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Old February 24th, 2005, 12:39 PM
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Default Ride Operations entries from old sfot 5

Jay Pickett

Seasons worked: 1990-1992

Funny story or happening:

My real name is Geoffrey, but nobody calls me that (unless it is my mother who is pissed at me). However, Six Flags wanted me to put that name on my nametag just to eliminated confusion. Needless to say, there were many times when people would just call me by the name on my nametag, and I would not respond - thinking they were talking to somebody else.

Well one sunny Sunday, I was walking through the park and a guest calls out, "Geoffrey! Geoffrey!" Apparantley, they wanted some kind of directions. Naturally, I never responded. But my friend (Matt Teafatiller) was thinking quick on his feet on that day and covered for me. He quickly jumped up to the man and told him that I was deaf and that Matt would translate for me. Except this time, Matt did not use any of the conventional hand and arm signals. Instead, "Where is the Shockwave?" translated into sign language by Teafatiller looked something like: Pick your nose twice, make a fart sound with your armpit, and then give the sign to steal second.

As a result, the poor man never did find the ride he was looking for.

Areas of park: Looney Tune Land, and food service (unfortunatley)

email: Jay Pickett

People to find: Matt Teafatiller, Sean Rekermeyer, Jason Ward

Other info : If you are ever in New York, look me up.

other depts: Food Services

James Medford

went by: Medwad

Seasons worked: 1979-1981

Funny story or happening:

Too many stories to tell from working on the River. I once had to improvise my spiel when the guests on my boat noticed two squirrels "getting it on" on top of the wolf cave. Then there was the time the cave doors wouldn't open, resulting in a five boat traffic jam. When the doors finally opened, the first boat went through, immediately followed by Alan Hill's boat, which was in front of mine. The front boat hit the trip wire that closed the doors, just as Alan's boat was going through them. Immediately realizing that the waterfall was about to come pouring into his boat, Alan yelled into his microphone, "No, don't close!!!" I'll never forget the screams from his passengers as they got soaked with freezing water. Sometimes at night, a couple of guests would sneak into our back area to engage in ... well, you know. If we happened to see this while taking a boatload of guests around, we'd shine our spotlight on them and say, "Hey, stop that."

"Playing Animations" was a favorite illegal pastime. One classic was to put a stick underneath an Indian's breechcloth, so it looked like ... you get the idea. Another was to lie still on your stomach at the burning settlement, looking like one of the dead Frenchmen. Once Steve Aydt and I took a large net out to the spot where the angry bear would pop up on his hind legs. When the boat went by and triggered the animation, we threw the net over the bear's head and acted like we were overcoming him. Sometimes one of us woud hide behind Francois, the sentry sitting up in the tree. When a boat captain yelled, "Francois, is it safe to go on?", we'd yell out something like, "Leave me alone. You asked me that 15 minutes ago!" My favorite was to sit in the Indian war canoe and ride it when it popped out, with my arms crossed and a serious expression on my face. The captain's spiel would come to a halt as soon as they realized what was happening.

Other great memories: Submitting fake entries in the contest to name the new wooden roller coaster (which eventually became The Judge). Example - "The Scott Ball Wooden Roller Coaster" (we forged Scott Ball's signature next to this entry.) Forming a lacrosse team composed of people who'd never played the game, most of whom still haven't. We all wore number 47. The significance of three honks on the Shock Wave horn. Calling the Chaps phone from the Texas Station at Railroad, watching the Chaps foreman run to get to the phone, then hanging up as soon as he answered. Doing this three t imes in a row.

And who could ever forget the time Steve Aydt got pissed on by somebody riding the Astrolift?

Areas of park: River, Rotodisco, Railroad

email: James Medford

Other info : I've lived in Houston and worked for NASA since graduating from Rice in 1985. I spend a lot of time in Moscow working with the Russians on the International Space Station. It's a far cry from saying "Look out for that tree!" twenty times a day.

Scott Oliphant

went by: Scott or D.S. Oliphant

Seasons worked: 1974

Funny story or happening:

My whole summer was one escapade after another. After all, I was 19 and on my own for the first time.

Areas of park: Rides - Happy Motoring II

email: Scott Oliphant

People to find: Kathy Jankowiak, Robbie Roberts, Barbara Betts, Leslie ?, Ann, a nd Scott

Other info: I've been a welder, a sheet metal mechanic and I now work for EDS.

Frank Verdin

Seasons worked: 1980-1991

Funny story or happening:

Have to get back on this one.

Areas of park: Everywhere

email: Frank Verdin

People to find: David Wickersham, Brandy and Brenda Ralston, Barry Beverdorf,Lance Pope,Jennifer Toler,Julie Jennings,Richard Withf, Mac Tayl or, Gay Bunch, Donna Eberly, Dan Liberman, Stacy Bolding,Amy Huggins, Eddie and Bush Rivera, All of the Security, Costume and Show people I ever work with.

