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Old December 21st, 2004, 07:54 PM
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Default Moved or somehow changed attractions from old pages

Moved, or somehow changed attractions:

This section lists anything that has moved from one place to another in the park or has altogether gone through a major change.

o CliffHanger

The Cliffhnager, G-Force or whatever we call it now has changed its name AGAIN! its new name is the Wild Clatter. I saw it last time i went to Six Flags. This i s a good web page if i can say. I am only 15 and i didn't know all that stuff us ed to be there. I new there used to be something where Skull Island used to be, casue now its so desolate.

submitted by: Rudy

o San Antonio Sam's Sandwich Emporium and I.C. Fizz

These were in the Texas section by the gunfight show (Alan, reading about Tx lemonade reminded me of them.) Sam's had a microwave (this was shortly before we had them in every home!) Fizz had an antique soda fountain with a marble counter and containers made of crockery for the ice cream toppings; seems like the floors were small white tiles. I think it's last year was about 1978. Chuck Lankford was mgr at Sam's in Fall '77. I never worked at either (I worked everywhere else though!) One of them became Rosie's Cantina, which had nacho's.

submitted by: Linda Kelso

I.C. Fizz: I worked at this one. It was always a challenge getting the right amount of soda water mixed with the right amount of syrup. You really had to do this here. It was an old fashioned soda fountain all the way. Many (older) guests were really impressed with being able to get a cherry Coke just like they used to get as a kid. Of course the price wasn't a nickel anymore.

submitted by: -Alan

San Antonio Sam's sandwich shoppe was originally a store that sold old historical flags relating to texas history this was in the pre- commercialism days of the park , before every building was turned into some type of arcade.

I worked in the warehouse dept from 1977 to 1982. We came across boxes of old six flags photos and newspaper clippings that were tossed in the trash due to lack of storage space. What a shame! these items included early 1960,s park maps .

submitted by: Jim Chase, Arlington, Texas

o The Mine Train (added in 1966)

The track on the Mine Train where it crosses under the railroad trestle before the third lift (the hotel) has been smoothed out to make it less jarring.

submitted by: Barry Martin

Mine train - at the end, as you came up from under the lake, the ramshackle cover (used to prevent light from polluting the dark part of the ride, I presume) was added in the late 80s...

Submitted by: *Sara*

o The Steam Train

The Charles Jefferson Patton (the red train) coaches have gotten a fresh coat of paint. The Larry B. Cochron (green train) has been rebuilt and will soon be opening. The coaches for the Cochron are being rebuilt one at a time.

submitted by: Vance Cope

Trivia...Six Flags has two steam trains. One is green and one is red. What are the name of each train as they were built and who built the engines? (Hint, the correct answer to this question is not the name of the trains as they have been during their years at the park)

Give up. I'll tell you but keep it under your hat.

The red train was built in 1897 by the Porter Locomotive works. Her original name was Lydia.

The green train was built in 1901 by the Dickson Locomotive works. Her original name was Mary Ann.

The green train has been renamed the Larry B. Cochran when Larry "officially" retired from the park.

The red train is now named the "Charles Jefferson Patton" after Charlie Patton, the ever present engineer.

Submitted by: Gary

o The Music Mill Amphitheatre

I don't remember the year it happened, but the music mill ampitheatre got a major overhaul at one point. During the time it was down, SFoT held it's concerts in the parking lot. The old music mill had a place in the concrete where performers could put their handprints in cement, and one of the most memorable imprints was from the band Molly Hatchet. It even had a drum stick stuck in the cement from them, although the last time I ever saw it it was half rotted away.

Submitted by: Rev. Russ Moore

o Spelunker Cave

update Cave:

The Yosamite ride, or "Gold River" as it is known to employees, is still considered to some as a "make out ride". Unfortunatly, some couples don't stop at that. Oh, by the way, there are still employees in there watching, and now with a camera system. So remember, this is a kids ride and sickos will be caught.

