollar for a coke – must be the large size. So I grabbed the three largest cups stacked ever so brilliantly before me and proceeded to fill them with ice and good ole coca cola. I was working! How easy was this?!?

As I triumphed in my responsibility, the lady who had placed her drink order with me proceeded to pay. As I placed the drinks on her tray, she was putting her wallet away into her purse. “Ma’am,” said the cashier, who I knew was there but had failed to recognize her existence until now. “Those aren’t the $1 drinks, those are $1.25” “Excuse me?” my first client asked. “Those aren’t the size you paid for, the drinks you have are the $1.25 size, and you paid for the $1 size.” “Well, that’s your problem isn’t it?” the guest proclaimed.

I was intrigued by this confrontation developing before me, forgetting about my second client and my drink distributing roles I had been given. The cashier was standing her ground, “I’m going to have to charge you for the difference.” The guest stood a little higher “I’m not paying, sorry. He made a mistake, not me.” Oops, she’s right. I guess it was kind of my fault.

Out of nowhere, well out of the line, client #2 decided to speak his mind. “Why don’t you just pay them? You are holding everyone up.” I will call him Max. I hadn’t really paid attention to Max, but he was a burley fellow – tall, sleeveless shirt, earring, the kind of guy that made you intimidated just by the sight of him. “Mind your own business!” she calmly stated in his general direction. Max replied, in a mild manner, “just pay, you don’t have to be a bitch about it.”

I really don’t know why she did it, I never thought in my wildest dreams she would, but she grabbed one of her $1.25 cokes and threw it on the nice gentleman. I was in shock, the cashier’s jaw hit the floor, he was wet & sticky and I guess, the woman was satisfied, after all, .25 of it was free?

But before I could even think of a response (this is not something I was taught in training) Max proceeded to reach for the “other” two drinks I had poured and one by one dumped their contents upon her head. His look of surprise was passed to the woman; she stood in complete horror as her clothes, hair and lunch had now been dowsed in the very drinks that started this little dispute. Needless to say, the lady ran off, Max smiled, the cashier ran screaming to the back and I, little ol’ first day boy, was banished to the kitchen, where I had to wash dishes for the rest of my shift.

Email: Justin Hibbs

Areas of Park: Dixie Bells, Chicken, Casa

Tuesday, April 17, 2001 at 10:54:38 (CDT)

Melissa King

Went by: Misty Clay

Seasons worked: 1988

Funny Story or happening:

I remember working @ Chicken Plantation, and having a waterfight during the week because it was DEAD in the park, Jimbo had just tried to get me with a pitcher of water by pouring it over the counter, as I ducked under it, he then went around the back to try to get in, and got completely douced by the dishwasher spray hose and when he turned to go in that way Brad got him with the hose at the other back door. Brad then locked the door so that Jimbo could not get in and when there was a knock on the door and it was opened, everyone thinking that it would be Jimbo was ready to shoot water, aimed and fired, right into one of the Supervisors (I forget her name).

Email: Melissa King

Areas of Park: Southern

People to find: Wendy Burton (now Graham)

Monday, April 16, 2001 at 12:59:49 (CDT)

Lydia Player

Went by: Lydia Trostel

Seasons worked: 1976-80

Funny Story or happening:

My sisters (Anna & Nancy) and I couldn't wait to get jobs at SF when we moved to Arlington on '76. Making $1.90 an hour, we worked double shifts with enthusiasm.
I remember smelling like cotton candy for days after working that booth because I couldn't wash it all out of my hair and eyelashes.
I remember working the pizza place in Goodtimes Square where the hamburger and sausage pizza were the same thing - we just put them in different racks and no one ever complained. And I've never worn anything as ratty as those employee tennis shoes after a sweaty summer.
I learned the Heimlich maneuver by casually eyeing the poster that hung over the phone in the locker room. I later used it to save someone.
Best times were working in the employee store and swimming pool.
I remember Six Flags so fondly for helping me get through those ugly, awkward teen years with fun and freindships.

Email: Lydia Player

Areas of Park: Food & Brew, Gifts, Employee Pool & Store

Other info: I graduated from UTA. Live in Dallas. Married. Three great kids.