Other info: Help Manage a operation center in Los angeles for Delta Air Lines. I currently live on the beach in Venice , Ca. I still remmeber all the great ti mes at SFOT and how much I miss the old times. Would love to hear from anyone t hat knows me.

other depts: Shows and Attractions, Security, Office Staff/Grou p Sales, etc. Brian Kirk

Seasons worked: 1991,92,96

Funny story or happening:

I had the pleasure of meeting "Flummie" (floom-ee), who held the record for most log ride trips in one day. Very nice, and interesting, man.

Worked in Guest Relations when the power went out over the whole park, which happened three times in one summer (92) It seemed like every guest blamed me for the power outage.

I was a supervisor in security the first year SFOT had metal detectors at the front gate. (whoa, the things we found in people's bags. I'll never say, but wow!!!)

Areas of park: 91 Rapids, 92 Guest Relations, 96 HR then Security

email: Brian Kirk

People to find: Shelley Wilson (Rides-91...I think she married Larry Cochran's s on; Liz Carter (shows, Crazy Horse-92)

other depts: Guest Relations, Security, Office Staff/Group Sale s, etc.

Dawn Morgan

Seasons worked: 1993?

Funny story or happening:

The one summer my little sister talked me into working at Six Flags, I worked El Hat. It was so hot I started spraying the people in line with a mister bottle. The next summer they put in misters. Can I get a royalty on that?

Areas of park: El Hat, Spain

email: Dawn Morgan

Jeanette Dixon

went by: Jeanette Taylor

Seasons worked: 1980-1984

Funny story or happening:

So many stories and memories to tell!!! Remember telling our parents that we wo uld have to work until 2AM scrubbing the trough on the Log Ride?

Areas of park: Flume I & II, Cave

email: Jeanette Dixon

People to find: There are so many, but some that come to mind are Tammy Phillips , Linda Leigh, Steve Clapp, Bryan Haddock

Gregg Paris

Seasons worked: 1963-64

Funny story or happening:

I worked on the day shift of the Spee-Lunkers (or as we called it then, the Enchanted Cave) ride on the day it opened and all Summer 1964. Frankly, I don't remember the little critters. I didn't ride through that often, except to clean up some URP! that was in the bottom of a tub! Sometimes I was stuck in the "Tornado Room" where the lift was, and I'm sure that my hearing has suffered from the 30 minute stretches I did in unsticking boats. I do remember the rotating barrel, and got vertigo from it once.

Not much foot traffic in the park on those rainy days when the park was almost empty. The roof on the dock was not waterproof, and everyone was wet all day. The air in the big storm room was really frigid due to the water of the "rain" spraying through the air conditioning. The water pool was even colder.

One day the trough broke, all the water ran out, and we were closed at 1100 AM. The rest of the shift we just goofed off, swam in the storm room pool, and waited to see if the fiberglass could be fixed. Took till the next day, I think. Our shift foreman Jack (Witherspoon?) was a blond, jolly, very capable guy, ran a good crew, and worked hard like all the rest of us. We had a two cute girls on the shift most of the summer, Dee and Peggy. Lots of fun after the work day.

I sank a tub of people one time, speared it square with the switching gate, and the tub dipped under the water when two more tubs piled up behind it. One shift the guys put 4 very fat people in one tub, and it sank right at the dock.

But that ride was a picnic compared to the previous summer. I worked the modern cars from 11 to 10 every spring weekend, and the LaSalle riverboats all day the whole summer of 1963. It was hot and humid down there. One day it was 107 at the airport, and about 120 on the dock. We had visitors passing out on an hourly basis. I don't remember most of the animations I read about in the River ride spiel. I do remember the poor little Rosette Spoonbill bird that was stuck on the back of the island. What ever happened to it? Died off or froze one winter I guess. I had a couple minor disasters on that ride too. One day the "sniffer" detector said I had a gas leak, so I cut the motor in mid ride, and another boat came to push us around. Another trip the front guide tire broke off under the boat and we jammed in mid channel. All the boats got blocked up behind me. The dock crew got lonely and came to find all the boats. They had to jump into the water (that green dye!) and set my boat straight. I got back around finally, with much scraping and noisy bumps. Another trip I was unloading my boat and a passenger had his hand on the back rail. Another boat's bow hit us and took off one of his fingers! Messy stuff!

We used to have contests on how many trips around (at about 8 or 9 minutes plus loading-unloading) a captain could do without a break or getting off a boat. I tried to beat the record of 62, but I ran out of shift and steam at 56 trips.

