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Default Shows entries from the old sfot 2

Daniel Winstead

Seasons worked: 1990-1996

Areas of park: Music Mill, Goodtimes Theatre, Lone Star, and the Jukebox

email: Daniel Winstead

Other info Moved on from SFOT but still remember all the good times. I'm up in Maine now Flying for the Navy and enjoying it. Hope everyone else out there is still enjoying themselves.

Shows and Attractions

Sherry Rozas

went by: Sherry Thaxton

Seasons worked: 1984-1985

Funny story or happening:

Working in big, fuzzy animal suits and with children tends to bring on funny, and strange stories. There are way too many to list in this small forum. I worked in the Costume Characters in 84 and 85, with a small stint as a dresser at the Southern Palace, and working various rides as relief when it was too rainy to go out in costume.

What do I remember? Checking with Security every thirty minutes to see if it was over 110 degrees outside. They slowly grew to hate the sight of us. Having the audience display a private joke among the cast and crew at the Southern Palace at the beginning of a show. Thinking at one point or another, "Die small child, Die! I am slowly melting with sweat in here and you want me entertain you?" (of course we still entertained.)

Ms. Pac-man and the shoulder pains still associated from that very heavy costume. Playing 'Kill the Cockroach' with the costume feet. We would turn off the lights in the Costume Character Changing room, each of us holding one of the overly large costume feet, then turn on the lights and try to squish as many cockroaches we could before they scuttled to their nefarious hiding places.

Like I said, too many to list.

All in all, fun times that I wouldn't change for the world.

Areas of park: Costume Characters, Shows

email: Sherry Rozas

People to find: Anyone from Costume Characters in 84-85. Julie Jennings, and other Shows people who remember me.

Other info : Living north of Houston now, married and expecting my first child.

Shows and Attractions

Michael Redding

Seasons worked: 1984-1986

Areas of park: costume careacter

email: Michael Redding

People to find: amy stokes

Other info : i live in north richland hills, and work in irving at c.e.c. entertainment.

Shows and Attractions

Tom L. Haggard

went by: Tommy

Seasons worked: 69-72, 95-?

Areas of park: big bend coaster-southern palace show

email: Tom L. Haggard

People to find: My first supe Jim Cowsert. Vicki Steele. John Ulrickson, Paulette Pearson, John David Mullins. Anyone looking for Nealy Reynolds or Mike Apple I know where they are.

Other info :

Former U.S. Marine. I retired after 25 yrs. as a professional firefighter. Now an operations full-time at SFOT. One of the pigeons came home to roost.

other depts: Ride Operations, Shows and Attractions

Nick Jones

Seasons worked: 1983-1993

Funny story or happening:

So many funny stories. Lets meet for a drink and I'll share some of the good ones. I'm laughing inside right now.

Areas of park: G&S - Costume Character

email Nick Jones

People to find: Anyone that remembers me. I'm still bad with names. I think it was all the ITT get togethers that caused the brain cell losses.

Other info : Married to Tracy Beggs of Rides and Shows. Two girls and back in the DFW area now.

other depts: Shows and Attractions, Guest Relations, Gifts and Souvenirs, Office Staff/Group Sales, etc.

Dane Kemper

Seasons worked: 1984-1987

Funny story or happening:

Flume II the ultimate ride to work at Lance Harcrow(foreman) and me Ass. Forman. Sending cup of water to the lift waitting for the spash to come thru the hole where the high lift person would sit. The Groupies, boy did we have them. Remember the Nikkers(brown,w-those yellow shirts)?

After work parties every night. Everyone waiting by the locker room.

What about the New Years eve Party at Allen's apartment.

What about the trip to South Padrie Island. Who is the one who got drunk in that club above that store. Margaritas

The guys that had the room close to ours that had that pyrmid of cans. Somehow they fell over.

Well you know I got alot more stories. Maybe I will add them later.

Areas of park: Flume 2, Flume1, Oh forgot Costume Characters

email: Dane Kemper

People to find: Shawnna Hanson, Angie ?, Lance Harcrow, Jeff Smith, Mindy,Mellisa Dixon, not to forget Teresa Shoppe,

Other info : Still live in Arlington

other depts: Ride Operations

Josehp Antony

went by: chatin

Seasons worked: 1979

Areas of park: spain

email: Josehp Antony

People to find: roxana, magalli eredia

other depts: Shows and Attractions, Games, Leasees

Juan Cantu

Seasons worked: 1992-1994

Funny story or happening:

I miss all my friends from the palace. Some of the best friends I have ever made.

