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Default Shows entries from the old sfot 3

Dan Fordyce Seasons worked: 78-84

Funny story or happening:

i think one of the funniest events was unscrewing the mop head on the end of drew's mop during the "hello dolly" sequence at the six flags 1980 show...during this scene, as drew was dipping the girl (mop) the mop head will fall into the audience..ha ha ha

email: Dan Fordyce

People to find: i would like to know or hear from the people who worked in shows the summer of 78 & 79 at astroworld, 79 @ six flags nj, and six flags 1980...

Other info: I live in Nashville, TN married with two girls...Check out my website... Dan's page

Robyn Foreman

Seasons worked: 1996 -

Funny story or happening:

My first job in the park was in Entertainment as a Zombie. As most of you know, we are required to exhibit no emotions, no smiles and definitely no speech ability. Sometimes this is alot harder than it sounds cause' the guests are always trying to make you react. That first year we had a pretty lively group of dead people but I remember in particular a cast member named Courtney. He was dressed as the dead farmer and part of his deal was to climb up on top of our multilevel stage and jump down to the next two levels to scaring the guests into screams.

One particular evening we were all out doing our "I'm dead" routine when we observed him climbing the stage. As is custom we stopped and looked so the guests would do the same. He reached top and welding his axe, let loose a mighty roar as he jumped to the next level. Unfortunately, the stage had had enough and gave way. There we are putting up mighty fight with complete hysteria, running up to help him because he is stuck at mid chest. This unfortunate incident ended with the whole cast having to go underneath and pull while some poor entertainment guy stood on top and pushed. I don't think we came out for at least and hour because there was no way to keep a straight face on the job after that.

Areas of park: Security and Entertainment

email: Robyn Foreman

Other info: I didn't need to fill in the names of anyone I'd like to find because I've found the only person I will ever need. Scott Hayley, it's you and me baby, today, tomorrow and forever.

other depts: Security

Martin Dahl

Seasons worked: 1979-1981

Funny story or happening:

After surviving the heat of 1998, I'm reminded how much we avoided the record temperatures in 1980 by spending nearly the entire day in the Palace. We worked 10 shows a day, probably 12 hours a day.:

During one lunch break, Ted Gurley and I went to East Fort Worth to deposit our paychecks. We stopped at the liqour store on the way back and picked up a big bottle of Mr. Boston's pre-mixed martinis. We nearly finished the bottle on the drive back, stumbled back through the park, and ran the next 3 shows with quite a buzz. Ted ran sound, while I ran one of the Super Trooper follow spots. As I recall, they were fairly flawless.:

One thing that makes this funny is that it was sort of out of character. While I drank socially, I was not into alcohol abuse. I'm not encouraging it by this story, either.:

Also, see Misty Shatto in this section.

Areas of park: Southern Palace tech crew

email: Martin Dahl

People to find: Melinda Barnes, Rusty Hann, Doug Wilson

Other info : I married Lynda Lee, who was in the show in '80 and '81. I earned a degree in Industrial Engineering from UTA, live in Ft. Worth, and work at Lockheed Martin.

Robert "Bobby" Ayala

Seasons worked: 1970-1973

Funny story or happening:

Where do I begin. Like Chuck, I remember all of the PARTIES, late night rides after the park closed: riding the Mine Train standing up; the trip to SFO Georgia. Thanks to all of you that made working there so much fun. Thanks to all of the girls that I had dates with. What a great place to meet people.

Areas of park:

Mine Train;Log Ride; Texas Lift; Puff-N-Stuff/Cling & Clang

email: Robert "Bobby" Ayala

People to find: Larry Reynolds

Other info : Thanks Alan for this site.

other depts: Ride Operations, Shows and Attractions

Austin Jeter

Seasons worked: 1966 - 1977

Funny story or happening:

I was working a double at Happy Motoring #1. John Bement was foreman. John sent me to the bend and told me that when his assistant foreman came back from lunch to meet him at El Chico's. Well, just when the assistant came back, one of the Happy Motoring cars caught on fire at the bend. I got the kids out of the car and walked them up and got the fire extinguisher and gave it to the assistant foreman to go and put out the fire. I told him I was going to lunch. Well, when I got to El Chico's, I told John what happen. He looked out the door and saw this cloud of smoke. He ran out of El Chico's and while running back to the ride, he fell down and hurt himself. By the time he got back the fire was out and everything was fine. I also ate his lunch that he had just paid for.

