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Old October 9th, 2014, 05:44 PM
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Default Re: Too Confounded For Words

Originally Posted by AviRaider View Post
I agree with most people and think that the Backlot's best days are far behind it and it's best it's been closed. I'm not sure how I feel about a Pixar related area, although I'm open to changing my mind on that.

I, like everyone else, are anticipating future Star Wars additions but Disney will miss a cash cow if it's not a massive addition. If Disney doesn't do Star Wars right within the park I imagine the backlash will be so severe it would cost the CEO his job. That's why I think Disney will wait until the movies pan out critically and popularly before committing to such an endeavor.

I'm a huge Muppets fan and if they must vacate at some point, I will be utterly disgusted at Disney if they don't properly find them a new home within the park. I so wish there were more Muppet things to do in Hollywood Studios

I hope they don't drop the Movie Ride. It is so much fun and is ripe to be revamped. The beauty of such a ride concept is that movies come and go, so you have endless classic movies to choose from to revamp the ride with on let's say a decade long rotation or something like that.
I always liked Muppetvision 3-D and the Great Movie Ride. I could see sequel films for the Muppet theater. Hopefully they can upgrade the GMR since it doesn't really draw the crowds it once did. plus does take up a chunk of space, but it's also a focal point that says 'Hollywood". So even if they built another attraction there, I would at least hope they would keep the theater facade. I haven't been in the park in several years and haven't seen the Toy Story ride except via YouTube.. As far as a Pixar-inspired area, I just remember the Pizza Planet restaurant which was themed like the one in the Toy Story movie. (I'm thinking it was very close to Muppetvision?). It will be interesting to see what WDI comes up with after all is said and done. .
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