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Old December 23rd, 2004, 02:23 PM
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Default Food Service entries from old sfot 2

Pam Jackson

Seasons worked: 1992-1994

Areas of park: Rides, Gifts, Foods

email: Pam Jackson

other depts: Ride Operations, Food Services


Seasons worked: 1973,1974

Funny story or happening:


Areas of park: PUPPET THEATER

email: Guy Willingham

People to find: KAREN YAZOO - GENE RENNER -

Billy Bishop

Seasons worked: 1975

Funny story or happening:

Drawing rain turtles in the dirt behind Mustard's Last Stand and hoping for rain...

Areas of park: Mustard's Last Stand

email: Billy Bishop

Randy Barker

Seasons worked: 1975-1977

Areas of park: Food Service and every concert I could

email: Randy Barker

People to find: Guy, Mark, Bill ... you know who you are! Joe Wren, Mike Campbell

Other info : I wonder if, in current times, that any of us could work as many hours, makes so little money and have as much fun and make as many friends as we did working at the Park ... anything beyond that: I plead the fifth ... I wasn't even there that night anyway.

Tracey Murray

went by: Tracey Harms

Seasons worked: 1989 -1991

Areas of park: Spain, Cantina, and Snow Hut

email: Tracey Murray

People to find: Marsha Strout

Lynn Peters

went by: Lynn Buesing

Seasons worked: 1977-1978

Funny story or happening::

I had a great time! I will never forget:
  • the flings, even though it was a lot of disco music
  • - putting lots of soap in the fountain behind a restaurant in Texas - just to get some certain grounds guys to come by for the clean up
  • - the rats, BIG doesn't describe them
  • - Frank Duty hypnotizing people- especially one guy had to shout out "I Love Six Flags" every time he heard "water"
  • - also regarding Frank Duty, I remember having to show him how well "used" the cleaning rags were before he would let us get a new one
  • - taking breaks in the freezers at Mariners

Areas of park: Mariners; Ma Snookers; Pit Stop;

email: Lynn Peters

People to find: Rodney Thomas; Greg Boulet;

Other info: still live in Arlington, but rarely go to Six Flags. I graduated from UTA in '84 with a degree in nursing. I've worked in neonatal and pediatric ICU's since then. I've been married since '85, and we have two daughters ages 8 and 4. I run a lot carpools, and I'm having a blast with this mommy role. I'm amazed how many people I run in to from SFOT - it's great.

Greg Gant

Seasons worked: 1969-1970

Areas of park: Food Service - various stands as day-off relief asst. mgr.

email: Greg Gant

People to find: Greg Friess

Other info I am an information technology consultant. I have never left the area and now live in Dallas.

Food Services

Denise H. LeGear

went by: Denise Howell, Nicole

Seasons worked: 1979-1980

Funny story or happening:

It's not funny - the heatwave of 1980 I worked in games at the back area by the parachute ride. I worked doubles alot and sometimes would go back to change clothes three to four times a day because the uniform would be completely soaking wet from sweat. I made good money (for a kid)but I definitely paid for it that year.

Areas of park: Good Times Square

email: Denise H. LeGear

Food Services Games

Janet Beesley

Seasons worked: 1978-1980

Funny story or happening: I remember the creek coming up and flooding Chicken. I remember drinking the Welche's grape stuff that we had left out in the sun all year. I remember riding the Shock Wave early in the mornings while the engineers were checking it out. I remember Wiley, Chuck, Van, Carey Don, kelley, Mary Jo, Sandra, Darren Beaver, Stan,Greg, EJ along with the rest of the food service crew..... and those incessant whistling tamales

Areas of park: Chicken

email: Janet Beesley

Food Services

Barbara Cuesta

went by: Crouch

Seasons worked: 1973-1975

Funny story or happening:

The bomb threat and the cashiers not wanting to leave their money behind . I worked in the zoo area then and before was in seafood area.

Areas of park: Food Service all over the park

email: Barbara Cuesta

Food Services

Joe Chase

Seasons worked: 1967-1972

Funny story or happening:

One of the funny moments was when Dick Jenkins put the foot long wieners on the Indian's arrows on the LaSalle river boat ride. Security escorted him out of the park and I never saw him again.

Areas of park: Modern Snack, Boomtown, Shady Oaks Cafeteria

email: Joe Chase

People to find: Janet Truit, Jackie Horton,

Jonathan McCoy

Seasons worked: 1979-1980

Funny story or happening:

I remember many good times and many great friends. Reading all of the posts really makes me miss those summers.