Wonder what the record was when the ride closed? Did you work on it? or the Cave ride?

The worst weekend ever was in mid-summer 1963 during a Baptist youth convention, and the park gates were closed at 28,000 on board. Lines were terrible! Much worse than a grad nite at Disneyland! And really hot!

Areas of park: Happy Motoring, LaSalle Riverboat, Spee-lunker Cave

email: Gregg Paris

Other info : computer stuff in Southern California Trey Clifton

went by: Miggy's little brother

Seasons worked 1972-1973

Funny story or happening:
  • Being a River Rat, need I say more.
  • David Partridge and the really bizarre things he did. If I remember correc tly we were on the Mexican Train (Ferrocarell (?) together along with Beverly.
  • John, on the Big Bend, smooth talking the girls over the ride's phone syste m while they waited in line.
  • Talking,too much, to the Ice Cream girls.

It was basically a lot of fun to work at S.F.O.T.

Areas of park: Big Bend, The River, Tower/Slide, Electronic Shooting Galler

email: Trey Clifton

People to find: David Partridge,Beverly,John. It would be nice just to here fro m some old co-workers.

Other info :

I now work at Wright-Patterson AFB,OH working on computers. I've been married t o Lisa Broyles for 13 years. We have two children, Tracy (10) and Alex (6). I just went over 20 years of Naval/Naval Reserve service.

Jane Alvarez

went by: Jane, Janie

Seasons worked: 1981-1988

Funny story or happening:

Too many funny and embarrassing stories. But the dead nutrea (sp?) that was stuck in the webbing inside the Cave caused the most awful smell for several weeks. No one wanted to work fire watch, and as the foreman, I was glad that I didn't have to.

Areas of park: Roto, Chute Out, Cave, Train, etc...

email: Jane Alvarez

People to find: There are so many people and faces that come to mind. I don't wa nt to offend anyone, but I would be glad to hear from everyone I worked with.

Other info :

I quit SFOT during the summer of '88. (Honestly, I couldn't bear another Texas h eatwave -- eek!) Graduated from UTA in December of that year. I live in the m etroplex and work as a writer in the Communications department of a company base d in Dallas.

Randy Swiney

Seasons worked: 1970-1974

Funny story or happening:

Received $500 scholorship in 1974. I had a lot of friends out there and I am interested in seeing how they are doing. You can reach me at my daughter's e-mail address.

Areas of park: Foreman of Happy Motoring, Foreman of Skull Island and Chaps

email: Randy Swiney

Chris Pickett

went by: Chris Brouse

Seasons worked: 1967 - 1970

Funny story or happening:

It was fall and I was the line girl on the Canoes. It was colder than cold and Jacque DeMott (generous foreman that he was) gave me a 15 minute break. Geez, Jacque, it took 10 minutes to get to the compound.

Anyway, it was cold and windy and I didn't have any place to go to get warm in 15 minutes. So, I went back to the back area to have a quick smoke. The cold wind is just going right through me, so I get in the paddle box to get warm. Well, the next thing I know I hear Larry Vaughn coming. He sees me in the paddle box, quickly shuts it and locks me in. He thought that I would give the regular girly-girl reaction and begin screaming. Nope. I'm in the paddle box (with my smokes) and I am warm. I then went to sleep. Finally, about an hour later Jacque "rescues" me. I told him to go away.

A senior citizen lady gets off the canoes and asks me, "Where is the long thing with the two balls on it?" Being young, sweet, and innocent I gave her directions to the Sky Hook. Three hours later Alan Simpson quit giggling. It was another week before anyone told me what was so funny.

I was working over at Happy Motoring 2 when John Bement and Mike Apple were working a double. Richard Stoddard (the foreman) couldn't get them to do anything. John and Mike took a governor off one of the cars (allowing that car to go all of about 15 mph) and took it down to the bend where they took the car off the track. They then waited for some ner-do-well kids to screw up, hit the gas, jump the track. John would then make siren noises while Mike told the kids to, 'Pull over!'.

After about the 3rd day that the park was open, someone would leave one of those rubber snakes in the cars. For the rest of the season we would play with the snake. One of the best was to balance the snake in a tree over the track. As a car full of teenage girls would pass under the tree you could shake the tree thus causing the snake to fall on the car and its occupants. One girl jumped so high that she could have gotten into an Astrolift car.

While working at the River, a guest said to Austin Jeter, "I don't know how you can afford to work here. The price of admission is so high. " (Remember, this is before the days of the Season Pass) Without missing a beat Austin said to her, "Oh, we're all independently wealthy." Yea, right!

Working a double at Casa Magnetica I could never hold my balance. I would try to give the spiel, but just after the third word I would lose my balance and let gravity take over. I would end it by hugging the wall.