Areas of park: Worked them all from 1966-1973.

email: Austin Jeter

People to find: Bobby Grubbs

Other info: I am General Manager of HEARTBEAT PRODUCTIONS, Memphis, TN.

other depts: Ride Operations

Scott Hayley

Seasons worked: 1986 -

Funny story or happening:

The best story I can think of right now is...

Back in 86', SFOT still hosted Senior Night's. One Friday night during Senior Night I was working fire watch 2 in the Cave (Back when it was GOOD). The park was virtually empty do to the fact that it had been raining all night.

The phone at Fire watch two rang and woke me up from a much needed sleep and I was asked to watch out for tub no. 22 (Don't recall if this is the actual number, but will us this number for sake of this story).

There was a couple, Male & Female asking to keep riding the ride and not get out of the tub upon reaching Dock. Well, with the park dead and no line, the loader said sure.

The question was, "Why in the world would someone want to keep floating around in a circle in the cave."

Well, I saw why. this couple had made the cave ride there, "Own personal Honeymoon Suite", at Six Flags over Texas, the FAMILY park, or should I say place to start your family.

Needless to say upon seeing me step out of the darkness and a yelling "Hey" they decided not to ride through again.

The funniest park of this whole thing, was they never stopped there act of "Family Making" when I stepped out and yelled. I don't think he ever missed a stride.

Areas of park: Rides 86', Shows 86', Freeze Frame 90'-91' Security 97'-98'

email: Scott Hayley

Other info: Working at SFOT has been a great learning and growing experience for me. I have meet many wonderful people. So many I will not list them all as to not upset anyone for leaving them off. But I must mention the One very Special person I have met at SFOT, my current Girl Friend and Total Love of my Life, Robyn Foreman (Corp. Security - Front Desk)

Robyn, if you see this, know this one thing... I LOVE YOU.

That's it for me, please feel free to e-mail me. I am out of here.

(In this world of pain, greed and aggression, Love is nice to see....-Alan)

Other depts: Ride Operations, Security and Other areas

Benton Jennings

Seasons worked: 1975 - 1976

Funny story or happening:

The funniest thing is - we still do it! ( we went "pro" and moved on from Flags..) For 23 years. Hard to believe. Come and visit us at our website - too strange to be true - it's better than "Cats" - I saw it again and again! THE GUNFIGHTERS

Funny stories? -- Ye gad, everyday and every show and the things we did after we'd finished for the day back behind whatever scenes we could get into -- some of which tales are still classified. There are those on the River who know, and those in the Cave, those on the Fiesta train, those in shops and stands, those...

Ah, but our fondest memory was a scene repeated too many times as far as we were concerned:

"Hi! I'm Twathey, and I've theen the Thouthern Palath thow four hundred and thixthty thixth timeth!"

"Hey, that's great Tracey ---- how many times have you seen OUR show?" "Ummm....none..."

"Get out of here Tracey..."

Yessir, we did it when it MEANT something to be a Gunfighter at Six Flags....just what that was we never knew...but it meant something by god! Eleven shows a day! June '76 we had to be there 7 days a week for the whole month - no days off! No fancy air conditioned dressing room - we had to stay outside all day! We had to have fingers stuck in our backs who knows how many qonzillion times and hear that "funny" phrase: "Hey! I gotcha! Yuk Yuk!" We made people laugh and applaud and take our picture with their grandma and all for a whopping $2.10 an hour! We were the envy of red tags and the scorn of the blues. We were the only employees who could wear long hair and beards. We were of legal age. We were out of our cotton-pickin' minds! But we were THE GUNFIGHTERS.

Ok, I have to go now as they are locking the doors and turning out the lights. Maybe they'll give me a banana if I'm good.

Areas of park: Gunfighters

email: Benton Jennings

Other info: Now live in Los Angeles. Professional actor.... what -- grow up?

Kristen Schnellenbach

Seasons worked: 1982 - 1983

Funny story or happening:

While working at the Southern Palace in the Fall, I watched the male members of the troup do the entire show in drag because the park was empty and no patrons were filing in...Hysterical. I worked backstage and I'm sure we popped a lot of snaps and buttons trying to get those guys into the girls costumes.