I remember once when working at Casa that the catering people left a keg (without tap) in our walk-in cooler. That night while we were thirsty, we fashioned a long straw and stuck it into the tap connection and caught a good buzz to help us cleanup for the night.

Does everyone remember having to go to the grease barrels to dump grease while trying not to puke?

One of my first jobs was at the melon patch. I remember climbing on the ice and digging those ice cold things from the ice bin and occasionally having a leg go through the ice into the water. Brrrrr!!

Many other fun times but it will take more time to recall them.

Areas of park: Mellon Patch, Casa, Dry Hole, Sippers, Pit Stop & More

email: Jonathan McCoy

Other info: Went to A&M (Chem Eng) and now live in the Houston area working for a property insurance company that insures chem/petrochem & oil/gas companies. Two kids (2&5).

Shawn Jackson

Seasons worked: 1985-1990

Funny story or happening:

Oh my, where do I begin! I just remember all of the happy times while working there in the 100+ degree weather! (I wonder if the air conditioning had EVER been fixed!)

I just recently paid the park a visit this June and boy have some things changed while some things have not. I wonder if today's new hires are still being asked to find that elusive "Squeegee Sharpener".

Areas of park: Dixie Carmel Corn (wonder what they call it now)

email: Shawn Jackson

Other info: Shawn's website

Barbara Coesta

went by: Barbara Crouch

Seasons worked: 1973-1975

Funny story or happening:

I remember the bomb threat and not getting back into the park to get our clothes and car keys to leave.

Areas of park: Sea Food, Lemonade stand at zoo and other food areas

email: Barbara Coesta

Tambry Tomaro

Seasons worked: 1980-1985

Areas of park: 4 seasons Food Service and 2 seasons Revenue Control

email: Tambry Tomaro

People to find: Rhonda Sleezak - Smith, Greg Howard, Kitty Lockett, Curtis Orrick

other depts: Cash Control

Karen Wooldridge DeRouen

Seasons worked: 1970-1971

Areas of park: Food & Beverage-Mexican Snack Stand, some Break Relief

email: Karen Wooldridge DeRouen

People to find: Bruce Richards, Sharon Kramer, Dave Leck

Fred G. Cox

Seasons worked: 1965-1969

Funny story or happening:
  • Pink Things melting in the heat/Dry Ice in carts.
  • Going crazy after hearing the Marlboro Theme song in the background for the Hundreth time.
  • You are not an employee and they are not customers, you are a host, and they are your guests!
  • Pulling a hugh Watermellon out at the Patch, everyone wanting some, and it turning out to be rotten (liquid) on the inside.
  • Cash control losing a stack of bills from my till and keeping me there three hours until they located it.
  • Falling in the trough after losing balance upon releasing logs on Flume #1
  • Getting in a splash fight with guests sitting at bottom of Hi lift on #1 on a slow night.
  • Body surfing after hours in the Flume (Rivets hurt!)
  • Good Day my friends, and let me be the first to welcome you to my little French Riverboat, The FiFi!
  • Doors failing to open on LaSalle cave and flooding boat.
  • Axle falling out of RiverBoat, and since I was only one who admitted to swimming, diving under boat in uniform and putting it back in place while they put cotter key back in, then crossing Confederacy Square Green from head to toe.
  • Being in awe of all the girls that worked there, and too shy to ask them out.

Aw- so many more! Will post as time allows

Areas of park: Smith Ice Cream/Pink Things-Yuck!/Food and Beverage/ Ride Op

email: Fred G. Cox

People to find: I'm too old and can't remember. They say the memory goes second, and I can't remember what went first!

other depts: Ride Operations, Food Services, Leasees (Freeze Frame Photo, etc.)

Gini Nester

went by: Gini Salter

Seasons worked: 1976-1981

Funny story or happening:

I was the cashier at the hamburger stand in the Mexico section. A woman argued with the price of the food and ended up throwing her 24 oz Coke on me, yelling and throwing her food. My manager Hue Eichelberger called Security and raced out to follow this woman (whose family had walked off and left her when she went bizerk). I will never forget Hue telling Security on the phone that a woman just went @#$%^ crazy.

Areas of park: Food Service

email: Gini Nester

People to find: Bobbie Jo Breedlove, Celeste Wyatt, and anyone else I worked with.

Other info : SFOT was a great place to work. The pay was sad, but meeting so many kids was a blast!

Anita Stephens

Seasons worked: 1987-1991

Funny story or happening:

Too many to mention.

