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Old March 2nd, 2008, 09:18 AM
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Default The Original Front End and Parking Lot

Six Flags Over Texas possessed a vast parking lot covering thirty-five acres, allowing enough room for five thousand vehicles. For those stationed in the far reaches, the park provided transportation to the front via a special tram. Using a tractor-like engine, a red cab pulled three white cars at fifteen miles per hour. Each one had a white, red-striped canopy bolted on the top. Two red benches, one facing left and the other right, provided sitting room for six people. In addition to driving the trams, employees working in the parking lot gathered litter and collected parking fees. While visitors enjoyed them-selves in the park, workers placed gold and black bumper stickers on the car windshields.

Six Flags offered helicopter rides originating in the parking lot outside the main entrance. After Wynne purchased two Ranger Bell helicopters, the Bell 47G and 47J models, he obtained permission to operate a heliport in the parking lot. The ride opened on August Thirty-First, the day after he received approval. Wynne planned other uses for the helicopters. It would provide scheduled services to other heliports in the area and transport visitors to and from the airports.

To the parking lot’s right lay the main entrance. Seven evergreens in diamond-shaped plots stood before it. The ticket booth had a rectangular shape with red letters spelling “Six Flags” attached to the roof. Benches on each side faced diagonally toward the road. The turnstile booths, both thinner and longer, stood behind it with extensions pointing in the same direction as the benches.

At the front entrance, a representative from the accounting department arrived early in the morning to collect register readings. When the park opened, the attendants had to stay inside the box, wearing the standard striped uniforms. Management provided a panic button under each register for the employees.
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