I remember the parties at my house (with my father as bartender). Joe LeVesque would ask for the most unusual drink for my dad to make (like a Harvey Wallbanger, or a Gin and Tonic). Or there would be Mike "Two Bear Kid" Young. He was always gone by about 45 minutes. Or Bill Blake that was looking for a girl... any GIRL!

Areas of the park: canoes, the River, Happy Motoring, Missile Chaser, and doubles just about everywhere!

People to find: Bill Blake, Mike "Two Bear Kid" Young, Larry Danke (did that guy ever smile?), Richard Stoddard, "Spanky" Johnson (does anybody know his real name?), Larry Grigsby, Dave "The Wild Indian" Alcoze, and everybody else!

email: Chris Pickett

Other Info:

After leaving the park, I meet "Mr. Wonderful" (aka Robert Pickett). He was a Naval Officer, so he took my happy who-ha all over the place. I have been just about everywhere: Virginia to California; Florida, Nebraska, Hawaii, Alaska, Mississippi, South Texas, Europe, and the Orient (just to hit the high spots). As an Officers Wife I learned all that good 'etiquette' stuff (I can set up a Receiving Line that will bring tears to your eyes!) For those that know me will know that was a joke. In the early 80's we bid a fond farewell to active duty Navy life and returned to the metroplex.

I am the proud mother of two beautiful children. Brandy, my daughter, lives in California and Jay, my son, is a cadet at West Point. So, I have one kid on the east coast and one kid on the west coast. My granddaughter lives with my husband and I here in Arlington.

About 15 years ago I decided that I wanted to do what I always wanted to do; teach high school. So, I went back to college, and really WENT to college this time. I am now a high school history teacher in Arlington. Working with kids the age I was when I began my 'career' at SFOT one thing I know -- these kids don't know how to have fun like we did!

Pat Butler

went by: Pat Talbot

Seasons worked: 1974-1976

Funny story or happening:

Oh my gosh, where do I start? My Six Flags career began in 1974 in the Food & Beverage Dept. It would be easier to name the restaraunts and stands that I did n't work at. My most vivid memories are the escapades with the exploding whipped cream cans at I.C.Fizz and running from the giant rats that liked to vis it the back room of the The Little Sausage House. A favorite joke was to holler at the guests that the canoes were on a track and they really didn't have to pa ddle........then sit back and watch my good friend Jerry Williams try to maneuver by himself.

There were the occasional nights working at Pit Stop where it was supposedly tra dition for Tim Burch and Byron Fry to initiate the new ones with a "body sandwich".....why was it just the girls that had to go through this guys?

Then I transferred into Ride Operations. My longest stint was at the River Boat and the memories just don't end....WOW, what great times! Jim Knight and Robert Buckingham were the greatest guys to work with and I will never forget the time the Indians in the canoe came out with beer cans in their hands instead of arrows and they were missing some clothes. Then I worked at Crazy Legs for awhile where Jerry Williams was now my foreman and had not forgotten the episode at the Canoes. Needless to say, I encountered many practical jokes before getting my promotion to assistant forema n of the Rotoriculous and I'm still in love with Cyrus Cosmo.

Never ever have I had a job since that I tried to work extra shifts and just hun g out if there was nothing open to work. Six Flags was the best experience in p reparing me for the real world in dealing with all types of people and left me w ith memories I will forever treasure.

Areas of park: Food/Bev, River Boat, Crazy Legs and Rotoriculous

email: Pat Butler

People to find: Jerry Williams, Jimmy Williams, Jim Knight, Robert Buckingham, S cott Cannon, Debbie Cooles, Janis McGrady, on and on and on...(anybody who knows who I am)

Other info: I'm now Vice President of Butler Electronics in Granbury, married wi th 2 daughters, 18 and 14. We live on Lake Granbury and when I'm not busy at ou r audio/video sales and installation business, I enjoy life on the water......On ce a "River Rat", always a "River Rat".

other depts: Food Services

Tommy Harris

Seasons worked: 1966-69

Funny story or happening:

I was the foreman of the French Riverboat and on high school gradution party, Austin Jeter told me that a person was drunk on his boat. I called security and when the boat arrived the person was weaving, stumbling, and falling over everything in the boat. The only problem was the guy wasn't drunk, he was blind. Hey Austin that gave me a lot of points with the guys in security.

Areas of park: Operations: French Riverboat

email: Tommy Harris

People to find: Ollie Garrison, NikKi Robertson, Jeannie Hyslop

Other info:

I am married and living in Reno, Nevada. My wife's name is Kimberley. We have no childern but we have six registered shorthorn cattle. I earned a Ph.D. in agricultural economics at Oklahoma State University. When I graduated from Oklahoma State I joined the faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno. I have been at UNR for 18 years. I am a Foundation Professor in the Department of Applied Economics and Statistics. My foreign work has been in Australia and New Zealand.