Areas of park: Food Service and Rides

email: Don't have one

People to find: Melissa Rachel, Tanya Brasfield

other depts: Ride Operations

Justin Rush

went by: Mike

Seasons worked: 1991

Funny story or happening:

None come to mind....wait....nope.

Areas of park: I worked pool for F&B. I worked every food stand there.

email: Justin Rush

Other info : If you really want to know, write me.

Melissa Randall

went by: Melissa Rachel

Seasons worked: 1987-1989

Funny story or happening: There were too many to write about.

Areas of park: Food Service and Looney Tunes Land

email: Melissa Randall

People to find: Anita Stephens, Missy McClellan, Tanya Brasfield,

Other info : I am now married to a Air Traffic Controller and live in Georgia. I have 2 children, Austin 4 years old and Alyssa 21 months old. I do not work I am a stay at home mom.

other depts: Ride Operations

Doug Warner

Seasons worked: 1976

Funny story or happening:

Got to shake Linda Carters(Wonder Woman) hand before boarding the "new ride" "Spinnaker". She Looked sooooo good.

Areas of park: Dixie Belles Hickory House

email: Doug Warner

Charlotte Byrd

went by: Charlotte Stempel

Seasons worked: 1975-1981

Funny story or happening:

I worked all over the park, started during May Saturdays in 1975 on Cave Ice Cream from 11 - 9. What memories I have. One of the funniest things I remember happening was at Ma's Snookers. I asked Helen to pull down the flaps for closing and pull them down she did! She pulled one of those huge things off the wall! Another funny thing that happened was when Mat Thurburn and I called Sherry down from the office and Matt crawled under the wire shelving unit and acted like he was having a major breakdown. I thought Sherry was going to pass out!!

Other memories - RATs, RATs, and more RATs at MA's!! Wonderful nights at the parks, always my favorite time. Great friends and great trips to Galveston with the "Space Managers".

Areas of park: Food Service - almost all stands!

email: Charlotte Byrd

People to find: Linda Kelso, Matt Thurburn

Other info : I now live in Grand Prairie with my Husband, Randy Byrd also of Six Flags fame and we have three beautiful kids, age 13, 11, and 8. I graduated from North Texas State and was a state employee until I finally was able to quit and be a full time mom!! My lifes goal - HA, HA. I am busier now than I ever was.

Michelle (Terry) Freeman

Seasons worked: 1974-1982

Funny story or happening:

I still feel sick to my stomach when I remember smarting off to Carey Don when he asked me to get him a napkin and I told him I wasn't his maid. I was just kidding, but I could tell by the dead silence in the room that no one else thought it was funny.

How about Frank Duty putting Michelle Hierman into a trance and making her eat 1/2 pound hot dogs. One after another. Moving sipper carts out of the park for the winter using a scooter because we were too lazy to walk them out.

Unfortunately we took a corner too fast and everyone in the back couldn't hold onto it. We went one way and it went the other.OOps. Remember sitting in the post mix office under the clock. Eric did a great paint job of Dr. Pepper and Coke on the cieling. My favorite memory is making out with Mickey in the back areas. After 20 years of marriage to him I'd still like to visit a back area with him!

Areas of park: All Food Service stands and office

email: Michelle (Terry) Freeman

People to find: Keith Steffan, Greg Hudson, Sherri Geilhart, Nana, Frank Duty, Wylie, everyone from this time period.

Other info : After dating mickey for 5 years. We've been married for 20 years. Have daughter 12 and son 9 both look just like Mickey. Still live in Arlington and are still best friends with Randy & Charlotte (stemple) Byrd.

Darci Merrett

went by: Darci Bartlett

Seasons worked: 1979

Funny story or happening:

I mostly worked the stand that sold "nutty bars" (Cotton Pickin') and was constantly having ice cream quality problems until they shut it down that year. It fell under Stan Smith's managerial "care" and, since nobody came around the place, I took to writing him notes regarding any adverse situations that became more and more sarcastic in nature, as did his rebuttals.

Soon our notes contained the salutations, "Dear B*t*h," and "Dear A**h**e," to the amusement of all (well, most) and were usually passed around like the comics page of the newspaper or hung on a back room wall.

Areas of park: Modern - right by the sea lions!

email: Darci Merrett

People to find: Saw Stan managing at Bennigan's in Arlington about 6-7 years later, he and Colleen were married and had a kid. Kinda wonder where Laura and the other Darci(y?) are, heck, even Burley....

Other info :

Now I'm happily married with two adorable daughters and a pet menagerie (including a Longhorn steer) in Crowley. We are Apple dealers and do web-hosting as well.