Thursday, April 12, 2001 at 12:12:30 (CDT)

Pat Mercincavage

Went by: Pat Shaw

Seasons worked: 1968-1969

Funny Story or happening:

So many funny things happened that it's hard to pick just one event. However, I most vividly remember one day during the Fall of 1969, while working at the Cafeteris in the Southern Section. I normally worked as cashier, but that day I was working on the food serving line. As we were setting up for the day, we opened the metal cabinet where the rolls were stored, and discovered that the rolls that had been there the day before had been thoroughly "chewed" by something. That gave us a funny feeling, but we just threw them out and went on setting up. Well, as we were serving customers (excuse me - guests)later that morning, we were surprised by someone in the kitchen yelling, and then the sound of pans hitting the floor. Just as one of the guests in line asked "what was that all about?", a huge rat ran across my feet, and then the feet of the other two hostesses serving. We each jumped back at least a foot, one right after the other, like a chorus line. The rat jumped right through a small opening in the side of the roll storage cabinet. We must have looked as shocked as we were, because the guests in line were staring at all of us, from one of us to the other. The three of us just burst out laughing, and the guests never knew what had happened. One of the guys from the kitchen managed to capture the rat, and had it (still alive) in a large garbage can behind the cafeteria. We all knew it was back there, because he tricked us into coming back there and then showed it to us. Well, that afternoon an elderly man came through the serving line. He obviously thought our menu should reflect his idea of the "real Old South", because he demanded fried possum. The fried chicken wouldn't do - he wanted possum or nothing, and let the whole world know about it. We went back to tell Mrs. Renfro, the indomitable cook and "den mother" for the Cafeteria crew, that we had found a use for our unwelcome four-legged visitor in the trash can, but she failed to see the humor in our suggestion. Needless to say, the old gentleman went away without any "possum" and our unwelcome visitor out back met his untimely end another way. We never ate rolls from that cabinet again!

Email: Pat Mercincavage

Areas of Park: Krofft's Puppet Theatre; Wild West Show; Cafeteria; Jersey Lilly

People to find: Linda Hill, Carol Hutcheson, Deena Jordan, and Gary Brown from the Wild West Show crew; Linda Uselton, Chris Vaughn, Steve Turrentine and others from the Cafeteria. Too many folks to mention them all from the two years I was there!

Wednesday, April 04, 2001 at 12:41:01 (CDT)

Dawn Clark

Seasons worked: 1982-1985

Funny Story or happening:

I worked the Hot dog stand by the Mini Mine train , we were like a family.

Email: Dawn Clark

Areas of Park: Goodtimes

Sunday, April 01, 2001 at 12:43:12 (CDT)

Linda Jurca

Went by: Linda Goad

Seasons worked: 1979-1983

Funny Story or happening:

There are too many to list! It was a wonderful time in my life, and I have many wonderful memories.

Email: Linda Jurca

Areas of Park: Almost everywhere, from Pink Thing carts to the Canteen

People to find: Anyone from Food Service 1979-83, or anyone else who remembers me.

Other info: I'm happily married to Kyle Jurca(not from Six Flags). We live in Coppell, TX, have two beautiful daughters, ages 13 and 5, and we all have season passes to Six Flags! I'm a middle school special education teacher in Irving.

Friday, March 30, 2001 at 16:08:47 (CST)

Rebecca Strange

Went by: Bearden

Seasons worked: 1975-1976

Email: Rebecca Strange

Thursday, March 22, 2001 at 10:12:18 (CST)

Ann Marin

Went by: Ann

Seasons worked: 2000

Funny Story or happening:

Catering the trash folks......the kids that changedclothes at the lunch

Email: Ann Marin

Areas of Park: Hurricane Harbor boogie beach, and Catering

People to find: Allof ya!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2001 at 15:16:37 (CST)

Bruce Chaffin

Seasons worked: 1969-1975

Email: Bruce Chaffin

Areas of Park: Food Service,All over

Saturday, March 17, 2001 at 18:58:57 (CST)

Laura Revier

Seasons worked: 1984-1985

Email: Laura Revier

Areas of Park: Food Service (Chicken Plantation, Pink Things, Drinks, Icecreams

Monday, March 12, 2001 at 10:58:17 (CST)