Areas of park: Shows/Palace

email: Juan Cantu

People to find: Jason Shockley

Eric Jones

Seasons worked: 1984-88

Funny story or happening: too many to tell now

Areas of park: rides grounds shows

email: Eric Jones

People to find: everyone gary collier

other depts: Ride Operations, Grounds Quality

Katherine Overton

went by: Kathy

Seasons worked: 1991-1993

Areas of park: Southern Palace

email: Katherine Overton

Slim Sweatmon

Seasons worked: 1968,1969,1971, and 1976

Funny story or happening:

The years I spent as a gunfighter and in the Wild West show at Six Flags were some of the best of my life. It was a home and a job and a lifestyle all in one. It was a place to come home to after the war in Viet Nam, it was the place that started me in the entertainment business. It was the place where I met my wife.(Ginger Adkins who ran the Crazy Horse.) Six Flags has often been the source of many stories at gatherings and social events. Always the reaction of the listeners was one of envy. They all wished to have been a part of such a wonderful experience.

I often wonder what happened to all who made the six flags family so memorable. Where are Ralph Tobin and Jan Jamieson, who were members of our wedding party. What Happened to Jim "Dakota" Lusby, who taught me skills that saved my life in combat. What ever happened to Chip Besio and Dean Cudd and Chuck Hill and Shorty Myers? The whole thing has been such a trip that no individual tale could summ it up.-----To all of you-------- Ginger and I say -- Thanks for the memories.


Areas of park: live show--Gunfighters

email: Slim Sweatmon

People to find: Ralph Tobin, Jan Jamieson, Dean Cudd, Clark Erskine, Jim "Dakota" Lusby, Chip Besio, Chuck Hill, Don "Shorty" Myers

Floyd Wine

Seasons worked: 1961 - 1977

Funny story or happening:

While in the Crazy Band, we rode every ride in the park while playing. We also "joined" the Indians at their camp on the River Ride, played while standing in t he water of the Flume, the Front Gate Fountain, the Indian Canoes, etc. While s naking single file around the park, we would sometimes form a circle around an a ttractive young woman and then play some sort of sleazy, burlesque type song, su ch as " The Stripper" or "Night Train" to simply mildly embarrass her. One time , one of the guests embarrassed us by "performing" to the music. We had to clos e the circle to hide her from the other guests!

Areas of park: Marching Band, Palace Pit Band, World Famous SFOT Crazy Band

email: Floyd Wine

Other info : Was priveledged to be asked to be in the TV commercial for the Texa s Giant, that was filmed before it opened to the public. Spent two days continu ously riding the "World's Best".

Travis Hamilton

Seasons worked: 1979-1982

Areas of park: Caddo Canoes, Tower, Railroad and Pyrotechnics

email: Travis Hamilton

other depts: Ride Operations, Shows and Attractions

Donna Prior

went by: Too many to list

Seasons worked: 1981-1983

Funny story or happening:

Oh gosh...I have a *ton* of wonderful memories....most involved some form of hig hjinx. Security is the *best* department to work in.

My favorite memories:
  1. Stripping down out of our whites at the pool...we wore our swim suits undern eath. Stark contrasts of tan and white skin!
  2. Getting hit on my Mike Love of the Beach Boys.
  3. Getting yelled at by Guests...when it's pouring rain and their jumping on t he trams...and the trams are flooded.
  4. Singing the tune of "My Sharona"..."Cruisin' down the main aisle , in style...cruisin cruisin cruisin in 807!" (someone come finish this line! *g rin*)
  5. The forgetable (thanks guys!) parties with the Bacardi Brothers. I think I lost waaay too many brain cells.
  6. Falling into Flume One...stupid enough to dive for a Guests Hat...during OP ENING aka freezing weekend.
  7. Falling into Flume 2...and getting caught in between a log and the chute... .requiring a hospital visit and being sent to work.....the TRAIN!
  8. That damn train speil. And yes, I still remember it. ARRGGH.
  9. Having guys trying to pinch my butt while wearing the Pammy Panda costume.
  10. 10. The day SFOT was shut down for inclement weather in 1983...on payday.... .Whooohooo!