Brian Bennett

Seasons worked: 1980-1982

Funny story or happening:

The thing I most remember is Richard Jonas yelling at a person to "GET OUT OF THE LOG, NOW" trying to prevent a backup that would lead to a ride closure, only to find out that the guy had no legs.

Areas of park: El Asseradero, La Cantina

email: email: Brian Bennett

People to find: Todd Wadle, Phylis Pruit, "Matterhorn", Wayne Bush, Roxanne Orso, Kelly Henry, Vanessa Hutchins

Other info : I am now a Physical Therapist living in Irving.

other depts: Ride Operations

Cindy McLaughlin

Seasons worked: 1978

Areas of park: Food Service

email: Cindy McLaughlin

Dan Lieberman

went by: "Danny" in early FS days

Seasons worked: 1980-1990

Funny story or happening:

So many I can't count...and some, I can't tell. Although the statute of limitat ions has expired on most of them.

Areas of park: Food Service, Security, Internal Security

email: Dan Lieberman

People to find:

Looking for all my old homies from Internal Security, ski trip companions, Bicar di Brothers & "Fred". Also searching for ex-Foods friends.

Other info :

Left SFOT in 1990 to take over Investigations at Six Flags Great America, near C hicago. In 1997, took current job as Corporate Investigator for Darden Restuara nces, Inc. (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Bahama Breeze restaurants). Live in Orla ndo, FL, and travel throughout U.S. and Canada. Still single (married to my car eer). Enjoying warm winters, hot summers, and margaritas and sunsets near the mo use.

Mark Thompson

Seasons worked: 1979-1982

Funny story or happening:

there were so many great times, great people and memories that i cannot really pick out just one;

I remember the whole crew clucking (like a chicken) to different songs while we were digging ourselves out of the weeds in pitstop
anglea burk, greg jones and i were stocking pink thing carts
<LI>the politics involved with food service

Areas of park: worked in every foodservice location except for ice house

email: Mark Thompson

People to find: stan mills, greg boulet, ej randolf, the rosenboom brothers, joe vacanti, paul hippman, gene winfield, kim spears,tony anderson john and david b olster,allen woodsworth, danny lieberman

Other info: six flags made a tremendous impression on me, cannot seem to get out of food service!! i graduated with a degree in institutional food service management (bulk production management) currently i live in salt lake city and i am executive account manager and corporate chef with the top food brokerage in market, Intermountain Foods Corporation

Meigan Collins

Seasons worked: 1996 - 1998

Funny story or happening:
  • Geesh! I have so many sories, and memories.
  • Cleaning out the yogurt machine at Texas Yogurt.
  • Having a lady bring back her yogurt wanting a refund, because it had melted before she had time to finish it.
  • Having to go beind Texas Yogurt to flip the breakers, you know down there b y the Log Flume where the water splashed out. I always thought a snake would att ack me. (never did).
  • Working overtime at Texas BBQ and dragging out htose heavy black floor mats every night to clean them.
  • Having the tea machine at Newmans 1 fall over and the small water hose, tha t was connected to fill it break off and spew water all over the floor.
  • Seeing my share of rats and wild cats
  • Meeting so many new people and makeing so many friends.

Areas of park: Texas area

email: Meigan Collins

People to find: I would like to get in contact with anybody that I worked with. Or anybody who works in the area now, and could share stories with me.

Other info : I am currently in community college, and I am heading out to a univ ersity to obtain an Environmental Engineer degree.

Paul Hippman

went by: Hippo

Seasons worked: 1979-1985

Funny story or happening:

Too much funny stuff to cover here. I remember working an awful lot of hours fo r not much pay, and loving every minute of it.

Areas of park: Every Stand in the Park

email: Paul Hippman

People to find: Looking for Bubbie Tinnermann and Danny Lieberman. For all of y ou looking for Greg Fazekas..I know where he is.

Other info : Graduated from Baylor and Texas A & M, married Jackie Zimmer (forme r Sipper Cart heart-throb and office manager) in 1986. Now have two daughters a nd work as production manager for a chemical company in Baltimore, MD.

Larry Stein

Seasons worked: 1978-1980?