Kevin McLaren

Seasons worked: 1977-1978

Funny story or happening:

Six Flags was my first job and I worked there for two full seasons - both on the Big Bend. The first year was night shift. The Shock Wave opened my second season and all of us "experienced" roller coaster personnel were given first dibs at working there. Most of the Big Bend day shift moved over there and we night shift guys decided to stay and move to day, so many of us worked together for a couple of seasons.

We developed a "code" on the ride for notifying each other of pretty girls, strange outfits, weirdos, oddities, and whatever might pass by on the dock.

I can't remember all of the details (it's only been 20 years!) but basically it was a series of numbers announced over the PA system in the que house. The first number would be the location (1 for loading, 2 for turnstile, or 3 for unloading), the second would be for seat number (only applicable for locations 1 or 3), and the third number would relate what we were supposed to notice. We all memorized the codes and would phone each other, reciting the proper numbers much to each other's amusement. Whoever was up on the lift could be in on it, too, if we called them in time. Then he/she could see the interesting party as they went by. If whatever we were noticing was of special interest, one would call the driver who would then, in turn, announce it over the PA system for everyone working on the ride to hear.

Then everyone would casually look to the coded location and discreetly die laughing. The brief numeric code either said aloud over the phone or announced over the PA sounded, to the average guest, like important data necessary for operation of the ride. We had a lot of fun, but didn't let it interfere with our job!

Areas of park: Big Bend

email: Kevin McLaren

Other info : I read about this website and the reunion in today's paper - wish I had known ab out it sooner, especially since I live in Arlington. I went to one in 1979 (?) and hope to go to another. Thanks.

Robin Long

went by: Robin Sanders, Birdie

Seasons worked: 73-77

Funny story or happening:

  1. Wearing those strange pieces of brown fabric pinned to your head for Flume.
  2. The smell of a double-double in the morning (grows on you)
  3. Riding Big Bend after the mechanics had "fixed" it. I had no fear then.
  4. Those mornings when the entire Flume crew would hope that Steve Winters wou ld find a big hole that needed to be repaired immediately.
  5. Does anybody else remember how hot it was from 9am to 10am?
  6. Being sent on those journeys to find non-tools.
  7. Climbing up to work the lifts and every guest looking up your skirt. Yep, y a had to have on those shorts underneath at all times.
  8. Working Senior Night and realizing what those people were doing up there in the sky.
  9. Wondering if the uniforms could get any better...not.
  10. Having the most wonderful time of my life and meeting terrific people.
  11. And of course, I cannot forget almost being fired after 2 weeks of work bec ause we rode the log sitting on the edges. It was fun, but the sticky point wou ld be the supes standing on the bridge when we came down the lift. Big Trouble.

Areas of park: Flume 1, Operations Office, Ticket Seller et. al.

email: Robin Long

People to find: Steve Winters, Janie Brice, so many others

Other info : My husband and two children moved back to Texas after 10 years on the East coast. It is good to be back where there is no snow.

Dotty Harman

went by: Dotty Scott

Seasons worked: 1969-1975

Funny story or happening:

What a great site! I've just discovered it thanks to the Star Telegram article. What memories this triggered:
  1. double shifts
  2. thinking $1.40 an hour was a lot of money
  3. sweeping streets and all the money we would find
  4. wearing that hot chipmunk costume and trying to not scare the living daylig hts out of small children
  5. working Casa for an entire summer and discovering what a wonderful workout that was for your legs
  6. sneaking over to the train ride to visit my future husband.
  7. trying to stay alert during the Palace shows
  8. keeping the burlap bags out of my face on the Tower slide
  9. working the cave ride so I could get out of the heat
  10. And most importantly, learning to walk through a crowd quickly!
And too many more.

It was a great, fun, safe place to work for a teenager trying to earn gas money and later paying for college.

Areas of park: Casa Magnetica, Southern Place, Tower Slide, and many others

email: Dotty Harman

People to find: I wish I could remember them.

Other info :

I married Dale Harman who also worked at SFOT in Rides. We have two kids (15 and 11) who are thinking about working at SFOT. They love hearing my stories. After years working for the corporate world as a systems analyst/programmer, I am now a computer instructor at TCC NE campus. My husband is an environmental engineer, working in Dallas. I have several web sites, but our personal one is currently at Web page

Carol Bemrick Cameron

went by: Carol Bemrick

Seasons worked: 1968-1974

Areas of park: Front Gate, Dolphin show

email: Carol Bemrick Cameron

People to find: Dawn Terlesky, Julie Vance

other depts: Shows and Attractions

Mark Cameron

Seasons worked: 1968-1970

Areas of park: Fiesta Train, Shooting Gallery

email: Mark Cameron

Marcy Newman

went by: Marcy Wilson

Seasons worked: 1974 - 1982

Funny story or happening:

I'm not sure if I want to tell any funny stories yet. I might incriminate people who could tell funnier or more incriminating stories about me.