Areas of park: Marketing, Parking Lot, Rides: Flume, Train, GT and costume.

email: Donna Prior

People to find: The Boling Sisters, Liisa Arjanen, Chuck Taylor, Doug Garriety, Trina Clark, and anyone else from that time.

Other info: I just recently moved to the DC Area. I have my own domain, I still practice random acts of silliness...I now work/play at Renaissance Faire s.

other depts: Ride Operations, Shows and Attractions, Security, Other areas Vic Donovan

went by: Vic

Seasons worked: 1969-1973

Funny story or happening:

More that I can tell here

Areas of park: Texas, Gunfighter, Mark Twain, Asst Show Super

email: Vic Donovan

People to find: Jan Leggett Lou Acosta Gail DeNari

Other info : Jan Leggett where are you now? Lou Acosta where are you now? God Rest Bob Sonnamaker a really sweet individual who died way too young Steve Scudder where are you now? Email ME!!

other depts: Other areas

Rebecca Myers

Seasons worked: 1996-97

Funny story or happening:

Every day was a story....

Areas of park: Entertainment Dept.-(385, Ast. Stage Man. BBWWG &Animal Act

email: Rebecca Myers

other depts: Leasees (Freeze Frame Photo, etc.)

Jeff Ashlock

went by: Judge

Seasons worked: 65-66,76,81

Funny story or happening:

So many stories, so little space! Before I played Judge Roy Bean full time, I was day-off relief (Judge 2 days, Outlaw 3 days a week). We outlaws didn't load our guns unless the script called for a shot by an outlaw (safety measure in case we fell with gun cocked). One day I was going to beat Sheriff Jim Musick to the draw by "going for it" just before the last line of dialog. Mr. "Greased Lightning" saw it, drew his gun, beating my draw by a mile and scared me so badly, my gun went off still in my holster, setting fire to my pants and destroying the holster. As i lay "dead" and was being carried off, I was trying to put out the smoldering pants with my hand without the audience seeing it.

Areas of park: Gunfighter (1965-1966; 1981) Goodtime Theatre (1976)

email: Jeff Ashlock

People to find: Gene Rambo, Kris _?_, Jim Musick, Paul Oldham, Jim "Dakota" Lusby, Shari Wells, Pam Cantrell

Other info : I work for Nationwide Papers, 1 mile east of Six Flags; do community theatre; live in Bedford, TX

Steve Hill

Seasons worked: 1973 - 1975

Areas of park: Engineer on Train - Happy Motoring - Gunfighter - Sombrero

email: Steve Hill

Other info : Trainer for Hewlett-Packard

other depts: Ride Operations

Frank Verdin

Seasons worked: 1980-1991

Funny story or happening:

Have to get back on this one.

Areas of park: Everywhere

email: Frank Verdin

People to find: David Wickersham, Brandy and Brenda Ralston, Barry Beverdorf,Lance Pope,Jennifer Toler,Julie Jennings,Richard Withf, Mac Tayl or, Gay Bunch, Donna Eberly, Dan Liberman, Stacy Bolding,Amy Huggins, Eddie and Bush Rivera, All of the Security, Costume and Show people I ever work with.

Other info: Help Manage a operation center in Los angeles for Delta Air Lines. I currently live on the beach in Venice , Ca. I still remmeber all the great ti mes at SFOT and how much I miss the old times. Would love to hear from anyone t hat knows me.

Mark T. Lamkin

Seasons worked: 1963-1966

Funny story or happening:

I was a confederate soldier. we held up the stagecoach and the guests actually gave us money.they thought it was part of the stagecoach ride. we were ask not to do that again.

Areas of park: confederate soldier drill team

email: Mark T. Lamkin

Other info : homebuilder Mark T. Lamkin custom homes in tarrant county.

Carol Bemrick Cameron

went by: Carol Bemrick

Seasons worked: 1968-1974

Areas of park: Front Gate, Dolphin show

email: Carol Bemrick Cameron

People to find: Dawn Terlesky, Julie Vance

other depts: Ride Operations

Larry Thomas

Seasons worked: 1961-1963

Funny story or happening:

I worked in Petting Zoo. My friend, Jack Marty and I took "Sis Flags" {baby elephant} to a Dallas movie theater where there was a promotion for the movie "Elephant Walk". They said you could get in the movie free if you brought your elephant. I had some explaining to do when our picture was on the front page of the Dallas Newspaper the next morning.