Areas of park: Games (arcade by gunfight) and Shows (Chevy and S. Palace)

email: Kristen Schnellenbach

People to find: Lisa Marks

Other info: I live in Ft. Worth and work in Dallas

other depts: Ride Operations, Games

Karl Lewis

Seasons worked: 1977 - 1977

Funny story or happening:

Our building was shaped like a ship. We were situated in the moat around Skull Island and our audience sat just under the (then slideless) skull. Most of our puppets were rod puppets, worked from underneath and held out the roof. We did ten to twelve shows a day during the summer, so we got to know our routines so well we could do them without thinking. One time during the summer, we all decided to switch parts. Disaster! Someone didn't pay attention, let go of their puppet's rod, and the puppet fell overboard and was floating on it's back down the moat! Then our one pair of marionettes got tangled in the American flags we would send up the masts for our finale... up went the flags, with a pair of black-light skeleton puppets!

We had to cancel the next show in order to untangle them. Was Argyle upset! Then there was the time it was so hot, all power in the park blew -- except for the transformer that ran our puppet show and the Spindletop next door to us. We were the only working attractions for about 2 hours!

Areas of park: Captain LaFeet's Flagship Follies

email: Karl Lewis

People to find: John Hardemann (Argyle the Snake, my boss), Vicki Cole, Joe Funke, Steve, Matt, Ralph, Lynn

Other info: Worked for American Airlines now for 12 years, sign intepreter at Dallas MCC

Chuck Alcedo

Seasons worked: 1969 - 1978

Funny story or happening:

Oh where oh where do I begin...And Just How much do I reveal!!! There were the times we tossed things off the tower(after hours of course), Or..body surfing on the log ride, the bus ride to Six Flags over Georgia (ENOUGH SAID), How about the 6-Flags Frat and House, We had some good parties there!! Speaking of parties, what can I say? The years I spent at Six Flags were some of the best years of my life!!!! Oh by the way I certainly will be there...Thanks for the invite!

email: Chuck Alcedo

Other info :

The last job I held was in the Promotion Department....I had just graduated from college and was offered the position...It was great, Company Car, gas key, expense account, I could even drive in the back gate with as many frat buddies the car could hold but I quit after 6 weeks because of a job offer in my B.A. field. I currently own my own Telivision/Video production company. After college moved to Longview, Tx. where I worked as a sports anchor for a local TV station...I actually moved 4 times in 5 years to different parts of Texas working in the TV Broadcasting field! Moved back to Arlington in 1993, I'm married with 2 beautiful girls!

other depts: Ride Operations, Office Staff/Group Sales, etc., Maintenance, Other areas

Jon McGinnis

Seasons worked 1985 - 1988

Funny story or happening:

1986 trip to Six Flags Over Georgia

Areas of park: Dixie carmel -85 Diving Show-86/87, Cash control-88

email: Jon McGinnis

Other info: Ba-Criminal Justice. Ut-Arlington 1992 Army Reserves 8Jan90 to present. Employed by Dallas Co. Sheriff Dept 16Aug to present. Live in Grand Prairie

other depts: Food Services, Cash Control

Alicia Powell

Seasons worked: 1985

Funny story or happening:

Working in SPalace meant never a dull moment. The show that season was called "Celebrate, America!" and went through major holidays. For Halloween, we did a number to "Ghost- busters" and the gals wore short white coats and nurses' hats for costume. The dance sequence was pretty up-tempo, and included some fast turns, and I was forever losing my nurse's' cap into the audience! Also, I'll never forget the time that after a sequence of behind-the-stage pranks, Steve Dahlem hung my undies off the back of the Christmas tree prop as it came down onto the stage!

Areas of park: Southern Palace

email: Alicia Powell

People to find: Anyone from the cast/crew of that season

Other info :

I'm now a psychiatrist, living in Boston. (sounds pretty boring, compared to the days in the Palace)! Sad to hear that so many beloved cast members have been victims of the AIDS epidemic. Because showbiz folks are on the move so much, I didn't hear the sad news often for months or even years later. Does anyone know of any movement within ShowPro to donate $ to any AIDS/HIV organizations?

Shows and Attractions

Misty Shatto-Cox

went by: Misty Shatto

Seasons worked: 1980 - 1981

Funny story or happening:

I made some amazing friends working in the shows at Six Flags. Most every year since we worked together we gather for the Annual Jean Shatto Memorial Six Flags Christmas. My mom, Jean, had many parties for us. After she died in 1987 we continued having the parties in her honor. Six Flags will ALWAYS have a very special place in my heart because of the life-long friends I made working there.