Areas of park: Rides - RR Engineer (1st female)

email: Marcy Newman

People to find: Dan Sullins, David Bohrer, Alan Bell

Other info:

Now manage Fort Worth office of Houston based consulting engineering firm. We are top twenty in Tarrant County. Live on west side of Fort Worth, one daughter. Will entertain any offers of golf match (for fun and/or beer, not money).

Zandra G. Zander

went by: Zandra Gonzalez

Seasons worked: 76-78

Funny story or happening:

My memories of sfot: Test riding the Shockwave after the maintainance guys intentionally slowed it down so the sandbags fell out in the loops, then told us it was our turn. Also, opening day of the Shockwave on the inaugural ride we didn't even make the 1st hill before the computer shut down & we(chosen employees) had to climb down to the dock.

Areas of park: Missle Chaser/Cave/Fiesta Train & Front Gate

email: Zandra G. Zander

People to find: Alicia Madsen(pink thing 77)

Beverly Mosher

went by: Beverly Bennett (Teddy)

Seasons worked: 1980-1987?

Funny story or happening:

There were too many to list here. The time I spent working at SFOT was one of the best things about summer (and later winter). Whether it was long hauls in overflow or Post 4, bus parking or tram duty, it was never really boring. I remember creating our own fun, codes and songs while we were working.

Areas of park: Parking, Security, Childrens Area, Train Conductor, Shows

email: Beverly Mosher

People to find: James & Michelle Bell, Kevin Procacino, Tracy Sanders

Other info : I have moved to Canada and now live in Victoria British Columbia with my (canadian) husband and 9 month old son. I am working for an architect and really enjoy the country.

Larry Thomas

Seasons worked: 1961-1963

Funny story or happening:

I worked in Petting Zoo. My friend, Jack Marty and I took "Sis Flags" {baby elephant} to a Dallas movie theater where there was a promotion for the movie "Elephant Walk". They said you could get in the movie free if you brought your elephant. I had some explaining to do when our picture was on the front page of the Dallas Newspaper the next morning.

Then there was the time we had to catch the alligators who had gotten loose in the river ride. They were eating the flamingos at night.

I was working there before the Grand Opening and I have great memories and great stories.

Areas of park: Petting Zoo

email: Larry Thomas

Miggy Scott

went by: Miggy Clifton

Seasons worked: 1970-1973

Funny story or happening: Too many good,funny,bawdy stories to list. Some of my best time were spent at SFOT. I grew up a lot too.

Areas of park: Texas Astrolift,the MGR(when it wasn't cool)and all others

email: Miggy Scott

People to find: Mike Apple, Janet Glass, Steve Winters, Chris "Zork" (I can't remember his last name) and everybody else I knew

Other info: I'm a physician assistant and I work at a family practice in Las Colinas. I've been married for 17 years to a great guy named Steve whom I met at UTA. We have a 9 year old son,James,2 dogs 2 cats a bird and a fish.

Don Keith

Seasons worked: 1976-1978

Areas of park: Good Times Square

email: Don Keith

People to find: Richard Bailey / Security for all Concerts

Other info : I am a custom home builder in Marble Falls, Texas.

Michael Wills

Seasons worked: 1977-1978

Funny story or happening:

I enjoyed getting the grounds ready for the Grand Opening of the Shock Wave. Carrying those concrete ash trays up the various levels of the Q line was sure alot of fun. I also enjoyed pulling doubles and working in food services as well as catered parties in the picnic area.

Areas of park: Worked 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. cleaning the park.

email: Michael Wills

Other info: I work in the computer networking field and specialize in network security.

Colyn Scott

Seasons worked: 1978-1981

Funny story or happening:

Areas of park: Chute Out, Shockwave, Petting Zoo, Puppet Theater,Map Carts

email: Colyn Scott

Other info: Now living in LA LA Land where I have Six Flags Over Texas Flashbacks everytime I drive by Magic Mountain on my way to Northern Cali. Now work as Manager of Operations for Columbia TriStar Television Distribution.

other depts: Shows and Attractions, Gifts and Souvenirs

Julie M. Douglas

Seasons worked: 1968-1970

Areas of park: Log Ride I, Porpoise Pool, HR 1997

email: Julie M. Douglas

Other info: I'm working at Jubilee Theatre in downtown Fort Worth after 25 years in real estate. Was time for a change. Been dating Allan McGlathery, a 34 year veteran of the park, for a year and a half and having great fun!!!

other depts: Maintenance

Tim Chambers

Seasons worked: 1967-1972

Areas of park: texas lift and everwhere else

email: Tim Chambers

People to find: Ernie Mashburn

Other info: self employed, mansfield metal buy & sell steel & metal bldgs.