To anyone who likes Speelunker's Cave more: Please put your name on the petition that can be accessed through this page. Premier does listen and wants to build our rides department up to be the best. We need your input to know what YOU want.

submitted by: Suzee

Now a looney tunes cave... boring. It used to have great effects and be a dark ride of sorts. Great music and little cave spelunkers made the adventure.. well, an adventure.

I also agree that Spelunker's Cave was fun, especially when the rotating barrel actually spun around the canal before the end!

submitted by: Josh Whetstone

Spelunker Cave --- is now the Yosemite Sam/Bugs Bunny Ride Best part about the ride was the wonderful blast of cold air at the end.

In the Texas Section. It's now Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure. You floated through the same cave in the same tubs but encountered these grotesquely cute motorized creatures (Speelunkers) that "lived" there. I still remember "Yakity Sax" by Boots Randolph being played at an area where two of them were dancing. In the midst of it you also encountered an electrical storm (OK, it ruined the ride for me when I was arouind four) and a snow storm at the end of the ride. In my adolescence, it became a pretty good place for making out. Eventually the guys stationed inside with flashlights to spotlight smokers, gropers, etc. became as annoying as the mutants so it's just as well that it's changed to the present kids-oriented format with the Looney Tunes crew.

submitted by: Mark

Does anyone else know the music used in the cave? This is what I have so far... This is from Gary Persons. -Alan:

I should know the music that was played in the old cave ride. I recorded it for years. I worked in the ET shop for 10 years and recording the park sound was one of my jobs. I had to rerecord the tapes for the entire park and the cave ride every year as the tapes (remember those?) would wear out. We used continues play 7.5 inch tape players. The tape would reverse every 30 minutes. Not many people realize it but very few if any of the sounds in the cave ran for more than 20 or 30 seconds! I did not record the ordinals for the Cave except for the final scene. All but one of the selections escapes me. It was the Fire bird that played in the Bat scene. The final scene was a mixture of chamber music by various artist. As I recall, some of the sounds were recorded by running a sound effect faster than normal to produce the "Speelinker" sound. The wind and lightning in the ship scene were taken from sound effects albums. I don't recall where the Harp music came from that was played by what you guys call the Speelunker Band. We called them the Harp players. Go figure! It was cool to record the sounds except that I got tired of hearing them over and over.

Here's a picture of the Spelunker band before the great lunker-cide... Spelunker Band

You never know, with the park management changes, they might be coming back. We can only hope.

It's now Yosemite Sam's River Adventure,but it used to be a cave with a bunch of little elves in it.I forget what it's actual name was,but while it still housed the elves many people forget that at the end of the ride as you came to the end of the tunnel the sides of the cave walls were set up to look like a little win ter wonderland with eleves all around.For some reason or another they took this snow scene out and in the Cave's final years with the elves there was no scene a s you left the cave,only bare walls. I apperciate this site as I'm extremely interested the history of Six Flags Over Texas and all photos of rides or attra ctions that no longer exist. P.S. Do you remeber when the kids area was Pac Man Land and the little ferris wheel were small Pac Men and ghosts? My first visit to Six Flags was in May 1981 for my 6th B-day!I loved it and was scared to death after riding on the top seat of the spanish boat.(I forget it's name also!)

submtted by: <A href="file:///F:/fromold-laptop/~alanr/"">Matthew 23yrs. old

I'm not SURE about this one, but didn't they take this out in the late '80s? You remember the ride: SFOT's version of "It's a Small World". Hop in the log car, ride through the cave, watch the little Spelunkers do Spelunker things.