Funny story or happening:

Lots of memories. I think most of them happened - its all a blur. Most are goo d, others...
  • Dave Williams dressed up for Halloween as FrankenDuty
  • An unbelievable number of parties. My first ever drunk. Not to mention my 2nd through 10th. Did designated sober after that with Linda Kelso.
  • I didn't know watermelons could roll that far. We ran a few dozen more test s to be sure...
  • Viscious games of spades at Susan Campbell's
  • Learning poker the hard way
  • Ice House: the bad boys of Food Service. I didn't know you could do so man y things with a can of WD40 and a match.
  • Chris doing his "Teddy the Talking Texas Toast" routine at Dixie Bell's
  • Scott Graham's attitude
  • Getting caught with fake nametag twice within 15 minutes
  • Great kisser (name withheld) in the closet at Casa
  • Snoozing under the stars in front of Warderobe, waking up to get breakfast at the all night restaurant on Collins (Country Skillet?). Repeat at least 3 ni ghts per week.
  • Working 110 hours in one week. OK - not fun, but the hallucinations were p retty good
  • Singing "Happy Birthday" for EJ's girlfriend
  • Broomball!!!!
  • Pool parties
  • Giving Julia Reinhardt (Cash Control) a lift on the scooter because of her crutches, and dumping her on a sharp turn.
  • Losing a scooter in the river under Shock Wave during a flood. Thanks to t he anonymous security guy who towed it out and didn't write it up.
  • Cleaning up the weekend after the park closed. Frank and company sent me t o empty trash cans from all the restaurants. They forgot I was there and left.. . "400 to any Food Service unit. Damn it! Where are you guys..."
  • The one time I decided not to be gullible for a Dave Williams straight line : I ended up at first aid - he wasn't kidding about that heater.

Areas of park: Started at Iron Horse (Texas), everywhere else eventually

email: Larry Stein

People to find: The Campbell clan: Susan, Mary, Missy, Martha.

Other info: After food service, sang a few seasons at Holiday in the Park. Brrr ! I keep running into other Six Flaggots - you're everywhere! Still keep in tou ch with Dave Lipsky, Tambry Tomaro, et al. My goodness - is Cal Brim STILL ther e? Given CPR to any other aquatic creatures recently? Married and a kid. Run a small computer consulting company. Building a new house myself in the DFW ar ea - 3 and a half years and still not ready to move in.

On the bright side, I'm only half the jerk I used to be.

Dana Holster

went by: Dana Kingston

Seasons worked: 1963 - 1966

Funny story or happening:

Irony Story---- Betty "Lynn" Buckley & I shared lockers one season while she sang in the Crazy Horse Saloon & Amphitheatre. John Deuchendorf (nee Denver) asked me out when I worked modern snack stand and he drove kiddie cars across street. I said "no".

Areas of park: Modern, Mexican, & Texas Snack Stands (cashier)

email: Dana Holster

Other info: Pecan Plantation, Granbury, Texas 76049

Mitchell Brooke

went by: Mitch

Seasons worked: 1979-1987

Funny story or happening:

How long is the statute of limitations on these things?

Areas of park: Most every snack stand and restaurant

email: Mitchell Brooke

Other info: I am now working for the City of Fort Worth in the Community Cable Office.

Christine Roach

went by: Christine Comer

Seasons worked: 1986- 1991 Funny story or happening:

* The Bat Cave !!
* Being called a Star Baby when I was 15.
* The people!!

Areas of park: Gourmet Burger, USA Funnel Cake, Retail Office

email: Christine Roach

People to find:

Harold Etheridge, Joe Sugrue, Heather Reed, Tommy Kaferle, Mark Yates, Marion Ta ddino, Wylie "Coyote", Dan Gilbert

Other info:

I graduated from Texas A&M --WHOOP! I am a parttime teacher, spending the re st of my time with my adorable two-year old son, Ryan, and Aggie husband, Keith . I live out on the way to nowhere --Rockwall (it's waaay east!). I have chatted with Mary Alvey recently. I just love her. E-mail me; I would love to hear from you.

Doug Worrell

Seasons worked: 1976-1982

Funny story or happening:

I, like many others, enjoyed Charles Portales's parties. I enjoyed working the late shift and going out to eat at Denny's with Sarah Trickey and Laurie Taylor and all that bunch back in 1977-1978. I enjoyed the years of softball with Tom Oliver, Greg Boulet, Gregg (Mr. FW Zoo) Hudson, Mark Weeden, etc. There were too many fun times over the years to mention.

email: Doug Worrell

People to find: Ronny Becknal, Michelle Fell, Kieth Steffen

Other info :

I am a CPA for a local bank in the Southlake area and have an 11 year old daughter who I stay active with in her softball and basketball activities.

Dan Stanley

Seasons worked: 1976 - 1980

Funny story or happening:

I have very fond memories of my years at SFOT, many great times and many great friends (and a wife, Sherrie Wakeland-Stanley).

I don't think I've worked (or partied) as hard as I did during those years at Six Flags. One incident that captures the essence of those days: helping someone find his brand new Toyota Celica on a Saturday morning after one of the famous after hours parties. We found it in a ditch about two miles from the apartment.