Dena Edwards

Went by: Kessler

Seasons worked: Summer 84'

Email: Dena Edwards

Areas of Park: Airconditioned theater by tunnel to Judge Roy Scream

Sunday, March 11, 2001 at 22:34:28 (CST)

Charles M Portales

Seasons worked: 1976 - 1984

Funny Story or happening:

Where to start ?....? The Flood of '77..emptying all frig / freezers
in the at the apt. Jim Sparks and the key (not funny
then, kinda chuckly at the apt....End of year "Majors", at the apt...New Year's Eve Winter snow
party at the apt.....Spring "Recruiting" and "Orientation"....
you guessed it.....PARTY AT THE APARTMENT !!!! Did I ever work ?
I'm sure I made some kind of contribution. Left for 1 yr (1981),
then came back late '82....transferred to Astroworld in 1983.
For those that remember Ted Sulak...we partied at his house.
(Astroworld). Oh yea, my 1st day on the job...VH making me punch out
to go get a haircut. Lots O'Friendships over the many years...
Trips to the beach...Pecos River Trip (Talk about Survivor)...
Springsteen Concerts....Did I mention Parties At The Apartment ?

Email: Charles M Portales

Areas of Park: Food Service, Food Svc Supv

People to find: Keep in touch gang

Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 20:23:47 (CST)

Marshall Werst

Seasons worked: 1980-1983

Funny Story or happening:

Too many funny stories and most I will have to plead the 5th on.

Email: Marshall Werst

Areas of Park: Employee Canteen, Casa, Ma Snooker's, Ice House, Gold Miners, and most every other stand for a day or two.

People to find: Anybody who remembers me.

Friday, March 02, 2001 at 14:10:59 (CST)

Sam Marshall

Went by: Sam

Seasons worked: 1964-1967

Funny Story or happening:

The Best Years of My Life...can't wait until reunion.
C.D. Risinger, all my food service friends....
thanks for the memories...

Email: Sam Marshall

Areas of Park: Depot Cafe: Texas Modern Snack Stand USA

People to find: Mary DeNeve Ronnie Sheckles

Wednesday, February 21, 2001 at 18:06:18 (CST)

Eric Mills

Seasons worked: 1985-1986

Email: Eric Mills

Areas of Park: Casa De Los Banderas, Newman's and Newman's II

Tuesday, February 20, 2001 at 17:16:30 (CST)

Billy Thompson

Went by: Same

Seasons worked: 1979-1982

Funny Story or happening:

So many...scooter races after hours, throwing each other off the Music Mill bridge, making life miserable for Melton and Carboni (really good guys), tapeball tournies, hanging out in Post Mix, harassing the Sippers, too many parties...

Email: Billy Thompson

Areas of Park: Ice House

People to find: None really. Would love to hear from anyone around that time to see what's up.

Other info: Married, living in Arlington, and still love to go to SFOT!

Friday, February 16, 2001 at 15:49:01 (CST)

Brian Cordova

Went by: Brian Noe

Seasons worked: 1976-1978

Funny Story or happening:

So many great memories it is hard to decide one. Even though it may not have always shown at the time, I certainly learned the important lesson of laughter and not taking life so seriously. And yes, I was a little bit of a controversal person in my last season, but hey, now a lot of young kids are "outing" themselves, so I suppose that I was a "pre-revolutionary".

I'm sure looking forward to the reunion this June.

Be happy, life is much better that way,

Email: Brian Cordova

Areas of Park: Food and Brew (oops! I mean "Food and Beverage), Parking Lot

People to find: Too many to mention. You were ALL great!! E-mail me!

Other info: I am currently a student and teacher of "A Course In Miracles" with a vision of a teaching and healing center based on the Course.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001 at 23:51:04 (CST)

Pam Hebron

Went by: Pam Haynes

Seasons worked: 1977-1988

Funny Story or happening:

I have very fond memories of working at; Welches Grape stand working with purple hands,
the endless hot days standing behind an Ice Cream Cart, working as a cashier at stands
like Chicken Plantation, Dixie Bells and all night on Senior nights. Had fun working at
the new employees Canteen as a manager and meeting all the different employees, also
worked in the office and putting up with all the fake employee sick calls as we kept
putting people on hold.