I'll never forget my first ride on the thing. One of the sections led you through one of those "spinning tunnel" thingies. I was 7 years old, and got a RILLY bad case of vertigo from that. I thought we were really going upside down.

submitted by: Afterburner

o Carousel

Moved from Boom Town to the front gate area and restored. Nice.

o Casa Magnetica

Does anyone remember a mysterious third room to Casa Magnetica? I went in there once and it seemed to have some old (metal?) mirrors. I was told that before Flume became so popular, its first que house was the line for Casa. You can see the outline of a bricked in door on the brick wall. People would exit through the current entrance. When I went in, I found it unkept and used as a storage room. Its accessed by the door in the back of Don Juan's living room and by another way (sorry, I must keep some secrets). If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please tell me because I sure don't.

submitted by: Suzee

o The Crow Show

I remember a cute little show with a crow in a wagon. He would squirt water at people and say "that ain't water". The wagon is still there in front of the Crazy Horse Saloon, but what ever happened to that crow? I can't exactly remember his name, but I think it was Heckle or Jeckle or something like that. Sorry I was just a little kid visiting the park back then.

submitted by: Suzee

o Lost Temple of the Chisos

A redo of CASA MAGNETICA themed to a lost mysterious titled temple. It changed back to CASA because Ray Williams loved the CASA at Six Flags Over Georgia. 1979-1980

submitted by: Scott L. Jordan

o Red Barron

Small airplane ride. Moved from across from the cave to the front gate kiddie section.

Photo from Employee Handbook '77... Red Barron

o Flume 1 and 2

At Flume 1 and Flume 2 on the low lifts there where large animated figures. Flume 1 had a Simon Lagre character that was sawing a log. He sawed this log for about 10 years without ever cutting through it. Flume 2 had a Paul Bunyan character trying to chopping the riders in half.

submitted by: Gary Nordstrom

Log Flume 2 used to have a tunnel on the final drop as I remember.

submitted by: Josh Whetstone

Flume-2: This was one of the forgotten rides. My first year in 72 I was working on flume-2. It was hardly ever open except on busy weekends.

Also I was the photographer on many of the photo's in the 76 album. I see you got them listed on the crews pics for the big bend and others. It good to see some of my old work friends.

gone submitted by: Jim Cowsert

o Air Racers

The Air Racers used to be painted with the six flags of Texas.

submitted by: Josh Whetstone

o Roaring Rapids

The Roaring Rapids are now La Salle's River Rapids.

submitted by: Josh Whetstone

o Avalanche Bobsled

The Avalanche Bobsled, is now La Vibora....

submitted by: Josh Whetstone

o Mini Mine train

Mini Mine: On the Mini Mine Train there are now sheds built over the sections of track that cross under Mr. Freeze.

submitted by: Barry Martin

Mini mine train has been re-opened. Mr. Freeze has been completed and it's delayed opening has caused the mini mine to re-open...with a twist. A section of the minimine track is now removable. Why? When Mr. Freeze vallies(gets stuck in the valley, which it has done at least once i know of) they have to bring in a crane to remove the train from that spot.

submitted by: Vance Cope

It's my understanding that the mini mine train is not going to be removed...they just had to take a few pieces of track out to move part of Mr. Freeze in. After it is installed the mini will be put back together.

submitted by: Kelli D.

Photo from Employee Handbook '77... Mini Mine Train

o Sid & Marty Krofft's Puppet Theatre

Remember Kroft's Puppet Theater? A while back I was watching a "puffapalooza" marathon on Nick at night. It featured Sid and Marty Kroft tv shows which were: Puf-n-stuf (my FAVORITE!) Simund and the Sea Monsters, the Bugaloos, and Lidsville. Butch Patrick (who previosly starred as "Eddie" in the Munsters) costarred with Billie Hayes (who played Witchie Poo in Puf-n-stuf)in this show where the characters were hats. The beginning of the program shows him entering the Puppet Theater (which was called Kroft's Puppet Theater in the early '70's...does anyone remember the dates?) and explains how he ended up in Lidsville.

submitted by: Linda Kelso

1968-1975 I think there is another puppet show in this location now. It was located next to the Texas Chute Out. You saw H. R. Pufnstuf live as well as the rest of the Krofft stable of stars (Wichiepoo, the Bugaloos ect...) They also used pop culture icons as foder. I remember a puppet version of Tina Turner that rocked.

submitted by: Scott L Jordan

I remember the Krofft Puppet Show as a child. I especially remember one scene which featured puppets of Dracula, Frankenstein, etc. in which Frankenstein (actually an actor in costume) walked out into the audience and up the aisle...I was only 4 years old and it scared the heck out of me. It's funny to me now...I think *L*

submitted by: Michael Hicks

In 1973 the Krofft Puppet Theater was scheduled for new carpet. A group of 2nd and 3rd shift grounds quality guys (actually we were still part of the maintenance department at that time) were assigned the task of tearing up the old carpet.