Areas of park: Southern Palace, Crazy Horse Saloon

email: Misty Shatto-Cox

People to find: Becky Plant

Other info: Just in case anyone is looking, I can put you in touch with most anyone who worked in the Southern Palace and Crazy Horse Saloon show in 1980 and 1981.

Tammy Crouse

went by: Tammy Franklin

Seasons worked: 1975 - 1977

Areas of park: Parkinglot & Parade

email: Tammy Crouse

People to find: Robyn Rubek

Vikki Pike

Seasons worked: 1967 - 1970

Funny story or happening:

While working in Guest Relations, I was on the PA announcing the next show and got tickled - laughed hystericalyl for several minutes without stopping or releasing the microphone. Nearly got fired by Larry Dahnke. The entire park, employees and "guests" were all laughing too and no one knew why.

Areas of park: Gifts & Souvenirs, Live Shows, and Operations then Exec. Off

email: Vikki Pike

People to find: Jim Crouch, Shari Goldstein, Sally Martin - Marvin Martin, Debbie Field/Stevens, Jean & Janet Heidt, Pam Craft, Sheryl Sheldon, Mike Sowers, Susie Wine, Larry Mayran, Joe Rape, so many others from the mid to late 60's

other depts: Ride Operations, Guest Relations, Gifts and Souvenirs, Office Staff/Group Sales, etc.

Shannon Hascall

went by: Shannon Scott

Seasons worked: 1976 - 1981

Funny story or happening: I can think of a lot of stories - most of which were when I was working in the rides department. I can't even begn to list all the fond memories I have. I actually started as a season passer groupie, became an actual employee in the rides department, worked one year in guest relations, and my final year backstage at the Southern Palace. Memories from GR include a "May is over" dinner given to us by Bruce Neal (and all the people who came to see my first hangover the next day; the GR girls outing to the Sunset Club; and as I had totally memorized Barbara Kraus's calorie counter book - people were always calling me up at GR to ask how many calories were in....My very fondest memories of Six Flags are: the Canoe crews of '75 and '76; Happy Motoring and the candy stash; Chaps with Bonnie Bledsoe; swing shift on the Mine Train; and hanging out at the pool with Greg Adams.

Areas of park: Rides: Happy Motoring, Chaparals, Run-away mine train; GR

email: Shannon Hascall

Other departments: Ride Operations, Guest Relations

Beth Dorsett

went by: Beth Bowles

Seasons worked: 1983 - 1989

Funny story or happening:

Hmmm... There was this time when - no, I can't tell that story. How about the day when - no, I'd rather skip that one too! Oh, yeah - no, no, no!

Areas of park: Shows- Southern Palace and Front Gate

email: Beth Dorsett

other depts: Guest Relations, Other areas

Jeff Braziel

Seasons worked: 1985 - 1990

Funny story or happening:

I was one of the last red tags at Rockin Roto (Roto Disco was its best known name).

Areas of park: Ln Str,Cave, Railroad, Roto Disco,Bump Cars,Tower

email: Jeff Braziel

other depts: Ride Operations, Games

Michael Winters

goes by: Droopy

Seasons worked 1989 - 1991

Funny story or happening:

I was foreman of Cave in 1991. One day we had a tub jam that I could not get unstuck out of the water. So I had to jump in which was not that uncommon. However, the water had just had blue dye added to it and my legs, shorts and underwear were blue. It was funny but the comments that I got still stay with me today. It was funny.

update: Another story... My first ride to work was Chaps. I had a great time but we had to run on rocks to hop the cars. Well one day the rocks gave way and sent me sliding onto the t rack with a car moving right towards my legs. Well needless to say, I was not a ble to get out of the way so I was run over by one of those cars. Everybody aro udn could not believe it and just stared at me. It hurt real bad but I got up a nd just went back to work. But to this day I cannot see a little car without ha ving pain in my legs. (just kidding)

email: Michael Winters

Areas of park: Chaps, Air Racer, Mini Mine, Cave

People to find: Chris Barron, Michelle Justin, Carrie Wagster

Other info : I live in Ft Worth and teach theatre at a Private School and I am in the ministry. I own my own production company, Creatively His Productions an d perform in my own concerts and at childrens' events for a few characters that I do.

other depts: Ride Operations

JW 'Whit' Boyd

Seasons worked 1983 - 1986

Funny story or happening

NO funny stories today folks, but I'm looking for Courtney Baker if anyone has any info. She worked foods in 83-84...Thanks.