Side note: my husband said that I should mention all the fun times he had working and
going to all the different parties after work. His name is Mike "The Geek" Hebron.

I also spent time working as a leassee at Amazing Pictures.

Email: Pam Hebron

Areas of Park: Started at Welches, then Ice Cream carts, cashier & everywhere including office and canten.

People to find: Love to hear from all the positive fun people I worked with.

Other info: Married to ex-Six Flags employee Mike "The Geek" Hebron in 1985, now 15 years and going strong. We have 3 children, 1 dog, 12 fish and an enormous amounts of Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts.

Saturday, January 13, 2001 at 23:11:02 (CST)

Gary Pace

Seasons worked: 1970-1971

Funny Story or happening:

I remember working for the El Chico resturant and there was this old man that came to the park everyday since he was a little boy the park gave him a life time pass to the park. And every year El Chico would give him a dinner and make him a cake for his birthday. So on this particular birthday (oh by the way this old man had no teeth) we all was standing around waiting on this old man to finish his dinner which consisted of RICE and beans. So he finally finished his meal and we lit the candles on the cake and sat the cake in front of the old man to let him blow out the candles and when he blew on the candles RICE blew all over the cake iceing!!! Needless to say nobody wanted any cake after that!!

Email: Gary Pace

Areas of Park: El Chico resturant

People to find: Melanie Tabola-Bobby Baggett-Debbie Fuller-Steve Wright-Mark Tabola

Saturday, January 13, 2001 at 21:27:01 (CST)

Sherry Rippin

Went by: Sherry Shoemaker

Seasons worked: 1974-1975

Funny Story or happening:

The first summer i worked at Dry Hole Charlies's. Oh the grease!!
My co-worker, Doreen and I were friends with the some of the mechanics. For my birthday she arranged for them to throw me into the pool where they worked on the riverboats. Now that was some nasty water. The supervisor said okay but they had to throw both of us in which they did. The only problem was --- doreen could not swim. I have never seen boots and toolbelts come of so fast. We were about
2-3 hours late from our lunch break. Luckily it was a slow day.

I am now a Claim Specialist handling Worker's Compensation Claims.
In 1991,I married a former SFOT Employee, George Rippin. He worked in Gifts & Souvenirs.

Email: Sherry Rippin

Saturday, January 13, 2001 at 20:13:43 (CST)

Chris Carney

Seasons worked: 1986-1993

Funny story or happening:
My personal favorite was when I was a black tag trying to show Todd Walters that I could be as devious as the best of them. I master-minded the abduction of Tony Anderson's "We Care About You at Newmans II" chocolate cake that he and his mom baked for his crew. Somehow, I managed to go into Newmans II in the morning and take the cake without anybody noticing. I walked it across the park and stored it at PIT STOP's freezer under the command of Andy Taguwa. The manager from Rides saw us put it in the freezer and later stole it from we found out later after Tony's gallant effort to find the culprit that stole his cake.

I also recall, after being trained by the masters who shall remain nameless, the "Coke Tank Specials" and adding a few zeroes to Tommy Kaferle, Andy Taguwa, and Scott Jones' order sheets. The looks on their faces when they received a "few" extra jugs of frying grease was priceless.

Of course, we couldn't forget all the great post-game gatherings at Stan's or Lewis using the company truck to haul ice to his party.

Finally, we can't forget the fond memories of THE CAVE....but I'll let Searle John Lawson tell those stories.

Areas of park: Hot Dog Corner, Newman's 1, Rose's Cantina,

email: Chris Carney

People to find: David West, Stan Mills, Andy Taguwa, Tim Moore, Harold Etheridge, and any of the gang from the championship softball team in 1990.

Other info : For those of you were friend with Searle John Lawson, let me know, I still keep in touch with him. He's married and living in Atlanta now.

Food Services

Joe Chase

Seasons worked: 1967-1972

Funny story or happening:
I remember building snowmen in the melon patch, wearing wigs at Modern Snack Stand, sending people through the park for "milk amplifiers" and "weine peelers", when they put the roof on the Southern Palace, when all the food at Shady Oaks was made by hand, when hamburgers were made to order individually (of course the hambugers cost $.25 and cheese was an extra $.10!