We had pulled up the back section of carpet just to the left of the theater entrance and were trying to figure out how to remove the old glue and carpet padding still stuck to the floor. A third shift crewmember (all parties involved will remain nameless. you'll understand why in a minute.) started pouring a solvent on the patch of floor. The rest of us stood at the edge of the patch as the solvent soaked in.

It was around 1 a.m. and we were all pretty bored and tired (and immature) so we started making jokes about how the solvent would probably set the whole place ablaze.

Sure enough, a little patch of flame appeared right in front of us. It started as a small semicircle of fire, but the flames grew REAL fast! Thick, black, choking smoke started to fill the theater. The flames actually reached the ceiling.

It was immediately obvious that there was nothing we could do to put out a fire this big. Some of us ran out the side entrance to the area now occupied by the Chute Out. Others ran out the front entrance. The guy pouring the solvent was still pouring when the fire started. He hurdled the benches between him and the other side entrance, still holding the jug of solvent. I think he spilled some on the way out because the fire seemed to follow him.

There was nothing to do but watch the smoke billow out of the theater and wait for the fire department to arrive. The entire left rear portion of the theater was toast.

Security and the Arlington Fire Department interrogated us. We had to write statements. One guy was fired. We spent the rest of the night sweeping water out of the theater and from under the stage. The show was closed for about a month. All the puppets and sets had to be cleaned or repainted.

The place smelled like smoke for the rest of the season. Structural timbers that hadn't been too badly burned were left in place, and for years you could still see evidence of the fire.

submitted by: ???

o The Southern Palace

It was a outdoor amphitheatre from 1961 until 1965 when the current theatre was built in it's place. submitted by: Scott L Jordan

Southern palace theater- When this theater opened it was outdoor it was also air conditioned, figure that one out! I would like to know more about it though. Also, it did have real wood yellow siding which has been covered up with metal siding. I guess the painting of the wood got costly.

email: Bill Elliott

o Boom Town Railroad Station

When it is rebuilt this year it will be in exactly the same place as it was from 1962-1973 when the original Boom Town station was torn down and the Good Time Square station was built.

submitted by: Scott L Jordan

o The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff Mach 1 Adventure has been Changed to the new Escape from Dino Island-3D The Mach 1 was Cool! but it only lasted 3 YEARS! Thats a Short Life span for a Ride!

submitted by: Brandon Watson

o Chevy Show

Before there were simulators (The Right Stuff) there was... The Chevy Show! I always thought I'd fall off the bench. Those same benches are still in the Lone Star Theatre that now has Warner Bros. Behind the Screens.

submitted by: Jeff Hickman

The Chevy Show!!!!!!!!

It used 70mm film, I think, although by the time I started working at the park in the late '80s it had been transformed into an Imax/Omnimax wanna-be. The best seat was back row, center. Although the Chevy Show movie changed from year to year (or perhaps every other year), they always used some kind of a scare scene in the film. One in particular was zooming down the road at a high rate of speed; you seemed to be inside the car, taking the curves VERY fast. It got faster and faster and faster, until finally you sailed over the guard rail and INTO OPEN SKY! The ocean was hundreds of feet below you, and then the shadow of the helicopter you'd been "riding" in became visible! Clever trick.

Another Chevy Show film gimmick was following another Chevy in front of you, on the road. It was going pretty fast, though all those twists and turns. Then, suddenly, it STOPS at a stop sign and it looks like you're going to smash right into it. The camera even zooms in on the license plate!

Did anybody ever actually buy one of the Chevy cars or trucks that are always parked in front of that theater?

changed submitted by: Matt J. McCullar
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