It's amazing we survived those years!!

Areas of park: Began at San Antonio Sams; worked all others in 4 yrs.

email: Dan Stanley

People to find: Rodney Thomas, Eric Juengerman

Other info : Reside in Midlothian, TX, w/ my wife & 3 kids; Work at Alcon Laboratories, Manager, Surgical R&D

David Williams

went by: Dave

Seasons worked: 1978-1980

Funny story or happening:

At 17, I moved into the legendary "Charles Portales Party Apartment". On the night of my 18th birthday (legal drinking age was 18 at the time), I went to bed around 10:00. At 10:30, Charles and Tommy burst into my room, literally dragged me out of bed, and told me to get dressed. They put me in the car and FORCED me to go to Baby Doll's. I couldn't believe it; girls were actually showing their boobs! After living in that apartment awhile, I realized you didn't necessarily have to go to Baby Doll's to see that. (Ironically, I eventually spent 2 years at Baby Doll's Arlington as a deejay.)

Areas of park: If it served food, I worked it.

email: David Williams & David Williams

People to find: Charles Portales, Matt Thurburn, Tim Bachand, Greg Boulet, Renee Bradley, .....

Other info: After 7 years as a musician (keyboards), and realizing we were never going to open for Van Halen, I'm back at UTA pursuing a Computer Science/Engineering degree. I should graduate in about 30 years. Mensa member, married 5 years with a gorgeous wife, a 14-year-old, flea-bitten cat, and a Russian Hamster whose gender we're not yet certain of.

Jay Pickett

Seasons worked: 1990-1992

Funny story or happening:

My real name is Geoffrey, but nobody calls me that (unless it is my mother who is pissed at me). However, Six Flags wanted me to put that name on my nametag just to eliminated confusion. Needless to say, there were many times when people would just call me by the name on my nametag, and I would not respond - thinking they were talking to somebody else.

Well one sunny Sunday, I was walking through the park and a guest calls out, "Geoffrey! Geoffrey!" Apparantley, they wanted some kind of directions. Naturally, I never responded. But my friend (Matt Teafatiller) was thinking quick on his feet on that day and covered for me. He quickly jumped up to the man and told him that I was deaf and that Matt would translate for me. Except this time, Matt did not use any of the conventional hand and arm signals. Instead, "Where is the Shockwave?" translated into sign language by Teafatiller looked something like: Pick your nose twice, make a fart sound with your armpit, and then give the sign to steal second.

As a result, the poor man never did find the ride he was looking for.

Areas of park: Looney Tune Land, and food service (unfortunatley)

email: Jay Pickett

People to find: Matt Teafatiller, Sean Rekermeyer, Jason Ward

Other info : If you are ever in New York, look me up.

other depts: Ride Operations

Brian Schwettmann

Seasons worked: 1978 -1981

Funny story or happening:

I have many great memories from the four years that I worked at the park. I met so many nice people that I still keep in touch with to this day. Most of them live all over the country now. I remember all the wild parties, the late nights out with the friends and then to work the next morning at 9 .

Areas of park: Every stand out there

email: Brian Schwettmann

People to find: Kent Hughes, James McKissick, Beverly Greenway , Charlie Schutz, Tonya Shelby , Elidia Cortez, Janet Coranza

Other info : I still live in Arlington, Married a Debbie who was in Gifts . We h ave 3 kids , a boy and 2 girls who make each day worth waking up to.

Michelle Brown

went by: Michelle Heiermann

Seasons worked: 1976-1979

Funny story or happening:

Wow! Too much fun in too manny places!!! I was so glad to see so many old names pop up on the contacts page; EJ, Carey Don (your back?!!), Frank Duty, Chuck Lankford, Sparks and more. Everyone I talk to as an adult about my "Six Flags" days are... "wow, you worked at Six Flags that must have been so fun..." if they only knew.

I guess the best times were when the "Michelle's" (Michelle (Terry)Freemon and I) were always up to something as we were one of the few female "red tags" at the time. I really would like to know if Bongfelt is still with us. Good ol, horny "Bong" (and those who know him know where he got that nick-name..favorite smoke and all). Ah.. the good old days.

Areas of park: Almost every food stand (many that aren't there anymore!)

email: Michelle Brown

People to find: Sara Trickey, Doug Worrell, Randy Goode, Nana Bates

Other info: I am CPA aka "bean-counter" (very non-stereotypical) and love it. I have two beautiful sons, 15 and 12 and after the second try am very happily married living in the desert of Midland, Texas.