Do you remember the old name tags with your name and city? Managers and Asst. Mgrs. had different color name tags. What happened to the guards with the white pith helmets?

Areas of park: Depot, Modern, Boomtown, Shady Oaks Cafeteria

email: Joe Chase

People to find: Cathy Bentz, Tony "Tater" Bradley, Janet Truitt, Jackie Horton, David Butts, Barbara Beasley, Mickey Munir, any of the Boomtown crew or cafeteria crew that worked with me.

Other info : Instructional Coordinator for Houston Ind. School District

Food Services

Doug Milburn

Seasons worked: 1972 - 1979

Funny story or happening
Too many to mention. lol (besides, we all made a pact. What happened here, stays here, right???) Probably the best known incident was when a couple of us kidnapped and threw someone into the lagoon back behind Mariner's Wharf during broad daylight. Just our luck that one of the senior, senior execs (for the corporation, not just the park) was on coming across on the rafts and saw the whole thing. Not a pretty picture, but I managed to keep my job (barely).

Anyway, I was in my garage the other day and opened up this box that hadn't seen the light of day in years, and what did I find but dozens of SFOT name tags from all of my friends. Remember that one summer (was it one?) that we went through a craze of stealing each others name tags? I must have had to replace twenty or thirty of my name tags that people had stolen, even when they started charging us for them.

Areas of park: Pretty much all over the park.

email: Doug Milburn

Other info : I've worked in entertainment (Disney), biotech (Amgen), food distribution (Dole), and as an exec of a private entertainment company; Also, I put some time in at one of the Big Five consulting firms, and now am an exec at a high tech company going public in August. I owe it all to SFOT. *smile*

Food Services

Dwight Hamilton

Seasons worked: 1962-1963

Funny story or happening
I worked in food service on Skull Island both years and I think the years are correct. That was a long time ago. i will never forget the time spent at Six Flags.
One of the most memorable event was the "Employee Dunking." When an employee left his or her employment at Six Flags, in those days, everyone got together and dunked them in the watermelon tank.
The tank was filled with not only watermelons, but with large blocks of ICE. It made for an interesting conclusion for employment at one of the greatest places on earth to work. I would like to contact anyone that might remember me.
I was the one wearing the blue ane white shirt and white pants. LOL

Areas of park: SKULL ISLAND

email: Dwight Hamilton


Other info : I now live the the Great Northwest in Rainier, WA.

Food Services

Becky Nelson

went by: Becky Baker

Seasons worked: 1970

Funny story or happening
I remember being told by my supervisor to go retrieve the fish hanger from an eating area down by Skull Island. I did as I was told. When I asked for the fish hanger, the supervisor laughed so hard! He said I passed initiation in Food Services by following through with my supervisor's request. I was so embarrased!!

Areas of park: Ice Cream Stand

email: Becky Baker

People to find: Kandy Littrell

Food Services

Van Frey

Seasons worked: 75-80

Funny story or happening:

The night Frank Duty came to the park after his shift ****-faced.

I started in 1975 at Ice Cream Palace. I was the first
female to ever work there, apparently. They kept insisting
I must be the 'Patio Girl. I made $1.70/hr. The next year I
got 'promoted' to Cashier & made $1.80 hour!!

Areas of park: I worked everywhere in food service.

email: Van Frey

People to find: Kelly Taylor, Ginger, 'Chicken' (Tim) Watters), Tracy Allee, Brian & Donna Shelby

Food Services

Dan Gonzales

Seasons worked: 1987-1990

Funny story or happening:

Sending all the new hires off searching for a squeegee sharpeners...hehe.

Areas of park: Chubbies!!

email: Dan Gonzales

People to find: Just all those that worked at Chubbies between the years of 87-90

Other info : Living in Arlington. Work for ExxonMobil Corp. in the IT Department as a computer consultant. Married Chrissy Sampson who also worked out at 6-Flags. We have two 2 children (1-boy 1-girl) ages 5 & 4.

Food Services

Deborah Johnson

went by: Deborah Moore

Seasons worked: 1982-1983

email: Deborah Johnson

People to find: ann arnold
-Alan Reynolds - SFOT.NET site admin (Food Service 76, Ride Operations 77-79)

-Get your nostalgic Six Flags Fix here at SFOT.NET

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