Then there was the time we had to catch the alligators who had gotten loose in the river ride. They were eating the flamingos at night.

I was working there before the Grand Opening and I have great memories and great stories.

Areas of park: Petting Zoo

email: Larry Thomas

other depts: Ride Operations

Colyn Scott

Seasons worked: 1978-1981

Funny story or happening:

Areas of park: Chute Out, Shockwave, Petting Zoo, Puppet Theater,Map Carts

email: Colyn Scott

Other info: Now living in LA LA Land where I have Six Flags Over Texas Flashbacks everytime I drive by Magic Mountain on my way to Northern Cali. Now work as Manager of Operations for Columbia TriStar Television Distribution.

other depts: Ride Operations, Shows and Attractions, Gifts and Souvenirs

Steve Dahlem

Seasons worked: 84-85

Funny story or happening:

Accidentally switched tracks with Jerry Hutton the other Swing going into a major fast change. Ran off stage and the look of horror in the Dressers eyes as they were holding Jerry's clothes but the show must go on. I dived in to them ( he is about 2 sizes smaller than me) then dived onstage to sing the big ballad. NO shoes, jacket half on nothing buttoned or zipped. Walking in the dark to reach my platform I was to sing on (the glow tape long gone half way through the summer) I tripped and fell flat on my face on top of the platform smashing the wireless mic into a hundred pieces across the stage.

Lights up, I'm in a heap on the floor with no mic basically naked.

Areas of park: Palace

email: Steve Dahlem

John Murray

Seasons worked: 1986-1988

Funny story or happening:

Emceeing the High Dive Show in 87, I can't tell you how many times I went on stage with my fly open. We did alot of sunning between shows and would wait to the last minute to get ready and that's when I'd forget that oh so important ZIP.

Areas of park: the cave 86, U.S. High Diving Show 87 and 92 in CAli.

email: John Murray

People to find: Kelly Teal, Stacey Snegon, Laura Marx

Other info : Realtor with Keller Williams Dallas specializing in Downtown, Uptown, Oak Cliff and Oaklawn. 972-248-5765

other depts: Ride Operations

Joey Cross

Seasons worked: 1997-now

Funny story or happening:

i don't really have any funny stories, or anything, except for my first year at craft-fest, I ran over 3 different peoples toes with the mule.(go cart).

Two of which, were in the same day.

Areas of park: Old South, Southern Palace, Texas,Lone Star Theatre

email: Joey Cross

Beau Bertke

Seasons worked: 1997-present

Funny story or happening:

So many that come to mind, but only 1 that I'll mention right now so that I don't get fired ...

A friend and I were on a water run in our 3-wheeled golf cart when we decided it would be a good idea to go off-roading in a dirt patch next to the Texas Giant. So, my genius friend decides to go for it, and make a sharp turn going as fast as our golf cart would go. Before we knew it, the cart was on its side, and there we were, standing next to it perplexed over what we could do to hide our mistake from our supes. So, after a minute or two of panic, we picked it up and washed it off, and we were on our way. Nobody was ever the wiser...

Areas of park: Everywhere in Entertainment, currently in MIS

email: Beau Bertke

People to find: nobody as of yet...

other depts: Other areas

Alex Sears

Seasons worked 1985-1988

Funny story or happening:

Like everyone else...there are so many fun stories to tell. Swimming in the pool at the Diving Show, wrecking the brand new Shows Van driving too fast in the park, or picking up girls while in the Foghorn Leghorn costume in Looney Land. One of the funnier stories was while I worked in Looney Land for Toby (as far as I know, he is still there) but several of us decided to "test" the little scooters known as Turtles by riding them down to Goodtimes Square and back before the park opened. As we were making our way down, we got to Cliffhanger and looked over, wizzing by and we noticed that there was a Ride Supervisors meeting going on and we just kept on going. They never caught us.

Then there are all those Parade stories. The 25th Anniversary Parade..better know as the Mr. Peanut Parade because of the shape of the lame floats we had. Everynight, I hung out by the changing rooms, begging people to be in the Parade. I just thank God that Two Pesos was so close by.

Areas of park: Costume Characters, Parade, Diving Show, and Rides

email: Alex Sears

People to find: Anyone from Costumes from 85-88

Other info : Frank Verdin and I are trying for a Costumes Reunion from 85-88 for late summer 99. E-mail me!