Rhonda Smith

went by: Rhonda Slezak

Seasons worked: 1982-1998

Funny story or happening:

I have alot of fond memories of SFOT. I will never forget Caters before the cater kitchen, concerts in the parking lot, working 16 hours a day for the "Chevy Ride and Drive" with Jay Thomas when he was in Group Sales, the long hours the week before the park opens or we open a new location, but most of all, I will not forget all the fun I had with the friends I made.

Areas of park: From pool hostess to Full Time Supervisor

email: Rhonda Smith

People to find: Tambry Gaston, Tonya Thurston, Michelle Brazil,

Other info :

I have been married to Robert Smith(yes he is a Six Flags Ex-Employee)for 13 yrs and we have a son. After taking a year off from working, I have gone to work as a CPR and First Aid instructor. If you need CPR certification email me and we can set up a class. Also for the people who worked Food Service with Dee Littlejohn (1982-1994), She lost the fight with Leukemia Sept 1998.

Michael Kimball

Seasons worked: 1993-1998

Funny story or happening:

I first worked at carts the first three years , later got transferd to AAJ where I first became a lead. The next year that followed Drenda (a AAJ supervisor at the time ) went back to Casa & took me with her, at first I did not like that new change but I met more friends there & the work was so much easer then AAJ at the time.

I worked there the rest of my loyal years of servce until I was ready to move up to better myself at UPS. Six Flags was my first job, and like any job I had my bad days followed by my good shares of better days, working there was an experience that I will not soon forget. For that I am forever greatfull for all of the fond mamories that I have shared with both Six Flags & my friends who I have gotten the chance to meet while working there,THANKS !

Areas of park: Spain

email: Michael Kimball

People to find: Shery Florez( worked in carts in the "94" seaso)

Other info : still working at ups & go to north lake college

Sherry Newcomb

went by: Sherry Armstrong

Seasons worked: 1976-1977

Funny story or happening:

Gee, Alan! There were so many funny stories & happenings! I wouldn't know where to begin! OH, do you remember Spring Fling '76? I got on the parachute ride & had to beg to be let off! And I loved bringing my roller skates early in the morning (the guys would bring skateboards) and go whizzing through an empty Six Flags...although management nixed that shortly after we began it. I have so many memories, it would take me a couple of months to relay them all!

email: Sherry Newcomb

Other info: Living in my old neighborhood in West Arlington; work for an aeronautics wire & cable distributor & love it.

Greg Gant

Seasons worked: 1969-1970

Areas of park: All Sections - Day Off Relief Asst Mgr.

email: Greg Gant

People to find: Stephanie Winters

Karen Wiebe

went by: Karen Drown

Seasons worked: 1972 - 1978

Funny story or happening:

Have lots of great memories of my summers at Six Flags.

Areas of park: worked all areas of park

email: Karen Wiebe

Other info: I live in Spring, TX and have three children. I am a teacher in an elementary school.

Pat Butler

went by: Pat Talbot

Seasons worked: 1974-1976

Funny story or happening:

Oh my gosh, where do I start? My Six Flags career began in 1974 in the Food & Beverage Dept. It would be easier to name the restaraunts and stands that I did n't work at. My most vivid memories are the escapades with the exploding whipped cream cans at I.C.Fizz and running from the giant rats that liked to vis it the back room of the The Little Sausage House. A favorite joke was to holler at the guests that the canoes were on a track and they really didn't have to pa ddle........then sit back and watch my good friend Jerry Williams try to maneuver by himself.

There were the occasional nights working at Pit Stop where it was supposedly tra dition for Tim Burch and Byron Fry to initiate the new ones with a "body sandwich".....why was it just the girls that had to go through this guys?

Then I transferred into Ride Operations. My longest stint was at the River Boat and the memories just don't end....WOW, what great times! Jim Knight and Robert Buckingham were the greatest guys to work with and I will never forget the time the Indians in the canoe came out with beer cans in their hands instead of arrows and they were missing some clothes. Then I worked at Crazy Legs for awhile where Jerry Williams was now my foreman and had not forgotten the episode at the Canoes. Needless to say, I encountered many practical jokes before getting my promotion to assistant forema n of the Rotoriculous and I'm still in love with Cyrus Cosmo.

Never ever have I had a job since that I tried to work extra shifts and just hun g out if there was nothing open to work. Six Flags was the best experience in p reparing me for the real world in dealing with all types of people and left me w ith memories I will forever treasure.