Julie Kennemer

Seasons worked: 1983-1985

Funny story or happening:

Fond memories of Flume: Working into October/November, trying to stay warm with those silly little hand warmers. Also getting totally drenched when the water was low and someone had to be stationed at the bottom of the flume to push the logs through. You also had to love having the e-stop power that could make peoples' heads snap back and forth when they were going up the last hill--teach them to keep their hands in the log as told!

Areas of park: GT Cars, Flume

email: Julie Kennemer

People to find: Anyone I used to work with. I've lost my memory in my old age, and find it hard to actually remember names!


Seasons worked: 97-?

Funny story or happening:

One day while working in Park Services, a baby possum ran into the storeroom. While we tried to get it out the mother came and nearly bit my supervisor ( im not naming any names)

Areas of park: Confederacy, Chameleon, Judge,

email: Mary

James Willmon

went by: Jimmy

Seasons worked: 98-?

Funny story or happening:

"The V.C." The hose was broken at chameleon, we had no V.C. clean-up kit, and the floor of the gondola couldn't be seen. I had to send a games guy to get water every cycle from behind chubbies so we could clean it out. And all the times that I opened the door too early, I'll just say I should have knocked.

To the Chameleon crew that made the huge ugly yellow clipboard, It made it all the way thrugh 99 and is probably still floating around the office somewhere.

Areas of park: Chameleon,rest of goodtimes/boomtown,and splash

email: James Willmon

People to find: Jeff McKay, Jeff Johnson, any games person that had to work the booth while we made fun of you

other depts: Games

Travis Baker

went by: Trav

Seasons worked: 1989 - 1993

Funny story or happening:

The Train running over Batman was one of many great moments. I truly miss playing football on Sunday mornings at the Lamar practice football fields and losing in the softball games because the people were great even if the teams were bad.

Areas of park: All rides here and there, Railroad was my home.

email: Travis Baker

People to find: All the conductors that I worked with were great so if any one remembers me please feel free to drop me an E-mail. I often wonder where ex conductors end up.

Other info : I am married with two kids. Laurin was born 5-7-99. When I left Six Flags in 1993 I went to work for the Sheriff's Department. I am finishing up my computer programming studies up now.

other depts: Gifts and Souvenirs

Lecia Willingham

went by: Lecia Bark

Seasons worked: 1978-1979

Areas of park: Parking Lot, Rides

email: Lecia Willingham

Gary Golden

Seasons worked: 1967--1971

Funny story or happening:

I can remember hundreds. But, one I think only 2 or 3 people even today know about was the time in the late fall of 69 when Gary Erickson and I met at Flume 1 on a cold Friday afternoon to clean out the million leaves that had filled the trough. After turning the pumps on and off for about the 50th time I was standing at the bottom of the high lift when to my surprise Gary E. hits the "lift on" button and sends a log over the lift to a dry landing ! The log barley missed me, crashed and smashed into the last hard right turn and put a hole in the end of the flume the size of my head --- the log almost landed in the "Q" house !! I also wonder if Margie Robinson ever knew about our fall of the year, every Sunday "Dallas Cowboy" TV watching / buffet eating parties in the Flume #2 pump house--- I kind of think she did !

Great times, Great memories I think of many of you often

Areas of park: 67--Chaparral Cars , 68--71 Flume#1

email: Gary Golden

People to find: Margie Robinson, Gary Whalin, Gary Erickson,

Other info : Currently live in Thousand Oaks California (8 years) work as a Registered Architect For "Gensler" ( largest Architectural firm in the world) My current project is " The California Adventure" the addition to "DISNEYLAND" opening in 2001. Married to Marsha, we have 2 kids - Joey (20) and Kristen (11). After Architecture I hope to sing (Bass professionally for a Southern Gospel Quartet.

Rebecca Petty

went by: Rebecca Thornton

Seasons worked: 1979-1981

Areas of park: Chute Out, Cave, MGR, Tower

email: Rebecca Petty

People to find: The 1979 Chute Out Crew- Janie Crites, Bruce Olson, Bernie Doskicil, SueFawn Chou, Gary Feraris, Jeff Johnston, 1980 Tower- Patti Grober. I can't believe I cannot remember the names of special people I thought I would never forget!