Stacy Graves

went by: Stacy Lane

Seasons worked: 1986-1988

Areas of park: Diving Show

email: Stacy Graves

People to find: Laura Marx

other depts: Grounds Quality

Steve Holland

Seasons worked: 77 - 85

Funny story or happening:
  • River 1980 - July:

    Steve Aydt, myself, and Leigh Utley went down to River in our civilian clothes for we understood that there was a new crew member that was not happy about working River. The NERVE we thought. Was he BLIND to the fun about him? So, we made arrangements with the other crew members not to recognize us and for the unhappy crew member to be our captain.

    Upon loading the boat, Steve Aydt informs Mr. Unhappy that I was "Blind" and would he please explain the ride in detail for me. He looks slightly embarrassed and agrees. To add to the experience, Leigh guides me and I am wearing dark sun glasses.

    The boat leaves dock and proceeds down River. Mr. Unhappy proceeds to describe in great detail everything about us. Everyone else in the boat looks at him like he is nutzs. Upon reaching the cannons, I start screaming about "What the Hell is that noise!... Is that the VC snipping at us?!?" Mr. Unhappy snaps around to correct my rude behavior and then stops upon discovering it is me - the blind man.

    This continues for the rest of the ride. At the end, we exit and thank him greatly.
  • The Next Day...

    Mr. Unhappy was scheduled to work at El Hat where Steve Aydt and I were Foreman and Asst. Foreman respectively.

    I am sitting in the drivers box wearing the same pair of sun glasses. Steve Aydt meets Mr Unhappy at the entrance. In a straight face he asks Mr. Unhappy to "please explain this ride to me in great detail for I am blind".

    Mr Unhappy turns around and is never heard from again.

    The Moral of this very true story... do not be blind to the fun around you.
  • River 1980: August

    HOT. STICKY. You remember don't you? The guests were getting cranky due to the heat and the line wait. Steve Aydt (again) and I were working the Dock at River. Trying to entertain the guests with amuzing stories.

    In a fit of inspired insanity, I remove the liner from the trash can sitting on the dock. I climb in. The next group of guests enters the Que waiting for a boat. When they do, I burst from the trash can and scream... "This looks like a job for Trash Man!" and run into the back area. The guests start laughing and begin having some fun.

    The next boat arrives in dock and I climb back in while this happens.

    The next group of guests enter the que. A young boy places an empty (thankfully!) cup into the container. I toss it back at him. "Hey!" he responds. This continues until the next boat arrives at which point I jump out once again. The young boy is surprised and giggles, as does the other guests.

    The third time is the charm.

    I enter the trash can again, waiting to make some guests surprised and perhaps even to smile.

    Steve Aydt taps on the can and wispers... Stay Inside... It's Charlie (The infamous Ride Supervisor).

    Steve Aydt places the clip board on top of the trash can as Charlie approaches. Steve and Charlie talk about guests per hour and all that. Charlie begins to tap on the door openings. I see pink slips flating in front of my eyes. He eventually does leave and I emerge one last time as "Trash Man"

    There is no moral to this story.
  • Southern Palace - 1983

    There was one male dancer in particular (whose name now escapes me) that was notorious for pranks. As Sound Tech I would occassionally sit in the audience to listen and have another crew member run sound. When this prankster came on stage to sing, I began to gester at my pants fly. Indicating that his fly was undone and he was flashing the audience. He became very embarrassed and spent the rest of the number looking down and breaking the blocking in order to hide behind other dancers.

    Other Palace fun included drinking heavily during lunch at Dino's at SixFlags mall and then running sound very very very loud or running the performers mike input through a severe time delay that made them sound like chipmunks.

    There are numerous other stories of course...

    I really do miss those days. I sincerely hope the youngsters working there today have as much fun as I did.

    Areas of park: Rides, Shows, Fireworks, Food & Brew

    email: Steve Holland

    People to find: Tony Blackstock, Michelle Lauterbach, Lynn DeBlonc, any old Fireworks / Shows people

    Other info : (personal web site)

    (business web site)

    other depts: Ride Operations, Food Services

-Alan Reynolds - SFOT.NET site admin (Food Service 76, Ride Operations 77-79)

-Get your nostalgic Six Flags Fix here at SFOT.NET

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