Areas of park: Food/Bev, River Boat, Crazy Legs and Rotoriculous

email: Pat Butler

People to find: Jerry Williams, Jimmy Williams, Jim Knight, Robert Buckingham, S cott Cannon, Debbie Cooles, Janis McGrady, on and on and on...(anybody who knows who I am)

Other info: I'm now Vice President of Butler Electronics in Granbury, married wi th 2 daughters, 18 and 14. We live on Lake Granbury and when I'm not busy at ou r audio/video sales and installation business, I enjoy life on the water......On ce a "River Rat", always a "River Rat".

other depts: Ride Operations

Charles Rabe

Seasons worked: 1983-1990

Areas of park: food service manager, suoervisor 1988-1990

email: Charles Rabe

Other info : had a great time working in the park and enjoyed meeting people and making new friends even though my last year there not sure if anyone really lik ed me still

Jocqualine Keith

went by: Jocqualine Ellis

Seasons worked: 1977

Areas of park: Relief

email: Jocqualine Keith

other depts: Games

Michael Wills

Seasons worked: 1977-1978

Funny story or happening:

I enjoyed getting the grounds ready for the Grand Opening of the Shock Wave. Carrying those concrete ash trays up the various levels of the Q line was sure alot of fun. I also enjoyed pulling doubles and working in food services as well as catered parties in the picnic area.

Areas of park: Worked 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. cleaning the park.

email: Michael Wills

Other info: I work in the computer networking field and specialize in network security.

other depts: Ride Operations, Grounds Quality Jane Fussell

went by: Jane Sherwood

Seasons worked: 1976 - 1980

Funny story or happening:

too many funny stories to tell. I do remember lots of wonderful folks and plenty of good times.

Areas of park: seafood, colonels, bluebonnet (bbq), dry holes

email: Removed upon request.

People to find: Libby Phillips, David Butts,

Other info: I've been married 12+ years and live outside Burleson with husband and 2 beautiful children. I also work part time for Tandy Corporation as a programmer/analyst Team Leader.

Russell Melton

Seasons worked: 1965-1970

email: Russell Melton

People to find: Mickey Munir, Ted Sulak, Ronnie Sheckels, Charles Portalis

Other info: Retail Director - Jazzland Theme Park in New Orleans

other depts: Gifts and Souvenirs

Sarah Hansford

Seasons worked: 1988-1992

Funny story or happening:

There are soooo many fun things I remember! The friends I made are still the best friends I have in the world. I'm still close to Beth Hermens, Steven George, Genieva Rabe, Stephanie Duly, Heather Reed, Marie Thill, Martin Oustad, Catherine Crenshaw, Glenn (Gropie) Wisdom, and many more!

Some fun memories include:
  • Jumping fences at Lewis' "1st Annual Summer Kick-Off Bash" in '89 (The 2nd & 3rd Annuals were wild, too!)
  • Norm driving the scooter off the road and into the river
  • Lewis shooting Marie (BB gun) at the New Year's Party '89-'90
  • Me breaking the window in the new Cater Kitchen
  • After the park closed, under the Cliffhanger, collecting the money that fell out of everyone's pockets that day
  • Baja Beach Club was like Cheers for Six Flags employees, where everybody knew your name
  • Working a 19 hour day at USA Funnel Cake the day of the Ton Lok Concert when the park was open til 2am, then sleeping in the parking lot til work the next morning!
  • No one ever missed work because if you didn't go to work, you couldn't go to the party that night
  • Meeting the Police at "Whitch Mountain" with Steve, Beth, Ron Daily, Stan Mills, Teri Starks, Catherine, etc... (more than once)
  • Foods I Softball Team Ruled!! (Guys and Girls)
  • I could go on & on... too many to recount!
Areas of park: USA Funnel Cake, Concert Mgr, Dry Holes, many more...

email: Sarah Hansford

People to find: Nelda Prado, Debra Lopez, Tony DeBenedetto, Kendra Richwine, Harold Ethridge, Mary Ellen Hoats, Tracy Wright, Shawn Garito

Other info : I am currently the Administrator of the same Message Center that I worked at as my 2nd job since '90 - AnswerFirst in Duncanville. I am also a Consultant for The Pampered Chef as my 2nd job. I'm not married yet (although I had a close call, whew!) and live in Grand Prairie. I still love to have fun with the wonderful friends I met at Six Flags! Feel free to e-mail me if are looking for someone who worked '88-'92, I'd be happy to help if I can.
-Alan Reynolds - SFOT.NET site admin (Food Service 76, Ride Operations 77-79)

-Get your nostalgic Six Flags Fix here at SFOT.NET

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