Other info: Steve and I recently moved from Midland back to DFW (Southlake) with Caroline (7) and Drew (4). Looking forward to running into friends from the "old days"!

Laura Austin

went by: Laura Hawkins

Seasons worked: 1985-1998

Funny story or happening:

I think most of the funny stories I remember would actually serve to embarrass me the most so probably won't repeat any right now.

I love to remember the fun times we all had - sometimes I'd like to go back again!

Areas of park: Front Gate

email: Laura Austin

People to find: Scott Krist, Dee Dee Morelock, Tammy Burson, Patrick Rush, Suzie Seward, Ray Smith, Petra Spalding, Keith Hunter, Alicia Darnall, Rob Nichol, Greg Guttman, John Limroth, April Lee, David Andresen,

Other info: I am now working at the Corporate Retail location for Six Flags Theme Parks in Grand Prairie. I have been married to Steve Austin for 8 years and we have two children (both boys) ages 4 and 18 months. I am also a non-certified interpreter for the deaf. Kristy (Green) Mankel and I are still best friends.

other depts: Guest Relations, Office Staff/Group Sales, etc., Cash Control Other areas

Eric Peters

went by: Dickers

Seasons worked: 1988-1993

Funny story or happening:

Too many funny stories to write them all here. Best times I can remember is football on Sunday mornings and training all the new engineers and giving to them everything that I got when I was training. All of the engineers out there will know what I am talking about. People I remember most: Eric Bunch and all his brothers, Brian Wright, Kristi Thompson (Wright), Brian Prendergast, Michelle Henton, Amy Batis, Jeremy and Jason Larue, all the goofy conductors during my four year reign on the engine, and of course all the people I saw everyday while making that endless circle four times a hour around the park. Other things I can remember is toast with bacon on it, a half of pound of pound buttons, assistance at carts, a cup of dirt, and the i before e rule. Those of you who knew me best will know what I am talking about.

Areas of park: Lots of rides, but only care about Engine.

email: Eric Peters

People to find: Everyone I knew. I have lost touch with just about all of you.

Other info: Left the park in 1993 to work for Tarrant County. After five years there, I am finally a real police officer in Haltom City.

Amie Nance

went by: Amie Cornwell (SP)

Seasons worked: 1992-1996

Funny story or happening:

One time at Spinnaker, Michael Jennings was cleaning around the Spinnaker pond and fell in with guest still line. They all were standing around laughing at him.

Areas of park: Spinnaker, Shockwave, Chute-out, Looneyland

email: none provided.

People to find: Jeff and Amy from Spinnaker Crew of '93

Tina Morgan

Seasons worked: 1990-1995?

Areas of park: Mostly every thing but Looney Land-Rides

email: Tina Morgan

People to find: Looking for Susan Garrison, Danny Applegate, Don Tate, Carey Beanerhead, and anyone who remembers me.

Other info:

I am now married to Daoug Raney from Chaps and we have two boys. Regretfully we live in Cleveland, Ohio. I would like to mention that anyone who knew Kristina Ansley, I regret to say she died August of 1997. She was my best friend and everyone who knew her will miss her. She worked all over the park from 1988-1997

other depts: Grounds Quality, Cash Control

Bill Bozeman

Seasons worked: 1971-1973

Funny story or happening:

I was just a 16 year old kid back then, everyone working at SFOT seemed a lot older than me back then. First job I had after getting my driver's license.

Areas of park: Modern Lift, Mine Train, Happy Motoring, River boat

email: Bill Bozeman

Other info : Software Support Professional, Las Colinas TX

other depts: Grounds Quality

John Murray

Seasons worked: 1986-1988

Funny story or happening:

Emceeing the High Dive Show in 87, I can't tell you how many times I went on stage with my fly open. We did alot of sunning between shows and would wait to the last minute to get ready and that's when I'd forget that oh so important ZIP.

Areas of park: the cave 86, U.S. High Diving Show 87 and 92 in CAli.

email: John Murray

People to find: Kelly Teal, Stacey Snegon, Laura Marx

Other info : Realtor with Keller Williams Dallas specializing in Downtown, Uptown, Oak Cliff and Oaklawn. 972-248-5765

other depts: Shows and Attractions

Dustin Green

Seasons worked: 1998-present

Funny story or happening:

Oh so many, I can't be too revealing, I'll get in trouble. Isaac, Gladman, Wes, Gene, Josh, Pete, Joel - if you know these people then you would understand.

Areas of park:

Gold River, River Rapids, and little bit of everywhere else

email: Dustin Green People to find: Anybody who has worked where I have and know what I'm talking about.
-Alan Reynolds - SFOT.NET site admin (Food Service 76, Ride Operations 77-79)

-Get your nostalgic Six Flags Fix here at SFOT.NET

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