Areas of park: Worked every food stand...Unfortunatly

email: JW 'Whit' Boyd

other depts: Ride Operations, Food Services, Security

Barry Martin

Seasons worked: 1983 - 1990

Funny story or happening:

Ahhh, lots of memories. Things that stand out:
  1. Road trip to Six Flags Over Georgia. Lots of fun.
  2. 2. Riding the Texas Giant before it went under "modifications."
  3. 3. Along with Jeremy Stroop, riding the Giant while reading newspapers (I still have the Freeze Frame photo!)
  4. 4. One slow night while working Flume, I decided to see how many logs I could park on low lift. I got to 5 and blew a circuit.
  5. 5. Doing the Railroad speil as "cornball" as possible.
  6. 6. Working the first Holiday in the Park, when the entire park was not open, standing in front of Christmas trees placed around the perimiter to make sure they didn't walk off.
  7. 7. Numerous employee parties and flings.
  8. 8. The many friends I made while working there.
Areas of park: Rapids, Cliffhanger, Flume, Railroad, Tower

email: Barry Martin

other depts: Ride Operations, Games

. Barney Self

Seasons worked: 77 - 83

Funny story or happening:

Where to begin? I worked there so long ago they still had "Lasalle's" and the Taco train! I can still here that stupid song in my head! I was looking for some old friends who worked between 77 and 83; Mark Milner, Kerry Gallagher, Sharon Ramsey, Melvin Dubee, Ellen Bothner, or Keith Corder. I was the creator of the film classic "Uncle Sammy visits Six Flags" and co-founder of the "GAG Newsletter", now residing in Denver, CO.

Areas of park: Good Time Square, Skeeball Palace and "Rock Island Disco".

email: Barney Self

other depts: Games

Kevin Alexander

Seasons worked: 1987 - 1991

Funny story or happening:

working 80+ hours in a week to find out that I wouldn't get overtime.

Other depts: Games, Rides

email: Kevin Alexander

Chance Harmon

Seasons worked: 1991 - 1995

Funny story or happening:

It was the best years of my life...and the worst!!!!!

Areas of park: Entertainment

email: none given Steve Holland

Seasons worked: 77 - 84

Funny story or happening: Tripping the water fall on River.

Areas of park: R I V E R!!!, Southern Palace (sound tech / stage manager)

email: Steve Holland

Other depts: Food Services, Ride Operations

David Grogan

Seasons worked: 1980 - 1991

Areas of park: Southern Palace

email: David Grogan

Other depts: Games

James Stiebing

Seasons worked: 1981 - 1990

Funny story or happening:

When I first registered here I left this field blank, but I could not stay silent forever, so I am re-registering. I worked at River during its final season, and as the final day drew near, strange things began to happen. My favorite was the time that, as I rounded the bend for the Indian Village, I (and all the passengers) suddenly became aware that someone had disrobed all the Indians; they had even placed a broomstick in a 'prominent' position between the legs of the young male indian (a.k.a. the 'Mazzola boy'). I froze for a moment, made some comment about the 'shameless natives', then continued my spiel. When I returned to dock I rushed to the phone to call the ride in Code-2 due to 'nude Indians', but it took forever for the office to take me seriously since I was laughing so hard. Eventually, the operations manager came down and loaded for me so that I could go to the back-area and re-robe the Indians.

Areas of park: Confederacy, Texas, River, Flume, Southern Palace.

email: James Stiebing

Other depts: Ride Operations, Grounds Quality

Jeremy Stroop

went by: Strooper, stroopster

Seasons worked: 1986 - 1997

Funny story or happening:

Update: After a long and semi-distinguised career which included multiple promotions, one demotion and a layoff, I have finally severd my ties with SFOT. As painful a decision as it was at the time, it was the best move I have ever made. I am now very happily employed by the City of Arlington as a 911 Emergency Services Dispatcher. To all my friends, it was a heck of a ride, but it is time to get off the roller coaster and walk down the exit ramp of life. Update: As much fun as I have had in my career at Six Flags, sometimes things happen that you will remember forever - and not because they were fun. I will never forget March 21st. A few minutes after 5:00 pm, I received a call that there were guests in the water at Rapids. I sprinted from the Safety office to the Rapids, where I learned that a boat had turned over and guests needed help. Myself and eleven others employees were very involved in the rescue - regardless of what Wendy Crown, self appointed Rapids Ride and Theme Park expert has to say. To: Barry Anderson, Donnie Sawyer, Chris Ulrich, Sean Lynch, Scott Cunningham, Elliot Porter, Tom Haggard, Jimmh Hudgins, Joe McDaniel, David Looney, and Kevin Crump: guys, you are without a doubt the finest group of people I have ever worked a crisis with. If, God forbid, we ever have anything similar happen, I would not change a person who was there. As far as myself and the safety department is concerned, everyone did just what they should have. I am proud to call you guys my co-workers and my friends. I am proud to have such a great group of guys that I can count on in a crisis. It could have been a lot worse if not for our efforts. Thank you!

Looking back, I see that I have to change my entry to this otherwise wonderful page. Mainly because one who until this moment I considered one of my best friends. I am not the worst fireman in the world. Eric Bunch only thinks that because he was my trainer and it wasn't until he quit that I was able to full realize my potential. If it wasn't for him, I may have been the fastest ever to become a full engineer. (Just kidding, Eric.)

I consider my best friends in the world to be the ones I have met at Six Flags. Including Ray Kendall, Chris Ulrich, Eric Bunch, Brandon McDaniel, Chris Barron, Rob Karper, Darin Niederhaus, just to name a few. Many girlfriends against whom only a few I hold a grudge.

I remember well the Giant Freeze-frame Newspaper incident. I believe I still have the picture somewhere. I remember fire hose wars at Splash with Zeke Taylor and Paul Allegria. Riding in the suicide truck (with power steering by "Armstrong") during Snow-blowing for HIP. Somebody dropping a box of ice on Copeland Road. Brad Hart taking out the fence at gate 4 with the Lift-master. pulling up countless trashcans full of sludge out of Flume 1 because whoever the genius who designed it forgot to put a drain in it. Many debates with Brad Juergens about how a certain situation should be handled. Always being the last person to leave the day before the park opened. Scaring the crap out of people at the haunted house, back when it was in the Texas Arcade, and still good. How much easier it was to pick up girls in the Engineer's overalls than at any other time of my life. Can anyone tell me why that is? Learning that roaches will pop if you step on them right. Seeing the biggest snake I've ever seen in the Texas Giant Queue line pond. Shooting it with a pellet gun, thinking it would do any good.

Chris Barron hitting a possum with the train and cutting it clean in half. More than one incident of somebody getting down in the Roundhouse (never me, though - unfortunately.) Consecutive Softball Championships for operations (94, 95). Trips to Rian Nance's house in East Texas (Kansas City, here I come!) I've met many friends and have seen many come and go. I can say that this is the most interesting place I have ever spent time in my life.

Areas of park: Railroad (conductor and engine) Ops supe, safety, security

email: Jeremy Stroop

People to find: Ron Stephens, Robin Dunton, Leigh Ellen Key, Chris Cunningham, Jennifer Bufis, Chris Cannon, Jennifer Wynn, Heather Rangel, Danny Applegate, Tim Keefe, Erica Lewels

other depts: Ride Operations, Security, Other areas

Alan Stiebing

Seasons worked: 1984 - 1994

Funny story or happening:

Ahh, the memories. Well I guess my best stories would be from the Southern Palace. Alot of them involved late nights setting up for the next seasons shows. But most of those are probably too wierd. Others happened during the run of a show. One that stands out was the "Stars and Stripes Salute" show. It was the big ending of the show. The entire cast was on this large set piece, marching slowly and singing "God Bless America". I had just reached top speed on the control, when I saw an entire rail of lights about to hit the back wall. Well, I did all I could do. I hit the E-Stop, bringing the wagon to a screeching halt. Of course the entire cast went flying onto the stage. Luckily they found it as funny as the tech crew did.

Areas of park: Flume I & II, Engineer, Music Mill, Southern Palace

email: Alan Stiebing other depts: Ride Operations

-Alan Reynolds - SFOT.NET site admin (Food Service 76, Ride Operations 77-79)

-Get your nostalgic Six Flags Fix here at SFOT.NET

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